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Hubby's Friends Feel at Home


I pulled into my driveway and hit the button to open my garage door only to see that my garage was full of band equipment. My husband Dean poked his head out of the entry door and gave me a sheepish grin. He walked across the garage and waited for me to shut the engine down after putting my Honda in park in the driveway.

"I forgot to tell you that practice got moved," Dean said as I got out of the SUV. He kissed me on the lips and I gave him a gently chiding look before smiling.

"It's alright, babe," I said as I kissed Dean back. "I've actually been looking forward to hearing your new songs."

"Really?" Dean asked enthusiastically. I knew he loved it whenever I expressed any kind of interest in his musical endeavors.

"Baby," I said warmly, cupping his face in my hand. "I love your band. I love you."

I kissed him softly on the lips and leaned into him a little bit as he kissed me back.

"Let me just go change," I said when Dean finally allowed me to pull away from his kiss.

I hurried down the hall to the large master bedroom in our sprawling ranch style home. Closing the heavy door behind me, I pulled off my blazer, silky blouse underneath, and slacks and peeled off my nude thigh-high stockings. I decided to keep on the black lacy thong I'd worn for work that day and hide it underneath comfy grey sweatpants paired with a tight red UNM Lobos t-shirt, the soft vintage kind. Before pulling the t-shirt over my head I decided to take off my bra, letting the black lace fall to the floor and watching my nipples harden in the cool air before covering them with the soft t-shirt. The material of the t-shirt was so thin my nipples remained hard, as if they hadn't been covered at all.

When I made my way back down the hall to the kitchen, the rest of the band had arrived.

"Hey Lila," said Robert, the 6' 3" tall drummer with long red dreadlocks and a thick red beard, smiling widely at me as he poured himself a shot of Jack Daniels.

Jesse, the 6' 5" tall lead guitar player who looked like he belonged in an 80s hair band, was corralling his long, wild hair into a ponytail with a rubber band, full shot glass on the granite countertop in front of him.

"Mami," Jesse said, using his longtime nickname for me as he opened his arms for a hug. I hugged him back.

At 5' 1" tall, I had always had a thing for tall guys like Robert and Jesse, and I always felt a heightened sense of arousal whenever they were near. I loved Dean but I just couldn't help it; I was human after all, but I had resigned myself to knowing that it would forever remain a fantasy.

Jimmy, the rhythm guitar player and backup singer, who I always swore looked like Bruno Mars when I took my glasses off, smiled at me as he raised his full shot glass, trying not to spill the liquor on the clean tile floor. He was always pretty shy and remained quiet.

Justin, the bass player, who was not much taller than me but had the body of a Mr. Universe competitor, came over to me right away to give me a side hug, careful not to spill his full shot glass.

"Lila!" he exclaimed happily.

"Justin!" I replied.

Dean handed me my usual shot glass, with the words North Carolina emblazoned across in bold, elegant, red vinyl letters, full of my favorite Knob Creek bourbon whisky. All of the bandmates and I raised our shot glasses and cheered each other to ensure a great practice, then tipped our heads back and swallowed our shots in one gulp. All of the guys were impressed at my ability to shoot whiskey without a chaser.

After we took our shots, the guys and I headed out into the garage. The guys jammed out for an hour and a half while I sat on the step in the garage, dancing by myself and enjoying the music. I sang along with the songs I knew well and felt the rhythm and danced along with the songs I didn't know. By the end of practice I found myself no longer sitting on the step but standing on it, swaying and dancing by myself in the garage as if I were in the middle of an enormous music festival. I loved the music so much that I didn't care that I was alone in a crowd of one. I felt incredibly sexy dancing freely, swaying back and forth to the rhythm of the music written by my husband and his friends, my breasts swinging braless as I danced around.

The allotted timeframe for band practice came and went, and I heard my husband inviting the guys to come inside and hang out. I didn't mind since it was a Friday night, and I loved hanging out with these men whose music inspired my body to move in such a free way.

Dean and I had been married for 3 years, but we didn't have what you would consider a traditional marriage. We had a long history of sharing each other with other people, which admittedly had slowed down a little bit in the years since we'd gotten married. Before we got married and before we really had started dating seriously, it was not unusual to find me in Dean's bed with some other friend of ours, male or female.

Since we had gotten married, I felt that things between Dean and I had started to get a little routine. I was afraid my husband was starting to get bored, so I had been trying to think of ways to keep him interested in my body.

This Friday night, with the guys all standing around drinking whiskey, I began to feel a dampness between my legs. Whiskey had always made me horny. The thoughts that began to fill my head seemed absurd. I could never really do the things I was imagining.

After several shots, I was pretty tipsy and I needed to use the restroom. I headed back to the master bathroom, weaving slowly down the hallway as the shots began affecting my motor skills.

As I used the restroom, I started thinking. I knew how much Dean loved to fantasize about watching his friends fuck me and he would often tell me these fantasies while we were having sex. I wondered how easily I could make Dean's fantasy a reality.

I boldly decided to test my luck and took off all of my clothes, leaving them on the bedroom floor. I went into my closet and slipped into a pair of black thigh high stockings and black strappy heels. I stepped back into the bedroom, doing several turns in front of my full length mirror. I ran my fingers through my waist-length, wavy ash brown hair several times and checked my blue eyes for smudged eyeliner before deciding I was satisfied.

I was walking back down the hall when I heard the guys taking another shot in the kitchen. I called out for them to wait for me, then sauntered confidently into the room. All five of them stopped what they were doing and stared at me as I poured myself a shot.

"To freedom, love, and a good time shared by all," I announced as I raised my shot glass to cheers the guys.

The guys were speechless. They all slowly clinked their glasses against mine and then continued to stare as I tipped the shot glass back into my mouth. It had been a little overfilled so some of the whiskey spilled out of the glass and dripped onto my nipples. The cool liquid caused my nipples to harden into little peaks.

Dean knew exactly what I was doing. It was like I had stepped out of one of his fantasies and straight into his kitchen. He took his shot and then stepped towards me with a look of pure lust on his face, kissing me deeply. He leaned down and took my breast in his hand and sucked my nipple into his mouth, sucking on it hard and causing a small gasp to escape my throat. He then did the same to my other nipple.

By now the whiskey, my boldness, and my husband's mouth had me dripping between my legs. I turned to the man closest to me, the lead guitarist Jesse. Not only was he tall, but his hands were enormous. I took one of his hands in mine and guided it between my legs.

"Touch me, here," I said breathily as I guided his fingers over my mound and into my warm opening.

Jesse slid two fingers inside of me and started gently massaging me, pulling his fingers slowly out and then sliding them slowly back in. I moaned as his gigantic fingers pumped me, preparing me for his surely even bigger dick. He was nearly a foot and a half taller than me, and I'd always had a fantasy about what he would be like in bed.

"Oh, Jesse," I sighed, losing myself for a moment in the pleasure of his hands between my legs.

The rest of the bandmates were standing back watching the action but none had been brave enough to join yet. I finally contained myself enough to realize that I had 3 other horny men watching me, ready to fuck me at my command.

"Does anyone else want some?" I asked playfully and looked over towards where Jimmy was standing with his eyes wide.

Jimmy took the hint and stepped over to the group. He reached out to me and started hesitantly fondling my breast. I encouraged him by putting my hand over his and squeezing a little harder. Finally Jimmy took my breast into his mouth and sucked hard on my nipple. The sensation made me cry out.

Robert and Justin stood watching them, pants open and hands around their cocks, clearly turned on but too unsure and shy to touch me without some kind of invitation from me. I reached out and wrapped each hand around a hard cock, gently stroking them and pulling each man gently toward me.

"Come closer, guys," I said softly as I gently stroked their cocks.

Robert tried to suppress a moan as he took a few steps closer to the action, his dick throbbing as my hand wrapped around his shaft. He placed his hand over mine and demonstrated how I should stroke him.

Justin hesitated a moment so I wrapped my hand more purposefully around his cock and stroked him a bit harder until he finally moved towards the group. I licked my lips hungrily as I stroked his fat cock up and down and gently pulled him towards me.

Dean and Jimmy moved back to give the other guys room, giving me room to bend over and suck Justin's cock into my mouth.

"Oh my god," Justin gasped and closed his eyes, enjoying the pleasure but conflicted about getting his dick sucked by his bandmate's wife.

"She sure knows how to suck a cock, doesn't she," Dean said, smiling as he watched his wife happily suck his bass player's dick.

This made Justin relax a bit, and he put his hand on the back of my head as I bobbed up and down.

"Oh, yeah, suck that cock," I heard Justin softly say.

I sucked his cock more intently and extended my tongue down his shaft to his balls, licking the length of him as much as I could with my mouth wrapped around him.

"Oh, oh," Justin moaned as I sucked and licked his throbbing cock.

Jesse, who had been fingering me and watching me suck Justin off, suddenly knelt in front of me and slowly licked the length of my cunt. A moan escaped my throat as his tongue dipped inside of me.

I felt his hand slide up my thigh as a finger dipped into my pussy and then played at the entrance to my asshole. The lubricated finger slowly pushed inside me as deep as it could go, then pulled out and slowly slid back in. My moans of pleasure were muffled by Jimmy's dick as Jesse licked my pussy and fingered my asshole at the same time.

Suddenly Jesse stood up and slung me over his shoulder.

"Jesse!" I exclaimed, more turned on than surprised.

He carried me into the living room caveman style with the other men following. They all shed their clothes and kicked off their shoes as they went.

I felt wetness gush between my legs. Jesse fingered my asshole as he walked. He laid me down on my back on the couch and began stroking my clit with his tongue again, lapping up the juice that had come flowing from my pussy.

I had my eyes closed but I felt something warm and hard pressing against my lips. I opened my eyes to see Robert pressing his cock against my mouth. I opened my mouth and caressed the head of his monster-sized dick with my tongue. I felt his dick throb and heard him moan with pleasure as I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock. I then slowly sucked his cock into my mouth and grasped it with both hands, bobbing my head up and down as my mouth caressed his shaft. Robert grabbed onto the back of my head and shoved his dick down my throat, gasping at the sensation.

"Oh god, Lila," Robert sighed as he grasped my hair.

Jesse continued licking my pussy and sucking my clit, making me moan around the dick in my mouth. I closed my eyes in ecstasy.

As I sucked the cock and felt it grow harder and harder, I suddenly felt Jesse move away and another hard cock push against my pussy. I opened my eyes again just as Justin shoved his enormous, rock hard cock deep inside me. I couldn't help the groan that escaped my throat as this new cock took control of my pussy. The bass player was only a few inches taller than I was but he made up for his height with the huge slab of meat pounding me mercilessly.

Justin pulled me on top of him as he continued to fuck my sopping pussy and I licked and sucked Robert's hard cock. Before I had a chance to get used to the sensation of the foreign cock inside me, I felt another hard, throbbing cock pressing at my asshole. It gave way easily, and the unknown cock slid firmly balls deep into my ass.

"Oh god," I moaned loudly as the two men who were not my husband started pumping their cocks inside of me.

I felt two large hands pulling at my breasts and looked down to see Jesse sucking both of my nipples into his mouth as Dean stood watching, stroking his huge, hard cock. By default this meant Jimmy was the one fucking my ass and he pumped in and out steadily, keeping the rhythm with the bassist pounding my pussy.

"You like that cock in your ass?" Jimmy asked from behind me, his hands on my hips as he pounded into me.

"Oh yeah," I moaned. "Keep going, fuck me harder."

The sensation of fullness was almost too much for me; I'd never been so stuffed in my life. Jimmy fucked my tight little asshole like it was his first time and judging by the noises he was making he wasn't going to last long.

The cock in my ass suddenly started to pulsate and Jimmy moaned as he emptied his load into my tight hole. Not long after, Justin did the same, pumping his hot, unprotected sperm into my pussy. The sensation of two throbbing cocks unloading into me was too much, and my body exploded with an intense orgasm.

I yelled out as I came, grasping Robert's dick in my hand in front of my face. Robert picked that moment to come also, and I felt stream after stream of hot cum spurt across my face as Robert's cock spasmed with orgasm while Jimmy and Justin unloaded inside of me.

After a few moments they each released their grasp on me and their dicks slid out of me. Justin and Jimmy were breathing heavily as they stepped aside to compose themselves. Dean walked over to me while Jesse sat on the couch and pulled me onto his lap, spreading my legs wide and making me straddle him.

"My turn, Mami," Jesse whispered in my ear as he ran his hands over my body, squeezing my breasts and then running his hands down over my stomach to caress my clit and dip a finger into my pussy.

I shivered with pleasure as he lifted me up and positioned my asshole directly over his huge dick then eased me down onto him. His dick was much bigger than I was used to and I felt absolutely stuffed as he filled my hole.

"Oh, god, Jesse," I moaned as my asshole stretched to accommodate him. "You're huge."

My husband sucked my nipples roughly as I moaned with uncontrollable pleasure. Dean then steadied my hips as his friend fucked my ass and he positioned the head of his cock at my opening, pausing for a moment as he watched me writhe in ecstasy while getting my ass fucked. Dean knew I was loving getting my ass pounded; I was always asking him to do it to me but he didn't do it very often.

"You're my dirty little slut, aren't you," Dean said while he enjoyed watching me get fucked in the ass by his guitar player.

"Mmhmm," I moaned in response.

"Say it," Dean replied and grabbed my face, forcing my mouth open.

"Yes, yes," I moaned, my pussy throbbing with Dean's roughness. "I'm your dirty slut, I love getting fucked by your whole band!"

"Yeah," Dean responded as he stroked his cock and rested the tip just barely at the entrance to my pussy.

Finally Dean plunged his dick into me and I felt so stuffed I could hardly stand it. All I could do was moan and scream profanities as I got each hole fucked by a different cock at the same time.

"Oh fuck yeah, fuck that pussy, fuck that asshole," I moaned, out of control in my ecstasy.

Soon I felt the familiar tingling sensation between my legs and felt my pussy start to tighten around my husband's cock.

As I really started to lose control, I saw Justin and Jimmy come close to me again, holding their newly rehardened cocks in their hands. They jacked themselves up and down as my orgasm built. Jesse and Dean fucked me mercilessly. Jesse pinched my nipples hard as he pounded my ass and my pussy tightened even more, triggering an explosion inside me. I screamed out uncontrollably as the unexpected orgasm rocked through my body.

"Fuck!" I screamed out as I came all over the two cocks stuffed inside my pussy and asshole. "Oh, god, fuck..." my voice faded into a moan.

Shortly after, I felt Dean's cock start to pulsate along with his friend's. They came simultaneously and both pumped me full of their hot cum as I whimpered, my body still trembling. When they released me I dropped to my knees as I tried to regain the strength to stand.

I opened my eyes to see two shiny, hard cocks in my face. I had no choice when I saw a hard dick, I had to put my mouth on it. I began sucking the dicks of Justin and Jimmy, bobbing a few times on each one before switching back and forth. My husband rested on the couch watching. Jesse sat next to him, gently stroking his own softening cock.

I took both of their dicks into my mouth at once and sucked all of our mixed juices off of them. I played with their balls as I took turns licking each of their shafts from base to tip. The rock hard cocks throbbed in my hands and mouth.

I continued to suck and lick each man's cock and bathed each man's balls with my tongue until they were each tight, throbbing, and about to come. Then I took each cock all the way into my mouth and sucked it until I felt the hot liquid shooting down my throat and heard the men moan in ecstasy. I let them each empty their balls down my throat before I released my grip on them and wiped my chin.

They had each had their turn with me except for Robert. He had the biggest dick of the five of them and honestly I had been afraid that I wouldn't have been able to take him and another dick at the same time. I looked over at him and saw his raging erection in his hand, making my pussy throb and moisten instantly.

As soon as he noticed me looking at him, licking my lips, he came over to me and aimed his dick at my mouth. I opened my lips and took him in, sucking his whole shaft into my mouth and down my throat until I could feel his balls on my chin. He was so big he made me gag, my mouth watering all over his enormous cock.

Robert pulled his dick out of my mouth and it was covered in my saliva. He lifted me up and spun me around, bent me over the couch, and pushed the head of his lubricated dick into my ass. I cried out as my ass suddenly stretched to take him in. He definitely had the largest cock I'd ever had inside of that particular hole.

I continued to moan as Robert slowly pumped in and out of me, allowing my asshole to get used to his huge member. Soon enough it began to feel better than anything I'd ever felt in my asshole before.

"Yeah, Rob, fuck me," I moaned as Robert stuffed my asshole. "Fuck my ass, you giant!"

He slammed his cock all the way into me and I felt his balls slap against my pussy over and over.

"Oh god Rob! Your cock feels so good! Fuck me harder! Oh, oh... Oh!"

It had been a long time since I'd come from just a cock in my ass before but I could feel the orgasm building as he pumped my tight hole. His dick swelled bigger and harder as he steadily slammed into me. I couldn't help but scream as each thrust stretched me beyond anything I'd experienced before.

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