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Hubris at Sea


I'd like to thank Randi for her editorial help and for heading up this show! I'd also like to thank the Literotica staff for their assistance, too. Any errors are mine.

The gentle rocking motion awoke Karen Arwol from her slumbers in the California King Size bed.

At first, she wondered if she had been dreaming and was still dreaming, but then the reality of her situation came back to her. She had been fucked by her two very naughty boys and it had been so good! And also very, very naughty!

At first she had been angry with them for tricking her, but they had both seemed so contrite and they had promised to make it up to her and they had done exactly that!

Initially, she had felt guilty about Dave, her husband, but she was sure that she would be able to make it up to him. As he had no clue about what she would be making up for, that would not present her with any major, unsurmountable problems, she mused.

She frowned as she thought of her husband. She hadn't been able to contact him by the landline phone or his cell phone or by email since early the day before, so she had decided to send her best friend Carla a text message to go round to the house to make sure nothing was wrong with Dave.

She tried to dismiss her worries. She had no doubt in her mind that Carla would find a perfectly simple explanation as to why her husband of 15 years hadn't replied to any of her calls or messages.

As for now, she would get up, have a shower in the ship's cabin of the luxury yacht on what she was enjoying a brief break from her everyday life.

She'd find her naughty boys, Jack and Chester Dolent, see what was available to eat and enquire if they wanted to repeat yesterday's stunning experience of both of them sharing her body at the same time, and individually.

She wasn't certain about taking any more cocaine, as she really was a health nut and didn't like the idea of toxic substances entering her body. She giggled to herself when she thought of her naughty boys entering her body via its various orifices, and putting their substances into her. That, she decided, was very different!

Dave Arwrol had been thrilled for his wife. She had been blogging for several years from their home on the North Carolina coast, but eventually her blogs had been picked up by a major news syndicate ,which had led to an established publishing house based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, expressing an interest in her writings.

The Dolent family money went a long way back in the state of North Carolina, and their grandfather, William Bryant Dolent, had launched a progressive publishing house in the 1930s. It had weathered the McCarthy years and was now, under the guidance of his son, Roger, still growing. His grandsons, Jack and Chester, were opening the company up to new horizons, such as social media and new writing talent like Karen Arwol.

Karen had been invited to participate in a two week cruise and content seminar featuring all their new writing talent and some members of the Dolent Brothers board of directors on board the Dolent boys' luxury yacht, the Rose Méchante. It was originally constructed as a modestly sized luxury cruise ship, but had been converted to a massive luxury yacht.

However, when Karen had arrived, she had been annoyed to discover that the only people present were the Dolent brothers and herself.

As the boat was already putting out to sea, there was little she felt able to do. Besides which, the boys seemed eager to please her and to make up for their subterfuge.

"If you don't want to stay with us for two weeks of luxury cruising, we'll turn the boat round and return you to your dull, normal life," they said

She decided to stay, but told them they were "her naughty boys." Had she realised exactly how naughty they planed to be with her, she might have demanded to be returned to shore immediately. Who was kidding whom? She'd have played along with them no matter what!

Carla St. Ives, Karen's best friend since they were small children, frowned a little when she had received Karen's text message. After all, as Dave had known that Karen was going on the cruise, why wouldn't he answer her messages or return he calls?

Carla phoned her personal assistant at the firm of lawyers of which she was a founding member, St. Ives, Wilkes and Travers. "Hi, Sally, this is Carla. Some personal stuff has come up, so I might be a little late in today. Tell Roger that he needs to chair the morning meeting, as I won't be in the office in time. It'll be good practice for him."

As she placed her large briefcase into her Audi and started the short drive over to the home of Karen and Dave, she mused about what might happened to Dave.

She parked her car on the street, took her case with her and approaches the door of the modest but comfortable property.

Carla range the bell and was mildly surprised when there was no answer. "Shit! Maybe Dave has met with an accident, or something?" she thought to herself.

She was on the point of ringing the doorbell for a second time when the door was opened by Dave.

Carla was taken aback by the man she had known for over 20 years. He looked like shit. "Hello, Carla," his voice sounded troubled and defeated. "You have had a wasted journey if you came to visit with Karen. She's not here. In fact, she has left me."

"Left you, Dave?" she asked, incredulous. "That's weird, because she sent me a text message saying she was worried about you as you hadn't replied to any of her messages or calls. She asked me to check up on you to make sure you were okay."

"You'd better come inside," said Dave, standing to one side to allow Carla to enter the lobby of the house.

As he quietly shut the door he shook his head. "God knows why she'd get you to check up on me. She sent me a very cruel video message breaking up with me."

Carla felt bewildered as she followed Dave to the kitchen that was at the rear of the house. He indicated his laptop that was on the table. He said: "Just hit play and watch the message. I will be out of the room while you play it. I can't watch it again, it's too much for me."

Carla watched as Dave left the room. "What the fuck is going on?" she mused as she sat down before the laptop, moved the mouse and pressed play.

As a lawyer, Carla had seen many unusual sights. However, the sight of her best friend greedily sucking on a man's cock was something entirely different.

There then followed five minutes of utter, wanton debauchery, on a video that was obviously cut down from a much longer recording.

Carla watched as her best friend was given one of the most intense fuckings she had ever witnessed. Perhaps unusually, certainly unusual for Carla's group of female friends, Carla liked hardcore porn, the raunchier the better, in fact, but this video didn't spark any reaction in her at all. "I'm as dry as fuck!" she thought.

She noticed the series of sexual positions used and realised that the two men, who she presume were the Dolent boys, has learned all their sexual skills from the slew of Internet porn.

They double teamed her, shoved their cocks down her throat, took her in a variety of positions and, with the aid of a large dildo shoved up her ass, made her airtight.

At the end of the video, they both took turns jacking off into her vagina which she was holding stretched open, an inane grin on her face.

Just when Carla was thinking it couldn't get any worse, one after the other, the two Dolent boys spat into her vagina.

Then she spoke words toward the camera, as she lay naked and with bruises and bite marks on her flesh, with the Dolent boys standing either side of her. "Hello, Dave. As you can see, the Dolent boys have shown me a really good time. So good, I'd like to stay here on their boat for ever, if I could.

"Sadly, you'll get no more sex from me, Dave. The naughty boys will fulfil my needs." "That's right, Dave," said one of the boys.

"And should you try to out us, or even mention us in any divorce proceedings' we know some very powerful people in the State and we could make your life miserable. Very miserable, indeed."

The other one added: "We own your wife's body, now, dude. She is ours to do with as we see fit. And she's okay with that, aren't you, princess?" At this verbal clue, Karen smiled at the camera and gave an enthusiastic thumbs up.

He continued: "You'd better do what we say, dude, because the choice is yours. Sucking it up like a good boy, or living your life in a wheelchair, or worse, your choice."

Karen added: "Dave, you'd better believe it! My naughty boys can be really bad, when they need to!

"Bye, Dave. Be seeing you! Eventually!" She was still giggling when the video ended.

Carla reached over to the laptop and sent multiple copies of the email to herself, her personal account and two work accounts. She'd square what she'd just done with Dave, later.

She stood up and walked through to find Dave. He was standing looking out over the back yard. Karen whispered "Dave, I am so sorry about this."

Wordlessly he turned toward her, his face a mask of pain. They hugged each other and the both began to cry.

This went on for long moments until they let each other go.

He wiped his eyes with his hands, whilst Carla blew her nose on a paper tissue that she'd pulled from her pocket.

"I can't see why she sent me that text message, asking me why you hadn't replied to any of her calls or messages. That makes no sense to me," said Carla.

"Anyway, Dave, what about you? I saw what she wants to do, be the dumb sex toy to those jackals, but what about you?"

"I'm going to have to ask you for a recommendation for a lawyer. I have to divorce her."

"I'll do it!" said Carla, forcefully. "I'll handle your fucking divorce from that bitch!"

Dace looked puzzled. "But you have been her friend forever. How could you work as my divorce attorney?"

As they walked toward the lounge, Carla picked up her briefcase. "Because. Dave, how in the fuck could she have sent that email with that dreadful video message to you, and then had the brass balls to ask me to go and check up on you to see if you we all right? I mean, fuck it to hell, Dave! How could any kind of friend do that to someone who they call a friend?"

"I don't know, said Dave. I can't square what I know of Karen with what I saw. Snorting coke off that bastard's cock? Allowing them to spit in her vagina? I'd never have done that to Karen! I respected her!"

"I know Dave, that's why I'm helping you, as a friend. I probably won't handle the case myself, I'll get one of my colleagues to do it, but you can rest easy knowing that the law firm of St. Ives, Wilkes and Travers will have your back."

Dave visibly relaxed. "Thank you, Carla. Thank you. That means a lot to me. I haven't got any cash in the house, so I can't pay you right now."

Despite herself Carla grinned. "I don't know where you got that idea from, Dave, but lawyers are not like Gypsies; our clients don't have to cross our palms with silver before we work our magic for them! Don't worry, Dave. Everything will be just fine."

From her briefcase, she removed her Chromebook and the thin printer and scanner unit, which she set up on the coffee table. She took her phone out and called her office: "Sally, it's Clare. Yeah, look, I know this is short notice but the private matter I had to deal with has turned into a major case for us and I'll probably be out of the office all day. I think I have one appointment at 3PM; can you check to see if one of the associates can deal with it, and if not, offer them my apologies and have them rescheduled. Thanks, bye. See you in the morning."

From the firm's cloud account she pulled down several boilerplate documents that she modified for Dave's particular case. She had him sign the appropriate section on the touch sensitive screen using a stylus, and the divorce papers on the grounds of multiple charges of adultery and of mental cruelty were ready to be transmitted to the court and to Karen.

Carla looked at Dave. "We also have to go after her lovers, Jack and Chester Dolent. In North Carolina we can still, thank God, use the Alienation of Affections Statute to really go after those little bastards!

"We will have to get a court order keeping them and Karen away from you. The threats they made sounded like real threats to me. They certainly didn't sound like they were joking. We need to get a motion before a judge as soon as possible, hopefully today. I'll call in a few favors and see what I can do."

She pulled out her smartphone and scrolled through her contacts before making a call. "Hi, Bill! Yeah, it's me, Carla St. Ives! How are you? Good! I'm okay, but I'm in a bit of a pickle. Are you in court today? I have a problem, I am acting for a wronged husband in a divorce action but his wife's lovers, yeah, that is lovers, plural, have sent a threatening video message to him with his wife actually acknowledging and acquiescing to the threats they made.

"So, I was wondering, if you're in court today, could you see us in your chambers at lunchtime, please? Oh, you can? That's great! By the way, the video contains some pretty raunchy and some disturbing stuff. Yeah, 1PM? That's fine. Bye."

She turned to Dave and said: "We have a meeting with Justice Paul Stone at 1PM in his office. I'm sorry, Dave, but we will have to show him the video."

Dave shrugged. Yeah, I was kind of expecting that. The situation is what it is, I guess." Meanwhile, Karen was sunning herself on the deck of the Rose Méchante, as it slowly made its way through the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. She had just been given a vigorous fuck session by the boys and she was relaxing on the sun lounger, with a fluffy towel under her, which was soaking up their combined love juices.

The Dolents were dressed in ships whites as they watched her from the wheelhouse of the ship. "She's a damn good fuck, but boy! Is she stupid!" said Chester. "Yeah," agreed Jack. "As if we'd record that video message for her husband and not send it to him! But sending it to him from her account was a stroke of genius!"

"It certainly was! Remember what happened when we did a similar thing to that Australian couple and he killed himself? I mean, what a loser!

"All we did was give her a couple of million dollars in hush money, a pair of first class tickets for her and her brat to return to Oz and that was that!"

"Do you think Karen's husband will cause any problems?"

I doubt it very much. From the little that Karen told us about, him he's a wimpy kind of a guy who'll most likely give her space for some fun. That warning will be sure to put him off."

There was some real bad shit coming the way of the two "naughty boys." The technical term for it was hubris.

Carla was able to convince Dave to eat something before they headed to the courthouse, which was downtown.

A little before 1PM they entered the judge's chambers of William Harris, who had known Carla and her family for many years. In fact, Cara's late father had attended law school with William "call me Bill" Harris, who had been a judge for most of his working life.

He called out for coffee and he asked Carla to explain what had been happening, which she did, very succinctly.

They sat in an anteroom with comfortable chairs and a few children's toys. As they sat down, Bill spoke. "I use this room when I need to speak to people in more informal settings. Especially if I need to speak with children as I find a more relaxed atmosphere is very help for them. After all, their life has already pretty much turned to shit, why let the court system do any more damage to them?

"You have the video, Carla, so let's get this started."

He introduced them to a short but pleasant looking woman who would be able to take notes in shorthand of what was said during the video.

Carla had ripped the video to a data stick and she used a Chromecast device to send it to the large TV the room.

During the showing of the video Bill sat with his lips pursed; his assistant made notes, Dave sat, stoically staring ahead with tears brimming in his eyes. As Carla watched him, she seethed with anger for what her former friend had done to him.

At the end of the video, Bill shook himself and looked at the application for an exclusion order forbidding Karen Arwol and Jack and Chester Dolent from going within 500 feet of Dave and their home.

"After watching their threats, which seemed like real, menacing threats to me, the only thing I will say is that I am changing the exclusion zone to two miles. I have rarely seen anything that evil in my time as a lawyer and as a judge. In fact, I'm pleased to be able to help you to fix those idiots.

"As Carla has prepared the paperwork for the alienation of affection suit I'll allow that to be filed today.

"Of course, the divorce can only be filed after you have been separated for one year in North Carolina," said Bill.

"The fact that you have an order forbidding her from coming anywhere near you should help with that."

The paperwork for the alienation of affection and criminal conversation lawsuits was delivered by special courier later that afternoon to the imposing offices of the Dolent Empire.

An underling took it to the firm's head of legal, Paul Patricks. looked at the papers with a mounting sense of dread and of outrage. Dread, because he knew he would have to take the papers to Jack and Chester's father, and outrage at what they had done. When he learned of what his two sons had been up to, Roger Dolent looked as if he were in danger of having a stroke.

"Those damnable little shits! They take a married woman, one of our own damned authors, for fuck's sake, they fuck her three ways 'til Friday, they send video evidence of their stupidity to her husband, threaten him with violence and the worst thing is they fuck that dumb whore on the boast that I had specially kitted out for their late mother, God rest her soul. They even fucked her on their mon's bed, the cunts!"

"So," said Paul. "What do we do with these lawsuits, Roger?"

"We do nothing!" shouted Roger. However, what those idiots will do is they will settle out of court for $5 million for each lawsuit, with a total of $10 million and we offer to pay the other side's legal fees. That is what we do!"

"You aren't going to have us fight it?" asked Paul, slightly anxious.

"Hell, no! We don't. I bet they think I don't know about that Australian man they made kill himself! Well I do know, and last time I gave them enough rope and they finally hanged themselves with it!

"Call them on the Rose Méchante and tell them to get their asses back her, pronto! They are not to use their mother's ship ever again. They have their own boat, have 'em use that!"

"Shit! Oh, fuck!" Said Jack Dolent. "What's up, bro?" "We are fucked good and proper. Seems we misjudged her husband. He's had lawsuits filed against us and an order banning us and his wife from going anywhere near him. We're to take the Rose Méchante back and we aren't allowed to ever use her again. Father's just on the point of transferring $10 million of our money from our trust fund to pay hr husband off with. An out of court settlement. Fuck."

"And triple fuck!" added his brother. "We are screwed."

At that point Karen added to their angst by entering the cabin and saying: "Wat's wrong, naughty boys?"

In a rage, they took their frustrations out on Karen. Later that day they took the ship into dock and smuggled Karen to a "safe house," so that she couldn't speak to the police about what had happened on the boat.

Within a couple of weeks she had recovered and realised that she had utterly ruined her life. Her husband was protected by a court order forbidding her to approach him in any way, and the days were ticking down to the day when he would divorce her.

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