tagIncest/TabooHuman Cattle Ch. 01

Human Cattle Ch. 01


A recent text on Literotica: The human cow auction from Thirsty73 that I recommend you to read reminded me of one of my old stories in French on a similar topic. Here is an English translation of Cheptel humain with just a little polishing. The next (completely new) chapters will introduce other partners, including Dan, Peter, Kyrhan in ch.3 and ultimately (ch.4) Kira some readers know already.


John, an important industrial executive from Sedan (east of France), fortyish and in top shape, had been driving his big 4 wheels drive on the roads of the Larzac plateau for more than one hour. On the seat next to him, his young niece, Virginia, just eighteen for a few days and in her blossoming virginal youth, was sitting half asleep. She had been pestering him to come to the cattle market of Saint Azul for two years. Every year, her uncle and aunt went there. A family decease had opportunely forced her aunt to attend the funerals. She had proposed her niece who lived with them since the death of her parents to accompany her husband.

Virginia woke up when John stopped the car to open a barrier when he exited the asphalted road.

- Uncle, we are already arrived at saint Azul?

- No! It's still twenty kilometers afar. Saint Azul is an abandoned farm, ruined and distant from any village.

Virginia resumed quietly her sleep. She barely opened her eyes when he stopped again to open other barriers every four or five kilometers. Finally, John woke her up by touching gently her knee. They had reached their destination.

There were maybe fifty SUV, pick-up or small lorries aligned in a field with military like precision. Nearby, a large tent was most likely sheltering the famed cattle which had always been the center of discussion between John and Peter, Virginia's father who had died with his wife in a car crash, coming back from just that annual event.

Further away, a group of small tents were clearly built for visitors. There were also a few shops selling cheese, milk, yoghurts, creams and various derived products. Other shop offered accessories for cows : wide leather collars with a bell attached, nose rings, chains and various kinds of hobbles. Virginia just noticed that all these items were designed for rather small animals, not for the animals she could see in the country near her home.

When they arrived, a guard on duty asked for Virginia's papers but not for John's, another fact that puzzled her. They put their luggage in the tent they had been assigned. John parked his car with the other ones while Virginia opened their wallets. The young girl was a little bewildered to find only one bed, rather wide but still she would have to very closely hug her uncle. After all, she had so much insisted to accompany him she wouldn't complain about somewhat Spartan conditions.

John came back to help her to finish organizing their bivouac for two or three days. It was nearly noon when they got out of the tent to show Virginia the fair. They first took a glass of fresh milk in a shop. The taste was very sweet but different from cow milk. Her uncle made Virginia sample several cheeses, which had also unusual tastes. Finally, they walked into the main hall. John smiled to Virginia as he opened the door. The girl entered and froze instantly when she discovered the show inside.

As in common agricultural fairs, there were more or less tidy alleys lined with stalls. The ground there was covered with straw with drinking and feeding troughs. Cattle were attached to posts with metallic chains. Owners were taking extreme care of their cattle, with combs and scissors. The only unexpected point was that the cattle didn't include prize cows, bulls, stallions or mares but nearly two hundred nude women.

Virginia, mesmerized, turned toward her uncle for explanations. Words seemed not to be able to come out of her mouth. John came to her rescue.

- May I present you the cattle fair of Saint Azul, You pestered me for two years to come along. Now you can see why I wanted you to be an adult before!

- But all these women! Why are they here with all their tack? They look like slaves of former times!

- Something like that! In fact, this is a formal meeting of a very select club for people pretending to be prize cow owners and women agreeing to play along for one year or more.

- But, where is their interest?

- It varies with girls: some of them love to be pampered like animals, spending the whole afternoon in a meadow in the shade of a tree. Personally, I would get bored in a few days. Bur there's a bonus : when they enter into lactation, they have to be milked morning and evening. The process is so enjoyable that they may cum even when milked by an automatic machine. Afterwards, they just need it.

- I always thought that women should have babies to produce milk!

- That's a common mistake : with proper breast manipulations and much faster with hormonal treatment through shots directly in the breasts, even a virgin girl would enter into milk production. Her breasts would swell dramatically and reach their maximum production in a matter of months.

- And how long does it continue?

- As long as the girl is regularly milked. Milk production is followed carefully and it begins to drop, we may give her another shot unless the owner prefers her to be knocked up usually by a suitable paying stallion. In our specific language, we have her covered or bred. The enhancement of milk production through shots or by breeding gives about the same results.

- But what if the girl is not milked?

- Her breasts swell even more and hurt a lot. Postponing milking is often used as a punishment for disobedient cow girls. Then, girls' hands are manacled on their backs. They often try to relieve the stress by milking themselves by pushing their tits against a wall, a post or a barrier. They must be permanently surveyed. I'll show you. There are occasional demonstrations for those who are interested.

- Oh, I would love to watch it! I'm so much excited!

The visit began with a small pen occupied by a dozen girls, about as old as Virginia, freshly out of adolescence. They watched visitors with eyes both distraught and eager to attract glances. They wore scarves around their neck, either red or white.

John put his elbows on the barrier and the girls gathered in front of him, pushing back their shoulders to make their young breasts jut out.

- Look, Virginia, they are girls as old as you who propose themselves for sale for the first time. They are known as heifers. Those who are still virgins sport a white scarf and those who aren't wear a red scarf. Each one has been given hormonal shots and they will start producing milk in one or two months. Woman's milk is an expensive delicacy in our community. It may also be transformed into butter and cheese.

- Oh! It's disgusting!

- I would say it's delicious. You ate some this very morning! Girls are given a one year contract. A cow doesn't speak. We won't go as far as cutting their vocal cords as it was done sometimes many years ago. Nowadays, we just spray a gel on them. It dissolves in about one year, just in time for the girl to specify whether she wants to stop the experience and resume her role of a common young woman, just richer by ten or fifteen thousand euros or whether she wants to continue. In that case she is brought back here and offered on sale again.

- Again for one year?

- Not necessarily so! After the first year, she may decide if the contract she proposes will be for one, two or five years, but she is not allowed to choose who will purchase her, if she is auctioned. If the sale is by private agreement, it's different: she offers herself to someone at a given price. He may agree or decline but the price is usually much lower than during an auction!

In the next pens, there were older women who paraded, led by men who could be their owners. A placard with the girl's photograph specified her daily milk production, the number of children she had had with their birth date. Virginia turned once more toward her uncle, asking him the reason of such precisions.

- The contract includes the possibility of having the young cow covered once a year. Just know that it's not mandatory!

- But how does the owner reach pay back?

- He may sell the milk, cover the cow himself and sell the baby for a huge fee. It's forbidden in France but authorized in many other countries. Girls are delivered -- we prefer the word calved -- usually in England. It's most often sufficient to reach pay back. More over, at the end of the contract, the owner is entitled to receive ten per cent of the appreciation, if the cow has been well taken care of. For older cattle, only the sale of the milk allows to earn some money.

- But what after? When a cow gets too old?

- She can resume her normal life whenever she wants after the end of the current contract. That's how your mother married your father and myself your aunt Brigitte.

- What, Mom and father, yourself and Brigitte, I never expected something like that!

- I swear it! Your mother and Brigitte opted for a five years contract. At its end, they decided to stop selling their bodies and they married their previous owner.

- Is it often the case?

- No, far from it. Men don't want to be locked with just one woman and cows were able to know the inadequacies of their masters. But let's continue the visit.

As they advanced, women got older. Some of them were ostensibly pregnant and a few about to deliver.

- It's a marketing method, as you can see. Some buyers want an immediate return. They are ready to pay a premium price knowing they would be repaid soon. Older women also wish to demonstrate they still are able to provide their owners babies. . .

They now arrived to the farthest end of the tent. There was a stall that was empty for the time being.

- At the end of the fair, girls who had not been sold are put in this pen and proposed for low prices to whoever wants them. Most of them are too old to be knocked up or provide milk. Those who had not been auctioned off are culled. They will not be allowed to be offered on sale next year. Just like cattle but they are spared the ultimate degradation of finishing their life in a slaughter house. . . In passing, slaughter house is the nickname for brothels where customers queue to fuck women. They may be fucked up to eighty or one hundred times a day in those places, five to ten minutes each, fifteen hours a day!

Evening was coming already. John took his niece to the fair restaurant. Naked girls with their white or red scarves were acting as waitresses. They weren't under contract and their vocal cords had still not been coated. They clearly intended to have customers bid on them when they were auctioned off the next day. Whenever, some sneaking hand tried to explore their holes, they skipped them with a big laugh, especially those with white scarves.

Virginia was on a cloud as they went to bed. John took off his clothes quite matter-of-factly in front of his niece, exhibiting proudly his muscled torso. He just kept his boxer that delineated his cock and balls that seemed really huge to the un-experienced eye of Virginia. She was too shy to get naked in front of him. She went to change into the common toilets, putting on a small coat above her nightie to protect herself from the night chilling wind. She took off her coat when she came back to their tent.

- Virginia, you didn't need to go to the toilets to change! I've seen so many girls' bottoms and breasts that I need much more than that to have a hard-on!

- Maybe but I'm not accustomed to get nude in front of a man, especially if he is as virile as you are! For the last two years, I heard you fucking Auntie every evening or so.

Somewhere, John got proud from her compliment but he had to correct her.

- For your information, girl, your aunt gets screwed at least three times a day and often more than that when we have guests: In the morning on the side of the pool or in the log cabin in winter, at noon, a quickie on the kitchen table and in the evening in our bed when you may have heard us. I'll whip her for being too vocal then. But now, hush! I'm a little tired from driving for such a long time.

John turned on his side to leave more space to Virginia. The closeness of their bodies gave her a single choice ; either turn her back to him and feel the tip of his cock (Virginia was sufficiently knowledgeable to use such words) drilling between her ass cheeks or turn toward him and feel the same proud cock nudging from her navel to her cunt lips while her nose was just at the level of his armpits. After a few minutes, she got used to his male odors and finally, she came to find it pleasant and sensual.

The next morning, the auction started. They were selling girls following their ages. The first one to be sold was a young beautiful girl just adult by two days. She was proudly wearing around her neck a red scarf. She climbed on the podium with swaying hips and throwing lusty sights to the herd of young males who had watched her closely, the previous evening. The bidding started at five thousand Euros but the winner proposed thirteen thousand Euros. John chuckled :

- She was bought by that lecherous old fool of Master Jack. He is only interested by her sweet little ass and he will offer her mouth and cunt to anyone who cares for a trifle of money. He is always short in cash: She'll get knocked up in less than a month. Poor girl!

The next one wore a white scarf. She was less agressively beautiful than the previous one but she seemed less wanton and more posed. John bid on her up to eight thousand euros but she went to ten thousand. He seemed sad to have lost the auction and Virginia felt something like jealousness.

- It's Peter Dumont who got her! He's the best trainer I know, after myself, for sure. This girl will be the star of the fair for the next years, you'll see!

The auction continued all the day. John bid a few times but clearly he didn't put any spirit in it then. Ostensibly, the girl with the white scarf had really touched him. Virginia was bold enough to ask him why he was so much interested in her and how he would have coped at home if he had won the auction.

- I had reached a deal with your aunt. She would have managed the grooming and training of the girl. She would also deal with the men I would have chosen to fuck her. I didn't plan anything like the rhythm Master Jack will force on the first girl : she is a virgin and her sexuality must be awakened slowly and the trainer mustn't give her too much sex too fast. If she needs more, she will be just sweeter for her next suitor. Such a girl should never be fully satiated.

- And how will she lose her cherry?

- If Dumont is half as clever as I think, she will keep it at least two or three months. He will just use her mouth and her back passage until then. That will put her on heat and she will beg him on her knees to be fucked at last. Personally, I would have chosen then five well endowed black men and I would have offered her to them as soon as I would have taken her cherry in the middle of a big party. Afterward, I could have asked anything from her.

The next women, looking more experienced obtained varying results. Most of them tried their best to fetch the best prices. Three, around thirty, lithe enough to be dancers were bought by the same man : one was blonde, the second had dark hair and the last one was a redhead with freckles. John whispered to his niece :

- It's the manager of a go go girls cabaret. They will be trained for pole dance before making the show every night. After midnight, they will have to pleasure the customers. Every one will be pleased and even them! The tips, usually quite hefty are for them traditionally.

- What they'll do, at the end of the contract?

- Oh, Don't fear anything for them : Their owner may exchange them with a colleague in England or USA. Such girls always find a way out. A dancer this man bought ten years ago is now managing a school dance in Marrakech. Her pupils, when they are of age find very lucrative positions in the jet set. Another one is now a famed belly dancer in Cairo.

- Ah they are now selling much older women.

- Yes, Some of them may get discharged tonight. It's a very sad and difficult moment, the unwanted end of a career. . .

Finally only four women were culled and went out weeping. The ceremony of vocal cords spraying for girls who had just been sold would take place on the next morning, starting at nine o'clock. Buyers dispersed to rest before dinner. Most of the unlucky bidders left. John had decided to stay. Virginia hastened to get back to their tent to change before the meal. John gave her plenty of time for that. Finally she opened the door to see what he was doing. She waved him in, blushing like a teenager. He was surprised to discover her weaing a very short red dress, very low cut that looked fetching on her. He complimented her and that made her blush even more. He especially loved her shyness.

The dinner was very good, served with woman milk either curdled with rose syrup flavoring or fresh. For two euros, you could milk yourself one of the girls and fill your glass. For five euros, you could suckle directly the breast you were offered. Virginia was bold enough to lift her hand with a two euros coin in her hand. The girl who came at once was one of those who had been hired by the go go girl cabaret owner, the redhead. Her breasts were swollen by the milk and should really hurt her. She offered her breast above Virginia's glass. The girl grimaced as John's niece grabbed her breast and filled her glass. He took the girl in pity and offered another coin. He chose the other breast and began to fill his own glass simultaneously.

Virginia was surely less experienced and she was certainly hurting somoohat the girl with her awkwardness but she seemed quite pleased of having both her udders relieved simultaneously. She began to pant under their ministrations then she desperately moaned. When John began to lightly draw out her nipple while nibbling it with the tip of his finger and Virginia tried to emulate him, the woman took her head in her hands and screamed. Everyone turned toward them and their eyes converged on Virginia and stayed focused on her. When both glasses were filled up, the girl's breasts were still rather full but they were not hurting anymore. She thanked them with a flick of her eyes. Onlookers applauded John and Virginia who blushed once more in confusion.

When dessert was served, a cream with fruit pieces, for sure prepared with woman's milk. John smiled and waved a ten Euros bill. The same girl who had served them her milk came to his side. He gave her the money and whispered something to her ear. The girl nodded and went to Virginia's side. She told her with a voice somoohat fritted by a full year of complete silencing as she pushed her breasts forward to Virginia :

- That man paid to allow you to suckle as much milk as you want. Both my breasts are at your total disposal.

Virginia watched her uncle with bewildered eyes. People around them were evaluating her reaction. Would she have the nerve to do what her uncle proposed her? After a few minutes delay, she bent forward and took the nipple in her mouth and began to suckle like a baby. The girl threw back her head, Throwing her luscious long hair on her back. Drinking directly from the breast of a stranger was an experience much more inebriating than drinking a single glass of the same milk. Virginia stopped only when she had completely drained the breast that had lost a good part of his previous impressive firmness.

She smiled to John to thank him and she ate eagerly her cream. When she was served coffee, she waved to the girl and pointed her finger to her cup. She immediately understood and bent forward to present her nipple just an inch from: the hot broth. Virginia whose expertness increased rapidly, pressed a squirt in the dead center of the cup. She nodded to thank her and turned her spoon in her cup.. She drank her coffee with delectation. She discussed a few minutes with John and called once more for the girl to come to her table to be completely milked with her mouth at last. The redhead gracefully let her perform at her leisure and expressed her renewed pleasure by feverish groans.

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