tagIncest/TabooHubby Wants Me to Seduce Our Son Ch. 02

Hubby Wants Me to Seduce Our Son Ch. 02


The noises from Jeremy's room were getting louder and louder as he increased the speed of his masturbation. Like a zombie I found myself caught in a trance and walked across the hall to his room, slowly I turned the door knob hoping it wouldn't make a sound. Just a crack I opened and peaked in, my heart beat fast and warmness rushed through me as I saw my handsome young son with his thick phallus gripped in his right hand. He was working it like a madman, his strokes so fast his hand was a blur. He was grunting and moaning and his cock was dark and throbbing just ready to burst.

That is when I heard it and knew my son wanted me as much as I wanted him.

"Oh yes mommy....I am cumming! I love you mom!" I heard him moan. I was fasinated as I watched the thick ropes of semen fly high in the air and land on his young muscular body.

I felt my knees get weak and my pussy quiver, I reached down to give it a rub and as soon as my hand contacted my wetness I orgasmed.

I quickly retreated back to my bedroom when my husband turned and awoke from his sleep. He looked at me and smiled. It had been another great night of sex for us. The taboo thoughts of my son and I having sex had spurred a monster in my husband, all his tiredness had been forgotten and he was banging my pussy like we were teenagers again.

The new found vigor with the nasty thoughts of incest was building an uncontrollable fire in the both of us and as I got back into bed I pulled the covers down and noticed my husband's cock hard and ready. I took it in my hands and dropped my head into his lap. Taking the member into my mouth I could taste the remnants of my pussy juices from last nights fuck. Where once again Brad had pretended to be Jeremy and fucked me so hard I thought we might fall off the bed.

I slowly sucked down his cock, soaking it with my spit. Tracing my way back up his shaft I swirled my tongue on the underside of his delicious pole. When I got to the top of his prick I sucked the head real hard and let it pop out of my mouth. As I was doing this I had grabbed his sack and massaged his balls with my left hand at the same time I stroked up and down his shaft with my right. It didn't take long for my hubby to be bucking his hips and when I took his cock back in my mouth he thrust deep into my throat. I heard him moan and then felt his warm saltiness spray in my mouth. I drank all his nourishment and then broke my mouth grip and came up to his face and kissed him. On my way up my heart stopped for a second as I thought I saw a shadow at the crack in the door. Could our son have been spying on us?

When I gave Brad the kiss he asked me what had gotten me so hungry this early in the morning and that is when I told him about witnessing Jeremy masturbating a few minutes earlier. I also told him about what I heard him say as our son was cumming. I looked down and noticed my hubby's cock was starting to rise again!

Through the week the fucks we were having we had played out a bunch of different scenarios with Brad being Jeremy coming into the shower and washing my back. Me catching Brad pretending to be Jeremy masturbating, and once in the kitchen when I was looking for a pan Brad came up from behind and pretended to be Jeremy and fucked me right there on the kitchen floor. Brad had even talked me into wearing really short skirts and no underwear around the house for the past week. Both of us seemed to be constantly aroused and Jeremy definitely noticed as the trips to his bedroom became more frequent!

Of all the scenarios we played out my favorite was probably the night we had a few drinks and we brought out my dildo, where me and Brad pretended it was our son joining us in the bedroom. The thoughts of my son fucking my pussy while at the same time my hubby was fucking my ass had me coming in buckets. The next day I had to flip the bed and put the whole bed set in the washer!

After the blow job I got up and asked Brad if he would like some pancakes for breakfast and when I passed Jeremy's door I knocked and asked him as well. I had told both of them to be down in the kitchen in ten minutes if they wanted some. I had been so turned from the morning's events that I forgot to put on my housecoat and went to cook breakfast in my green silk pjs which barely had enough material to cover my ass. If I was to stand on my tip toes my butt would be exposed. My breasts felt great against the silk and my nipples responded by poking out hard.

I mixed the batch of pancakes and started cooking when I heard someone coming down the stairs. I turned around and saw Jeremy; he looked at me and said good morning. He was wearing just a t-shirt and a pair of boxer briefs. When he looked at me I glanced to the bulge that was forming in them and I smiled at him. He blushed and quickly sat down. I went back to flipping the pancakes and making breakfast fried ham. At one point I dropped the flipper by accident and bent down to pick it up, in the reflection of dishwasher's shinny metal I could see Jeremy staring at my naked ass, my pussy got wet instantly as I watched him grab his bulge.

I stood up and got back to the cooking when I heard my hubby's footsteps come down the stairs. As I was flipping the last of the pancakes I felt hands come around me and reach for my breasts.

"Brad, Jeremy is in the room!" I said to him.

He whispered back in my room as he tweaked my nipples. "Yes I know, and right now he his stroking his package as he is watching me feel up his mother!" Then he said out loud, "I think it is good for our son to see that his parents are still in love after all these years and enjoy a healthy relationship! What do you think Jeremy?"

Jeremy quickly moved his hand back up to the table and coughed, "I agree dad, besides if I had a hot wife like mom I wouldn't keep my hands off her either!" He said and it was my turn to blush. I let out a little moan as Brad kept massaging my breasts.

"Ya your mom sure has a hot body son and if you're lucky enough to get one that fucks as good as her you will be set for life!" Brad said out loud as he pinched my nipples. I was so turned on the juices from my pussy started running down my legs.

I heard a gasp from our son as he heard my moans. "I sure do hope I get that lucky dad!" He said and when I looked at him this time he didn't even bother to take his hand of his now fully hard cock. He was so big his head was poking out of the top of his briefs. I couldn't take it anymore and knew it was going to happen right then. I reached up and turned the stove off and thrust my ass back into the groin of my husband who was also in only his boxers, I felt as his hard piece throbbed against my butt.

"You haven't got a girl yet Jeremy?" Brad asked our son.

"No, still a virgin dad! But not for lack of trying!" He said.

That is when Brad whispered in my ear, "You hear that Hun? You are gonna take our son's virginity! That is so fucking hot!"

I whispered back in his ear, "Oh my God I am so hot, I need to fuck right now!"

Brad kissed my neck and dropped his hands to my pussy and stuck a finger deep in my pussy. My moan was loud as I came all over his fingers right there in front of our boy! I heard him gasp and then Brad said, "Perfect...."

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Very hot but short. Would have been better if it had been longer.

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