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Human Wheels


Foreword: This is a work of fiction. None of the people in this story are real. None of these events ever happened. This story is nothing more than words that came from my imagination. Any similarity to any real people, places, or events is purely coincidental.

Operators of erotic story web sites, whether free or fee-based, have my permission to post my stories for public reading, provided that credit is given to "Hungry Guy" as the author, and as long as you don't make changes other than fixing typos. Even beware of fixing typos, for I occasionally use local slang and dialects that may be flagged by your spell checker. Thanks.


Each one of the four wheels on the vehicle is six feet in diameter. He is one of three treads on one of the wheels. His feet straddle the head of the man mounted on the rim below him, feet to shoulders. The feet of the man above him straddle his head, feet to shoulders.

The vehicle is light compared to cars on Earth; it weighs only about 800 pounds.

The vehicle is parked in the driveway outside the odd looking house where the monsters live. At the moment, he is the tread at the bottom of his wheel. His belly is pressed against the belly of one of the many women embedded in the asphalt, alternating head to feet, and feet to head. The 200 pounds of pressure borne by his stomach feels unbearable sometimes, but he survives.

An IV tube is inserted into his wrist, giving him a steady trickle of life-sustaining nourishment.

The vehicle remains parked most of the week. The female monster, the one with the ovipositor, leaves every morning under the cool blue sunlight of the twin suns. He observed her, briefcase in mandible, walk to the street and board a bus-like vehicle with eight wheels like the one he is mounted on. The male monster has been staying home lately, as he has been pregnant for the past couple of weeks. The monsters speak in clicks and buzzes, so he cannot understand what they say.

This is a one-day weekend between each three-day workweek. The days and nights seem a little longer than on Earth, but without any means to tell time, he can't be sure.

The two monsters come out of the house in the afternoon and sit in the vehicle. He lets out an "Oof!" as the weight on his belly increases.

The vehicle starts humming and then slowly begins moving. As his wheel slowly rotates, the point of contact slowly moves toward his head as his head slowly lowers. His face is momentarily pressed into the adjacent woman's knee as the vehicle slowly rolls down the driveway. He is lifted up and over and around again. His cock always gets hard the first few moments when the monsters start to drive their vehicle, and his cock is momentarily pressed between his groin and some woman's stomach and then his head is pressed between some other woman's boobs as the vehicle slowly rolls down the street. The vehicle moves slowly, less than five miles per hour, though he doubts that the monsters measure distance in miles or time in hours.

The monsters drive for several miles as his body makes brief and instantaneous intimate contact with hundreds of unknown women embedded in the asphalt. He rarely talks with the women or even the other two men on his wheel, though he has learned that there is an underground public utility which feeds the women via IV tube as he is fed via an IV tube from a supply within the vehicle. Each woman's anus is below the surface of the asphalt, and empties into a sewer pipe. Each woman's pussy is above the surface and their pee just flows onto the asphalt, then either seeps into the ground or flows to the gutter on the side of the street.

The vehicle stops at a blue light, apparently the same meaning of a red light on Earth, leaving his face pressed into some woman's crotch. He comes, but his hips are higher up around the rim above the road, he knows not where his cum lands. It might be the woman his face is plastered against the crotch of, or it might be the woman above her, or an adjacent woman.

The light changes to orange and the vehicle proceeds through the intersection. It turns into an area that he recognizes. It is the monsters' equivalent of a shopping mall.

The vehicle stops placing him in an extremely unlikely position. His mouth is pressed at a 90-degree angle against the mouth of another woman embedded in the asphalt of the parking space. The 200 pounds borne by his wheel forces their two jaws open. The weight pressing their mouths together prevents them from speaking, and he wonders if she is open to some tongue play while they wait for the monsters to do the mall. He knows from experience that his family of monsters can spend all day and well into the night at the mall.

He cautiously probes her lips with his tongue, but she pushes it out with her tongue. Accepting that she must be as resentful of their bondage as he is, he relents and withdraws his tongue. Like two cars blinkers ticking at slightly different rates, their breathing alternates between being in synch and out of synch; during these times he inhales her breath through their mouths just as she inhales his breath.

Some time later, he feels a tongue not his own licking his lips, so he reciprocates. He assumes that, even though they are unwilling captives in a bizarre situation, she must have realized how extremely rare an opportunity she was given to be amorous with someone in this way. He comes again a little later, but being that his body is at a 90-degree angle to his temporary lover, his cum must have landed on an adjacent woman. He wishes that he could touch, fondle, fuck, even talk to his ad-hoc lover, but such is impossible.

They wrestle tongues off-and-on during the hours that his monsters remain in the mall.

Being that he is fed intravenously, he rarely defecates. However, being fed intravenously causes him, and all the others, to urinate frequently. He hopes he isn't peeing onto someone's face.

Night falls and the monsters return from the mall, laden with packages and food. Four of the five moons are out tonight -- a rare occurrence that casts an unusually bright glow from the sky. As they drive the vehicle away, she whispers, "I'm Linda. Goodbye."

He whispers back, "Goodbye, Linda. I'm Bob."

On the way home, thee monsters stop at a "gas" station that smells more like alcohol than gasoline. This time, he is at the top of the wheel with his cock pointing straight up at the sky and his head facing slightly forward looking at the world upside-down. While the vehicle is being filled, the attendants lift the vehicle and remove the IV needles from each of the men, twelve men in all with four wheels and three men to a rim. The attendants wash and swab the insertion point and then insert a clean needle, and wrap the area with a fresh plastic band to keep it clean until the next fuel stop.

The monsters then head home and slowly drive the vehicle up their driveway. Wonder of wonders, is a miracle about to happen again? He can tell from the angle that his cock is rolling toward the face of one of the women embedded in the driveway. Then, _Yes!_ It slides home! His cock slides into her mouth and the vehicle stops just as his crotch is pressed against her jaw with his rock-hard cock shoved down her throat under the pressure of 200 pounds. Needless to say, he shoots wad after wad of cum down her throat at the incredible sensation.

He knows, as does she, that the monsters won't move their vehicle for the next four days until the next "weekend." He will have cum gallons into her throat by the end of the week. Regrettably, he also feels his bladder getting full again too, and hopes that it won't be too unpleasant for her.

- END -

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