"Fuck me, baby. Fuck me. What's your name?"

"Gordon," I answered. "Gordon is fucking you with his HUGE new cock. You like Gordon's HUGE new cock?"

"Oh, yes, Gordon. Yes. I love your HUGE new cock. Let me keep it inside me forever. Fuck me. Fuck me."

"Oh, yeah, baby. I'm fucking you. I'm gonna give you my Gordon sperm. You may have had this cock before, but you never had my Gordon sperm. You want my Gordoncum?"

"Shoot your cum into my ass. I want your Gordoncum. Give me your Gordoncum. I'll keep it inside me till the day I die."

"Liar," I laughed, squeezing him. "It'll be gone by tomorrow."

"Then you'll just have to keep filling me up." He slammed his ass against my balls. The bells started ringing again. They were accompanying the angel chorus. I felt a scorching in my long tube.

"Yes. Yes. I feel it. Shoot it. Shoot it." He kept slamming his ass onto my pubic bone, and tightening his muscles as he drew off, squeezing my sensitive dick in his talented channel.

My cum blasted out and coated his asstunnel. I humped him for another couple of minutes, and when my cock became pliant again, I slowly withdrew it. My cum spilled out of his now-gaping hole, and ran over his taut cheeks and down his legs. I stuck my finger in his wet ass and made digital love to it.

"Oh, Gordon. Thank you. Thank you. This has been so wonderful for me. You just can't know."

"You think it hasn't been wonderful for me?" I asked. "I think my cock is in love with your ass. My cock loves your ass. It wants to live in your ass. Forever and ever and ever."

He turned around and we were facing each other. Suddenly we were kissing. A mad passionate kiss. My tongue was all over his sweet mouth.

"Oh, honey, honey," I chanted.

He sucked my lips. He patted my cheek. He reached down and held my cock for dear life. "I love you. I love you. I wish you could be mine," he breathed longingly

I started to think. I wanted to be his. I wanted him to be mine. I already knew my cock loved his ass, and now I realized that I loved him. Life is so strange. To think that a dead man's penis could lead me to the love of my life. Maybe the lawn mower thing was no accident. Maybe it was meant to be. Fate. A divine plan. Maybe everything had happened so that I would meet Ralph and we would love each other. Forever and ever and ever. I turned my eyes heavenward. "Thank you, father," I said softly.

I did go home. But over the next few weeks, I knew there would never be anything for Leona and me. I told her that she should find a man who could love her, who could fuck her. I told her that I was impotent now, and it wasn't fair to her. She cried. She protested. But I insisted on being noble. She loved cock and she should have it. Finally we agreed to separate and to divorce.

I gave her the house, and a nice settlement. When I packed my bags and loaded them into the car, she asked me sadly, "where will you go?"

"I'm going to be staying with a friend," I said. "I'll get in touch with you." She nodded and went back into the house. As I drove off, I looked in the rear view mirror and noticed the handsome gardener riding the lawn mower. Spectacular guy. Great ass. My cock twitched. "Now stop that," I thought. "You have Ralph. Try to be faithful. Don't be like Harvey. After all, Harvey got shot."

I pulled into the driveway at Ralph's house and got out of the car. I carried my suitcases up the front path, onto the front porch. The door opened. There was Ralph, standing in the hallway, welcoming me. I was barely in the front door, when he threw himself on me and we started kissing like a couple of lovesick kids.

I reached down and planted my palms around his bubbly cheeks. Suddenly my cock sprang forward. I heard a ripping. Oh, no. Not again. I looked down and there was my stiff cock sticking through a jagged tear. Oh, hell. There goes another pair of pants.

Ralph fell to his knees in front of me and began to worship my impetuous warrior. "This is the cock that I love," he said. "Look at that beautiful freckle." He licked it. I ran my fingers through his thick brown hair, and spoiled his coiffure.

"Let me see your ass," I said.

He turned away from me and lowered his lower garments. There were those bouncy-ball buttcheeks. I wanted them. I wanted to fuck them again. Right now.

He bent over, and I spit on my dick and shoved it in.

"AAACCCHHH, What a cock. What a great cock," he rhapsodized. "It's HUGE. It's so HUGE. And it's mine again."

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