It started as any other day with an uneventful drive to work. It was still dark when I started out but, even through the torn up paving in the construction area near my house, I was able to avoid all the major potholes and ruts on the drive. Once out on the highway, traffic flowed pretty much at the speed limit actually letting me get to work a bit early where I easily found a choice parking place close to the building.

During the drive I watched the sun rise in my rear view mirror so by the time I pulled into the parking space it was light out. I turned out my lights, grabbed my computer bag, my lunch and the newspaper I had tossed in the back seat and closed the door. As I reached into my pocket to lock the car I saw it. There, on the front driver side wheel I noticed a black dingy wheel, where a shiny hubcap used to be.

I tried to recall what might have happened on my trip to work to cause the hubcap to come off. Though I remember thinking how I hadn't heard the normal squeaking from that front tire that the hubcap used to make, I didn't recall anything that might have caused it to fall off. I wondered if, perhaps, someone stole the hubcap during the night. I didn't notice it was missing when I climbed into the car at my house, but I really didn't look at the wheel before I started, so it may have been missing then.

Figuring I'd simply pick up a replacement at a junkyard near the house I didn't think much more about it as I headed into my office. Before long I was buried in work and had completely forgotten about the hubcap. It was only after my wife called and we talked about her new car and a few dozen other things that it came back to me. Actually, I thought of it just as I hung up the phone with her.

Immediately I grabbed the phone and called her back, "Hey, I forgot to tell you that when I got to work I noticed I was missing a hubcap."

"That's strange, when I took the new Honda around the block to let Karen and Jeffrey see it, Jeffrey mentioned he was missing a hubcap too."

"Really, which one? Mine was driver's side front," I replied.

"Yeah, same one for him. He said he figured it came off in the construction area and planned to drive there today to look for it. I asked him to look for ours too."

"That must be what happened, I can't think of anything else that would have caused it to come off. Unless someone took both our hubcaps during the night, it's just that we live so far apart, that doesn't seem possible. Look, tell Jeffrey and Karen we'll buy dinner if they find our hubcap."

After finishing our conversation, I hung up the phone and went back to work. I was fairly busy so lunchtime crept up on me and when I next looked at the clock I noticed it was almost one o'clock. Quickly saving my work on the computer, I rode down the elevator and headed out to my car. As I moved closer I couldn't help but focus on the missing hubcap, the dark wheel and dirty bolts looked almost like a gash in the front of the car. Getting closer I could see the smooth lines of the front grille and bumper curved aerodynamically around the front corner of the car melding perfectly into the side fender. All the smooth lines and design screeched to a jolting halt with the completely utilitarian appearance of the wheel.

Climbing into my car I glanced at the car next to me, oddly it was missing both hubcaps on the right side of the vehicle. I started my car and pulled out, looping around the front of that car to get to the drive out and noticed that it was missing all of its hubcaps. I couldn't remember if that was the same car I parked next to in the morning, certainly I should have noticed if it was missing the hubcaps then. Continuing working my way out of the parking lot I spotted another car with a missing hubcap.

After pulling out of the parking lot, I headed toward the freeway for the short trip toward downtown to a small deli I like to visit every so often. Since I was running late I found their parking lot full so I had to drive around to the small alley behind the deli. There was a space next to a clean and shiny Jaguar "S" class.

I got out of my car and was about to head around the building to go inside when I heard a voice. Glancing around I noticed a lady standing on the other side of the Jaguar. Thinking it was strange that I hadn't noticed her earlier, I looked at her and said, "I'm sorry, I hadn't noticed you."

While looking down at her car she slowly crossed her arms over her chest as if to wrap them around herself and then said in a deep, gravelly moan, "It's like a violation of me. Like they took their hands and ran them all..."

"Excuse me," I interrupted, "are you okay? Have you been hurt?"

Snapping her head she looked up at me. "What did you say?"

"I asked if you were okay."

"They took my hubcap," she answered.

"But you are okay?"

"Me? It's just that I've never seen it this way before, so open, exposed."

"What's that?" I asked, wondering if perhaps she had hit her head or maybe just had one too many martinis at lunch.

"The wheel, it's so dark and dungy, so vulgar next to the rest of the car."

Walking around the back of her car to stand next to her I said, "I know, my car is missing its hubcap too. It looks so odd that way. Odd, but I found it strangely utilitarian."

"So honest. No pretty frills to hide its function, just a metal surface with large bolts and the tire seemingly molded to it. I never looked at my car like this," she continued, bending over and moving her hands to the tire.

She ran her hands over the tire and said in almost a whisper, "I love the feel and smell of tires, so smooth in areas, so rough in others. Makes me feel..." she paused and looked up at me, "so savage."

I was silent, I didn't know how to respond. The lady was attractive, very attractive but prior to that moment I hadn't really paid a lot of attention to her. I'd been looking at the car and a bit nervous at looking her over other than looking at her face in polite conversation. Suddenly everything changed, she became more than just someone you pass in the street and exchange pleasantries with, here was an attractive woman bending over the tire in a very compromised position.

Looking around I could see we were alone in the alleyway, it was just me and a dark haired woman in a silky blouse and a knee length skirt. Bent over her tire as she was and with what she said, I felt at ease taking the liberty to look at her legs, the taut, muscular thighs, the smaller, but equally muscular calves. Finally moving my gaze from her legs I looked back at her face and saw she was waiting for a response.

Feeling my voice crack as I spoke, I replied, "Sss... savage?"

There was a flash of white and I looked back at her legs to find her panties at her ankles. Apparently while her left hand still rested on the tire, the other one had worked her panties over her hips and let them fall to the ground. Looking down at the panties I noticed they were just normal white panties with no lace or frills, completely utilitarian without any adornment.

Looking back up at the woman's face I saw that she wore very little makeup, the beauty in her face was completely natural, from her deep, dark eyes to her prominent cheekbones to her thin nose. Her lips were a light shade of red, the lipstick being the only obvious bit of makeup she wore. I moved my gaze from her face down her body and I noticed she had now hiked her skirt up so I could see the two gentle curves of her ass beneath the hem.

No more thinking, no wondering about this woman, I reached to my pants, unfastened my belt and as I stepped behind her I slid down my zipper. As I pulled my hard cock out of my pants, she lifted one leg, slipping her foot out of her panties and then put it down again so her legs were spread wide apart.

Immediately I shuffled in between her legs and pushed my hips forward, letting my cock slide over the soft skin of her ass down to the cleft between her legs. Her fingers took my cock and guided me, pulling me to her as my cock slipped into her soft, wet, warmth. Pushing forward slowly, I savored the feel of her as she enveloped me, first over the head of my cock and then down the shaft to the hilt. Moving my hands to her hips I slowly withdrew and then pushed myself back into her once again.

As I continued to move in and out of her I could feel her fingers touching my balls and cock. I could tell that as she touched me with her fingers, she was working her clit with the palm of her hand and that she had herself very close to coming. I was relieved she was that close because, given the circumstances of what was happening, I knew I wouldn't last too long before I'd be coming inside her.

Moving my attention from the look of her hips and ass as I plunged into her up to her face I noticed she was holding the tire very tightly with her free hand, so tightly her face actually squeezed against it. It was as if she were caressing the tire as my cock slid so deliciously inside her. Suddenly she moaned loudly and leaned back to me as our bodies slapped together, my balls bouncing off her fingers as they diddled her clit.

She groaned out loud, "So savage," and then I felt her body tense up. I had been fighting off my own orgasm but when I felt her tense I let myself go, giving myself completely to the pleasure that ran from my balls all along my cock. I arched my back and shoved my cock deep into her pussy and came, spurting my cum again and again. Feeling her body shudder and then go limp, I realized she was coming too so I moved a bit more, pulling back and thrusting into her a couple of more times. Then I stopped, feeling the walls of her cunt pulsate over my softening cock.

I would have liked to remain there, my cock buried inside her until it slipped out on its own but I heard some voices from across the alleyway. I quickly withdrew and pulled up my underwear and pants, quickly zipping up and fastening my belt. She stood up and adjusted her dress, leaving her panties around one ankle.

We looked back to where the voices were coming from and watched a man and two women appear from the direction of the deli. As they walked past I saw one of the women quickly whisper something to the other and they quietly giggled. Figuring they knew what we had been up to I looked as the woman I had just fucked. There on her face was a large black mark from the tire, I noticed her hands we filthy too.

"Oh damn," I whispered, "you got dirt from the tire all over your face."

Glancing down at her reflection in the car window she said, "Yes, looks like I do. Savage don't you think," she replied, running her fingers over my cheek.

I looked at my reflection and noticed two black lines where her fingers had slid. "Yes, savage," I replied.

She then bent over, grabbed her panties and then walked over to the driver's side of her car. I followed, opening the door for her and holding it as she climbed in. Once inside she pulled a card out of her purse and handed it to me saying, "Just in case you have trouble with your tires."

I took her card and then reached for my wallet. Sliding her card in, I grabbed one of my own and handed it to her. I held out my hand and said, "I'm Jim."

Clasping my hand with her dirty black hand she replied, "Pleased to meet you Jim, I'm Alex." She then turned and slid completely into her car, grabbed her keys and started it. The Jaguar hummed to life, the sound of the engine concealing its true power beneath its gentle sound. "Goodbye Jim," she said and I closed the door and watched her slowly back into the alleyway. The car then pulled forward and I watched it pull away, the front wheel and its missing hubcap looking strangely alluring.

Completely amazed at what had happened, I headed on into the deli, immediately heading into the restroom. I ducked into an open stall and grabbing some toilet paper, I opened my pants and wiped off my cock. Wanting to make sure my wife didn't find any evidence of my dalliance, I took great care cleaning myself the best I could. I then moved to the sink and washed the tire dirt from my face and hands that Alex had branded me with.

Once I finished cleaning up I headed back out into the deli where I ate my lunch running the images of what had just happened out in the alleyway through my head. Toying some with my wedding ring, I did feel a tinge of guilt, but the absurdity of the whole episode was simply too much. I had a hell of a story to tell someone, I just wasn't sure who I could tell about it.

Driving home that night the guilt began creep past the images I kept playing though in my mind. Obviously what had happened wasn't planned and had nothing to do with love, but I couldn't convince myself that I hadn't betrayed my wife. I had betrayed her and I'd have to make up for it somehow, but one thing I wouldn't do is tell her what happened. For the time being I would try to act like nothing happened.

Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted as I noticed a glistening new Cadillac slowly pass me. It was a beautiful pearl colored sedan with the dealer plates still attached, but as it passed my eyes were immediately drawn to the wheels. The tires were clean, almost gleaming in the sunlight but the hubcaps were gone. Instead of the shiny chrome wheel covers, there was simply a dull, dark black, looking like two gaping holes in the side of the car.

I sped up a bit running only slightly behind the Cadillac as an image of Alex rolled though my consciousness. She was standing by her car, much like I had seen her earlier in the day, except instead of moving to lean over her wheel, she began unbuttoning her blouse. The bra was plain white, once again like her panties there was no frill, no lace or adornment, just a simple bra. Walking towards her I looked down at her car and noticed all the hubcaps were gone, instead, just the black wheel rims and the tires.

Alex unclasped her bra from the front and then opened her blouse and bra, letting me see her beautiful breasts. They were small, but nicely rounded with very dark areolas and nipples. I paused to just look at her, her dark hair curling down onto her delicate shoulders, her skin, though darker than mine looking so light against the darkness of her hair.

With her blouse and bra still open, she moved to the back of the car, unfastened her skirt and let it fall to the ground. Stepping out of the skirt she leaned back against her car, lifting one foot up to rest on the rear bumper. I stood in front of her just gazing at her, my eyes moving down her body, from her, now erect, nipples down over the slight curve of her breast down her stomach to the dense, black patch of black hair. Looking closer the dark curls looked so soft as they curled down concealing just a bit of her...

I found myself staring, completely focused on the dark wheel rims of the Cadillac as I drove just slightly behind the car. Looking in my rear view mirror I saw the huge grill of some eighteen-wheeler right on my bumper. Shaking my head I looked back at the Cadillac and then back to my lane where there weren't any cars in front of me.

Without thinking I slowed a bit, letting the Cadillac completely pass me and then I abruptly changed lanes swinging over two lanes. Fortunately I was in a pocket of light traffic so besides the eighteen-wheeler, I hadn't caused any problems with the rest of the vehicles on the road. Once in the lane on the other side of the car I sped up so I could look at the other side of the vehicle. On this side the wheels glittered as the obviously expensive hubcaps spun in the light.

Once again falling in just slightly behind the Cadillac I found my mind wandering, but this time it was to my wife. I pictured her on the bed, naked, her light hair rolling out onto the pillow, her large breasts flattened on her chest, the nipples firm and inviting. Glancing down at her tiny feet, I smiled wondering how she balanced her large breasts while standing on such tiny feet.

Her calves and thighs nicely shaven, so light colored against the dark colored bedspread. Opening her legs I can see her hair, trimmed to expose more skin, her lips slightly open, the nub of her clit just visible. My mind turns to the last time we made love, we kissed only briefly as her hands moved to my chest toying with my nipples as I moved my mouth to her breasts and took my arm and hooked it between her legs, brushing it against her.

She moved her mouth to my nipples as I sucked on hers. Lifting her hips, she ground her pussy onto my arm, leaving the lingering wetness on my skin. I then moved between her legs where she took my cock, like she had done so many times before and guided it into herself.

It had been weeks since we touched like this so it all happened so quickly. I tried to go slowly, draw it out, but when her fingers moved back to my nipples and she pinched them I quickened my pace. She met me with an equal urgency rising up to meet my every thrust. We moved quickly, our bodies slapping together, my balls bouncing off her ass as we moved again and again suddenly pushing hard, clamoring for depth as we came together, each lost in our own urgency. Both of us glad the other came too, if only because we could then stop and catch our breath.

Pulling apart we remained together on the bed in a relaxed intimacy that only came with the years together. The complete comfort in how we moved, touched and lived in a quiet harmony. The world no longer moved for us, it just paused for the short time we were together and then continued turning.

Before I could think of anything more, I pulled into my driveway and parked my car. Grabbing my bag I headed into the house, trying to work out an excuse for an early shower. My clean up at the restaurant was probably enough, but I felt sure my wife would suspect something, perhaps smell Alex on me, so I watched for an excuse and shortly after dinner rushed into the shower, scrubbing the evidence away.

Later in the evening I climbed into bed, kissed my wife goodnight and tried to go to sleep. I tried not to think of Alex, but it was all that came into my mind, the afternoon played over and over in my head. Finally, I forced myself to think of something else, promising myself not to think of her anymore. Hell, I was married and what happened during the day was a fluke, something that would never happen again. I would never see Alex again.

The next morning I got up, got ready for work, kissed my wife goodbye and headed out to my car without thinking about much of anything. Pulling out of the driveway the thought of Alex didn't cross my mind until I pulled out onto the freeway. Once there, even in the dark, I began to notice the amount of cars missing one or more hubcaps. At first it was just a car or two, but as traffic backed up I noticed more and more cars like that.

I tried to figure out how many, but after losing count a few dozen times I gave up, instead guessing that nearly half of the vehicles I saw that morning was missing at least one hubcap. Of course once I finished trying to count the hubcaps, just seeing all them got me back to thinking of that Jaguar Type "S" and the way Alex bent over her wheel. By the time I parked my car at work I had to listen to the radio for a good five minutes while my erection subsided.

Fortunately I was busy at work again, so the morning passed uneventfully. I got a lot of work done and was beginning to get over the events of the day before. I've simply been married too long to throw it all away, even for someone as hot and sexy as Alex. Besides, who is to say whether she was really interested in me, maybe it was just that I was missing a hubcap too.

Rather than go out for lunch, I walked over to the company cafeteria and ate quickly, returning back to work after only a thirty minute break. I was pretty involved in the calculations I was working on so time slipped by without me really noticing until the phone rang. Glancing up at the clock after what seemed like fifteen minutes of calculations I saw it was 2:30, just over two hours since I got back from lunch. I grabbed the phone on the third ring.

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