tagSci-Fi & FantasyHuddled Together Ch. 04

Huddled Together Ch. 04


Chapter 4 - Recuperation.

Author's Note
Many thanks to my amazing editor – T Boy. You are a diamond in the rough my friend.


Morning came. John woke to Anny's warm body having moved down beside him, nestled against him with his arm wrapped around her. He woke her gently and they kissed again, remembering the exchange they had shared the night before.

Anny helped him out of bed as he felt up to it, and needed to pee badly. She put herself under his arm and helped him into the downstairs bathroom. He was still stiff from having lay down for so long, and the bruises from his fall, so she offered to help hold him standing while he pee'd. That was a strange thought for John, he had never let a woman watch him while urinating. He always had the bathroom door closed, even with old girlfriends that he'd lived with.

Reluctantly he agreed, and he let her stay to help. Anny put a hand on either side of him, one on his chest and one on his back, with his arm still over her shoulder. He lifted up the leg of one of his boxers and pulled out his cock, it still smelled of sex from their escapades last night. He aimed towards the bowl, and started urinating, once he stopped thinking about her right there watching and relaxed. It took a long time, he had been holding on since Merry's examination last night, and was distracted by Anny's advances. Anny was looking down at his cock while he went.

"I've never seen a man pee before." She giggled, never taking her eyes off the stream coming out of him.

"Ah, yeah. I've never had someone watch this intensely either." John added.

She giggled again and smiled, but continued to watch him go with fascination. He finished up, gave it a few shakes for good measure, and put himself back into his boxers. Anny then helped him to the sink where she sat him down on a stool in front of the mirror. John looked at his body for the first time since the fall. He had a few bruises here and there, and a nasty looking bump on the side of his head, but all-in-all not too bad from falling down such a steep embankment.

Anny started the hot water tap in the sink and fetched some towels out of the cupboard below. She plugged up the basin and let it fill with hot steamy water, and wet a face washer. Once ready she turned around and helped him out of his boxers, leaving him sitting naked on the stool.

She picked up the washer and set to work. Starting at the top of his head, she rinsed out his hair as best she could, moving down his face next. He stared at her while she worked. She occasionally stole glances into his eyes with a smile, he returned them all with his own warm smiles.

Down his neck, shoulders and arms. The hot water felt so good against his skin, and refreshing as it cooled when she had completed an area and moved on to the next. Down his stomach, and moved around to his back. Letting the water drip down him and onto the floor as she squeezed the washer occasionally. She moved back around and continued down his legs. He strained internally that she missed his crotch, but hoped that she would return to it soon.

She washed down his good leg first, and gave his foot a good clean and rub which felt good. She repeated down his other leg too, but went slowly and carefully as she removed the bandage over his wound. He got to see the damage for the first time as she took it away, it wasn't as bad as he had feared. Turns out that his boot had slowed down the rabbit trap to the point that it had only gone into his skin a few millimetres.

She rinsed the wound with a separate washer, and picked a fresh dressing from the cupboard behind him, fixed it over the injury, then continued down to his foot with a nice foot rub. He closed his eyes as she finished rubbing his foot, enjoying the sensations.

As she finished rubbing his foot, he kept his eyes closed, reminiscing of the good feelings from her beautiful massage. He heard her shuffle higher onto her knees, and rinse the washer again in the sink. The next sensation John felt was of a nice warm washer being pushed under his half erect cock, and being wrapped around it completely.

John opened his eyes and smiled down into Anny's face smiling back at him, her fingers wrapped around the outside of the washer around his now full erection. With her other hand she wrapped the rest of the washer around his balls. The warmth alone felt amazing, and she complimented the sensations even more with gentle rolling of her fingers and hand around his balls. Her other hand started stroking the shaft of his cock over the washer, the warmth and friction felt amazing.

John put his hands on the back of the stool, and eased his head back to stare at the ceiling. God, Anny was amazing! After a minute of this treatment, Anny pulled the washer away from his cock as the cool air greeted him for only a moment; before being warmed again by her mouth. The temperature changes making his cock surge with excitement.

He looked back down as Anny went to work on his cock. She took him all into her throat until she gagged slightly, it made John smile. She still had at least 2 inches of him left to take - he liked that he was big enough that she couldn't take him too easily.

Anny started working up and down, faster and slower as she felt like it. John could feel his balls sagging into the washer due to the heat, Anny was tugging slightly on them as if to encourage them to hang lower still.

A few wonderful minutes passed just like this, until John could start to feel the tell-tale sensations of his orgasm approaching, he moved his left hand and tangled his fingers in Anny's hair. She understood what this meant and started keeping the same pace up and down with her mouth. He closed his eyes and rolled his head back, and pulled her head down onto his cock as far it she could go as he came. Anny pulled gently, yet firmly down on his balls as she felt him releasing his seed into her waiting mouth.

She let all his cum sit in his mouth until John's cock stopped twitching and started going limp in her mouth. He slumped slightly on the stool and looked down at Anny, who slowly pulled away from his cock, releasing it from her mouth with a soft 'plop'. She looked up into his eyes and gave a sneaky smile, then quickly tilted her head back and swallowed his cum. She then stood up and they embraced each other in a long warm hug.


After they had finished up, they headed out into the lounge room where the others were, John still in only his boxers. Merry was in the kitchen making breakfast for everyone, while Tom and Skye sat on one of the couches together chatting, Skye with her legs up over Tom's. When they saw the two enter the room, they sat up and came over to check how John was doing.

"Nice bath mate?" Tom asked with his usual cheeky grin.

Skye slapped Tom on the arm playfully, as Merry chuckled from the kitchen. It was obvious that everyone knew what they were up to in the bathroom before.

"And yeah, I'm feeling ok too, thanks!" John smiled back at Tom, as he and Anny shuffled past to sit him down on the couch. All in all, John was starting to feel ok, the couple of days of rest had done him good. Merry came in with breakfast for all, and they all picked a couch to sit on to eat. Meager rations, but John downed it as if it was the best thing he'd ever eaten.

"Well it was pretty bloody scary out there man," Tom started once he had started his meal. "Fucking zombie walked right out from behind some lantana, right where we were sitting scouting the house. In a way it was a good thing that that trap got you and made a noise, otherwise he would have walked straight into the middle of our line as we passed. You probably saved one of the girls having stood on that trap."

Tom continued the story of the last couple of days. Two Walkers had followed them up to the house as they were getting to the door. They made it inside safely, but they had banged on the door all night long. He had killed them eventually by sitting upstairs the next day and throwing clothing out the window until they walked over to the movement, and shot them.

"So what do we do from here?" he added to the end of the tale.

John thought for a moment, as he slowly moved his body, checking the aches and pains.

"Well I'm going to need a couple of days to get back to fighting fit I think." John finally said.

Skye joined in the conversation, "Well we have enough food here for a long time, so staying inside won't be a problem at all."

"I don't mean to be sexist, but we will have to start working to everyone's strength's", Merry added in. "I'll teach the women all the domestic chores I know, and the men will have to be the main protectors of the house from those creatures."

There was no arguing with this idea. Anny and Skye were in no shape to start taking on these crazed Walkers, they were quite thin from their month of ordeal in town, and the men would be both back into health very soon.

"Agreed," John said, "But we will all help out where we all can."


After breakfast was done, Tom helped John up the stairs into his bedroom, with Anny in tow with his clothes that she had cleaned downstairs. John's leg wasn't feeling too bad at all, and didn't need too much help moving across the flat floor. The sponge bath and breakfast had done him a world of good.

Tom headed back downstairs and left John and Anny in the room. John shuffled over to the seat by the window, the one that he had been in when he'd killed his first Walker. Anny came over and sat on the wide window frame.

They sat there for a long time, Anny's moved her legs out the window and was swinging them over the veranda roof in the warming summer breeze. John was looking out the window - but mainly stealing glances at Anny's tanned legs dangling.

She eventually turned away from looking out to the empty front yard and the empty bushland, and at him - catching him staring up her legs. It was surprising how even with the acts that they had done together already; he still got butterflies in his stomach as she caught him stealing glances at her body.

Anny smiled and turned back out to the window, and seemed to do a quick pause in thought, then in one quick motion crossed her arms in front of her, gripping the bottom of her shirt, and pulled it over her head.

John smiled as her beautiful body sprang into view. Her amble breasts bouncing down into her bra as her arms lowered, dropping her shirt to the floor. His eyes moved down her torso to the curve of her waist down to her perfect hips. The skirt she still wore stopped just above her knees.

She kept looking out the window however, her chest rising up as she breathed in deeply, as if to draw in the sunlight that now draped over her body. She exhaled slowly, her chest moving down to its normal resting place.

John could see an open invitation when one was presented to him. He pulled himself out the chair and moved up behind her. He placed a hand on each of her shoulders and started to massage them gently, yet firmly. They were slightly warm from the sun, and he could feel her relax her shoulders into his grip. Anny leant her head lean back against John's naked chest, and he could see that she had closed her eyes to focus on enjoying his touch.

He moved his massage to her neck, and up the back of her head, running his fingers strongly into her. It was clear that she had had a rough couple of weeks, and was enjoying his strong yet caring attention to her.

John was given the best of views from where he was standing. Her beautiful face was bathed in the summer morning sunlight, down her front to her breasts, gently moving up and down in time with her breathing. Her skirt hid her legs now from this angle, as she had stopped swinging her legs to focus on enjoying the massage sensations.

After easing some of the tension out of her neck and shoulders, he moved his hands down her front, sliding under her breasts and giving them a firm squeeze. Anny responded with a little sigh from her mouth.

John focused his massaging now on her torso, his big arms wrapped around her, his head over her shoulder and hers resting against his. One hand always on one breast at least, the other moving over her body, never letting go of contact with her for even a second.

He loved the way that he could feel the warmth her bare skin was taking from the sun's rays, her skin so delightful to touch. Her body was resting more and more into his, giving his arms a greater reach of her body. He paused only for a moment to bring the chair up behind him so he could sit while he played with her body.

He resumed his gentle groping. Anny let her head rest backwards on his shoulder, and John moved his gaze down her front again, moving his nose against her exposed neck and breathing in deeply to inhale her scent. It was pure intoxication.

One hand massaging her breast, he moved the other down to start massaging her thigh over her skirt. He massaged slowly down her leg, and gently under her skirt at the knee, then moving back up again. Anny's breath deepened as she could tell where he was heading.

John moved his hand onto her other leg, but back down slightly towards her knees, moving away from the massage that Anny was really wanting. He could feel the slight disappointment in her body as his hand moved just that little bit away in the wrong direction, her body moving deeper against his chest and her breathing getting slightly shallower.

He massaged her thigh upwards again, further this time. Once a little higher than on the other leg, he did the same maneuver again, changing to the other leg slightly lower that where he left. This 2 steps forward, 1 step back, was clearly having the affect he was after. It was driving her into him and she was nuzzling her face into his neck, biting him gently as if to ask him to please - PLEASE go higher.

John let out a small, satisfied laugh under his breath as he moved his mouth down and bit playfully into her shoulder, telling her without words that she would have to be a good girl and wait for his playful torture to continue to completion.

John kept up the massaging of her thighs, always higher, moving slightly back with each change of thigh touch. His other hand moving against her chest, grabbing at it strongly so that it felt as if she was melting into him. Her breathing was getting heavier as his hand was finally closing in on her sex.

He could tell that she was not wearing any panties when his fingers reached her pubic hairs. He could feel the heat coming out of her, even with the morning sun warming them both nicely. He moved his hand around so that it was hovering above her mound, and stopped both his hands from moving. Anny held her breath. It seemed like an age before John moved again, but just the right amount of time that her expectations were at their peak.

He breathed lightly down her neck and shoulder, then took his middle finger and slowly pressed it in past her labia. She was so very wet. They soon could smell the fragrance of her juices coming out of her as he played. He did not enter her with his fingers, not yet anyway. He moved his middle finger slowly, up and down against her entrance and on the top of her clit.

Anny's body melted even more into his as he started his slow rubbing. One finger became two, playing around her lips, and around her clit.

Anny was clearly in heaven.

John slid one finger into her, curling around inside her, while his thumb took position over her clit. A slow see-saw action started between the two fingers, and Anny was becoming more and more vocal, letting John know what he was doing was just right.

John's other hand moved under her bra and gripped onto her naked breast, and started rolling her nipple between a thumb and finger. He would pinch harshly occasionally, which brought more moans of desire out of her. Anny's mouth was open and she was almost panting. Her breath started evening out and slowing as John kept up with his hand playing to-and-fro.

"This girl is amazing." Was all John could think in his mind, and he put it to his hands to make that feeling known to her. Her body responded.

Anny's breaths quickened as her orgasm approached. John noticed and picked up the pace slightly with his fingers inside her, then evened out with a constant pace. He started randomly changing his thumbs actions to sideways motions as well on her clit. Her body started to arch out from his. Her head was leaning heavily backwards onto his shoulder, her mouth letting out an in-escapable cry. Her hips were bucking against his fingers, pleading them not to stop.

Finally her release came. She shook in John's arms, he held onto her tightly, and slowed the pace of his fingers inside her until he knew it was time to stop. He left them there enjoying her body spasms and slowly returning to normal as she came off her high.

After a few minutes he moved his hands and wrapped his big arms around her waist and chest. Anny dropped her head into his neck, and started giving him lazy light kisses.

John smiled. If this was the end of the world, it wasn't going too fucking bad so far.

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