tagBDSMHug a Tree and Save a Marriage

Hug a Tree and Save a Marriage


This is a Earth Day contest story. Please vote.


Marriage on the rocks couple takes their friend's advice, a marriage counselor, to bond with nature on Earth Day in hopes of saving their relationship.

"We just don't get along anymore," said Irene smiling a sad, little smile, while making eyes at the doctor, a longtime family friend that she's lusted over for years. "We're just total opposite in what we like and in what we want."

It was no secret that she had always been sexually attracted to Doctor John. Everyone but her husband, Tom, knew, that is, until now.

"I see," said Doctor John scribbling a note. "I should know this, but for the record, how long have you been married?"

"Tomorrow, Earth Day, is our tenth anniversary," said Irene with sadness, instead of excitement. She looked over at her husband. "You forgot it was our anniversary, again, didn't you Tom?" She looked at him with contempt, instead of love. "You forgot we were married in the forest by my tree on Earth Day, didn't you?"

"I'm sorry," he said in a growl, "if I tend to forget the unpleasant experiences in my life."

"Unpleasant experiences?"

"I was being kind to spare your feelings and to not wash our dirty laundry in front of our friend, as you are insistent on doing, by dragging me here," he said with a contemptuous look.

"Asshole," said Irene

"Whore," said Tom.

"Please don't do that," said Doctor John.

"Sorry, Doctor John," said Irene.

"Sorry, Doctor John," said Tom.

"You should be apologizing to one another, not to me," said Doctor John.

Tom looked at Irene and grunted and Irene looked at Tom and gave him a nasty smile, while inconspicuously flashing him the finger.

Doctor John was their tenth marriage counselor in ten years and they all suggested the same therapy, using nature as a way for them to bond and reconnect. A way to temporarily forget their problems, they all prescribed a walk through the forest for the benefits of some fresh air, sunshine, and the natural effects of the great outdoors. Reconnect with one another by holding hands. Let nature help heal what's wrong, is what they all said. With too much to see and too much to do, the marriage counselors figured that they can't be mad, while going for a walk and experiencing the magnificence of nature.

"We used to be so compatible," said Irene wringing a tissue in her hand. "Now we don't even talk anymore," she said tossing her hair back and tilting her head to the side, as if smoking and letting out a puff of smoke. Her eyes followed the direction of her head and she lingered her look, as if she was watching the smoke of their passion climb higher, before fading away. Only, she wasn't smoking. If she was smoking anything, she was smoking hot.

"I talk to you all the time," said Tom with a stern look and an already impatient and angry tone to his voice. "I'm talking to you now, aren't I?" The lull in the conversation waited for a response and when none came, Tom gave another dig at the fabric of their marriage. "That's all we do is talk. That's all you want to do is talk. I'd rather do some humping, instead of talking," he said humping his hips in the air, as if he was fucking her doggie style.

"Talking? I don't consider yelling at me as talking to me, Tom," she said with a shrug of her cold shoulder. In the way she was leaning away from him, her body language told it all. "When he's not yelling at me, Doctor John, he's grunting at me. If he talks to me about anything at all, he talks about his business, his cars, his dog, and his house. It's all about things. It's all about his possessions. It's all about him."

"I see," said Doctor John feverishly scribbling his notes.

"He never asks about me and, as if my opinion doesn't matter, he doesn't even ask me a question. Always too busy with his work and consumed with making money, he doesn't talk to me," she said again, this time crossing her long, shapely legs slowly enough to make sure that she exposed her shear, white panties to the doctor, while fluffing back her long, dark, lush hair.

"Pardon? Sorry, I didn't hear you," said Doctor John, no doubt, too preoccupied with watching Irene cross her long legs, while flashing him her sheer, white panties, than listening to her.

It was obvious by Doctor John's leer that he shared her sexual attraction. Who wouldn't when she looked like a younger version of Katherine Zeta-Jones?

"He grunts at me," she said again. "Yeah, that's what he does, he grunts at me," said Irene.

"You don't complain about money, when I'm paying your exorbitant charge card bills."

"Shopping is my therapy," she said with flashing eyes and a cold smile.

"Instead of nagging me to endlessly talk to you, maybe you should just hire Doctor John to talk to you. It would be cheaper than your therapeutic shopping sprees," said Tom.

"Money is what matters to him, not me, never me," she said ignoring her husband's comment by acting as if he wasn't even there in the room. "If the truth be told, he could care less about me. And if what he wanted was to hump me, to fuck me, and to make love to me, I dare say that we wouldn't be sitting here talking to you, Doctor John, no disrespect intended. Without giving my needs a thought, without sexually satisfying me first, all he wants is a blowjob, before falling asleep."

"I'm tired, Irene. I work all day, while you sit out in the sun topless in front of the pool man and the gardener.

"I see," said Doctor John scribbling more notes.

"He didn't even want to come here to talk to you today. I had to twist his arm," said Irene shooting her husband another nasty look. "He said because you were a family friend and too close to us that you couldn't help us. He said, because you're a man, that you'd be biased in his favor."

"Certainly not. That's utter nonsense," said Doctor John with a nervous, little smile and an uncomfortable laugh, while staring at Irene's exposed thigh. "Fair and impartial, that's what I am. I'm a trained professional," he said looking from Irene to Tom and back. "Actually, because I am your friend, both your friends, being so close to you is even more the reason that I can help you both," said Doctor John.

"He said the reason why our marriage soured is because I have a crush on you," she said staring at the doctor, while smiling a smile that not only exuded sex but also that confessed that she was sexually attracted to him. "Isn't that ridiculous? It's so typical of Tom to say that and to use jealousy as an excuse for everything that's wrong with him and with our relationship."

"That's bullshit. I never said you were attracted to Doctor John," said Tom. "Now that you mention it, however, you're always giving men the eye. You're such a flirt," he said shooting her back with a nasty look. "I can't go anywhere without men leering at you and you returning their stares with a sexy smile. In the provocative way you dress, if you're not flashing men your panties, you're flashing men your bra and more. You're nothing but a flirt and a tease, a cockteaser, that's what you are, you're nothing but a cockteaser."

"Do you understand now, what I'm up against, doctor?" Playing the victim, Irene looked at the doctor with sad eyes.

She gave the doctor the kind of weak and helpless look that makes men want to hold her, kiss her, and tell her not to worry about anything and that everything will be okay, while protecting her from big, bad brutes like her husband, Tom.

"I see," said the doctor making notes in his pad.

"Yeah, well, we don't have sex anymore," said Tom. "I can't remember the last time we had sex. If you want to know the truth, I don't even remember the last time she blew me. Besides, when she does blow me, she doesn't swallow. She spits it out all over me and makes a real mess of everything."

"I see," said the doctor, writing more notes in his pad.

"Sex to him is groping me, Doctor John, before I give him a blowjob and he falls asleep. What about me?" She looked from Tom to the doctor. "What about me? Don't I deserve to get off, too? Shouldn't I have some sexual satisfaction, too?" She cupped her breasts and lifted them up with both hands, as if offering her tits to the doctor for his touch, inspection, and pleasure.

"Yeah, well, in my defense, if you want the real truth, I'm not kinky enough for her," said Tom. "I'd need to swing from the chandelier for this one, before giving her sufficient pain for her to feel anything."

"Oh, you're plenty kinky," she said giving him a dirty look. "You're more perverted than I could ever be," she said jerking up her head, as if she was returning a soccer ball with her noggin. "Only, you'd rather watch others play it out on video, instead of doing it yourself with me," said Irene, while giving the doctor another pouty look. "Can you imagine him not wanting all of this," she said sitting upright to show Doctor John her fabulous figure.

"Kinky?" After casting Irene a long look, with his pen at the ready, Doctor John sat up in his chair to give his full attention to Tom, while waiting for an explanation. If he was looking to discover the intimate details of Irene's sexual peccadilloes, he was about to get an earful. "What do you mean by kinky, Tom? Please explain."

"Bound, blindfolded, and gagged. That's what I mean by being kinky and that's what she enjoys. She likes a little pain, too, don't you, Doll?" Tom shot Irene another knowing look. "She's likes being tied up to the bed, stripped naked, and slapped around. She likes having her tits squeezed and her nipples pulled, twisted, and bitten," said Tom. "I can't squeeze her tits hard enough to please her."

"Stop it, Tommy, you're getting me all hot," said Irene fanning herself with her pad of paper.

"We can't just have sex. She wants rough sex, the rougher the better. If I body slammed her and threw her up against the wall, before fucking her brains out, really pounding her body, she'd be happy. She'd be my obedient bitch forever."

"Oh, my God, Master," mumbled Irene beneath her breath, while fanning herself faster.

"She likes being forced. Just holding one another, we can never just have intimacy where we kiss, cuddle, and make love. It always has to be some big production and it always has to be rough sex with me tying her up, spanking her, slapping her, and hurting her, which I'd really love to do right now, while banging her, really fucking her, before forcing her to blow me," he said looking at her with a face full of rage, while lifting his hand, as if he was going to backhand her.

"If only you weren't all just talk, Tommy," said Irene with a face flushed with sexual excitement.

"What do you mean by a big production?" Suddenly, unable to speak, the doctor had to clear his throat and take a sip of water. "Sorry, continue please," he said looking at Tom with his pen poised to take more notes.

"Her favorite scenario is for me to come through her bedroom window, while she pretends to be asleep. Then, I tie her to the bed, blindfold her, and gag her, before having my wild, wicked way with her, while she feigns struggling to break free and calls for help. Help. Help, she yells. If I flung her against the wall, jumped on top of her, and really stomped on her, while kicking her, she'd probably like that, so long as I fucked her silly, afterwards."

"If only you cared enough about me to do that to me, Tommy," said Irene with a sexy smile and looking as if she was about to faint from the thought of the sexual fantasy that her husband just revealed and was, no doubt, now having.

"Wow, I mean, I see. So, she's into forced sexual fantasies? Interesting," said the doctor looking at Tom, before giving Irene an approving look. "There's nothing wrong with that, Tom, so long as they aren't overdone and consume your life, and so long as you're both agreeable to playing those kinds of sexy games."

"Doctor, he's exaggerating. It's nothing more than light bondage and roll playing. That's all it is, light bondage peppered with a little bit of discipline and pain," said Irene. "Yet, he seldom sexually satisfies me in that way and the more that he doesn't give me what I want, the more that I crave it, want it, and have to have it. Just once, I wish he'd do something for me and give me my sexual fantasy. Just once I wish he'd give me a frigging orgasm."

"I see," said the doctor, while scribbling more notes in his pad. "So, you haven't had an orgasm in a while?"

"Not for a long time, Doctor John," said Irene giving the doctor that come on, I dare you to fuck me look.

"And you're sexually frustrated?" Doctor John looked at her with lust.

"Oh, God, yes," said Irene leaning forward in her chair and making solid eye contact with the doctor. "I'm so very sexually frustrated, Doctor John," she said running her hand across her breasts, before putting a finger to her mouth and sucking on it, while staring at him.

As if aroused from a sexual fantasy, as if awakened from an erotic dream, Tom startled the good doctor, when he spoke.

"Sometimes she wants me to hide in the closet and surprise her, as she's undressing and getting ready for bed," said Tom, excitedly talking, as if tattle telling. "Instead of calling me by my name, she prefers calling me by other names."

"Other names? What do you mean by other names, Tom? Do you mean, affectionate endearments, such as Sweetie, Honey, and Darling?"

"I wish," said Tom with a laugh. "She likes calling me by black names, such as Tyrone, DeShawn, or Willie. Then, being that she's from Canada and lived in Detroit, as a child, she's a big hockey fan. I hate hockey. My sport of choice is football. If she's not pretending that I'm a black man, then she's pretending that I'm a professional hockey player by calling me, Wayne, Bobby, or Gordie. I'm embarrassed to admit but, more than a few times, she's even called me Doctor John. Then, after I tie her to the bed, blindfold her, and gag her--"

"Oh, you're such a liar, Tom," she said slowly crossing her legs the other way, while making sure the doctor was looking, when she flashed him her panty again. "I don't like being gagged," she said, "unless I'm being gagged with something more enjoyable than one of his dirty socks," she said staring at the doctor's crotch, while running her tongue across her lips.

"See what I mean? You'd think she'd protest about all those names that I said she calls me, instead of only protesting about being gagged," said Tom with a snide snicker. "You'd think she'd call me a liar, when I said that sometimes she calls me Doctor John."

"I see," said the doctor, literally and figuratively, while leering as Irene slowly uncrossed and crossed her legs the other way.

The smile that Doctor John tried to hide, slipped out and he smiled at Irene with stars in his eyes. He put his writing pad in his lap to conceal his growing erection, no doubt developing from Irene continually flashing him her panty.

"It's just some innocent role play, Doctor John," said Irene.

"There's nothing wrong with a little role play, Tom. Honestly, it's healthy in a marriage for consenting couples to imagine having sex with others, while having sex with the one you love and so long, as you don't go outside the marriage, of course," said Doctor John.

If one was to imagine what the good doctor was thinking, he was imaging having fantasy sex with Irene. If one was to imagine what Doctor John was thinking, no doubt, he was imagining stripping her naked, tying her to the bed, and slapping her around, before forcing himself on her. Yet, he'd never have sex with a patient. He'd lose his license.

"Yeah, well, to be honest, I'm more of a meat and potatoes kind of guy, Doctor John, when it comes to sex. I prefer the missionary type of sex, while in bed. I enjoy the control that it gives me, when I'm banging her and slamming my cock in her."

"Banging and slamming your cock in me? When was the last time you banged and slammed your cock in me with your hips, instead of banging and slamming your cock in your hand. Masturbator."


"Please, stop," said Doctor John.

"She's more into roll play and bondage than she is into me. She's just too wild for me, Doctor John," said Tom. "To be honest, I don't think that I can sexually satisfy her."

"Wild?" Doctor John leaned forward in his chair. His perspiring palm left an imprint in his corduroy slacks. "What do you mean by wild, Tom?"

"This is embarrassing for me to have all my sexual intimacies and preferences made so public," protested Irene. "I feel so exposed."

"It's okay, Irene, I'm a doctor, a trained psychotherapist. I'm not a medical doctor, of course, but a Doctor of Philosophy. I have a Ph. D. in psychology," he said looking from Irene to Tom. "Please continue, Tom."

"Exposed my ass. She loves being exposed. She's an exhibitionist. She loves being nude in public. She loves showing her naked body to men. She especially enjoys having sex outdoors. I'm not into any of that at all," said Tom.

"I see," said Doctor John.

"I'm always nervous that someone will happen along or someone will see me and watch me. That's so gross. It'd make my skin crawl feeling and/or knowing that someone was watching me, while I was having sex with my wife," said Tom.

"I see," said Doctor John.

"Yet, she's just the opposite. When it comes to her, it's as if she wants people to see her naked, while having sex. It wouldn't surprise me if she gets off on that," said Tom. "If you ask me, Doctor John, without doubt, I think she's an exhibitionist. Yeah, that's her perversion. She's an exhibitionist, alright. She enjoys showing her naked body to men."

"Gross? You think it gross to have someone watching us make love and to have other men see me naked, when that's all you do, all day, every day, is watch couples having sex and staring at naked women on your computer. All you do is watch porn videos, Tom. Instead of watching someone else, you need to do the dirty deed yourself. You're nothing but a masturbator."

"There's nothing wrong with masturbation. Everyone masturbates," said Tom.

"Eww. Every time I sit down at the computer, a better name for his computer would be a cumputer, Doctor John, I have to wipe away cum spots, so as not to stain my clothes."

"You act as if you've never masturbated," said Tom.

"Are you kidding me? Being married to you, all I do is masturbate," she said closing her eyes and tilting back her head, as if she was masturbating by just the sheer mention of the word.

"To be honest, doctor, she's a bit too weird for me," he said.

"Weird? I'm a bit too weird for you? Oh, so you're calling me weird? That's so unbelievable." She looked from Tom to the doctor. "He'd rather watch pornographic videos on the computer than to take the time to get me in the mood and have real sex with a woman, instead of with his hand."

"That's not true," said Tom.

"He prefers computer sex, where he touches himself rather than touching me. He doesn't know how to make love to a woman," said Irene. "He gropes me in the way he'd grope his blowup doll and it wouldn't surprise me, if he had one."

"Blow up doll? Have you been snooping through my personal things?" Tom looked at his wife with a look of surprised violation. "How dare you go through my personal and private stuff? Where did you get a key to my locker in the attic?"

"Oh, my God, don't tell me that you really do have a blowup doll," she said with a look of disgust and distain. "It's not bad enough that he gets off masturbating to videos, eww, but now--"

"You say it, as if there's something wrong with having a blow up doll and masturbating to videos. Besides, I don't watch pornographic videos all the time. Sometimes, I masturbate over dirty magazines and I'll have you know that I haven't used Tiffany, in years, months, weeks, days, actually."

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