tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHuge Exhibitionist Party Ch. 06

Huge Exhibitionist Party Ch. 06


[Continuation of exhibitionist party, now in full swing... of body parts that is! All the characters are over 18 years old.]


Sue joined us, taking a perch on the counter while Melody decided on the position we would use. I shook my head at Sue when I noticed her legs were only slightly apart, reminding her of the nudist rules. She apologized for forgetting and spread them wide, but then decided on a better position. She maneuvered her ass far back on the counter and wiggled down so her pussy was spread wide behind the coke prep station and directly in front of Megan's face. Sue then suggested the perfect position. She said that because she had just earlier had her first taste of pussy, she wanted to complete the circle and experience a woman going down on her. She looked directly into Megan's eyes, pleading for her agreement. Megan said what the hell, and directed Sue to assume the position on a stack of pillows in the middle of the room. Megan then returned with a spoon full of coke, but found Sue struggling to keep balance on the pillows, since her legs were spread wide and sticking strait up toward the ceiling.

Losing patience, Megan called over Melody to find a way to stabilize Sue. Soon Melody was strattling Sue's head between her legs, which gave her a very close up view of Melody's own hairless pussy. Melody of course didn't think it was a big deal, as she was very used to her pussy on display for the world, but Sue saw this as another opportunity and grabbed Melody by the hips, pulling her down within licking range. Melody didn't seem to mind at all. So with Sue sufficiently locked in place, Megan returned to discover another problem. She stormed back to where I was standing, grabbed a nearby towel and glanced down to check on my dick. I was then told to find a girl with a couple free hands or empty mouth and return to Sue's perch after I was sufficiently fluffed. I found one of Sue's friends who eagerly set to work on my dick while I fondled her small but perky tits.

It only took a couple minutes until I was fully erect, so I returned to the Sue, Melody, Megan body entanglement to find Megan attempting to dry off Sue's gushing pussy so the coke wouldn't dissolve as soon as it was applied. She was soon able to get it sufficiently dry and dropped a couple big lines on either side of Sue's swollen pussy lips. While waiting, I kept my erection by strattling over Sue for a titty fuck. When Megan, our sexy piano teacher and professional exhibitionist, signaled she was finally ready, I positioned myself behind her and thrust my dick deep into her pussy, but as instructed, didn't began pumping until she had inhaled both lines and began tonging Sue's pussy. So there we were, the four of us each having a piece of each other within an audience doing just about the same.

I soon thereafter headed back to the main party, with Sue tagging closely behind, eagerly asking for her next assignment. I told her stop delaying the inevitable, and just call her family already. She knew it had to be done, and finally agreed after some heavy encouragement from a few nudists in my inner circle. I led her back into my office to be alone, but she insisted that I stay with her. She was shaking nervously as she stood at my desk staring at the phone in her hand, no doubt contemplating probably the most difficult phone call in her life. So to offer a little calming distraction, I began caressing her back and curvy ass. The gesture was having its effect, so she took a big breath and held it full as she began dialing her home. Standing next to her, I stared intently at her inflated chest, enjoying the feeling of my dick inflating likewise.

Sue was slightly relieved when her younger sister, Jennifer, answered the phone. As this situation is one of my biggest thrills, I listened intently to a lovely young lady reveal her public nakedness to a sibling, hoping the outcome adds another family to our growing nudist group. Hearing only one side of the conversation, Sue said to her sister, "...so who's in the house...oh, so the boys are up stairs and Mom and Dad are in the pool... is everybody naked...oh, they aren't because your friend Lacy is studying with you in the media room... well ok." She whispered to me in slight disappointment, "Drat, since an outsider is in the house, and nobody's naked already, my original plan won't work." I encouragingly whispered back, "Well, keep going, you'll just need to wing it. Maybe you could even convince your sister to get Lacy naked as part of the plan. She's welcome to the party also."

Sue began stroking my dick with her free hand as she continued with Jennifer, "You'll never guess where I am, or what I'm doing, or especially what I'm wearing...nope, nope... well, ya know how we think our family is beyond weird because of our special secret, well, you're not going to believe this, but remember that girl I brought home once, Melody... well I just found out today that she's an only child and her family has the same house rules as us, but without so many restrictions... ya, I knew I'd have your attention after that... well, to make a long story short, I'm over her place right now and they're hosting a big party... so what you say little sis, well can you even imagine in your wildest dreams if all the party guests had to abide by the house rules also... ok, ok, I'll dish already...I'm in a house full of naked people... ya, I know ...yes, I'm naked also, and even stroking the dick of Melody's father as we speak...remember how we keep wishing that our friends could join us naked and also that Dad would relax the prude rules.... well, I stumbled upon the answer to our dreams, it's total freedom here..."

Sue excitedly continued, "...how much freedom, well I'm here with four girlfriends, and we got naked as soon as we arrived. We walked across the back yard and watched lots of action in the cabin of a big boat... well, I've already sniffed coke off a dick, then sucked it clean, then had my pussy licked while I was licking another pussy, and right now I have a very big dick in my hand... oh, and ya know how Dad would yell at us if we ever parted our legs even slightly... well, brace yourself, but I've been spread eagle the whole time and every dick in the place is hard... you horny yet sis...well then, get your naked ass over here... and bring the whole house too, even Lacy..."

There was a long pause, as we nervously waited for Jennifer to make up her mind, no doubt desperately wanting to join the party with her big sister, but stressing about how to convince the parents. While we waited, Sue bent over the desk and motioned for me to enter her from behind. Always ready to impale a tight young pussy, I easily slipped my super erect dick all the way into her slippery love hole. Sue's sister came quickly back on the line after hearing Sue's erotic yelp.

After a few thrusts, Sue replied, "...who, me... well yes, that's my pussy being stuffed, and we're even in full view of people walking by... ya know we've all wanted this for a long time...no, not each other silly, that's gross, but to watch each other and be watched fucking a stranger, and believe me, there's plenty of new meat to choose from here... you're missing out sis, I bet you're panties are already soaked by now, huh... here, listen to this." Sue then stuffed the microphone end of the portable phone into her crotch. I knew that drill, so I modified my rhythm to create a loud slap against her ass with each thrust, while she pumped up her own volume.

After a dozen or so thrusts, she returned to her sister, and continued, "...yup, that's what it was... it could be you too if you just get your ass over here...well, it's up you now, no doubt our brothers won't hesitate for a second, but it's about time we confront Mom and Dad to see us now as adults and loosen up a bit... how about this, maybe a shock factor combined with fresh titillation approach would work... you said Mom and Dad were out back in the pool, well, first you'll need to do whatever it takes to get Lacy on board. A free show of our brother's dicks should do the trick. Then all four of you get naked and walk outside to confront Mom and Dad...oh, and make sure both dicks are hard...it may take a bit of pleading, but with the shock factor of hard-ons outside and exposing yourself to an outsider, combined with Dad lusting over Lacy's big tits bouncing in the breeze, they'll probably be powerless to resist.... now go out there and get it done, while I hang up and have my first orgasm of the day."

She did, and within an hour Sue's entire family arrived, including Lacy and her own brother, who they picked up along the way. Sue's earlier commitment to expand her exhibitionist skills were put to the ultimate test with the special way I had her greet her family. I told her to only give directions to our street, saying it would be obvious which house had the party. Just before they were expected to be driving down the street around sunset, I told her she had to go stand outside our front gate and wave them in. She happily agreed, not even flinching when I said she had to do it fully naked. Christine and I watched the event standing outside the front door. We soon heard screeching tires from the street, followed by Sue's bouncing tits rounding the corner, coaxing a big sport-ute into the driveway. She was jumping up and down waiting for her family to emerge, eager to introduce them to a new and exciting life.

They were taking their sweet time, not even opening any of the four doors. Sue impatiently opened a back door and dragged out a brother, who was already naked. Christine and I had by then walked over to introduce ourselves, intently interested in hearing all the juicy details. Peering into the big sport-ute with darkened windows, Sue demanded that her fully-erect brother, Steve, explain why everybody was already naked. He started to explain the details of the previous hour, but was nearly incomprehensible at first, until Sue told him to talk slower and to cool his jets. Of all the four siblings, Steve was the most excitable in these situations, being the first to become sexually charged and the butt of much ribbing about his hard-on that lasted forever.

A more calm Steve began, "Well, first Jennifer called us into the media room, demanding we get naked with her for Lacy's sake, and to just follow her lead for the rest of the day. My dick popped out already fully hard, as you know what a thrill I get exposing myself to somebody new, especially Lacy, such a hottie. Then the day kept getting better by the second, watching Lacy strip completely then Jennifer letting us keep our hard-ons as she lead us all out to the pool. Then surprise again, Mom and Dad accepted your invitation. He climbed out of the pool wearing a bathing suit and told us we should hurry before it got dark and they would meet us at the front door."

Steve admitted that the whole scene by the pool was strangely odd, since any other time their father would be livid if even a single hard on was out in the open, but he was uncharacteristically calm and totally accepting that there was not only one, but two hard-ons in plain view of an outsider no less, who was also naked herself. Steve continued, "I almost just shrugged off Dad's change in attitude, but I figured Lacy's big tits and smooth pussy was to blame. But then we were totally shocked again. We got dressed on our way back through the house, but when we reached the front door, Mom and Dad were both completely naked and waiting for us."

"We were all totally taken aback when our naked father then declared that the entire group would get naked, march out the front door, down the long walkway and get in the car, all the while totally unconcerned if any neighbors saw us. We made it to the car, only being seen by the rug rats across the street. Although I tripped on a sprinkler, paying more attention to Lacy's ass then where I was going. Jennifer then revealed we were heading to meet you at a party, when Lacy asked if we could stop at her place on the way. She really wanted her older brother to go also, saying that they had never seen the other naked, and what better shared experience would it be for siblings to expose their naked bodies to each other, and at a party full of strangers, at the same time. We arrived at Lacy's house, but she insisted the three of us get her brother while she stayed in the far back seat, as she was still naked. She made us promise that her brother had to get into the car naked, and that they weren't allowed to see each other's body until after first being fully exposed to strangers at the party. Lacy's brother couldn't say no after seeing Jennifer's boobs bouncing up the walkway."

Steve continued, "As soon we left Lacy's house, the mood quickly became extremely sexually charged. The ultimate tease was going on in the back seat, Lacy and her brother were sitting next to each other, naked and blindfolded. It was so erotic to watch, especially when the three of us couldn't quit throwing innuendos at them, no matter how hard we tried.

I then announced a hearty welcome to Sue's entire family and invited them in for full-scale debauchery. But I caught myself just as I was saying the last part of that sentence, and totally embarrassed, turned toward Sue's parents, hoping they were ok with being at a sexually-loose party with their adult kids. I got a nod from Sue's father followed by an obvious gesture to leave them in the driveway for a family meeting. They gathered at the front of their car, with Lacy and her brother mischievously led down the driveway and told to stay put until somebody returns to escort them into the party. So there the gullible siblings stood, pressed tightly together, ass to ass, naked, blindfolded and in full view of anybody passing on the street. I sent out the word to find Megan and her camera.

Later in the evening out on the patio, I had stumbled upon Sue's two brothers, each going at it behind two of Sue's girlfriends bent over a padded bench. Sue was slowly circling the scene taking in each vantage point, looking like the proud sister she had become, as this was the first time she was able to admire her brothers' athletic bodies writhing in sexual pleasure, sharing the exhibitionist rush that their whole family had waited a long time for. She snuggled up against me, thanked me for their new life, and seductively whispered that my special thank you gift was on the way. And less than a minute later, right on queue, Sue pointed out her sister heading our direction.

Jennifer weaved herself through the heavy crowd as delicately and purposefully as a cat. She was easily one of the top five most stunning women at the party, and that was saying a lot, considering South Florida rivals Hollywood in the ranks of beautiful women. She was naturally blond like Sue, with naturally-perfect facial features, which only required the minimal of make-up. Jennifer had a nice tan and was very lean, yet still shapely. Everything else her naked body revealed was precisely the right size and location it should have been. She held herself very proudly, confident knowing she had all the right goods. I watched her earlier, flirting like a pro, while gracefully keeping the vultures at bay. She caused a big twitch in my dick the first time I saw her.

Jennifer walked up to us, and after exchanging a sisterly nod, positioned herself on the bench next to the moaning girls being pounded by her brothers. With a sultry sparkle in her eye, she leaned back and spread her legs wide, offering her tight, young pussy for my lustful indulgence. I drove my rod home, purposely settled into a slow, yet deeply-penetrating rhythm so I could still talk with Sue. I asked her to stick around, saying I still wanted to talk, guiding her tightly between myself and her brother. I thanked both sisters, Sue for the gift and Jennifer for a warm and delicate pussy.

I asked Sue to fill in a few details about what her parents said during their little family meeting in the driveway. It obviously turned the family dynamic completely upside down from what Sue had told me previously, as clearly evidenced by two brothers and a sister openly fucking for an audience. Sue proceeded to "fill me in," while I was doing the same to her younger sister's pussy, "Well truthfully, I'm totally dumbfounded, relieved and excited all at the same time. It's been a whirlwind day so far and a huge weight has been lifted off me... ha, as well as my clothes, huh! When I first saw our car coming down the street, it all seemed very surreal, as if I was in a wet dream or something. But the feeling of my boobs tugging at my chest as I jumped up and down left no doubt that this was all very real. Then there was a pivotal moment I will never forget, when I saw my mother and father in the front seat, both apparently topless, with both mouths fully agape in shock, no doubt at my public nakedness. My pussy was on fire from exposing myself like that and at the possibility that the whole gang had driven over completely naked."

Jennifer and both brothers piped in the conversation, adding they also felt their loins quiver when seeing their sister naked in the street. Sue continued, jumping to the family meeting in the driveway, "Our parents gathered us into a family circle. Things had definitely changed, when for the first time our usually prudish father was exposing a full erection to us, while our mother was leaning back against the hood with her legs spread. It was the first time we had ever really seen her pussy, as she had for the first time shaved off that big bush of hair.

He explained his reasoning for the attitude change, saying he had decided to finally drop all the household prude rules, even though totally aware of what we had been doing upstairs for a long time already. He explained that since the youngest, Jennifer, was now over 18, and we all showed maturity, it was time to let everybody fully explore any sexual situation or activity. And this party was the perfect opportunity to celebrate the lifted restrictions. He then sent us on our way, as if releasing us into Disneyland."

For the next few years after the party, Sue's family often joined us on various nudist adventures. Since our families had very similar lifestyles, we all repeatedly sampled the available fruits of the other family.

We specifically planned for guests to stay a long time at the party, officially starting at 11 in the morning and continuing long into the early hours of the next morning. A party like ours didn't come along very often, so we figured most of the guests would want to soak up as much of the experience as possible, which is why we went to great lengths to keep the food and entertainment going all night. The newly-naked couple from the catering company, John and Amber, were a big hit, especially since they delivered the snacks using body parts in very creative ways.

Much of the entertainment was ongoing, and contagious. As guests became more comfortable throughout the day and early evening, their exhibitionist and voyeuristic spirits were released without shame or restraint. Every dick was big and wet, while rivulets of white dripped from inner thighs and heaving chests. The competitions for "best of" awards were heating up, especially for completing exhibitionist tasks, which were rewarded with black marks on bare asses. Some of the more adventurous sported black marks all the way across both cheeks.

Toward the middle of the evening, it was time to start some of the planned entertainment, not that every guest hadn't been constantly "entertained" since arriving. We let the word out and soon all the guests formed a gallery in the great room, anticipating what was billed as "Piano Concerto in Sex Major."

Sara sauntered through the crowd with two frat boy hunks in tow, her hands wrapped tightly around their large and hard dicks. She presented them to the appreciative audience and then positioned them at the piano, face-up, arching over carefully-selected pillows, their throbbing erections reaching for the sky. Megan and Melody came bounding into the room, bowed to the audience, then took their position at the piano by wiggling their pussies down onto their man bench. They proceeded to play a few classical pieces, with boobs jiggling and hips thrusting in time with each beat. The scene definitely had its effect on the crowd. I had a tough time tearing myself from the main attraction, but when I scanned across the crowd of naked voyeurs, every crotch was being vigorously fondled by a nearby guest.

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