tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHuge Exhibitionist Party Ch. 04

Huge Exhibitionist Party Ch. 04


[Continuation of exhibitionist party, now in full swing... of body parts that is! All the characters are over 18 years old.]


Melody's fraternity boys arrived en masse late in the afternoon. There were six guys and four girls, two of which were girlfriends. The other two girls were friends of the frat, falling victim to the prodding to go to the party. Upon entering, they all stopped cold with mouths agape, shocked in disbelief that Melody was not kidding when she explained there would be a house full of naked party goers. Melody finally got them moving again, shutting them down the hall to her bedroom, the official clothes depository.

Sophie was in the kitchen when the fraternity group arrived, her hand gently toying with John's dick as he dutifully prepared the catered food. As soon as word got back to the kitchen that Melody's friends from the fraternity had arrived, Sophie poked her head around the corner for a look at the new meat. She hoped to see them in clothes first, eager to guess what they would soon look like naked. It's a little game I taught her, as it was fun to see if your guess was right.

She jumped back quickly though when she recognized a couple of them as patients in one of her therapy groups. Sophie was a psychologist at the hospital and led a few group therapy sessions. She recognized two of the frat guys from one of her groups of college students. Keiko saw a look of horror on Sophie as she retreated quickly to the back of the kitchen. Keiko asked Sophie what was so shocking, and after gaining a little of her composure back she explained that two of her patients just walked into the party.

Sophie was barely able to elaborate because she was shaking so nervously as the situation and its consequences rushed through her head. She explained that the patient-therapist relationship is very fragile, and any improprieties from the patient or disrespect of the therapist could ruin the whole dynamic. Her reputation could be ruined from the rumors alone. And there she was, at a party, with two soon-to-be-naked patients, while she was naked herself. And with all the erotic teasing and overt sexual acts that were to follow, Sophie shuddered at the disaster in the making.

It took every bit of Keiko's calming and reassurance powers to prevent Sophie from bolting out the back door, naked or not. I happened into the kitchen just as Sophie had started to calm down. We all talked for a while, convincing Sophie that even though this may at first seem like a train wreck, it just may be an opportunity for each side to break through a barrier or two. I had an idea, so she agreed to stay and let me look up a couple things on the internet. We scuttled Sophie into the master bedroom without the frat boys seeing her. She needed to calm down for a while as I worked up a plan, which would include her little performance that she had practiced so hard to perfect.

In my office, just down the hall from the master bedroom, I searched the internet for references on expanding the patient-therapist association into nudism. I recalled hearing something about the subject a few years prior, and sure enough I found three studies that explored the issue. The conclusions were very positive, saying that once the platonic nudity began, the patients felt more open to revealing suppressed feelings because that symbolic wall of clothes was taken down. The sessions were much more productive when all the participants were nude.

As I was reading the case studies Tracy walked in, purring that she was looking for me and was glad to find me alone. She sat on my lap, reading the reports with me and providing a few comments. I explained the situation to her and we both became fascinated with the prospects. We both began to get excited as we read of the various exhibitionist situations described in the research. My dick was heading for full mast and I could feel my leg becoming wet from Tracy's naked crotch rocking back and forth. It didn't take long before Tracy had repositioned herself on my lap with my dick in her pussy. It had been quite a few years since that pussy had engulfed my dick, but it seemed so comfortably familiar, as if it had only been a couple weeks that we had last fucked.

It was delightful to feel her pussy muscles again, skillfully undulating tightly around my eager dick. Tracy possessed a unique skill, as she could bring me to a powerful orgasm using just her muscles surrounding her love canal. Her shapely hips remained perfectly still, perched atop my crotch, while using those powerful long legs to clamp us tightly together. This technique came in handy on a few occasions, when we clandestinely fucked in relative public, without a nearby onlooker nary the wiser to what we were doing. No wonder I always got a hard on whenever I remembered our time together.

During our slow, rhythmic chair fuck, the hot and very naked Teresa walked in. She didn't realize there was dick and pussy action going on at first, but once realizing what we were doing, she embarrassingly excused herself and turned to leave the room. Tracy and I both asked her to stay and watch, saying that we welcomed an audience, especially when we had an opportunity to show off Tracy's special internal dick massage technique. Teresa bashfully agreed to stay, curiously interested at learning a new skill, but also said she was on an exhibitionist mission of her own and likewise needed an audience.

We quizzically asked why, although I had hoped it involved my dick. She pulled up a chair, but before sitting made sure it was positioned so Tracy and I had an unobstructed, full-frontal view of her naked body. Tracy silently motioned to me, seeking acknowledgement that I had ever poked the nude Japanese girl sitting next to us. I whispered that I hadn't, but that she did get naked and playful at some of my college parties [See story: Party Requirements: Everybody Nude].

Teresa explained, "I arrived at the party with a full bush of pubic hair, and I was very content on keeping it because it makes me feel less exposed when I'm nude in front of anybody except a close friend or my husband and his family. But that pushy wife of yours convinced me to have one of your professional stylists in the back room shave me clean. Who by the way are not in compliance with the house rules." Teresa continued with Keiko's demands, "Your free-spirited wife was very persuasive, even getting my husband all excited at the prospect. I gave in, but she also placed one last requirement, much to my embarrassment. She demanded that I show off the shave job to each party guest. So, here it is, for the both of you to ogle at, my last bastion of modesty. Is nothing sacred anymore?" With that last line, she hurriedly opened her legs, while turning her head away in shame and then just as quickly closed them again.

It was quick, but Teresa and I both took in the dainty and no doubt tight pussy, fully-exposed for probably the first time. Her task complete, Teresa got up and quietly left the room, head hung low as she dreaded her next embarrassing encounter. Tracy commented, "That was a really nice pussy. Too bad I won't get to see it again. Oh, and I didn't get a chance to show her my pussy massage trick." I excitedly corrected her, revealing that she'll get to see it again, and it'll be on TV later that night. Tracy looked confused, so I just told her that she would understand when Megan comes by with her camera.

After Teresa left, Sophie tip toed into the office, having sneaked out of the master bedroom without anybody seeing her. She asked how my plan was going, so I began to explain about the research studies. Shortly after realizing why Tracy's lower body was clamped around my crotch area, Sophie became a little uncomfortable discussing psychological matters with a couple having sex. Tracy didn't want to offend, but I stopped her before she dismounted. I turned to look straight into Sophie's eyes, while at the same time reaching out to fondle her nipple, and in my sexiest voice talked her into staying while I told her about the online studies and how getting naked with her patients would probably be beneficial for everybody.

There were a few party crashers. Some were curious after hearing about the party from a friend of a friend, and so decided to check it out, I think primarily just because they couldn't believe it. While others arrived with an invited guest who convinced them to tag along for support, hoping a wingman would ease the shame and embarrassment of stripping naked with a bunch of strangers. And one couple, who lived down the street, were just out for an evening walk and were curious about all the activity.

I just happened to be looking out the front window at the exact moment they were gingerly peering around the street side shrubs, noticing all the cars parked randomly in the secluded front yard. I was talking to Christine at the time, who also noticed the curious couple through the front window, and asked if they were invited. I said that they looked like that couple who I saw periodically on walks through the neighborhood, and would soon get the shock of their lives. I nudged Christine and said, "Don't you need to get something from your moped out front, and while you're at it give our party crashers a proper welcome." She giggled, and bounded off in exhibitionist delight as I watched the scene unfold.

Boy, were they shocked to see Christine emerge from the house, casually walking over to her moped, without a bit of shame that her swaying tits and bald pussy were fully exposed to the world. I watched Christine confidently introduce herself to the middle-aged couple, chatting it up for a while, before all three of them headed toward the front door. The couple's adventuresome spirit overcame their shyness, as they were soon mingling naked amongst all the other guests. For many years after that party, the couple would visit us occasionally, stripping as soon as they entered the driveway.

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