tagInterracial LoveHuge Boobs with Bad Attitude Ch. 03

Huge Boobs with Bad Attitude Ch. 03


It was a long 2 weeks of being under house arrest for 19 year old Giselle with several nights of listening to her boss fuck her mom like a dog in heat. The first day of her renewed freedom, Giselle had suddenly woken up at ten in the morning to the sounds of her mother's bed thudding against the wall and her ultra loud moans and screams.

"OHHH DEAR LORD! Let me CUM! Save me from this HUGE FUCKING COCK!" Shelly cried.

"For fuck sakes, its Sunday. She should be worshipping God, not my boss's fucking cock," grunted an incensed Giselle.

She climbed out of bed wearing boy shorts and a long thin green tee-shirt with no custom-made brassiere to restrain her monstrous milk-filled heavy spheres of flesh. The screams and the loud thumps that came from her mother's room had quietly died down. Giselle left her room to go check on her 3 year old son Daniel as he slept in a room across from hers. She saw he was still asleep and thankful that her mom and boss didn't wake him with their loud and raunchy fucking. Her son was her pride and joy and her only regret being knocked up at the age of 16 was not being with the right man.

Giselle left her son's room and inadvertently turned around and bumped into her boss, Roy Alderman.

"Watch out, you clumsy ox," Giselle angrily spouted off at her boss.

The 62 year old just looked down and smiled at young angry Giselle wearing nothing but a plain white tee-shirt and boxers. His fluid hung cock began stirring at the sight of her ginormous fun bags as they protruded and hung heavy in front of her. Giselle could strongly smell the stench of funk and cum on her boss.

"Now is that anyway to speak to your boss and the new man in your mother's life?" questioned Mr. Alderman.

Giselle felt sick to her stomach hearing that.

" Yeah, whatever... Where's my mom?" Giselle asked.

"She's taking a shower and getting ready for church. Planning on joining her? If you had God in your life as strongly as your mom, you wouldn't have such a bad attitude and be so angry all the time," Mr. Alderman said.

"Just because I work for you, doesn't mean you know me or that I have to accept you fucking my mom," responded Giselle.

"Speaking of work, I redid the scheduling and your returning tonight. Hope to see you arrive on time and ready to work hard," he said.

He walked passed Giselle with a smirk on his face and his enormous cock semi-erected.

"Fuck you, asshole," mumbled Giselle, royally pissed off and not thrilled about going back to work immediately.

Before work, Giselle spend a couple of hours with her son and hung out with her friends, Sue and Patrick during her remaining free time.

"Your boss is hung like a fucking horse and fucks your mom like a porn star?" mocked Patrick. "The guy's old enough to be school mates with Jesus."

"Fucking hard to believe, I know but it's the fucking truth. It's as fucking fat as a soda pop can and the length of a 12 inch ruler. Somehow, he managed to stick that thing completely in my ditsy mom."

"What I find hard to believe is that you actually watched your boss having sex with your mom?" questioned Sue. "I don't think I could ever watch my mom having sex with anyone."

"Nevermind that. I just can't believe out of all the guys in this world, her friend had to set her up with my wrinkled old boss... Speaking of that douche, he fucking scheduled me to work tonight just as I get off house arrest and expects me to arrive on time at work tonight," heatedly said Giselle...

Giselle arrived at work for the first time in over 2 weeks. Needless to say, many of her co-workers sighed with sadness as the peaceful and stress free 2 weeks without the busty teen and her bad attitude was about to come to an end.

"I'm back bitches!" Giselle loudly shouted, getting the attention of all the customers in the lounge. She smiled and marched her way towards the back to clock in. As usually, every man's eyes were drawn to her 34FF teen whoppers. They wobbled and jiggled heavy with every breath being housed beneath her taut Mamma Mia's Pizza tee-shirt.

"Christ, Giselle. You're fifteen minutes late on your first day back," greeted her co-worker Joyce.

"Okay, sue me. I had to meet with my weed suppler," she explained. "You know I can't make it through late night shifts without my weed."

"Well, Mr. Alderman was waiting for you to show up on time and well, now he isn't too happy and wants to see you in his office," said Joyce.

"I am really getting sick and tire of seeing him. First at work and now at my house screwing my mom."

"What!?" said an alarmed Joyce.

"Nothing... Guess you have to cover for me up front until I straighten things out with this old fart."

Giselle headed to Mr. Alderman's office down the hall. His door was wide open and she entered to see the old fart sitting behind his desk.

"Please, close the door and have a seat," he said.

Giselle closed the door and took a seat in front of Mr. Alderman's desk. Mr. Alderman had a disappointed look on his face.

"I'm trying hard to understand your blatant disregard for the rules around here. Ms. Potter and quite frankly, my tolerance can only go so far," he explained. "What do I have to do to make a good employee out of you?"

Giselle looked him dead in his eyes as an abrupt answered popped into her head.

"Stop fucking my mother and perhaps, I'll tone my attitude down just a bit and be a little bit more friendly to my co-workers and the costumers... Just as long as they don't piss me off," she said with a shit-grin smile.

Mr. Alderman just smiled and chuckled at her response. He stood up from his chair and walked around to take a seat on the front of his desk.

"What's so fucking funny?" she sternly asked.

"Your behavior is more like a ten year old then a nineteen year old, Ms. Potter. I can see now your mom did a really poor job in raising you. A high school drop out with a kid, working at a minimum wage job, still living at home with her mom, barely has any friends, doesn't have a boyfriend, and to top it off, has some serious daddy issues. Earlier you said that I don't know you? Well, it seems I just proved you wrong... Oh and I'll be fucking your mom until I grow tired of her."

Giselle was scorching pissed off from listening to her boss degrade her and her lifestyle.

"Fuck you, you dirty piece of fucking Mexican shit!"

Blinded with rage, Giselle unexpectedly pounced at her boss and caused him to fall back on his desk with her on top. Her oversized milk cans squashed tight between the two. The feeling caused his cock to stir...

"I'm going to pound your fucking face in!" she yelled.

With her fist high in the air ready to connect with his face, Mr. Alderman quickly turned the tables on his young attacker, flipping her to the floor and straddled on top and held her down by her wrist.

"Get the fuck off me asshole before I scream rape!" said Giselle, as she struggled to get free from Mr. Alderman's surprisingly strong grasp for a man in his 60's.

As Giselle thrashed about beneath her boss, constant friction occurred between her frantically wobbling humongous milk-laden cantaloupes against his chest and her crotch against his semi-hard erected cock. Mr. Alderman enjoyed the plump firm and softness of her tits against his chest. His hard cock continued to expand.

"You know, you can find out why your mom can't resist me," whispered Mr. Alderman. "You know you want to feel my organ filling up your insides. Don't be ashamed to admit it. Your nipples don't lie."

It seemed her boss was telling the truth as her swollen nipples had harden and pierced through the fabrics of her giant bra and taut shirt and poked right into his chest. Giselle progressively stop struggling with her boss. The blind rage of anger she had suddenly released the deep, hidden carnal for his gigantic brown cock. She leaned up and passionately kissed Mr. Alderman. Their tongues started intertwining as they wildly made out on the floor. His massive cock was fully erected and pressed hard against her crotch.

The two horny individuals finally stood up with this lips still locked and tongues in each other's mouths. Mr. Alderman hands roamed all over Giselle's tiny supple ass as her hands reached down in front of them and fondled his enormous hard tool from the outside of his jeans. He moaned in her mouth as she rubbed and stroked his cock. After a few minutes, Mr. Alderman broke the heavy lip lock and moved his weathered hands up to her gigantic milk globes.

"You must have a very strong back to be carrying these girnormous mature tities," observed Mr. Alderman. He had very large hands but even they were outmatched by the sheer immense size of Giselle's teen tits.

"If it wasn't for my strong back which allows me to carry these huge fat bitches around, you wouldn't have hired me?" Giselle noticed, as she shook her magnificent tits back and forth in his pawing hands. "Think you can handle my huge ol tits, you old fuck?"

Mr. Alderman squeezed and groped her overly massive bust through her shirt and bra with sheer delight on his ugly old, wrinkled up mug. Her boss was an older, skinner, and taller version of Mexican actor Danny Trejo.

"I believe I have a tool more then capable of handling your tits," he grunted, still wildly mauling her enormous chest bags filled with her sweet milk. "But first, I want to see if the rumors of these babies being full of milk are true?"

Giselle grabbed the hem of her tight shirt, lifted it up with a bit of a struggle over her mammoth tits and tossed it on the floor. Mr. Alderman gasped and soaked in the sheer delightful spectacle of his employee's titanic melons encased in a sturdy black lacy custom-fitted bra but even the bra was straining at the seams to hold them. Her spongy flesh swelled out the tops and sides of her gigantic bra that stretched down to her belt line. They were truly the biggest pair of breasts he ever encountered and his immense cock throbbed hard for the challenge of titty-fucking the hell out of them.

"Those five O pigs were actually fucking nice enough to let me go to the doctor's last week for a check up and the doc told me I've outgrown my normal 34FF bras. I'm going to need an H cup to contain these bitches," said Giselle, as she reached around her back to unlatch the series of hooks. Mr. Alderman frantically stroked his giant rock-solid prick through his jeans with the anticipation of seeing the avalanche of monstrous flesh spill out right before his horny eyes and he didn't have to wait long... The enormous undergarment fell to the floor and Giselle's colossal gourd-shaped tits flopped free on her body. "Oh and those aren't fucking rumors. My tits are always being filled up with excessive milk and I'm in serious need of a fucking draining."

Mr. Alderman's eyes feasted on the voluptuous, soft gorge of heavy milk-filled tit flesh that dwarfed Giselle's entire upper torso, from her chest down to the belt line. He smiled and returned his greedy large hands to groping and kneading the overwhelming immense gourds until his heart was content. His giant cock was bursting the seams of his jeans as he molded this teenage girl's incredibly soft yet cumbersome knockers. He scooped up the profoundly heavy tits and smiled in delight as they spilled out of his old palms with their saucer-size pink areolas and swollen stiff nipples. He slowly ran his thumbs over both her nipples as dribbles of milk leaked out causing Giselle to moan.

"I bet a little slut like you love having someone drink your milk," Mr. Alderman grunted, as he dropped her right giant heavy breast and used both his hands to hoist her left breast up close to his lips. The vast flesh sphere was bigger then his head... "And I think I have a solution to your milk problem."

Mr. Alderman puckered his crusty lips and descended upon Giselle's leaky nipple. He sucked on the fat teat and enjoyed the sweet taste of her baby milk. His old face was firmly planted in the engorged sea of gelatin tit flesh as he opened his milk-filled mouth wider to suck her whole areola and the surrounding flesh. Her sweet teen milk began spilling from the corners of his mouth. Giselle tossed her head back and moaned in ecstasy. Not since her night with Dexter had Giselle been with a man and no matter how much she despised her old boss, she enjoyed his hands and mouth treatment on her breasts and their tender buds.

After about five minutes or so, Mr. Alderman swapped to her right tit and gave it the same oral treatment, sucking and licking the hard nipple and the sounding smooth areas while tasting its sweet milk. He quickly became full after a large helping of her sweet teen milk out of her immense breasts and began kissing her titanic chesticles all over from the undersides to the tops, the sides, around and on the nipples. Giselle was tremendously wet in her panties from having her gigantic teen hooters deeply sucked and milk drained. She noticed Mr. Alderman was also excited from the breast play. She reached down and stroked his extremely hard cock through his jeans.

"I think its time to unleash this fucking beast," moaned a horny Giselle, as she unzipped and unbuttoned her boss's jeans and pulled them down to his boney knees. Mr. Alderman reluctantly dropped his employer's heavy milk-laden tit as she dropped to her knees. " Oh Shit! Its so fucking huge!"

Giselle marveled at the size of her boss's prick as she pulled his underwear down and his gigantic hard tool sprung out directly in her face.

"Get it nice and wet so I can fuck those giant white jugs of yours," Mr. Alderman commanded.

Giselle clutched his massive brown cock with both hands and descended her mouth upon it. Just like her mom, the enormous cock filled up her mouth to the brim. She swiftly and wetly sucked his hard shaft up and down while her hands squeezed and stroked it. Roy threw his head back as he vigorously enjoyed Giselle's warm wet mouth engulfing half his huge stiff manhood.

"OH shit! Keep sucking like that and I may blew a sweet load down your beautiful gullet," moaned Mr. Alderman, as he watched young Giselle bob her head between his legs and taking 9 of his 12 inch cock down her throat. She slobbered down his massive cock nearly to the base, then pulled up feeling the urge to gag. She licked all around his large cock and spit on it before diving her mouth back down upon it. She gave his massive brown cock several long, slobbery strokes with her warm mouth before pulling up only keeping the huge bulbous head of his cock between her lips. She deeply sucked on it and softly rolled her tongue over every inch of his dickhead and probed his pee-hole with the tip of her tongue. "You definitely should teach your mother how to suck."

Giselle clutched her boss's wrinkled butt cheeks and gorged down on his huge cock, which grew harder between her lips. Roy took that as his cue to plump his cock in and out of her sweet mouth. He began moving his cock down her throat until she was met with a face full of thick, musky crotch hairs. Giselle gagged and Mr. Alderman slowly pulled back without completely removing his cock from her mouth and pushed back down. He started frantically thrusting his meaty dick in her mouth until the thick head of his cock touched the back of her throat. Giselle's behemoth teen tits jiggled and flopped wildly beneath her and were being drenched with her saliva as her boss drilled her mouth. Her hands continuously kneaded and groped his ass making his old body shiver as he cried out and moaned throughout the face-fucking.

"OHHH! Oh, good lord girlie! I don't want to cum just yet," he moaned, as he pulled his hung cock from Giselle's mouth. "I think my cock is wet enough to easily slide between your tits... but first, lose the rest of your clothes."

Giselle stood up and kicked off her tennis shoes. Mr. Alderman lustfully admired her mammoth milk bags, still coated in saliva and their own milk as they hung like humongous gourds when she bended over to take her jeans off. The endless amount of cleavage harden his cock to diamond. She took off her panties giving her boss his first look at her nearly-trimmed brown bushed pussy.

"Hmmm. That looks very divine. That's next," he grunted, as he sat down in his office chair and gasped once he felt his enormous hard cock being smothered by the pillowy mountains of her gargantuan milk jugs. "Ohhh, how that feels so damn good."

Giselle bounced her heavy milk mammaries on his thighs with his giant cock in between. To her surprise, his swollen dickhead managed to stay afloat while the hard thick shaft was compared and being overwhelmed and pummeled in the monstrous sea of jiggly wet cleavage. She oscillated her milk-laden fun bags all over his oversized schlong, lifting them and dropping them to loud thuds on his old thighs. Giselle noticed her boss was losing himself in overwhelming pleasure to her massive lewd titty-fucking. His loud moans were overshadowed by the loud slaps of her gigantic knockers on his bare flesh. His pre-cum drooled from the massive, thick mushroom head of his cock and dibbled down his shaft giving her cleavage some more lubrication. Milk began spraying out of her thick nipples all over his chest and stomach.

"Oh shit! I sprung a leak," Giselle teased, as she squeezed her hefty melons all over his enormous cock which send milk jetting out of her nipples, drenching his skinny chest with thick, wooly gray hairs and flabby stomach.

Giselle stopped her brutal tit-fucking for a moment and seized one of her monster jugs. She aimed the big nipple directly at his hard throbbing beast and squeezed the mammoth ,cushiony gourd of flesh to promote a gush of her warm, sweet teen milk from her stiff, swollen nipple onto his cock and hanging balls. She bathed his entire manhood and their balls with her milk. Mr. Alderman moaned as the warmth of her milk felt so exhilarating. It was an experience he never felt before.

After giving his cock and balls a milk bath, Giselle rubbed a big nipple up and down his rock-hard milk-covered shaft with milk continuously squirting out of it. She jabbed her milky nipple into his pee-hole and large amounts of pre-cum oozed all over the nipple and areola.

"Fuck girlie! I can't hold back any longer. I need to nut! Finish me off with those tits!" a grasping heavily Mr. Alderman commanded. "I want to cum all over your beautiful face!"

Giselle once again followed his orders and flopped her behemoth teen titties in his lap, covering both of his thighs and wrapped his throbbing member up in their warmth. For what seemed like an eternity, Giselle pummeled the biggest, thickness, and hardest cock she ever seen and touched into submission with her newly grown 34H milk bags. This was seemingly too much for Mr. Alderman to bear...

"Awwwww shit!" he cried out, as he loss all self-control and an enormous wads of cum erupted from his cock straight into Giselle's gorgeous face, neck and between her endless cleavage. His cock pumped more cum then Giselle had ever seen, as hot sticky load, after hot sticky load covered her face, dribbled onto her ears and got into her hair. She even had to close her eyes as she didn't want to be blinded by the rocket-launching cum barrage.

After her boss's huge cock finished spewing cum like a geyser, Giselle eased back to allow her substantially giant tits to move smoothly off her boss's thighs and hang from her chest with massive wads of his hot gooey jizz dripping from between them.

"I've never came so hard in my life," Mr. Alderman panted.

"Moms can't do it like me," Giselle taunted, as she rubbed her boss's spunky into her skin.

"Lets see if that statement holds true," he said, as he felt his cock becoming erected from the sight of Giselle, her monster cum-covered tits and drooling wet pussy. "I can smell your pussy from here. My cock can't wait to taste it."

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