tagSci-Fi & FantasyHuddled Together Ch. 06

Huddled Together Ch. 06


Chapter 6 -- A Type Of Freedom.

John had a dirty thought, gave a sly smile, then moved forward and slapped his flaccid cock hard against Anny's cheek. Her face was now clean of his cum thanks to Skye having licked up the long thick ropes of it he had put there a few minutes ago. Anny turned and looked up into his eyes with a dirty smile, and quickly sucked his cock into her mouth with a loud 'slop'. She sucked him in so hard it caused John to lose his balance and tip forward slightly; he recovered his stance by putting a foot forward. She released him from her mouth, amid the laughter of Tom and Skye.

"You're such a strong cock sucker Anny." Skye called out, just as Tom walked forward with a big smile on his face and repeated John's action on Skye. As he slapped her on the cheek with his semi hard cock the girls both laughed; it was Skye's turn to look challengingly up into Tom's eyes.

She rolled her head around so that the tip of Tom's cock was resting on her bottom lip, with her mouth wide open and waiting. She paused, gave him a wink, then took a big gulp; sucking the whole thing into her mouth. She had put Tom off balance too with the sudden sucking action, and it was John and Anny's turn to laugh.

"Now look who's talking!" Anny laughed back at her. Skye couldn't reply to her mocking, as she had decided to continue her blowjob on Tom who had moved forward so that she could get better access to his cock. As he was only semi hard, she was able to get him entirely into her mouth. She rolled her tongue around it, making loud slurping noises. Tom ran his hand along the side of her face and gripped onto the hair on the back of her head with his fingers, forcing his cock in and out of her wanting mouth.

John walked past Anny, grabbing her hands as he passed.

"Come with me." He said to her as he helped her off her knees.

John lay down on the bed and pulled Anny up on top of him. She straddled over his hips and rested her mound down onto his waking cock. She slowly ground her hips on him, using his cock to ease her lips apart. John could feel her juices starting to lubricate him, his cock surging back to life as she ground her wet, warm sex against him.

Skye paused with her blowjob work and turned around to notice the other two on the bed. She stood up, led Tom over to the bed, and pushed him down next to John. He landed with a bounce from the force Skye had put into him. Before he had even stopped bouncing, Skye was on top of him.

"What you doing there?" Skye asked Anny, as she tried to peer at where John and Anny now were joined.

"Mmmm, just grinding away to wake up this man up again." She replied.

"I like it. Maybe I should try it on my man here." Skye said as she reached down and grabbed Tom's cock, placing it between her outer lips, and started moving her hips up and down against him. Tom groaned in approval.

"You're such a copy cat! I bet you'd even copy this." Anny proclaimed as she leant down and took John's nipple into her mouth. She gave it a good suck and flicked it with her tongue. It was John's turn to groan out loud with pleasure. Skye laughed and accepted the challenge; she leant down and took Tom's nipple into her mouth. They swapped nipples on the men for some time; John was rock hard again in no time.

"Mmmm, I need your cock in me now." Anny said to John as she sat up and ceased her nipple play. It had driven John mad with desire; he loved getting his nipples sucked.

Skye sat up also and said to Anny with another dirty grin, "Let's fuck these guys at the same time and see which one can cum first. The winner gets a prize."

Well that sounded like the best fucking contest in the world to John! Anny agreed with Skye, they would start on the count of three.

"Come on big boy, let's show 'em what we've got." Anny said to John with a mixture of lust and grog in her eyes.

"One, two, three!" John called out as quickly as he could say the words!

In one slick movement, Anny and Skye flipped their hips up, reached down with their hands, and guided themselves down onto their men. Anny was so very wet from all the fun they had all had together already. John could feel the muscles of her vagina stretching happily to accept him inside her, her warmth was surrounding his cock more and more as she descended. She only got about three quarters the way down him however, he was a little too big to take in one go.

Anny put her hands flat against John's chest and raised her hips so that just the tip of his cock was in her, then proceeded with some serious pumping. Within a few strokes John was able to feel that awesome sensation of bottoming out into her. He loved how he could feel her get tighter the farther he went in. Anny closed her eyes, lifted her head to the sky, and involuntarily bit her bottom lip as she focused all her efforts on pumping as hard and deeply as possible.

John rolled his head over and looked at the other pair. Skye had gone a slightly different approach; she had picked up Tom's hands and was forcing them to grope her breasts as she drove herself deep onto his cock. It looked like Tom was enjoying the competition so far. John turned back to Anny and focused all his attention on her. She opened her eyes as he turned, a sexy look coming out of them piercing into John's eyes.

God, Anny knew how to work a cock.

Having just cum a short while ago, John was lasting much longer than he normally would have against this kind of assault. Anny leant back and was massaging her own breasts and groaning out loud with pleasure; John moved his hands up to rest on her thighs as she bounced on top of him.

John had an idea how he could win this, one position that never failed him. With one swift action, John raised his legs, then rocked up onto his feet; spinning Anny around. She squealed with delight as he flung her around. He laid her on her back with her ass just hanging over the edge of the bed. He hurriedly grabbed her ankles and forced them together so that all he could see of her now was her legs together, and his cock buried in her sex. God, he loved that sight.

"Hey! No fair!" Skye called out, having seen the two change positions.

"Get up and let me change too." Tom called out.

Tom moved his arms around under Skye's thighs and pushed her up over his body, so that she landed near Anny's face. He then ran around and mounted her in a doggie-style position. Skye's face was over Anny's, as the four of them made one long fuck line on the bed. John and Tom looked at each other over the women being fucked below them, smiled cheeky grins, and started ploughing into their women.

Both girls cried out in pleasure as they used them as their own personal fuck toys, fucking them as hard and fast as they could to try and be the first to cum. It was an incredibly erotic sight from where John was. All he could see was his cock diving in and out of Anny, her luscious tight legs being held together; Skye making out with Anny, her womanly curves down her back; and finally Tom holding onto her hips and fucking her without reprieve. The girls had started kissing each other as they were fucked, only stopping occasionally to let out an inescapable moan or grunt.

Anny broke the kissing session with Skye as her grunts changed; she was fast approaching an orgasm. John didn't let up with his vicious ploughing of her, as her arms splayed out onto the bed sheets, her hands gripping on tightly as she rocked through a screaming orgasm. Anny's vagina clamped down tightly onto John's cock, then started spasming as she moved through her orgasm. Normally John would slow down his thrusting at this point, but since there was still a bet to be won, continued fucking her as hard and fast as he could.

Anny cried out to the heavens with pleasure as John continued with her. She quieted down from her orgasmic high, then after a short time started building up to a loud groan again; she almost sounded as if she was going to cum again! John could feel his balls start to tighten as he could feel his orgasm approaching. He looked up to Tom to try and tell how close he was; it looked like it would be a photo finish. He put one foot up onto the mattress so that he could really start hammering down into Anny's deliciously wet vagina. In this position he was pounding so deep into her that it was almost hurting his balls as he bottomed out in her.

John felt the familiar rise of chemicals in his brain just as Anny suddenly screamed out and doubled forward, she was cumming again! Her vagina pounded all around John's cock urging his cum to please, PLEASE come out for her. He let out a loud groan as he reached the point of no return, his cock swelled slightly as he drained himself into Anny's hungry vagina. Skye looked up as she heard John cumming and cried out, "Nooo!" Tom groaned loudly too as he exploded with his own orgasm into Skye at the same time she called out the defeat.

John slumped forward as he started to come down from his high. He looked down at where his cock was still buried at full length into Anny; her vagina calming down but still massaging all the cum it could get. The girls were panting heavily as they calmed down from the vigorous sexing they had just received.

John started to withdraw from Anny, and squeezed his cock from the base up with his fingers as he pulled out; making sure to empty all his cum into her so that not a drop was wasted. Tom had already pulled out and was now lying on the bed exhausted. John joined them all on the bed once he was out of Anny, the girls lying between the two men.

It was a long time until anyone moved. They all lay there panting and recovering. Skye was the first to make any action. She rose up onto her hands and knees, still slightly panting, and moved over Anny's body. She positioned herself in a 69 over Anny, and started to lap John's cum out of her with slow little licks.

Anny let out little gasps as she took to Skye's oral play, and eventually reciprocated the favour by pulling Skye's hips down towards her waiting mouth. John watched as she used her tongue to gently coax Tom's cum out of her, it was an incredibly erotic sight to see. Tiny little licks past Skye's outer lips, moving deeper on occasion; and the white cum was starting to dribble out. He could see Skye squeezing her vagina to help get more out, and presumed that Anny was probably doing the same thing.

The men watched the girls playing like that for what seemed like ages; it was a wonderful way to pass the time. Slowly Anny started to make soft contented noises, Skye started too. They were bringing each other down the road to orgasmic bliss, with John and Tom happy bystanders.

From where John was laying he could only see Anny as she worked her tongue and lips all over Skye. Anny would pull her head up so that her nose was right against her ass, and force her tongue as deep as it would go into Skye's waiting vagina, then back down again to her clit where she would thrash her mouth around over it and suck on it greedily.

Anny would pause her cunnilingus on Skye occasionally when obviously something so amazing was being done to her that she couldn't focus on anything else. Soon enough she would be reminded of the task in front of her, and begin her own oral play on Skye once more.

Skye's breathing changed, her hips ground lower onto Anny's face; forcing Anny to eat into her as her orgasm approached.

"Ooooh fuuuuck meeee!" Skye let out to the heavens, as she flicked her head back and firmly planted herself onto Anny's waiting face. John could only guess what Anny was doing in there, but Skye was sure enjoying it.

Skye calmed down after a nice long cum and lifted her pelvis off Anny's face slightly; Anny's face was glistening with Skye's juices. John could see the look on Anny's face change once Skye resumed eating her. He leant forward and started kissing Anny on the lips. The taste of Skye's juices, mixed with the slight smell of Tom's cum, that she had eaten twice now, was intoxicating and drove him to roll his tongue around her mouth more and more.

Anny started kissing back with a heated passion, but it started to wane as her main focus shifted; John guessed that she was getting close to her own orgasm. John sat back again and watched. Anny had wrapped both arms around Skye's legs and was holding on for dear life. Her eyes glazed over and fixed onto something far beyond the ceiling.

A combination of feelings quickly hit John. The times and closeness that he had shared with Anny over these last couple of weeks, how quickly they had formed a strong bond together and looked out for each other instantly, and the end of the world that they were now living through. John leant forward again and whispered in Anny's ear just loud enough that only she could hear, just as he could see her starting to cum, "I love you."

Anny didn't have time to respond, as her orgasm crashed through her. "Oooooh Goooood!" Anny struggled to let out, as her own orgasm rocked through her body, her knuckles turning white as they gripped onto Skye's legs. Her body arched off the bed, pushing into Skye's; until she finally fell back down in a blissful daze.

Skye spun herself around and the two girls hugged each other tightly. The men joined in hugging from each side so they were all huddled together. As Anny's brain came out from behind the cloud of chemical release it had just enjoyed, she entwined her fingers in John's closest hand, and turned her head towards him.

Her eyes danced into his as the two looked deep into each other. Anny silently mouthed so the others wouldn't hear her proclamation; "I love you."


Tom's room was on the south side of the house, so the sun didn't come blaring in through the windows as it did in John's room on the other side of the house. It was a nice change, and meant that the four slept in a bit. It helped them recover from the drinks they had consumed the night before. The only light that came in was reflected from the sun touching the gum leaves on the trees that were still standing on the hill behind the house.

John woke. Someone had obviously been a bit cold during the night, and had pulled a blanket over them all. Anny's body lay snuggled into John's. Her arm was draped backwards over his hip, his arm was wrapped around her chest with his hand cupping her breast gently, and he noticed his cock was lazily draped against her hip as well. His mind drifted back to the night before, giving him time to process the nice memories running through his head.

John recounted finding the courage to lean forward and whisper those words to Anny last night. True, it wasn't the most romantic of situations, but the whole experience felt so right and the connection between them was undeniable. They had spent many weeks together here, talking, laughing, and getting to know everything about each other.

Eventually he noticed Anny stirring, and nuzzled his nose down against her neck, placing little kisses here and there. She hummed happily as she woke, and turned to look up into her man's eyes. They smiled at each other and kissed.

"Good morning, my love." Anny whispered to John as their kiss ended, and she looked up into his eyes.

John smiled back, it was the first time that she had said the word 'love' out loud to him, and the sound made his heart sing. He pulled her closer into him.

"Morning, my love," he said back warmly.

"Let's go get some breakfast." She suggested with a smile.

The two slipped quietly out of bed so to not wake the others and headed downstairs. John sat down at the breakfast table and started reading his book, as Anny prepared them some breakfast. John was in his boxers, as the heat of the day was already starting to have its effects on the house. He would occasionally be rewarded with glimpses of Anny as she came into view through the kitchen door. She was wearing a small white t-shirt and panties, showing off her body in ways that made John stir with excitement; God those legs went for miles.

As Anny went back out of view yet again, he thought to himself that they should take down the barricades from the windows and doors on the house today. The perimeter wall was now complete, and opening up the house would allow some fresh air into the home.

He looked up from his book to see Merry walking out of the downstairs bedroom. She had red eyes, but not red from being hung over; John could tell they were red from crying.

"Hey, are you ok?" John said as he stood up and headed over to Merry.

She broke down crying as he reached her, putting her arms around him. He led her to the couch and they sat down, just as Anny came in looking for who was crying in the room. They all sat down together, Anny took over hugging Merry as they tried to coax out the reason for her tears.

"Oh... It's nothing, really." Merry started off saying, but with Anny's persistent careful questioning she got the real reason out of her.

She had heard the couples upstairs last night, and was missing her husband being around. He had been killed in the first house the men had explored when they rescued them in town. She broke down sobbing when she spoke his name out loud.

Anny took Merry's head against her shoulder and looked up at John. He was feeling sorry for Merry, and sorry that there was nothing they could do about her husband's death.

"I don't even have any photos of him with me. What kind of wife doesn't have a photo of her husband?" Merry continued with tears running down her face.

Tom and Skye came downstairs together at this point and they were filled in with what was happening. Once Tom had heard that Merry had no possessions, he added into the conversation.

"You and Jack lived only a few clicks out from my place didn't you?" He asked Merry.

She nodded; their farm was only three or four kilometres past Tom's place, away from town to the north.

"Well we could go and pick you up some things on one of our trips perhaps? We haven't headed to the north yet scavenging, so we might as well bring back something for you when we do."

Merry's eyes lit up with happiness, and she rushed over to Tom, then John, thanking them profusely for the offer. John didn't mind, they would be heading out anyway, and picking up a few photos wouldn't hurt.


The group had some breakfast together. It was slightly awkward knowing that Merry had overheard their activities from the night before, so they downed their breakfast quickly and got to work outside.

The women tended to the veggie garden. It was starting to look quite good after the month of tender loving care. Now that the wall was complete, the group's main aim would be to turn the majority of the yard into productive food land, Merry leading the way with her knowledge of how to grow all the vegetables from the seed packets they had found so far.

The men checked the status of the wall. It was solid as a rock. They had done a thorough job with it, the smallest of the trees was a foot in diameter, and they all were at least 8 feet out of the ground. Not one of them showed any sign of moving against the men's combined pushing. Once satisfied that the entire wall was still sound, they turned their attention to the outside of the house.

The windows were covered with boards, outside and in, and the doors had large dead bolts made of large tree limbs. They could all go now, and the wood used in the building of the garden beds.


The sun reached its apex and everyone sheltered inside for some lunch. It was nice to be able to open the windows again, as the men had finished their work freeing the house back to its original state. Although a little unsettling at first, the light and breeze coming through was a relief. Their defensive wall could be seen out of all the windows, standing strong at the bottom of the hill to protect its occupants.

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