tagSci-Fi & FantasyHuddled Together Ch. 08

Huddled Together Ch. 08


Chapter 8 – You Should Never Go Home Again.

Note from the author:

A big thank you to my author; CaptainsSiren, for her wonderful editing work.

Please be aware this chapter contains some gore towards the end. Reader discretion is advised.


After a few more sexual favours shared everyone went to bed together in John's king bed upstairs sated and happy. John was woken by Tom at sunrise; Merry was already downstairs getting ready. They left the girls asleep so they could prepare for the journey ahead.

John, Tom, and Merry had had breakfast, and silently packed their backpacks with provisions for two days. They would pick up more food on the journey, so they didn't want to overload themselves too much. The men put their rifles over their shoulders, and picked up their hand-to-hand weapons; machetes and an axe each.

By the time they were done, Anny and Skye had woken and come downstairs. Anny looked up to John, with tears forming in her eyes. They embraced in a long hug, which said all that could be said, "Be careful, I love you."

Tom and Skye also had a long hug, and once it was over everyone hugged everyone else. They headed outside; all was quiet in the yard, at the fence, and into the bush beyond. The only movement to be seen was the chickens in the yard, and a single dark bird drifting along the skyline.

John took a long, deep breath, sucking in the cool air of the morning. He took a moment to mentally prepare himself for the journey, and then led the group down to the gate. Anny held onto his arm tightly, he could feel her body pleading him to stay and be safe; but he had to keep going.

The men took up removing the large straight tree branches that bolted against the gates. Tom walked through with Merry, and John closed the gates behind them. He, Anny and Skye then put back the branches so that the gates were securely closed. He turned to Anny and gave her one last kiss goodbye. Their arms wrapped around each other, their tongues entwined and bodies pushed together with the passion only found between lovers.

John made himself pull out of the embrace, even though his mind and body screamed for him not to; they had a job to do. He turned, gave Anny's hand one more squeeze then climbed the wooden ladder that they had erected near the gate, which led up to a small landing. From there he lowered a rope ladder down the other side, which he used to join Tom and Merry in the outside world.

Anny had climbed up after him, and she pulled the rope ladder up after he was clear. John and Anny's eyes locked once more, and then with a smile and a blown kiss, the three headed down the road.


John took the lead, followed by Merry, and finally Tom. They walked silently along the dirt road, watching the bush for any signs of movement. The quickest route to Tom's place was to head into the bush about half way down the driveway road, but they wouldn't be taking that route as Merry's house was on the opposite side of the main road.

The walk continued easily enough. Merry was true to her word, and after three hours of walking she was still keeping pace. They had reached the main road, and were making their way north along it when they decided to stop at a small stream to freshen up; the heat of the day was rising.

The three kept close together as they rested and splashed water over their faces and arms. Merry was the first to speak.

"I can't thank you enough for letting me come with you guys today." She said as she looked at them each in turn.

"It's fine Merry." John replied, "You're doing really well."

"I just hope I can repay you two one day, it really means a lot to me to be able to see my home one more time."

The men smiled at her, she was a good companion, good in conversation, and knew a lot about how to work the land. They were both glad that they had her expertise in their small group.


They continued along the road after their short breather. They only came upon one car, and it was crashed off the road. There was a smear of blood in the middle of the road, and a few metres farther down a dead kangaroo. It was a large male, would have been well over six feet high when it was alive to stand up. The car had obviously hit it and crashed.

The men approached the driver's door cautiously. The car's doors were still closed, so they guessed that the driver's body would still be in the car. Unlucky way to go, John thought, the end of the world and this poor sucker is in a car crash.

John approached the smashed driver's door window. The bonnet of the car was crumpled up against a large gum tree; whoever was inside couldn't possibly have survived. He could see a body in there, bent over the steering wheel with blood all over it and the interior of the car. It was a man by the look of him, his arms lying on the dashboard starting to dry out from sitting in the sun.

John turned back to Tom and held up one finger, then ran it across his neck, which was the symbol to show the number of people, and that they were dead. John turned back to see the body staring back at him. The man started making gnarling noises and his arms were trying to get at John, who immediately jumped backwards.

"Holy shit!" John cried out as he stepped back; Tom quickly joined him at his side.

Tom went a bit closer to inspect the Walker, and then returned to John. John motioned for Merry to come forward; she had been waiting in the middle of the road about 20 metres back from them. The three stood together while the Walker tried in vain to reach out at them. His arms were getting cut badly on the broken window shards as he strained to get at them, but he was pinned into his chair by the steering wheel on his chest.

"Well, what are we going to do about our friend here?" Tom asked.

John took a deep breath to calm down from the surprise, and then approached the car. He took his machete out of its makeshift belt holder, and rammed it straight into the Walker's eye. He pushed deeper and deeper into its brain until the Walker stopped making any noise or movement. He worked his weapon free of its head, and wiped it off on the ground below.

John walked back to the others, and started on down the road.

As he passed them he said, "That's what we're going to do about him."


It was 3pm by the time they reached Merry's house. The men scoped the building with their rifles from the top of the ridge above the house, and saw no movement at all. The homestead looked intact and might possibly not have been raided.

They descended the hill and approached the house. Merry was to stay outside while the men made sure there was nothing dangerous inside. It was Tom's turn to take the lead with this house raid; John had led the last one.

They walked up to each side of the front door, weapons at the ready, and then Tom led them in. As John headed inside he was hit with a wave of hot air that had built up in the closed house during the day. It came rushing out past the men to be free in the cooling afternoon outside. A musty smell followed it, but John noticed that there was no smell of the dead lingering in it. He was unfortunately becoming attuned to identifying that particular smell.

After they had cleared the house, Tom called Merry in. She had tears in her eyes as she walked up the steps to the porch. She looked very cautiously at the house as she entered, then made her way in to start gathering some personal treasures.

John realised that there wouldn't be enough light to get them back to Tom's place today, so they would have to stay here for the night. He checked the rooms, but none were secure enough to be used for the night. He mentioned this to Tom, and after consideration Tom suggested they sleep in the roof.

It was a good idea, safe and out of the way. John found the man-hole in the ceiling and climbed up into it with Tom's help. The ceiling cavity was very hot from the day's accumulated heat, but it had a solid wood panel floor in the back corner where there were some boxes stashed. They could move the boxes out to sleep there comfortably and safely. The men locked the front door so that no surprises could simply walk in, and told Merry about their plans. She agreed, and continued to go through her photo albums.


With their task complete, piles of blankets, sheets, and pillows were arranged for as comfortable a sleep as possible; they all climbed up into the roof and settled down with some rations for dinner. They used an old oil lantern for light, which they hung up on one of the rafters.

They sat together, John leaning back on pillows against the wall which made the 'A' frame at the end of the roof, Tom and Merry sat crossed legged, all sticking into their cans of food. They chatted about things they had seen during the rest of their trip, about the photos that Merry had collected, when she and Jack had bought the property, and more.

She thanked the men again for letting her come with them, repeating that she could never repay them enough for their help.

Tom laughed out loud, "Well last night was a pretty good thank you!"

They all laughed. It was nice how close all five of the group were becoming, and the wonderful thing was that there were no feelings of jealousy with the partner swapping they did. The home they were building together, the events they had all been through, and the safety their new walls brought were combining to make them a very close-knit group.

They all settled in for the night together; there was just enough room that they could lie side by side and share pillows and blankets. When they were all comfortable, John reached up and turned down the lantern.


John woke to Merry tossing and turning. He realized she must be having a dream, and it was causing her to move around restlessly between the men. He noticed that her shifting around seemed to have had an unconscious effect on him as he slept; his cock was now at full attention.

John found his torch, covered it slightly and turned it on, dimly lighting up the attic. He listened for any signs of trouble from Walkers; nothing. Merry had her back to him, so he gently grasped her shoulder and shook her awake. She woke a little dazed, but not fearful.

"What? What's happening?" Merry asked groggily as she came out of her dream world. John's tug on her shoulder caused her to roll back slightly into his body.

"You were having a bad dream by the look of it, so I woke you." John replied quietly, he didn't want to wake Tom if he didn't have to.

Merry was quiet and her focus turned in as she tried to recall what the dream was about.

John felt her move closer to him. It took him a moment to realise what was happening, looking down to where her body was moving the blankets around. As she tried to recall her dream she had unconsciously started to slowly gyrate her hips against his wide-awake cock.

When her dream came back to her, she blushed slightly and whispered to him, "It wasn't a bad dream; it was more of a combination of what happened last night and memories of Jack."

He looked up to her face and met her eyes; the two shared a look that said all that needed to be said.

Merry moved her hand around behind her and put it between them, massaging his cock through his shorts. He tilted his head down and nudged her face away with his nose, so that he could start nibbling lightly behind her ear; she nuzzled back against his play.

John moved his hand around onto Merry's hip, and slowly started his fingers up her torso; drawing little soft lines along her as he went. He reached just underneath her breasts, paused, and then grasped her firmly. Merry gave a light moan as his hand cupped her and brought her closer into his body.

John was impressed as Merry started undoing his fly and the button at the top of his shorts single-handedly. He released her breast from his grip to push his shorts and boxers down and off his legs. While he was busy with this, Merry slipped out of her skirt and panties.

John wrapped his arms around her again and resumed massaging her breasts; pulling her in tight against his body. Merry was breathing heavily now as she settled into John's arms and took pleasure from John's cock between her legs, resting against her outer lips and slowly grinding against her. He could feel her juices starting to lubricate the top of his cock; the heat given off from her sex was incredible.

Merry shifted her body; still lying on her side she raised her leg as she moved her hips backwards to welcome John's cock into her waiting vagina. It was John's turn to groan with contentment. Merry's body was hungry for him as she gently moved herself around him, burying his cock slowly deeper inside her.

They coupled together deeper and deeper. When John was inside her completely Merry turned and gave him a deep kiss; which John eagerly returned. John pulled part way out of her, and then began nice, slow, rhythmic thrusts into her.

"Mind if I join in?" Tom whispered over.

John's thrusts stopped still, a little surprised that Tom was awake. Merry broke off their kiss, turning to face Tom. She answered by giving him a long kiss. John recommenced fucking her.

It was warm enough in the attic for no blankets, especially with the warm exercise that they were partaking in, so John threw off the blanket that was covering them. He could see that Merry had already freed Tom's cock from his pants, and was giving him a nice double-handed handjob.

Merry broke her kiss with Tom and called out softly, "John, lie on your back."

He withdrew from her as she rose up and rummaged over her head for the bottle of hand cream that she used every night to stop her hands from drying out. She found the bottle and sat up over John's knees. She opened the bottle and started applying a liberal amount of the cream onto his cock.

"So what's the plan here?" John asked quietly.

"Don't worry; I've done this a couple of times before. You guys will love it." Merry replied to John, as she grinned naughtily down at them both.

Once Merry had John's cock completely covered in the cooling hand cream, she stepped over his legs and turned around so that she was facing his feet, then started lowering her hips down towards John's cock. John took his cock in one hand and rested it against Merry's outer lips, however Merry reached down with her own hand to take over his cock, and aimed it at her other entrance.

John was a little stunned. He had only had the ass once in his life; it was an embarrassing accident with an old girlfriend that only lasted one short thrust. Merry eased herself down lower; John's cock 'popped' into her to the point that his entire cock head was in.

"All ok there?" He asked.

Merry replied, "Mmmm, sure am."

Merry let her legs lower her ass down further onto the waiting cock; John could feel her anal muscles opening to accept him as he watched as his cock disappear inch by inch into her.

When she was completely impaled on him, Merry sat up straight and looked over her shoulder at her anal invader. John could feel her pubic hair as it met his balls; she had taken him entirely into her ass in one long, remarkable stroke. John looked over to Tom, who had an astonished look on his face and a rock hard cock in front of him.

"Come here stud." Merry waved to Tom as she lay back onto John's chest; his cock still buried completely in her ass.

Tom got to his hands and knees and moved closer to Merry, not sure exactly what she wanted him to do. She grabbed his arm and guided him between her legs.

"I want you both in me at the same time." Merry demanded looking up into Tom's eyes.

John looked up at Tom, who gave a deviant smile; then grabbed his cock and descended towards Merry's willing vagina. John was floored; he had never in his life done this kind of thing before, but he was sure it was going to be good.

Tom's cock brushed up and down Merry's lips, and started to ease into her deliciously warm wet vagina. John could feel him entering her, the two cocks only separated by the thin membrane inside Merry. Tom took his time as he pushed. Merry said that she had done this kind of thing before, but the two men weren't tiny and they could hear Merry breathing deeply and slowly as she focused on relaxing to take them both.

Tom pushed himself further inside her; John could feel, through Merry, Tom's cock head moving up along his shaft. It felt fantastic. As Tom delved deeper, Merry's anus became tighter and tighter as she was filled with the two men's cocks.

Finally John felt Tom's balls touching his own; Merry now had them both filling her holes.

"Dear God..." was all that Merry could mutter as Tom finished his long thrust into her.

Tom gave her a grin, and then started to pull out of her just as slowly as he had entered. When only the tip of his cock was left inside her, he started heading back in again. Merry groaned with pleasure as Tom started long smooth fucks into her. John was immensely enjoying the sensations of Tom's cock rubbing up and down along the length of his own cock while he was sitting buried in Merry's ass.

After Tom had found his pace fucking Merry, John started to withdraw from her. Merry put her hands down beside her onto the floor to give John some room to move. Just before the head of his cock could pop free, John began pushing back into her.

John eventually bottomed out again inside her, then started working on Tom's off thrusts to fuck Merry's ass. Merry always had at least one full cock in her at all times, and was crying out with pleasure from the double fucking that she was now receiving. John moved one hand up over her mouth; they were safe up in the attic but couldn't afford too much noise to be made.

John and Tom built up the pace to really thrust into Merry with all they could. Merry responded by screaming out her enjoyment into John's muffling hand. Soon, John felt Merry's body change as they continued to pump their cocks into her. She flicked her head back, her chest was heaving up and down. Her legs started shaking as she was forced into a long, shuddering orgasm. John could feel the involuntary tightening of her vagina and ass; causing the men to slow their strokes as she became too tight to keep up their pace.

Merry's body relaxed and she collapsed down onto John, leaving him without enough freedom to keep fucking her. Tom increased his pace however, obviously keen to give her a nice hard fucking as her mind mulled in post-orgasmic haze. John felt Tom's cock pounding into her as fast as he could; and felt Merry quivering as his thrusting triggered aftershocks of her release. The combination kept his cock twitching with desire. Tom pulled his head back and thrust himself as deep in Merry as he could go. John felt Tom's balls tighten and cock swell as his seed dumped into Merry's waiting womb.

Spent, Tom withdrew and lay down beside John. John grabbed onto Merry's hips and lifted them up far enough that he could start thrusting into her again. Merry was still slightly groggy from her prolonged orgasm and the fucking that Tom had just given her, but he heard her let out a soft groaning sigh of pleasure as he slowly resumed fucking her ass.

Soon John raised his hips off the floor and put all his energy into fucking her tight channel. His hips built up to such a speed that they were becoming a blur; causing his balls to swing around wildly enough that they slapped against Merry's slit. He had never fucked anyone this hard and fast before in his life and Merry's ass was taking it in stride. Tom's cum was leaking out of her and dripping down his cock and balls; only adding to the lubrication as he stroked into her.

Tom reached over and slid a hand down between her thighs, pressing his palm against her mound. Her clit ground into his hand with every thrust John ploughed into her ass. Unaware of Tom's role in their growing passion, John felt the tension in Merry's body mount as she roused to the added sensation, then felt her tighten around him as she built to another orgasm.

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