tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHubby's Away,Wife's Forced to Play

Hubby's Away,Wife's Forced to Play


It was a dark stormy night with the thunder crashing loudly and the rain beating against the windows. Andrea, a married woman whose husband was away on business was 23 with long wavy blonde hair bright green eye’s with large natural built-up breasts lay asleep in bed. She was wearing a little red teddy that fit snug around her every curve and a black tight g-string that wrapped around her smooth shaved pussy.

The thunderous storm was soothing and she was deep asleep. Only light in the room was from the clock and the storm outside shown in from the window. Asleep she didn’t notice the clock went off but the power didn’t go out, it had been cut!

There was two men outside silently entering the house the moment had come they had been watching Andrea for weeks they had carefully surveyed the house planning out all the details in wait for her to be utterly alone and now her husband was gone! They would have appeared to" be in there mid 20’s,they called each other Kyle and Donovan."

Kyle was about 5’9,dark short hair with mustache and goatee. Donovan was about 5’6,blonde medium hair and blue eyes. Both are nicely built and particularly good-looking. They gathered their equipment and headed right for their goal the upstairs bedroom second on left. Andrea's room! As the door was opened slowly they saw her silky smooth skin shimmering under the moon lighting that flowed from the gaps in the curtains.

Andrea found herself suddenly awaken by hands covering over her mouth and a gag being slid in place while her hands were forced behind her and tied tightly together.

Kyle straddled over her body with a knife to her throat warning her to behave and relax and not to struggle or there would be consequences to pay. Her heart raced as the adrenaline pumped through her body with the fear overwhelming her knowing she couldn’t escape. Her emotions were flooding, as she couldn’t even cry out.

Kyle again used his knife this time running it down her flesh and on to her teddy rubbing it around her breasts enjoying the fear he instilled in her. He put a slit in the teddy and then suddenly tore it from her trembling body exposing her soft beautiful breasts. He then began to lick and suck down her neck working his way to her soft rounded breasts rolling his tongue around each nipple caressing and squeezing them in his firm gripped hands.

Again, he ran his knife down her, following between the breasts slowly toward her stomach, sliding it over to her hip underneath the thin strap of her g-string, he cut it away from her delicate but obvious swelling pussy. He knew then her body was"over powering" her will. He then pressed her legs apart sliding his hands along the inner thighs. Andrea's body was thriving with intense exhilaration as she tried desperately to fight these feelings. Kyle proceeded to run his hot wet tongue down her stomach slowly toward those sweet pink folds he could hardly wait to reach . He then placed his tongue between her thighs and encircled around her lips and swollen clit then with out warning he ran that long tongue deep inside her, enjoying her sweet taste. . Andrea moaned out in desire unable to hold back her uncontrollable lustful feelings yet she still played hard to get from shame of the enjoyment she was feeling.

Donovan had been stroking his cock off to the side while watching Kyle not only put fear but also bring on intense arousal from Andrea's unwilling mind yet deeply involved body! Donovan removed the gag from her mouth while telling her not to make a sound reminding her of the danger she was in.

Cock in hand he instructed her to suck him as he ran the head over and through her wet soft lips. Pressing it against the sides of her mouth he slowly tried to slide it straight down her throat forcing her to take it deeply. She took most of it but that was pushing her limits. He slid that hard throbbing cock in and out again and again.

Donovan ran the shaft along her face having her lick it up and down over and over again with periods of her taking his balls into her mouth rolling them around with her tongue. All in an intensifying game of arousal they played on!

Kyle was now rubbing his hard cock against her tits spitting in between them for lube and slid his cock up and down in and out of between her breasts. Then sliding his way against her toned stomach he worked his way toward the ultimate goal. Her quivering pink pussy!

He slid it between her bright pussy lips rubbing it down back and fourth between her lips and her ass. Slowly he pressed the head of his cock into her pussy pushing more and more in making her pussy swollen and wet her clit was getting larger she tried to fight still against the feelings of pleasure knowing its wrong but her body felt otherwise. Blood rushed through her body her heart rate increased her pussy brightening more, her clit swelled even larger and her nipples harden all as the rush came in flooding toward climax.

Kyle went deeper and faster as he felt her pussy soaking his cock and her muscles tightening around it. He watched as her eyes rolled into the back of her head, reaching climax, in spite of it all seeming wrong she had loved it. He pulled his pulsing cock out of her hot wet pussy and shot his large streamed load all over her tits.

Donovan at that time shoved his cock deep nearly choking her as it got so hard. It was throbbing as he pulled it out telling her to keep her mouth open as he cummed largely into her mouth and all over her face.

Pleased with there wonderful talents and her overall sense of pleasure she let them leave with no word of the incident under only one condition that they come back during the next business trip and surprise her again!

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