tagMind ControlHuman Android Ch. 13

Human Android Ch. 13


Chapter 13

Waking into a new life

(This chapter brings the characters into a new mode, clearing the decks for a new set of adventures -- my excuse for it being boring! To Mr anonymous - hope it suits you sir!)

Rebecca stirred in the dark, wondering where she was. She could squirm, though only just. Her legs were gripped tight, with both caught in a separate sleeve of plastic. Her hands were in gloves, so she couldn't feel what had engulfed her body. A blindfold effectively covered her eyes, blocking out all light. Earphones covered her ears, muffling all sound from the outside world.

The plastic bag she was poured into had been vacuum sealed, meaning all the air was sucked out of it, plastering it to her shape. She breathed through a tube and was fed through another. It felt like being in a coffin. Being so tightly sealed in, she began to panic, breathing rapid short breaths.

A deep voice told her to calm down. "You are safe, and your master will look after you. You are to rest and relax," the voice commanded.

She hadn't realised how much she was panicking, until the familiar voice instructed her to relax. It had been her master's deep, calming voice. Her master? This was a strange idea, almost as much as being in the dark, cut off from the world. Her master? It started to come to mind what had happened over the last couple of weeks.

She was a sex slave! The thought rushed into her mind, to violently collide with a stack of moral inhibitions. She began to calm down, relaxing as her master commanded. Rational thoughts slowly returned. This strange idea of being a slave, of having a master, had to be worked out.

How had such a weird thing happened? Why had she accepted such a lowly position? She was an 'A' student, with a promising future, so how could such a humiliating thing happen?

She remembered the brain implant and recoiled from the idea of it. The thing in her head was used, to engage in role play games. Someone had triggered it, so she was forced to play at being a lowly, cute little pet. It had been a simple, compelling game, though terribly frustrating while only able to talk in yaps, and barks.

The memories were so real, as if she really had been a family's pet dog. Her sex became inflamed, from the memory of that game.

Damn! She hadn't been a cute, friendly family pet. She had been a bitch on heat. The frustration of being on heat, of needing her master to satisfy her, was so powerful even now. Rebecca could feel her sex become intensely aroused. As much as she tried, it was impossible to reach her pussy, or even rub her thighs together. Her memories and thoughts were stoking her up, leaving her feeling immensely frustrated.

In the blackness it all seemed so real. She was a bitch, aching for a dog to satisfy her. These memories were hers, from the day she had played the game. From now on a small part of her would be that bitch on heat, panting for a male.

Quickly moving on, Rebecca recalled another game had been invoked. She had become a sex slave. Not just playing at it either, she had actually become one. For the last two weeks she had lived, breathed, and thought of herself as a sex slave.

Bob! He had done this to her! He had enslaved her! He must have put her into this container, whatever it was. She tried to struggle, but it was impossible to move. What had he done to her? With that hideous implant, he could make her do anything. He could and did, have her performing like a helpless sex pet, now this!

She remembered discovering her mother's implant, and what it had done to her. Anne had become a mindless, obedient doll. She had looked after her, or rather had her waiting upon her like a simple maid. Rebecca felt guilty over that. Though, at the time, it had seemed a just retribution, for her father leaving them.

Where was her mother now? Was her master playing with Anne, as his compliant sex doll? A wave of jealousy swept through her mind, swamping the thoughts of anger and fear. The voice cut her thoughts off. It was her master, telling her to be calm and that he would look after her.

Surely it was wrong to think of him as her master? Rebecca realised the implant was inactive. Yet, she had a residue of ideas that were alien to her. It was important to work out what was happening, and to somehow fight the feelings. Her mother had been overwhelmed by the implant, for it had been active for too long, influencing her thinking. Had this happened to her?

Her mind was in turmoil. This mental manoeuvring was the only movement possible, in the tight confines of the bag. Her mind was somewhat free, to explore the tiny world that existed to her. That was all, while everything else was locked out. Sight, touch, sound, smells, all her senses were denied.

"Relax. Your master will look after you," a voice quietly commanded in the darkness. The computer program was timed to give instructions. It was her only contact with the outside world.

"Suck on the pipe for water," it told her.

As though it were a life line she sucked at the pipe, tucked into the corner of her mouth. A measured dose of water dribbled in, which she gratefully sipped. It was something to do, and it was a distraction, from the bleak nothingness of her existence.

"Suck on the pipe for nourishment," the voice intoned.

Again she sucked, to be given a liquid feed. Together with the voice, this was her only relief from the emptiness. After awhile she longed to hear the reassuring words. As the long night stretched inerrably on and on, she looked forward to hearing the voice. It became a vital life line.

"Empty your bladder," the voice unexpectedly commanded.

Without a thought she did. She didn't wet herself, as that too was taken care of. It proved her master was in complete control of her body. He was looking after her. She could feel something in her pussy, not realising it was a catheter. The voice commanded her to eat, drink, urinate, and relax, so she did.

The reassuring voice told Rebecca to relax, and that her master would look after her. She believed it. As the minutes passed like hours she became more dependent upon the voice of her master. Instructions were obeyed without question.


Anne had already retreated into her own world of darkness, before climbing into the bag. It had been a safety mechanism, to protect her mind. She needed to escape from the dreadful, humiliating acts she was compelled to commit, with those uncaring men. Her thoughts had been locked away, in a quiet corner of her mind.

In the calm, placid darkness of the bag, her mind began to recover. The commanding voice reassured her. She began to realise the implant was inactive, and that its influence was receding.

She didn't resent the black nothingness, for it was a rest from the terrible outside world. The deep, reassuring voice helped her recover her equilibrium. Within the confines of a safe new world, she could once more relax. There was nothing to do but obey the rich toned, comforting voice. No longer was there the torment, from men, taking advantage of her, making her play nasty sex games.

Anne too, drank, ate, urinated and relaxed, under the influence of the commanding, comforting voice.


Bob arrived back on campus with the football team, and they were ready to party. The guys couldn't believe Bob was prepared to take the trainers advice; to get an early night. They cajoled him, telling him to live up to his reputation. He eventually escaped the football team, with the promise to join them later, at the frat house.

He jogged toward his apartment until out of sight. With an abrupt turn, through the trees, he made steady progress toward the faculty housing area. A well used, familiar track, led to the back of Professor Draper's house. He let himself into the kitchen, and stood still, quietly listening.

A hissing noise from the air-conditioner was all he heard. There was no sense of anyone being home; the house felt deserted. The sink was dry, and other telltale signs, revealed the kitchen hadn't been used in the last couple of days. He silently padded through the house, to the professors bedroom.

He hesitated a moment, recalling the nightmare while away, at the football game. It was unlikely they had been discovered, though it was possible. There could be a college cop, waiting for him. He intended being away for only the one night, though it ended up being two nights. After three days, there was no telling what state they were in.

He opened the closet door and walked in. Bob listened to the calm steady breathing, as air was sucked from the two plastic tubes. Disconnecting a computer cable and the tubes, he apprehensively unzipped one of the bags. A sweaty face was revealed, with eyes and ears covered. A pungent body odour wafted up at him.

Anne was alive, but how was she, after being in there for so long? Seventy-two hours must have seemed like weeks. Eventually he pulled the wrappings from the inert woman. The headphones and blindfold was still on. Bob removed them and told her to take a shower, but she couldn't rise off the floor. After helping her up, she stood shakily for a moment, before tottering off to the bathroom.

Anne's daughter, Rebecca, was next.

Anne stood under the hot stream of water, not thinking, just feeling her body. She lathered, rinsed, and dried. Almost falling on weakened legs, she managed to reach the bedroom door, with hands patting the walls on the way. She watched her daughter emerge from the closet. Rebecca was helped to the bathroom, looking as bad as she felt.

It was a relief that the past weeks were over. It was so good knowing the implant was inactive. At last she was recovering from the dreadful effects, of that nasty, invasive device. She stumbled to the bed, and fell onto it. Her body felt so weak and heavy. The lights were off, yet the ambient light seemed so bright. A bird sang outside the window, sounding loud and crystal clear.

Rebecca staggered into the room, helped by Bob. She began to slip to the floor, so he gently lowered her, until she sat on the carpet. She had a vacant, placid look on her face.

"What have you done?" Anne croaked. She whispered, yet her voice sounded too loud. Slithering off the bed, to fall next to her daughter, Anne intended to protect and comfort Rebecca. Putting both arms around her, she stroked the long clean hair.

"What have you done to us? You shouldn't be here! Why are you here?" Anne whispered. Something of her old-self was returning, though her voice sounded weak from disuse.

She knew who this young man was, he was a student. His name was Bob, and he had done something to them both. She just couldn't think about the past, didn't want to, she needed to forget.

He shouldn't be in her bedroom or even in her home. It was terribly wrong to be naked in front of him, yet she was more concerned for Rebecca, than thinking about covering her body. She was a professor at the university, though that was hardly the point. For the sake of decency, he should at least turn away from them.

She felt so weak and vulnerable, unable to defend herself, let alone her daughter. "You must go, get out!" she shouted.

"Sorry! I wanted to help you. You needed to recover from the implant," Bob muttered.

It was sort of true, but of course they weren't going to see it that way. After all, he had taken advantage of them. He had played a nasty game with them both, over the past couple of weeks. He had them pandering to his whims, like sex pets. Now they were free of the implant, what had he expected? They were hardly going to be grateful, after what he put them through.

Bob started to think about his career, that he might be thrown out of college. It would be his fault. That didn't make it any easier to face up to. It had been just too tempting to play with them. He should have just blackmailed the professor, into giving him higher grades.

"I wanted to look after you," he countered. This time, his tone of voice was deeper, and more assertive.

He was trying to justify his actions, knowing they were wrong. It hadn't been him that started it all. The professor had put herself in that helpless position, experiencing all kinds of distasteful situations, before he caught her.

He had planned on them not complain to the authorities. After all, the professor was one of those imposing faculty members. She wouldn't want this, and everything else, to get out. It would be highly embarrassing for the professor and her daughter.

"If you're sure you are alright, I'll leave you to it. I'll just go," he stated firmly. His strong manly voice resonated around the room.

"No!" Rebecca huskily protested, from a dry throat. "Please, master! You promised to look after me," she implored him. She pulled herself free of her mother, to assume the slave position she had become used to; while under the implants influence.

Anne looked at her daughter in confusion, wondering if the implant was still active. If it had been, for all that time - while locked away in the bag - Rebecca was in deep trouble.

Anne shook her head. She was lucky, having come out of it, in a better state than when being put into it.

"Did you leave the implant on?" Anne asked, with a defiant look on her face. She was at last regaining her self-assurance, becoming her old self. The harridan professor, everyone feared on campus, would soon be able to reassert her position, ready to put this young man in his place.

"The implant was off. I wanted to free the two of you of its influence. I told you, I would look after you, so just relax," he firmly stated.

He used the same tone of voice as the computer recording; played to them repeatedly over the last few days. He hoped it would reassure the professor, for she was ready to pounce on him. He needed to leave her in a more agreeable state, if that were possible.

Rebecca thought he was talking to her. "Yes, master, I will relax. I need you to look after me, please stay," she implored him. "I need to hear your voice, telling me what to do," she said, with a whispery.

"The voice in the dark, it was your voice?" Anne asked. She began to relax, feeling calm, less afraid of what might happen. She felt sure this young man, wasn't going to tell anyone, what she had been up to. He wanted to look after her, as he had just told her.

"Yes, it was my voice, I was trying to keep you calm, helping you to recover," he said, keeping his voice low and relaxed. He watched Anne shuffling on her knees, to squat next to her daughter. She too positioned her body, into a comfortable and familiar pose.

"If you don't need me to look after you, I'll leave now," he meaningfully spoke.

"No!" they said in unison.

"Rebecca needs you to look after her," Anne spoke out.

She could see her daughter looking up at him, with an imploring look upon her face. The look of need whipped away the building anger, replacing it with a warm feeling of gratitude. It wasn't just her daughter who needed his reassurance.

Anne recognised the voice! It tugged at her, pulling her into accepting him, acknowledging that he had helped her. Being placed into the bag had brought her round. The tranquillity made it possible to escape the internal world of nothingness where her thoughts had been trapped.

"Please stay and look after us," Anne said, with a wavering voice.

Bob looked at them both, kneeling before him, wanting him to be there. They had been through a lot, especially Anne. Could he walk away from them now, without recriminations? It was important to find out what was going on inside them. He had to make sure it was safe, that they were safe.

"I'll stay if you want me to," he stated.

"Yes, master, please, master," Rebecca said, while squirming on her haunches.

"What about you?" he asked Anne.

Rebecca looked at her mother with an expression full of eager expectation. Between the two of them, and the memory of his reassuring words, Anne felt trapped. She hung her head in resignation.

"Yes. Please stay and look after us both," she reluctantly replied.

"I'll go down stairs while you dress," Bob announced. He would have to be careful, and not push Anne too far. It was obvious she was only just accepting the situation. If he could spend some time with them, until they fully recovered, it would leave him in the clear.

Being told to get dressed left Anne cringing. Being reminded she was naked, by that young man, was embarrassing. It felt so bad, she wanted to cover her body, yet left her hands balancing upon her knees. She looked down at herself, seeing her thighs were spread, showing off her sex.

Rebecca looked up at Bob, as he was about to leave the room. "What should I wear, master?" she asked.

"Something suitable, something pleasing," he smiled.

After he left, the room seemed empty. They sat beside each other for a moment, looking rested and calm. Rebecca struggled up, with limbs still aching from lack of use. She helped her mother up off the floor.

"Quickly, we don't want to keep our master waiting," Rebecca calmly declared.

"Wait a moment," Anne demanded. "You don't have to call him 'master'," she told her daughter. She hesitated, unsure over what else to say. It was imperative that she get her daughter out of this absurd way of thinking. She knew it would be hard, for she too had been under the implants influence, and knew how strong it was.

"It's that damn implant, you have to shake its influence off, and start thinking properly," she lamely stated.

"It's not that. It's just, I mean, I want him to be my master. He knows what to do, he'll help me, he'll look after me," Rebecca firmly stated.

"Do you realise what he did to you, with that implant. What it did to you?" Anne said, trying again to reason with her.

"Yes! I don't care. I just want to be calm and happy. I want that warm feeling, like, when I was in that thing . . . that bag. It felt so good to be taken care of. You have an implant, and look what happened to you! This is different," Rebecca stubbornly told her mother.

"Come on, get dressed, our master is waiting for us," Rebecca cajoled her mother.

Her enthusiasm was catching. Anne followed her daughters lead, trying on outfits, one after the other, seeking out a something to impress the master. It seemed, like her, Rebecca was back to normal. This obsession, to please the master, was the only thing that marred an otherwise complete recovery.

Anne had to admit, she felt it too. Knowing it was from being kept in that bag, that it was the depravation that did this to them, didn't help resist it. She just hoped it would quickly wear off.

Bob sat nervously drumming his fingers, on the arm of the sofa. It was only a thin comfort knowing he had brought the professor round, to become more like her old self. Could she possibly forgive him for what he did to her daughter?

They ran in like excited schoolgirls, giggling and pushing each other. They stood before him, with expectant looks, needing his approval. Anne had followed her daughters lead. The excitement of dressing up, had been infectious, and Anne decided to just go along with it, until the whole silly feeling subsided.

"Well?" Anne asked. She gave a twirl in the short dress, for it to rise around her thighs. She was wearing black stockings, held by suspender belts, gripping tight a pair of pale thighs. The black panties were sheer, though he only got a glimpse of them as she turned.

"My turn," Rebecca interrupted her mother, obviously in competition with her. Wanting to impress him, she lifted the dress, to show off the underwear less discreetly.

"Rebecca!" Anne screeched, meaning to scold her daughter, only she laughed, spoiling the effect.

"Well? What do you think, master?" Rebecca asked. She blatantly sought his approval, while her mother looked embarrassed.

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