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In the year 2020, Dictator for life Obama made it legal for girls over 21 to enter into voluntarily enslavement for the amusement of males. Soon after the protests died down, business professionals soon began to develop theme parks for girls interested in living the lifestyle to live in comfortably, or in any case, as comfortably as a slave girl could ask for. A new federal department was created, the department for human pet safety, which was tasked with the oversight and regulation concerning the fair treatment of human pets. States and cities also enacted legislation to either promote or discourage the establishment of theme parks for human pet slaves, and when a new park was established, reporters flocked to see the sights, and report on the conditions in the parks. For the most part, the girls who volunteered to be the pets in these parks needed the money, or the thrill of the environment, or they craved to live their dreams. Most parks were established in the south, since the climate allowed the pet slaves more time outdoors, and offered a better climate for year round activities. One park was built inland of Daytona Beach, and one of the local reporters was being assigned to cover the building and development of the park. This is her story.

Chapter 1: The zoo story is born

"Sarah, we have gotten calls from the town council that a new park has applied for a permit to build a human zoo out on International Speedway Boulevard over by the former county jail site. As you know, the locals seem to go wild when a new zoo is built, and it always seems to generate tourism. I want you to go out there, and cover the story. Take pictures, interview staff and guests, and if they let you, try to participate. Now, I am not saying you have to do this, but the pay you can earn from this story would be in the 6 digits. Much better than your current 3 digit salary. What do you say?"

Sarah looked at her fat boss, and could imagine him undressing her with his eyes. He had always been a leach, and she had heard of his attempts to get the girls on the reporting staff either over his knee for a hard spanking, or else bent over his desk with their panties down for a hard fucking. Now it seemed, he had set his eyes on her. Still, the increase in her pay would definitely make her situation better, if she didn't get carried away by the zoo people. She had always dreamed of what those girls in the zoo went thru as they became animals, and her pussy did drip at the thought of the girls as they lived their lives.

"Ok boss, I'll write the story, but I want my pay in advance, and I also want my independence from deadlines. In fact, I am probably going to have to go in undercover, so they don't change their operations just because there is a reporter on the scene. Can you agree to that, chief?"

John sat back in his chair, and thought about this brash young reporters comments. She sure knew how to step up to a challenge, and she defineitly had a brain in her head. Still, he knew he couldn't just let her disappear from the paper with the bonus he was going to pay her and just wait for the story to come back. Still, her arguments did make sense. It wouldn't be the same if the staff at the zoo knew she was a reporter, when there were so many stories being written about zoos in other parts of the south. Coming to a decision, sat up again.

"Ok, here's what I will do. Go this weekend, and spend the time there undercover. Write up a preliminary story for the paper, and if it is worth further investigation, we will see what we can do to help get you into a longer, undercover reporter slot. But if your story doesn't live up to expectations, not only can you expect a trip to the spanking machine, but your job will be going to someone else. Deal?"

"Deal sir. I'll make my reservations, and go out Friday night, and report back on Monday with my story."

Sarah turned on her heels and walked out of her boss' office. She knew he was watching her hips sway as she walked out to her desk, gathered her purse, and cleared her work away. She knew most of the men would be watching her as well when she went to the zoo too. Still, she was a reporter, and she was going to get the story.

Sarah made her way to her apartment after she finished with her work, and signed onto the zoo's website. She saw that the guest stays could be booked for a weekend, a week, a month, all summer, all year, or for a period of enslavement after an interview. She clicked on the weekend package, and made sure she checked off the guest box and not the slave box. She confirmed her reservation, and packed some clothes for the weekend. Since it was going to be warm, she packed some skirts and tees, her sneakers and her underwear, and a bikini to sun her self by the pool. She also made sure she packed her notepad and a micro camera, which she could wear with her clothes, and record video and pictures without appearing to do so.

Chapter 2: Arriving at the Zoo

She then packed her car, and drove over to the parking lot of the human animal zoo, and showed the guard her pass. She was given a map to a small cabin, and directed to park her car in the driveway. Sarah drove into the compound, and was surprised by the number of trees and security systems the zoo employed. Her route to the cabin brought her over a wooden bridge which spanned a moat, and also thru a security fence on each side of the moat. She asked the guard who opened the inner gate about the security, and he informed her it was for the slaves protection from people who might try to harm them or the guests. Sarah found the cabin, and parked her car. She decided to walk into the house, before bringing in her things. Opening the door to the cabin, she was met by a girl dressed as a maid. Sarah stumbled as she saw the maid, and heard her greeting.

"Welcome Miss. My name is Maid Sophie. I am here to help you in any way I can. Do you have a bag, Miss? Do you want anything to eat, drink, or play with?"

Sarah looked the maid over for a moment, looking at her short skirt, and low cut top, and smiled. She looked like someone anyone would like to take to bed. Sarah blushed as she thought that, and then pointed to her car.

"Hi Sophie. Yes, my bag is in my car there, if you would care to bring it in? I am note sure, but is there a fee for your services, or are you part of the price of admission? And can you do anything, or are there limits?"

"Miss, I am part of the house, and since you paid for the house, you also paid for me for your stay here. And I can do anything you want me to miss. Let me get your bag, and I will show you the house, and its facilities. Then if you want anything, just ask for it."

Sarah watched the maid walk out to her car, and remove her bag from the trunk. Sarah admired the white panties as the maid bent over, and thought how they would look over her own knee, as she spanked the helpless maid. Sarah felt her pussy moisten at the thoughts she was having, but she kept them in check. She did, after all, have a story to write. Sarah took some time to look over the house, while she waited. She turned to the left, and saw the dining room, and behind that, a kitchen nook. On her right, were a living room and a closed door. There was also a door leading out to the back, and a foot path leading there along the side of the house she had seen as she drove up. Sarah was curious, but she decided to wait. After all, she didn't want to go over her head too soon.

Sophie returned with Sarah's bag, and led her into the bedroom. Sarah watched as Sophie unpacked Sarah's things, smiling as she watched the maid bend over, showing Sarah her panties again and again as she bent over and folded things away into their drawers and closet hangers.

"Sophie, I can't help but notice you like to show me your panties. Do you want me to look at them more closely?"

"Yes Miss, if you wish. Have I been a bad maid?"

Sarah smiled as she knew the introduction to a roleplay when she heard one. She now knew Sophie liked to be punished, and would willingly accept a spanking if Sarah demanded her to get one.

"Yes you have. Showing off your panties to a guest. Come over here and bend over my knee, you naughty maid."

Sophie scampered over, and bent herself over Sarah's lap, wiggling her ass seductively as she felt Sarah flip her skirt up. She squirmed a second, in anticipation.


Sarah rained her hand down across Sophie's panty covered ass as the maid began to wiggle and squirm under Sarah's spanking. Sarah loved the soft moans and squeaks the maid made as she had her bottom warmed. Sarah knew how to spank a girl to make her feel it, and not do any damage to her rear. Sophie felt her pussy moisten as she was spanked, and she knew this would be a fun weekend.

Sarah continued to spank Sophie for another ten minutes until the maid's ass turned a crimson red. Sarah finally decided to see what else the cottage had to offer, and so she helped the maid to her feet, and gave her a hug, before smiling.

"Sophie, show me what else is in the house. I am new to the zoo, and would like to know what I can expect here, and what options are open to me."

"Yes, of course miss. If you would follow me."

Sophie led Sarah around the house, pointing out where she could get a meal, where Sophie would stay, and the dungeon on the second floor, with its toys and larger pieces of furniture. Sarah had seen some of the toys from other sites, but she was beginning to get her own submissive side going, as she saw out the back window a small barn.

"Sophie, do we have our own ponygirl to use?"

"Why, yes miss, we can have one sent here, or we can go down to the stables and pick out one from their. Or did you have a request, miss?"

Sophie knew from the look in her visitor's eyes she wanted to spend some time in harness, and Sophie knew how to take care of ponygirls, including their harnessing and punishments. Seeing her visitor squirm at the question, Sophie knew her guest's answer before she could speak it.

"Why yes Sophie, I do have a request. I want you to order me some harness and tack, and exercise my ponygirl tonight and half of tomorrow morning. She is to sleep in the stables, and receive whatever punishment is due to her. But she is to be let free at lunch tomorrow, so I can reward you, and enjoy the rest of the zoo. Oh, and her name is Peaches."

"Of course miss. When will Peaches arrive?"

"She will meet you in the stables when we know how long it will take for the tack to arrive. I am going to go out and look over the facilities while you make the arrangements."

Sophie nodded and watched as Sarah walked out to the stables. Smiling, she called down to the main stable block, and booked Peaches time in the training ring, with her as the trainer. Sophie then took some time to prepare something special for Peaches, to make her more responsive to her training. Sophie had learned that sometimes a ponygirl who thought herself as an owner could sometimes rebel at her training, and needed just a little extra encouragement. She had learned what some ginger juice could do to make a ponygirl more responsive, and so she took time to squeeze some of the ginger juice into a bowl, and let it sit for a few minutes while she went upstairs to change.

Sophie changed into a pair of riding breaches and a blouse, and finished off with a pair of boots, before picking up the mixture she made in her bowl, and walked out to the stable behind the house. She opened the door to the home stables, and found a naked Sarah waiting for her in the tack room, her fingers running over the leather straps.

"Well, what do we have here?"

Chapter 3: Peaches Training

"I see we have a pony here, which needs some training, don't we? Stand still, pretty pony, and we'll get you all ready for your big day."

Sarah had gone to the barn and removed her clothes, and found the tack room. She had just begun to finger the leather harnesses hanging there when Sophie walked in, surprising her. Now she stood still, as Sophie put a bowl down on a side table, and walked over to Sarah.

Sophie took down first the body harness, and draped it over Sarah's shoulders. She took her time, buckling the top strap first and then lifting Sarah's breasts and slipping them into the leather cups in the harness, before buckling the second strap behind her back. Sophie then buckled the waist strap, smiling as she saw the shape her pony charge was in. Sophie pulled down a tail plug with hair matching Sarah's color, and placed it into the bowl. Then Sophie removed a pair of hoof boots, and slipped them onto Sarah's feet. Sophie zipped them up tightly, giving Sarah her own pair of hooves now to walk in, and Sarah began to drift off to her pony headspace.

Sophie saw Sarah's eyes glazing over, as her mind went to its own space, and her ponygirl persona, Peaches, arrived. Sophie smiled, and took an arm binder down, and folded Peaches arms into the sleeve behind her back, making her arms useless. Sophie then pulled down a bridle, and slipped it over Peaches' head, buckling it tightly, so it wouldn't shake off or rub the skin of her ponygirl wrong. Smiling, Sophie slipped a bit into Peaches' mouth, and secured it behind the ponygirl's head, before bending Peaches over at the waist, exposing her ass.

Peaches wiggled her ass, as she saw Sophie pick up her tail, and she spread her feet as she felt the plug tickle her anal hole. Sophie gently but firmly pushed the plug into Peaches' ass, and then reached between the ponygirl's legs, and pulled the crotch strap up and buckled it tightly, trapping the tail plug in place. Smiling, Sophie clipped a set of reins to the bit, and led Peaches out to the cart.

Peaches felt her ass begin to tingle, and then begin to burn as she walked before her trainer on the reins. She wiggled her ass, and whinnied, but all she got was a smack from the crop. Peaches was backed into the sulky and clipped in, all the while wiggling her ass, making her tail sway, as the itching and burning sensation continued to torment her.

Sophie could see that the ginger juice was beginning to affect her ponygirl, as she watched the pony wiggle her ass and whinny. But seeing as she was now training a ponygirl, Sophie gave the ponygirl a light smack on her rump, to settle her and refocus her. Sophie clipped her pony into the cart, and sat down, smiling as she watched her pony's ass wiggling continue. Smiling, she gave the pony a light smack on the rump, and watched as she began pulling the cart forward.

Peaches felt like she was in trouble as the cart began to move forward. She didn't know what was causing her ass to burn and itch the way it was, but her trainer seemed to be ok with it, and as long as she was ok, Peaches would have to continue on. She lifted her knees, and pranced like she had been born a ponygirl all her life. Still, her ass caught the occasional smack as Sophie drove her from the rear.

Peaches didn't let her mind wander as her trainer drove the cart down the paved street to the stables. Of course, Peaches didn't know where she was going, only knowing that her driver was pulling on her reins and turning her with the road. Her ass still burned from whatever had been on her tail plug, but her focus had shifted to following the reins and her bit, and keeping her knees up as she pulled the little cart. Soon, however, she spotted a building that looked like a stable, and sure enough, in the fields around the building, were about 30 or so ponygirls in their own harness, undergoing their own training.

Sophie guided Peaches into a cart parking spot, and pulled her to a halt. She climbed out of the cart, and gave the panting ponygirl a soft smack on her rump, as she unhitched the cart. Peaches wiggled her ass at the smack, but she pawed the ground eagerly, seeing the other ponies in the paddocks undergoing various training programs. Sophie, eager to let Peaches experience everything, guided her ponygirl to a field, and allowed her to roam around inside with about 10 other ponies.

Chapter 4: Round up

Peaches went up to the other ponies and gave each a nuzzle and whinny in greeting, and received a nuzzle in return from the other ponygirls. Peaches could see all of them were just as wet as she was, and she whinnied happily. The ponygirls all were grouped together, nuzzling each other, when a noise from the fence made them look.

Sophie and a few of the other trainers had gone to the stable supply room, and grabbed some lassos. Smiling, the trainers decided to have an impromptu game of round up. The trainers each had 3 minutes to lasso and hogtie a ponygirl. If the trainer failed, the ponies left untied would be allowed to rest while the trainers got their bottoms spanked. Those ponies that were caught would be put into the training program until the stable closed. Smiling, the trainers began twirling their lassos and approaching the ponygirls.

Peaches wasn't sure what was going on, but she had a feeling it was part of the training. She watched for a moment as one of the trainers tossed their lasso at a nearby ponygirl, and watched as the ponygirl was pulled down to the ground, and had her hooves tied behind her back. Peaches and the others began to move around the field, but the trainers were good. Peaches watched as Sophie came close to her, twirling her lasso.

Sophie was good all right. She had Peaches up near a fence, and she felt certain she could catch the ponygirl. She let fly with the lasso, and sure enough, it caught Peaches around her chest. Sophie moved in quickly, coiling the rope as she moved towards her ponygirl, ready to hogtie her.

Peaches felt a tug on the rope, and lost her footing. She went down, and then she felt her rear hooves being pulled behind and up her back, then her arm binder was looped to her hooves, and she was left a squirming bundle of ponygirl flesh. She squirmed a little, but then began to settle. She felt someone sit on her back, and wiggled some more, but she knew she had been caught.

Sophie smiled as she sat on Peaches, feeling the helpless ponygirl squirming in her bonds. Sophie patted the ponygirl's rump, and stroked her head, as the rest of the ponygirls were rounded up. At the signal, the trainers untied their ponygirls, and clipped the reins to their bits, and led the captured ponies to a walking machine. Each trainer clipped their pony to the machine, and connected the reins to the bits, before adjusting the mechanical crops to be aimed right at their ponies exposed rumps. Smiling, they set the timer for their individual ponies, and left the machine to begin once it received the start command from the stable mistress.

Chapter 5: Machine training

Peaches felt a smack on her ass, and began to march. The walker was very thorough and almost completely automatic. Peaches felt the machine guiding her in a circle, but also serpentine and at various gaits. She felt the crop smack her rump when her knees failed to pass the height beam sensors, or when she wasn't going fast enough. Her hooves had not anticipated this much training nor had she expected the level of control. But she was a ponygirl, and couldn't fight it. All she could do was prance, walk, and trot, and suffer the smacks on her rump when the machine decided it wasn't good enough.

Sophie watched the machine put Peaches thru her gaits, and thru the basic rein training program. She smiled as she remembered the instruction she had undergone to ensure she could run the machine, if a guest asked her to put her into it. She smiled as she watched her guest prance and wiggle her tail and her rump, just like she had been born in harness. Sophie loved to make her guests happy, and she knew Peaches was having the time of her life, despite the occasional whinnies of pain as her rump was smacked by the crop. Sophie merely had to look at Peaches' pussy, and see the honey flowing from between her legs, to know the ponygirl was in ecstasy.

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