Human 2.0


At first glance, I could tell she was not one of us, that meant she had to be a mutant, probably an XMan of some ilk. She was so exotic and beautiful I didn't care and as I tried to work up the courage to speak to her she came over to me.

"If you fear me too much to speak, I will talk to you. Your name is Russell and mine is Lector. Buy me some beer and I will tell you what you want to know."

She found us a table while I bought a couple of brews, I couldn't keep my eyes or my mind off her and as I wound my way through the crowd to her table I imagined her naked.

"You want to see me naked; well I might let you do that but not here, maybe later."

"Can I assume you are an XMan and that one of your powers is the ability to read minds or am I just that obvious."

This brought a smile briefly to her lips although not her eyes, as they remained dark and piercing. She said she was a mutant as the normals called them and that one of her powers was the ability to read human thoughts. I asked if she had a preference for the term to denote her species and she said most of them thought of themselves as beyond normal rather than mutant. I said,

"Something like 'human 2.0', new and improved."

"I like your sense of humor, our 2.0 version seems to be lacking that particular gene. Take me to your lodging now; I desire to be alone with you."

She took my arm as I led her to the street and to my apartment. I understand most humans including myself fear the XMen but I felt quite at ease with Lector. As we walked, she asked me about my life and what I did for a living. Knowing she would catch me in any lies, I told her about my mundane existence. She surprised me by saying she was jealous of my normal life with its built in parameters of safety.

"You think it's exciting living life on the edge, always aware of nearby attackers but I find it stressful and I wish I could be like you with no other thoughts but sex."

I started to disagree but when she held up her hand, I realized she knew what was in my mind, probably more than I did.

Once up in my tiny place she took the lead and she pressed me against the door as she looked into my eyes while she traced her fingertips across my lips. Once again reading my thoughts she told me that yes, she liked being in control and that she really didn't care if it also was what I wanted. The feeling of her fingers on my lips was mesmerizing, her touch was so soft, and I hungered for more. This thought made her smile,

"Soon enough my darling you'll get much more."

She then pulled away those magic fingers and just when I began to feel disappointment, she replaced them with her lips. Her kiss was firm and molten hot but was nothing when compared to how her tongue felt as she violated my mouth. I was so hot; beyond excited almost in frenzy just from her kisses and when she pulled back I let out an involuntary moan of loss. She ripped my shirt open exposing my naked chest to her mouth and as she alternated kissing then biting my nipples it sent shock waves to my groin.

She pushed me back onto my bed and as she took her clothes off, I watched in anticipation. Her blouse was first, I noticed she wore no bra and could see she had no need as her tits anchored to her muscular chest stood high and firm. Her stomach was also flat and firm, yet when I saw her naked thighs as she pulled her jeans down I was surprised by the bulging quads and even her ass though large was rippled with toned muscle. Her pubic hair was so dark and bushy I couldn't get a glimpse of her pussy and as soon as I wondered if her pussy was full of muscle, she looked up at me and frowned.

"I'm sorry it's just you're so built you make me feel like a flabby little boy, don't get me wrong you have a fabulous body."

All she said was,

"You will please me first," and with that she climbed on the bed and on to my face. My first actual view of her pussy was as it was descending to my mouth. Other than a rather large clit extending from the top of her slit, she had a normal girl's pussy. My head was encased between her strong thighs as she rode my face for her pleasure, her concentration was on me not some memory or fantasy as she kept her eyes on mine. Waves of ecstasy surged through me as I worked to bring her to climax. With my lips around her large clit, I tickled just the tip with my tongue, maybe I couldn't read her mind, but from the way she was humping my face I knew she was close. Then she was there and she grabbed a hand full of my hair to hold me in place as she came spraying copious amounts of her fluids on my face.

After a moment or two, she released her hold on me and she ordered me to pull my pants down. I eagerly complied and she slid her wet pussy from my face and along my body to my waiting erection where she impaled herself in one move. I'm sure she already knew I wouldn't last long so she rode me hard and fast as she pinched my nipples in both hands. In mere seconds I erupted deep inside her with a satisfying climax and as I lay there, spent she leaned down to kiss me again. She got up and headed to the bathroom to freshen up, as women of all species say, but I just laid there too exhausted to move.

She came out of the bathroom and as she began to get dressed, she told me that she had enjoyed me and that 'we should do this again'. Next, she walked over to me still flat on my back, she gave me a peck on the cheek and said something like she had to go fight bad guys and save the world. As she started out the door I asked if she would call me, she turned around and smiled then said 'sure' and then she was gone.

I lie there thinking, had I just changed gender with this relationship. She was the aggressor taking the lead at all times, stripping me, using me for her own pleasure and once done she was out the door leaving me wondering if she would ever call me again. Wait, how could she call me if she didn't know my number, oh yeah, she was Lector and she probably knew my number better than I.

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