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Hubby's Best Friend


After all the years of fucking other men, you would think I would be calm about meeting one of Scott's best friends from his childhood days. However, I found it to be more nerve racking than fucking a stranger. The stranger I will never see again and I don't care what he really thinks of me. However, my husband's best friends or associates affect our social network and I always want to make a good impression on them. The sex will come later, and only if Scott and I agree to invite this person into our lifestyle. Such was my first introduction to Scott's friend Dave. He was Scott's best friend from grade school and although they moved apart, they still kept in touch. Dave was divorced twice; a true ladies man, but his occupation as a federal agent kept him travelling around the world. I was finally going to me my husband's mystery friend and share some of the old childhood stories of Scott's youth. Dave was always bragging to Scott about his female conquests around the world and all the women he had taken to bed.

Scott began bragging back to Dave via the internet about his "hotwife" and all her conquests. We were going to see what transpired after our meeting. Dave could not believe I was a 39 year old mother with teenagers and a career, and yet a "hotwife" and swinger with the body of a 25 year old. We met as arranged. I was wearing my little black dress, no bra and high heels. Dave was charming and we went for a meal. We were chatting like old friends and were all relaxed, but nervous at the same time. The sexual tension was very high, but not mentioned directly during our dinner. I was so wet in anticipation! We went to Dave's hotel bar and had a few more drinks. It was about midnight that we went back to his room.

I whispered to Scott, "Are you okay with this?"

He said, "If that is what you want, go for it!"

I was still horny, but scared. I wanted to feel a new cock, but was worried how Dave would react. I knew Scott really wanted to see me act like a slut, but still wasn't sure. We raided the mini bar and sat just talking for about an hour on his bed. I could see Dave wanted to make love to me and I wanted to as well, but it was a stalemate. We were both afraid to make a move until Scott got his camera out (that always makes me horny) and he said we will just take a few pictures. Both the guy's jaws hit the floor as I stripped. They said I looked "Stunning, Gorgeous, and Sexy". I was posing for the camera and I could see both guy's cocks were straining to get out of their pants. But still Dave never made a move. Scott told me to take my thong off and sit on the couch. I started to finger myself and removed my bra and thong. I was dripping wet as my fingers slipped in and out of my pussy. I was so close to cumming, I could of burst. Two horny guys watching me as I finger fucked myself!

Then Scott said to Dave, "Why don't you help her out?"

When I heard Dave ask if that was okay, I groaned Yessssssssss, and had a massive orgasm without even being touched. My pussy was visibly dripping as the photos showed later. I was in heaven as Dave knelt in front of me slowly caressing my breasts. He pushed me back on the sofa so I was lying flat out. I was still fingering myself and Scott was taking pictures. Then Dave started to kiss my feet and slowly worked his way up my legs, licking and kissing me, his hands were gently teasing my nipple. I could feel my juices running out of my soaking pussy and dripping off my inner thighs onto the sofa. Dave's hands started to wander nearer my labia, slowly running his fingers over my tummy. Scott was kissing me and licking my boobs, and I pulled him close, leaving my pussy unattended. Not for long, as Dave was soon gently fingering me. Scott kept taking a few pictures then rejoined the action. It felt so good with me being the center of attention but not quite in control. Dave was soon licking my fanny very fast making me almost cum then stopping I was being the slut I had dreamed of & loving it.

I said let's move to the bed so we will have more room and Scott moved the camera angle. Dave was lying on the bed, so I knelt beside him with my ass facing Scott and the camera. He took a few close ups of my vulva in between fingering me. I slowly undid Dave's trousers and put my hand inside. He was quite hard already and I was shocked to find he had an uncircumsized head, so I started licking his cock and it grew even bigger. I kept sucking and licking and was a bit worried how big it was growing, but I was so wet, I just wanted to be fucked, and I wanted Scott to see me being a total slut with his pal. I sucked him until he was almost cumming, with the camera clicking away! I was in heaven as lay me out on the bed. He was teasing me, just rubbing the tip against my clit and close to my dripping pussy until I couldn't wait any longer. I thrust upwards and felt him pushing into me, and we were grinding away. I was shuddering with multiple orgasms; it felt so good. Scott had stripped off and put his cock near my mouth, so I was being fucked hard with a big cock as I sucked him off. He pulled out and came on my boobs, but Dave was still pumping into me. I just knew the bed would be soaked as I came so hard!

We changed positions and Dave fucked me "Doggie-style" (my favorite position). Scott was in front of me being sucked off harder than I had ever sucked before, and i was getting fucked harder than I have been for a long time. The guys changed positions a few times, but I was happy getting spit roasted. We collapsed into a sweaty heap after about another hour. I lost count of the times I came. I went to have a shower to freshen up, as Scott had run out of film. We had another drink then Scott took a shower. When he came back, he saw me sucking Dave off and getting fingered. I was still horny as hell so Dave started licking my pussy and using a vibrator on me. He asked Scott to take over while he took a shower. Scott didn't need telling twice as he moved me around and sat me down on his cock. He was harder than ever as I bounced up and down. I was so aroused thinking the guys were just using me as their sex toy. It was a shame we had ran out of film, as this was one of the hottest nights I had ever had.

Dave came out of the shower and saw Scott fucking me hard. My cum was dripping off his balls when Dave asked if there was any room for him. Scott said, 'maybe' and I said, 'see if you can fit in". So Scott was fucking me and Dave was trying to fuck me at the same time, like Gary and Scott do. I leaned forward to open myself up and Dave pushed hard. It hurt a bit, but I was so wet, he pushed his cock inside. (I was being fucked by two guys) 'My wildest fantasy'! They were pumping me steadily. I was so filled up I was squirting love juice, screaming with pain/pleasure. It was the horniest night I've had in a while. We finished screwing about 5am and I was fucked and sucked in more ways I knew possible. Whatever had possessed me to go down to the pool in the early morning wearing just that skimpy, skin tight dress, without a bra and panties? I must have been out of my mind! Sexual excitement takes all reality away, and for what must have been a couple of purely wicked hours I had gone wild, having sex with a new partner.

It was late August and the weather had been fantastic. Not bothering about a bra or panties, I pulled the dress over my shoulders and it felt lovely as it rippled over my naked skin and over my soft curves. I watched myself in the soft light in the room mirror, running my fingers down my wanting body. A gentle swim would probably calm me down. The pool area was deserted and completely bathed in gentle morning light. Breathing in deeply, enjoying the feeling, I waded through the soothing water in a little world of my own. After a short while, I made my way to the spa. Leaning back on the spa surface, I closed my eyes enjoying again the peaceful surroundings as the warm water washed over my sore body. I was totally relaxed and lost in the beautiful place. I must have been sleepy and quite daydreaming when something touched my arm and I nearly jumped out of my skin! Thinking that one of the men had followed me, I kept my eyes closed and laughingly said, "I am so pleased that you are here too!"

There was a silence, and I finally broke it and still laughing asked if he was going to fuck me? Again there was a silence before I heard another voice answer, "Yes, I want to fuck you very much!"

Instantly, I opened my eyes in horror to see a tall dark stranger sitting there close to me smiling! He was completely naked and had the biggest, thickest cock that I had ever seen. We stared at each other and neither of us spoke. I was torn between fear and extreme excitement as he pulled my hand and led me down into the pool water, and we kept walking until the water brushed my shoulders. Letting go of my hand, he took my head into his hands and we kissed. It felt wonderful as he thrust his tongue seductively into my mouth and pushed it almost down my throat, as he caressed my body from top to toe through my wet dress. It felt wildly exciting and I felt my pussy twitching and getting very wet and aroused. Still remaining silent, he looked me up and down, his eyes roaming over my wet body and clinging dress, undressing every inch of me I guessed. My nipples were now enormous and sticking out through the soft wet fabric.

His hungry didn't miss them, and staying there a while before he leaned over and undid the buttons, and my dress started to slide down my body, first revealing my huge breasts that were golden brown from sunbathing. My large pink nipples stood out like cherries before his eyes. My dress continued to slide downwards ending up around my ankles revealing my complete nakedness in the soft light of the morning dawn. My heart was beating fast and pounding in my chest as I watched him enjoying the moment as his hands came to rest on my tits, caressing the soft flesh and sending a tingle down my spine. He moved on down my body, slowly gravitating round to my butt cheeks sighing deeply. His lips were wandering over my face and neck, kissing, licking and nibbling and sending more thrills through my trembling aroused body. I lay back, so strangely still, wanting and waiting as his fingertips travelled on twisting through the curves and smooth shaved pubes, soon finding my labia lips, full, smooth and swollen.

Finding the wetness, he smiled and slipped two fingers inside. My eyes closed and my mouth opened as I gasped for breath. Gyrating my hips in a steady rhythm, I eventually took his wrists between my two hands and reached a sudden climax, and as he played with my little pink bud, the thrill continuing as I climaxed again and again. With wicked sex on my mind, I fell on my knees in the shallow end and guided his thick knob between my lips, pulling at the sensitive elastic skin backwards and forwards. My confidence was growing rapidly as the butterflies of fear and excitement quieted down in my tummy. I shivered and closed my eyes and all other thoughts left my head. Wrapping my fingers around his huge erection, all that mattered was his throbbing hardness as I continued to wedge what must have been almost ten inches, deeper into my mouth and getting a taste of this stranger's delicious hard prick.

I alternated between sucking the head with soft endless passion, taking in as much as I could, and then licking the whole length again and again, enjoying the power that I had over him. Suddenly he grabbed my head roughly, pushing it closer and pulling my hair; he came! Shouting loudly, he tensed before he allowed his hot semen to enter my mouth. I continued to play with his balls as he filled it, and reached round to hold his firm butt cheeks. I circled his asshole with my fingertips listening to him moaning loudly to the silent morning. When he had quieted down I held his cock and licked away the remaining pearl of semen before his lips found mine and we kissed, our lips almost glued to each other, our flesh as one. After only a short while, we wanted each other again. I could hardly wait, so greedy for his body and huge cock. Pulling me down beside him in the water, his hand pushed past my breast and pubic area, and as his fingers moved towards my throbbing pussy, he pushed them into my aching pussy.

I rubbed the wetness of the pre-cum that was oozing from his enormous tool, as it nodded wanting me. He straddled me playing again with my tits and swollen nipples. Watching his expression, I wriggled, half-heartedly attempting to escape. Laughing, he pinned me firmly and easily down and crushed his hot lips against mine, with my hands flattened on the pool steps, I completely gave in, happily to whatever he wanted. I moved my legs around the back of his thighs and squirmed beneath him as we moved together. My clit was twitching, and I was so aroused and moaned in anticipation of what was to come next. My head swayed from side to side as his hands slid under my butt, cupping the cheeks and bringing them up so that my cervix took the whole length of his enormous cock. My moans turned to cries of involuntary pleasure and pain as I adjusted to its size, echoing along the empty pool as he pushed it in and out of my wet hole and the searing depths of my wildly pulsating pussy.

With my mind lost, I reached down, entangling my fingers in his thick dark hair. But as the orgasm swept through me, I had to let go to take in a lungful of air as a beautiful and huge climax tore through my quivering body. Its strength like nothing I had experienced before! My body twisted and writhed in the pleasure and pain, until it eventually past its lifespan, leaving me helpless in its aftermath with this stranger. We lay together for some time as daylight began to expose our nude bodies, but did not speak to each other. Occasionally he kissed my head and I snuggled deeper into his arms and found myself wishing that this weekend would go on forever. But of course it could not, and I just wanted one more fuck. The daylight was creeping onto the area as I turned on all fours and thrust my buttocks up. His forefinger traced the curve of my hips and ass gently, slowly disappearing into the crease where he ran his fingers for a while, softly backwards and forwards.

He found my tight little asshole that was still slippery from his recent come. Arching my back, I felt red hot with desire as he pushed a finger deep inside, bit by bit, deeper and deeper. Then he removed it and replaced it with his cock that slipped in so easily. I went wild with sexual excitement, bucking like a horse as his huge cock forced its way into unchartered territory. Whilst holding my hips with his balls slamming against my ass, he started to move rapidly, crying out all the time as he pumped into me one exquisite thrust after another. As our bodies rocked back and forth, we came simultaneously together. Light was beginning to fill the sky now and I realized that I had better get back to the hotel bedroom. Finding my soaking dress, he helped me squeeze back into it. We kissed again and parted without saying a word. Peeling the soaked dress from my body, I crawled back beside my sleeping husband and fell asleep in his arms. I was wakened by the sun streaming though the curtains, wrapped tightly in his arms and feeling his fingers quietly caressing my tired body. Holding me close, he whispered how much he loved me and that he was ecstatic about last night. I was aroused by his caress, and as he pushed his gorgeous familiar eight inches into my still soaking pussy, he thought to himself that we must have had one hell of a session in the night with his friend sleeping in the other bed! The guys were really quite proud of themselves as we went down to breakfast and I told them what stallions they were....wicked little me!


I sensed my man in the room so I playfully ran my hand over my left breast and gave it a gently squeeze. For me I always liked the surprise of what was going on around me, all that I couldn't see, so I kept my eyes closed. I could no longer feel the hot air from the fan on my chest or anything above it. I knew he was standing in between me and the fan. I felt him getting closer. I felt a kiss on my forehead. I smiled and tapped the bed close to me, whispering "Come here sweetheart." I felt the bed shift as he sat down next to my body. He gently took my hand and kissed it, then placed it back on the bed. I was impressed, he was really keeping the relaxed smile on my face. He leaned over again and kissed me, but this time on the lips. I ran my hand up his side and over the small of his back, pulling him ever so slightly toward me.

I felt the stubble on his face against my cheek and my nipples immediately got hard again. He put his hand on my stomach and I was working harder than ever to keep my eyes shut, the different sensations around me were amazing. I placed my hand on the back of his neck and gently rubbed it. He then placed his hand on my inner thigh and my legs, almost instantly, clenched together. It took me a second to realize what I had just done, almost like telling my hubby he couldn't touch me. I felt bad, I needed to apologize. I slowly opened my eyes while saying "I'm sorry baby, I....................*gasp*! I looked up and realized I had just shared one of, what felt like, most intimate, passionate moments of my life with my husband's best friend! I quickly went to get up, to grab a blanket to cover myself with, but as I did he wrapped his arm around my waist and held me tight against him. I didn't have a fight in me. It was so damn unfair, to catch me when I was mellow, and relaxed! I put my hands on his chest, then pushed off of him and got a little room, but not nearly enough to get a blanket on me.

He just got a better grip on me. He was a buff guy, and I secretly loved the bear hug he had me in. He ran a hand over my cheek and kissed my opposite shoulder than the side of my neck. He looked into my eyes and leaned into kiss me, I finally let my hands fall to his sides and decided to cooperate for our first real kiss. I slightly tilted my head and leaned into him. He tasted so great, and smelled amazing too. He put his hands on my back and pulled me closer to him, as he did he slightly leaned back and kept slowly pulling me with him. I had to put my hands down on the bed, around him to keep from falling on top of him. This time I leaned into him and kissed him.

He rolled me over on my back and slipped his tongue in my mouth. I loved it, he was such a great kisser, he really knew how to work his tongue. I ran my fingers threw his long black hair. Then sat up and while complimenting the kiss I took his leather jacket off of him. He was very sexy, he was left wearing a while t-shirt, ripped up blue jeans, and black leather boots. I reached for a boot to take off, and while I did that he took off the other one. Soon we picked up right where we left off. He stopped kissing me for just a second, and I looked up and flashed him an evil grin. As a look of confusion passed over his face I pushed him over and got on top of him. I leaned back and pulled him into the sitting position and pulled his shirt off of him.

His chest was so tight, perfect nipples, cute abs, the most amazing green eyes ever. I gave him a quick peck on the lips as I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. He shyly ran his hands up my sides and then back down and rested them on my hips. He leaned in and kissed me right in between my breasts. I tilted my head back and let out a soft moan. He then kissed my right nipple, and began softly nibbling on it. I put my hand on the back of his head and gently ground into him. He put his arms around my lower back and pulled me on top of him. He had me in another one of his really tight grips and it drove me wild. I could feel the cum all over my wet pussy. He must have read my mind because, what seemed, almost at that same moment he loosened one of his arms and brought his hand back to my front and immediately went for my pussy.

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