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Carl had been really successful in business. Because of that his wife and family enjoyed the better things in life. Big vacations, fancy cars, and a lot of the right connections in life. Business and Mormon Church duties took up a lot of his time, but his personal life and love life seemed at the top of the heap. Two years into their marriage Carl was doing well for a service company when he realized he could make more money with his own company.

After borrowing twenty-five hundred dollars from his father-in-law Carl had his own used service truck, some tools, and a small inventory of parts. Properly licensed Carl began advertising his services at discounted prices by putting flyers on homeowner's doors. Business started slowly. When Carl didn't have a job he would be putting out more flyers. Then his wife would go out evenings passing out flyers while her parents watched their two younger children after she had gotten off work from her day job. Her job covered the groceries and part of the rent. Carl needed to keep busy.

His wife Anne would ring the door bells and was well received. She got Carl enough work to keep him busy. What Anne never revealed was that a couple of times per week she would encounter men at home alone and if cute enough she'd let him fuck her. Carl's hard work kept him tired most of the time and this was a nice fill in and the occasional large cock was always a nice surprise.

Busy with family later and Carl's business growing Anne stopped passing out flyers and spent her time raising three children and keeping the books for Carl's business. As time passed Carl had several trucks on the road. He hired one of his men's wife to keep the office open and relieve Anne from her bookkeeping chores. He also removed his new hire's panties and gave her cunt a royal fucking on almost a daily basis. Their fucking undetected, Carl promoted the bookkeeper's husband to service manager.

As the fleet grew Carl could guess which one of the new service crew member's young wives wouldn't mind some cock on the side. By the time he had thirty trucks in his fleet he had his cock in twenty of the workers' wives. It's funny how wives thought fucking the boss was good job insurance for their spouse. And, it was good job insurance. Also, Carl had a decent dick to pump into them and knew how to use it.

Twenty years later the kids were gone. Anne gave up getting fucked by strange cock back in her flyer distribution days, remaining otherwise faithful. Carl had that incident at the cabin in the mountains with his daughter that was still going on after two years. Anne decided that with all they had to be thankful about she would do some volunteer work after seeing an advertisement online for help at a local charity.

The main thing the charity was looking for was money. Anne could help with that, but wanted to be more involved. The charity was mostly providing a Counselor with paid staffers supplemented with volunteers. Most clients were newly released from jail and now on the streets or military with an aversion to the services offered by VA. In a volunteer position mostly considered to being the front desk receptionist Anne quickly learned two things.


Ex-cons made her feel threatened, but also made her nipples hard and her pussy wet.


Ex-Military in need of help made her grateful for their service. She wanted to help them the most. And, they made her nipples hard and her pussy wet.

There weren't a lot of people coming in, but it gave Anne something to do. Her main job was to hand out a questionnaire that asked if the client had tried certain services, wanted to try certain services, or just wasn't interested in certain services. Staff would suggest things from the survey. Anne sat sat behind a high counter with a low desktop that went the width of her office space. There was a closed door to her office and the patient rooms were behind her back wall.

One of her earliest interactions was with a white ex-con with prison tattoos and attitude. Ed was tall and thin, nice smile, haunting blue eyes. He showed an interest in Anne that made her squirm in her chair. Ed had taken consoling to mostly get some food vouchers and directions for a place to sleep. The job interviews that Anne set up for him didn't seem to be getting any results. Ed was just twenty three and had resorted to crime rather than work. The charity was running out of patience with Ed when Anne explained the situation to Carl.

Carl couldn't send an ex-con into his clients' homes, but did arrange for him to work in his supplier's warehouse. To make that work he offered to let Ed stay in the pool house in exchange for taking care of the pool and cutting the grass. City bus service got him to work each day. Ed soon learned that he could climb on a lower roof and see across the bedroom into the bath to watch Anne undress each night.

Ed got lots of pussy with his gangster attitude before getting sent up for three years on a robbery charge. The young Mormon girls loved his defiance of the rules and the law. Nothing makes a Mormon daddy cringe more than a hoodlum dating his daughter. Anne knew enough about Ed that he could get her juices flowing although she would die if anyone knew about her occasional stray fingers in her crotch.

Occasionally they would invite Ed to dine with them. Carl wasn't happy with the way Ed would stare at his wife. Anne seemed to enjoy the attention and would get a little flirty making sure she would lightly rub against him and one evening revealed a massive tit shot down her blouse. Carl gave her an mean look which Anne returned with a look of defiance.

A couple of nights later there was some food leftover. Not enough to make a second meal. Anne proposed to take it out to Ed in the pool house. A glance in the window as she moved along the sidewalk froze her in her tracks. Ed was on the couch watching some kind of porn on his computer and had his cock in his hand One hand was wrapped around his prick as he slowly pumped himself while watching the image on the screen. As he stroked himself several inches of his meat remained exposed above his fist. Finally he stood and shot his cum into a paper towel.

It was Anne's first clear look at the size of it. Her mind went back to the days when she helped Carl start the business passing out those flyers and fucking some large cock when the opportunity arose. Now she had gotten the "early grandmother" look about her. Young guys didn't try to catch her eye, nor did they check out her body like early in her marriage. Anne hadn't put on more than ten pounds since her youth. Most of that was tit and ass. Her stomach was still flat and she looked damned good in a shirt and jeans.

Young guys didn't notice her any more. Except for Ed. Ed noticed. Ed checked her out. Anne stayed at the window. His cock softened, but still stood out and held most of its length. Anne's pussy was flooding from watching this young ex-con. She started to retreat and throw the food in the garbage. Instead she stepped up to the door and knocked.

Ed hurriedly grabbed a robe to try to hide his still erect cock. Glancing at the door he could see it was Anne that knocked. He tried to bend forward when he answered the door. Rather than hand him the food she pushed past him and carried the plate into the kitchen. As Ed followed her in she stepped back from the table. As Ed went by the robe caught the edge of the table exposing his cock. Anne stared. Ed began an apology.

"Oh, God! Anne, I'm so sorry. I don't have a girlfriend yet and I was taking care of business when you knocked."

Anne still stared.

"Yes, I know. I saw you through the window as I walked up. Actually stood there several minutes."

"Oh, shit. I'm going to get tossed out for being a perv."

"No, you are not! It's what guy's do. Something I do myself some times."

"You?? Why would you do that??"

"Because I don't have one of those around."

Claire pointed to his cock, that embarrassingly enough hadn't gotten softer, but was back at full hardness.

"Would you have another load in that thing for me if I wanted it?"

"Yes. I mean, no! I couldn't do that. You are so sweet and Carl has been so nice to me."

"Nice means you are stupid. Nice gets your wife fucked by another man."

"But, Miss Anne. That just isn't right."

"I only have a few minutes. Are you fucking me or not?"

Anne was already undressing in front of him. God, she could feel herself so wet.

"But, we don't have any condoms!"

"Did I say I wanted you to use a condom. Do you want to cum in me?"

"Yes! But, no. I can't do this!"

"You look like you can do this. Don't you want to fuck me?"

Anne went to his bed and spread her legs for him. It had been over three years since he fucked a woman. She wasn't the kind you would crawl over to go jack off. He pointed the end of his cock at her pussy slit.

Anne liked the feel of it as it went in. Strange cock was twenty years in her past right up until this moment. Compared to her husband this was stretching her out. Anne needed stretched out. The head was soon against her cervix, his balls tapping her ass as he slow-stroked her trying to last. Anne would have none of the waiting. Carl was in the house. As soon as Ed could cum in her she was ripe to cum right along with him.

Ed held tight into her and grunted. Anne started to cum as soon as his seed started to flood into her. Anne moved him off her and started to dress. Feeling no guilt for what she had done she smiled at Ed.

"I guess this will be our secret." Her voice sounded like honey.

"Um ... yes. Sorry I didn't last long."

"We were in a hurry. Remember?? The nice guy is in the house waiting for his wife to come back inside. We'll make it last longer next time."

"Next time??"

"Yes, how can a girl resist a nice cock like that. How big is that thing anyway?"

"Nine ... just a little over nine."

Anne wiped her married cunt with a paper towel. Ed watched.

"Should I have condoms for next time?"

"Do I look like the kind of woman that would want you to use a condom?"

"No, Miss Anne."

Ed wondered when he could fuck her again. The next night about 10:30 Ed felt Anne slip into bed with him naked.

"Husband's asleep. Cum in me a couple of times and I'll let you get some rest so you can work tomorrow."

The next day Anne liked the idea that she had left most of Ed's cum in her. The wetness made her horny. Right after lunch a black guy showed up at her window. Raphael looked like a bouncer. Acted like one, too. Anne wondered how it would feel bouncing up and down on him. He took the clipboard, had a seat, and started filling out the forms. The countertop between the two let Raphael see just Anne's face. From her side she was watching him. Her workspace was a 30" deep countertop about a foot and a half below that. It stretched the length of the front wall. Things were quiet.

"Why am I thinking black? That's not me. I can fuck Ed's big cock when I get home. Who knows if the rumors are even true."

It would be several minutes before Raphael could finish the forms. One client was in back with a counselor. That meeting would not end until ten minutes before the hour. Anne had some time and an urge. She liked wearing a dress to work. Getting her underwear off and into her purse wasn't a problem. Neither was getting a finger onto her clit and into her wet cunt. That felt pretty good. It wasn't going to take very long. Boom! Orgasm! Oh, my!

Anne still had her hand under her skirt when the black man came to the counter. She blushed a little and took the forms he had filled out and placed them in a folder. She printed his name on a label and affixed it to the folder. She smiled at him and told him a counselor would meet with him soon. Anne went over his paperwork. Army Vet with minor war wound and trauma. That explained his nervousness and reserved demeanor. That made Anne think about fucking him. Her fingers went back to her exposed pussy as she read through his file. He had been homeless a lot and ended up in Utah.

"Hey, I picked up an extra taco for lunch and couldn't eat it. It's yours if you want it."

"Really? Are you sure?"

"I'm sure."

Anne put the bag on the counter.

"Thanks. I haven't eaten since breakfast yesterday."

"Not feeling well?"

"No. No money. I hate to beg like some of those bastard's that really don't need it."

"Well, you need to eat."

Anne reached beside her chair for her purse. She pulled out a twenty to hand to him.

"Here, some people come in and leave cash to help people out. This will feed you a couple of days if you spend it right,"

"For real? You aren't afraid I'll spend it on beer or drugs?"

"Are you going to spend it on beer or drugs?"

"No way. If someone is nice enough to give it I'm going to spend it right."

Raphael leaned on the counter as he visited with Anne. The conversation lasted more than twenty minutes as they discussed families. Raphael told her he had been married. His wife had cheated a lot while he was overseas. When he came home wounded to Baltimore she was soon gone with no word of where she was going. Without her salary he couldn't keep their apartment. It was full of too many ghosts of her past sexual experiences anyway.

"You know. I like you. You remind me of my Mama."

"Thanks ... I guess."

Anne wasn't feeling like his Mama. Anne was feeling wet between the legs.

"I don't mean like an old Mama ... more like a hot Mama."

Luckily for Raphael the phone buzzed to send him back to the counselor. Although there was a side exit for clients Raphael came back in through to get his duffle back of clothing and stuff. They talked a little while, Raphael telling her he would be back in a couple of days.

Anne had to slip out to enjoy Ed's big cock in the pool house again that night. As much as she enjoyed it she found herself cumming while thinking it was Raphael's black cock shooting seed deep into her cheating cunt. It was a wipeout orgasm for Anne. She cleaned herself a little and sneaked back into her own bed with her husband none the wiser.

She told Carl about Raphael the next morning as they shared breakfast.

"What do you want to do?"

"I don't know. Maybe the next time he comes in I can bring him home. Maybe get his clothes washed, him cleaned up so he can look for a job."

"That might help. We've got two guest bedrooms in the basement. Maybe let him sleep in a real bed a couple of nights. Get him pointed in the right direction."

Anne had a slightly different scenario. Maybe let him point his black cock in the right direction at her constantly wet pussy and push hard. The idea sent her to the pool house with Ed and his young and eager cock right after dinner when Carl needed to go back to the office a little while. Of course, Carl was letting a new hire's wife show him a little gratitude for her husband's job.

The next morning Carl left early for a meeting before work with the crews. Kind of a pep talk he liked to do from time to time. Anne had Ed over in their bed pep talking her horny married cunt before he had to catch the bus. This was the first morning Anne had gone in with such a cunt full of cum. She liked being at her desk with seed oozing from her slit. She fucked Ed again that night and quietly slipped back into bed with Carl.

Right after lunch the next day Raphael came in again to see the counselor, his real reason being to see Anne. The fortyish little Mormon wife had caused him to jack off several times since he had seen her last. She greeted him cheerfully with him having no idea of the offer she was about to make.

"Hey, Miss Anne. I made the twenty last. Bought a sausage muffin for breakfast with the last two dollars this morning. How ya been?"

"I've been fine Raphael. Been thinking of you."

"Thinking of me? Why would you be thinking of me?"

"Just hoping you were okay and safe."

"That's mighty nice of you Miss Anne."

"Well, just call me Anne when no one else is near."

"Okay, Miss Anne."

"Raphael ... no one is around."

"Oh ... oh! Okay ... Anne."

"Listen, Raphael, my husband said I should bring you home tonight, let you get a shower, and spend a couple of nights in our basement guest room."

"You folks would do that for me?"

"Sure. Don't worry, I'll take good care of you. I don't volunteer on Fridays. I can take you by Goodwill for some better clothes, maybe a haircut, see a movie ... or something."

"Ha, Ha! Me and you see a movie. That's rich."

"You wouldn't go to a movie with me, Raphael?"

"Yeah, I'd go. You mean like a chick flick or something?"

Anne laughed. She told him to kill time until she got off work at five. He was waiting in the parking lot. Anne strode across the pavement making her heels click on the hard surface, shaking her ass a little to make it bounce under her skirt, letting the skirt ride up her legs a little as she drove. Her underwear was in her purse. Her bare pussy naked as she drove. Nipples hard against her bra cups. God! He was filthy dirty, but she wanted to have him fuck her hard and deep. That would have to wait for after some soap and water.

They pulled into the garage and let the door down behind them. They had a pleasant if not slightly flirty conversation on the drive home.

"So, this is where we live."

Anne waved her arms in the air. It looked like a mansion to Raphael. Well, it was a mansion, actually. She showed him around the lower level, but not upstairs where the main bedrooms were located.

"Come on downstairs. I'll show you the guest bedrooms."

Anne directed him to the one in the corner. There was laundry room next to one side and a common bath was between the two bedrooms.

"Let's sort out your clothes and get them to washing. We'll do light colors first. Let me have you underwear."

"I don't have underwear. Wouldn't like to wear them if I did."

Anne started a load of his dark clothes.

Anne got him a snack and something to drink in the large stainless steel kitchen with the restaurant grade appliances. They talked until the washer beeped letting her know to put the clothes in the dryer. In the laundry Anne had him take the colored clothes from his duffle to go in the washer.

"Might as well toss in the ones you are wearing, too."

"I told you I don't have on underwear."

"Are you telling me I'd be the first to see you naked? Surely your mother and your ex-wife at the least I am sure. Who knows how many more?"

She seemed to be scolding him to get naked. He unbuttoned his shirt first and tossed it into the washer. Then took the belt from his pants and dropped them to the floor. He kept his back to her as they went into the machine.

"You might as well shower while your clothes wash."

She stood away from the laundry. Raphael had to turn to go the the shower or feel like a fool walking backwards to the bath. Anne tried to act like it was no special deal as his cock slapped against his naked thigh. There was a lot of cock for it not being hard. She showed him the towels and soap and shampoo, then turned on the water for him. All the time his cock flopped around until the experience made it too hard to flop any more. Anne was trying to be casual as she ushered him into the hot spray of the shower. Damn! That thing had to be almost a foot long.

"I'm not going to run upstairs just to pee. I'll use the toilet right here."

Raphael could see her raise her skirt, but not pull down panties. He couldn't hear her piss, but saw her get up and reach behind herself to wipe her crotch. He thought she wanted him to fuck her. Better safe than sorry. She might just be a tease. Let her make the first move. He saw her move away from the toilet. Not knowing she stood in the doorway to watch him through the glass stall he started jacking himself off. Anne had to put her fingers into herself and although he didn't know it she was cumming right along with him when he shot his load against the tile on the wall.

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