It was well after 9:00PM when I finally returned from work. I was exhausted mentally, which was definitely affecting me physically. But I had much preferred to stay rather late on a Friday evening than go to work for a few hours on a Saturday morning.

Still, I felt less than human when I walked in the front door.

Clearly, I had missed dinner, and the snacks I had bought from a vending machine at work would not last me much longer. If my fiancée had cooked dinner, she had already put away the leftovers long before I finally made it back home, as the scent of food was noticeably absent. Our cat Reine did lift her head momentarily as I entered the house, but then returned to her sleeping position on one arm of the sofa.

Erin emerged from the kitchen, wiping her hands on a towel. "Hey, welcome home. You look atrocious."

"I feel atrocious." We shared a brief kiss, which transferred some of her humanity into me. "I need a shower. Perhaps that will revive me."

"Okay. And I think you could use a massage afterward."

"Excellent suggestion." I tried to smile as I headed upstairs.

A few minutes later, I stood underneath the hot spray of the showerhead, leaning back against the tile wall, my eyes closed. As the hot water cascaded down my front, I could feel the stress and fatigue melting away, being carried down the drain to the mysterious abyss of the city sewer system. Slowly, I began to feel more human, more energetic.

I have no idea how long I stood in that position, being drenched by the hot spray from above. All I know is that I heard a soft sliding sound and opened my eyes to see Erin opening the shower door.

She was still fully-clothed, wearing black socks, black jeans, and her favorite black Paris sweatshirt with a golden print of the Eiffel Tower. I started to say something, but she pressed a lone finger to her lips, signaling me to remain silent as she closed the shower door behind her. She stepped into the spray, then leaned against me, her hands on my shoulders as she gently kissed my right shoulder.

My arms enfolded her, holding my fiancée protectively, encircling her with love. I closed my eyes again, my attention focused on the gentle, loving actions of her small mouth, and the feel of her breasts pressing against me. I began to lengthen and harden in response, a definite sign that she was making me human once again.

And the hot water continued to douse us both.

In time, Eric slowly descended to her knees before me, slowly kissing and stroking her way down my body. Still, I leaned back against the shower wall, my eyes closed; in my mind's eye, I saw my fiancée looking up at me with love in her sparkling blue eyes, blowing me a kiss from her kneeling position.

Then I felt her small hands wrap around my hardened manhood. I opened my eyes and looked down upon her just in time to see the tip disappear into her small mouth. With fascination, I watched as she suckled gently, shuddered momentarily as she flicked the tip with her tongue, and sighed with contentment as she slowly moved her head forward to take more of my length into her loving mouth.

In some ways, Erin's mouth was just as hot as the water falling upon us. Her hands stroked and fondled me as her mouth bobbed slowly around me, her tongue essentially sparring with me. My eyes closed yet again as I focused upon her gentle, loving actions. My hands gently stroked her head and played with her long black hair. I tried not to move my hips, knowing that my size made oral sex a bit uncomfortable for her small mouth and not wanting to increase her discomfort.

"Erin, yes," I heard myself whisper, but I do not know if she heard it over the sound of the hot water falling upon us. I felt as if I was melting into her mouth, and when she briefly hummed around my fleshy sword, I moaned in reaction.

At last, she pulled her head back, and I slipped out of her wet mouth. She continued to stroke and fondle me with her hand, continuing the pleasure in a different manner. I opened my eyes again and looked down upon her, greeting her heartwarming smile with a smile of my own as I brushed a few stray wet hairs away from her face.

"Feeling better?" my fiancée asked above the sound of the falling spray. "Feeling more relaxed?"

"Definitely," I replied with a nod and a wider smile. "Thank you for helping me to de-stress."

Slowly, Erin stood, pressing herself tightly against me. I could feel the weight of her waterlogged sweatshirt, and it seemed to make her breasts feel more prominent as they pressed into me. Our lips met and fused as my hands stroked her back, and I definitely felt much more human, much more alive, than when I had returned from the long, grueling, stressful day at the office.

When we finally separated, Erin took the soap and washcloth and took her time in properly washing me. We sometimes engaged in low-level Master-slave play, and with the care and attention she was giving me as she washed my body, I was certain that she was envisioning herself in her slave role.

At last, she had thoroughly cleaned me, and I finally turned off the water. Since she had ended by washing my feet, Eric knelt before me again, the soap and washcloth still in her hands as she looked up at me. A smile crossed her dainty lips, then she began to laugh.

"What is it?" I asked, stroking her head.

"Usually when I'm kneeling in front of you," she noted, "I'm completely nude and you're fully clothed."

I knelt as well, and we hugged tightly as we laughed together at her realization.

Once again, I felt human.

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