Humble Pie


There is no way to express enough gratitude to author/editor SueDanym, who is like a doctor of words, identifying , diagnosing and then treating each of my verbal maladies with the appropriate therapy, including surgery when necessary. Follow the link to the author's story page, and you'll find no one can make consensual sadism/masochism as orgasmic as this writer.


Nothing good ever comes from drinking too much booze. Some effects are obvious, like deaths caused by drunk drivers, cirrhosis and violence at the hands of inebriated cretins. But, even when there's no physical trauma, scars to the psyche take a long time to heal. Some never do.

Too much alcohol can cause people to say or do things that hurt those they love. One unhappy incident can start a ripple that grows into a tidal wave.

Nolan Foreman was thinking those thoughts as he stood completely nude inside his front door. He had just closed it behind his wife's friend, Peaches.

Before leaving, she had stepped back so she was behind him. He turned his head and then started. Despite what they had just done, he still felt embarrassed as she slowly took in the rear view of his naked body.

She stepped in front of him and scanned him up and down again, chuckling as he carefully shifted his weight from one foot to the other. He wanted to bring his feet together and cover his crotch with his hands, but he knew better than to do that.

Finally, she leaned over and put her face within inches of his package as she examined it. She straightened up, laughed and said, more to herself than him, "Pathetic little prick indeed!"

A moment later she was out the door.

After all that had happened in the last couple of hours, he was amazed that his thoughts were rational, let alone philosophical. His body was still trembling, yet he was contemplating the big picture and the even bigger question at the center of it: Was his life with Tempest now over? Was his family destroyed?

He thought about how fragile a marriage could be, and for a moment, he felt as guilty as he had during the past few weeks. But the day's events were still fresh in his mind, and his body still felt them. Physical pain and mental anguish quickly replaced the guilt with anger.

The adult barbecue on the last weekend of the summer was at the home of Peaches and Spice this year. Spenser was his real name, but his baby sister began calling him Spice before she could talk, and the nickname stuck.

Peaches was the most fun to be around of anyone in the group. She had a twisted sense of humor and made everyone laugh.

The kids loved her, because she enthusiastically participated in their craziest schemes without talking down to them -- and because Auntie Peaches' goody bag was always full of candies and treats. They had no idea that she was always channeling their energy into safe activities to make sure they didn't hurt themselves.

The children wouldn't be coming home from sleep-away camps until the following weekend, so Nolan, Tempest and their friends could let their hair down at the barbecue without setting a bad example. It was always on a Saturday. Sunday was for sleeping late and nursing hangovers.

The eight couples had been close for more than ten years. They had all been neighborhood newlyweds at one time and liked each other so much that they made the effort to continue seeing each other even after some couples had moved away.

There were no extra-marital sexual connections between any of the eight, but they did engage in light-hearted flirtations and told dirty jokes in mixed company. They were comfortable with saying anything to everybody because they all knew everything about each other -- career obstacles, health challenges, marital tensions and problems with children.

Each of them had idiosyncrasies, which the others accepted. Paige's was the most challenging. She was an exhibitionist.

Some of the women were prettier than Paige, but none spent as much time as she did on making herself look not just good, but voluptuous. To be the center of attention, she worked out often and was lithe and fit. She didn't go as far as surgery, but then she didn't need to. Her breasts were ample, and her ass was round and firm. As usual, at the annual barbecues, she displayed her assets in the skimpiest of bikinis.

Her outrageous behavior matched her outfits. She didn't act and talk that way every day, but nothing inhibited her when she was with her close friends. They were amused by her antics, so she knew she could get away with pretending to be a wild wanton woman.

She enjoyed targeting one of her friend's husbands and coming on strong. She never backed off from her suggestive conversation or body contact until her prey became embarrassed and fled, sometimes almost running from her with his hands hiding his hard-on. That provoked her lusty, infectious laughter that soon had others laughing with her -- mostly the men, but often the women, too.

Tempest was not amused at Paige's antics, especially when she went after Nolan. Peaches, who was her closest friend, asked her once why she didn't just shrug it off and was shocked when Tempest fell to pieces.

Over the next several months, Peaches became a surrogate therapist, mostly listening as Tempest told of her childhood and teenage years spent watching her mother remain with a husband who couldn't control his sexual impulses. Her father heaped so much humiliation on them that Tempest couldn't look any of her classmates or teachers in the eye.

She had reinvented herself in college and put those devastating years behind her, but occasionally there was a trigger that unleashed all the memories of mortification that she had suppressed. Paige's games bothered her, but when Nolan participated, she saw Nolan as her father and herself in her mother's role. That made her lose it.

Nolan tried to keep away from Paige as much as possible to avoid Tempest's screaming attacks after they got home. Since he had been eluding her, Paige set her sights on him at the barbecue. For her, it was the thrill of the challenge.

She maneuvered him into a sexual guessing game. They asked each other the most disgusting trivia questions, and whoever answered incorrectly had to do a shot of tequila. She beat him handily, and he quickly downed ten shots to her five. But since Paige was much smaller than Nolan, she was almost as drunk as he was when he missed on, "What is a rusty trombone?"

She proposed that instead of drinking another shot, his forfeit was to get them each a Long Island ice tea and bring the drinks to the hot tub. He had a slight feeling of unease, but he was so drunk that it barely registered as he staggered to the bar.

The hot tub was on the side of the house and hidden from the large backyard patio where everyone else was swimming, eating and drinking. Paige was already immersed in the tub when he joined her, and she extended her arms to take the drinks from him. She put them on the deck as he got in.

They sipped their potent mixtures and joked about their game. Soon they were laughing like loons, but he stopped in shock when she moved her body against his under the water.

"Are you...?" he asked with his eyes wide.

"As a jaybird," she said with a big laugh. "And I'm standing right where the hot water jets are shooting into my pussy and massaging my clit."

He looked down but couldn't see anything through the bubbles. When he looked up, he didn't see her anymore, but he felt her hands tugging at his suit. He reached down to stop her but was too slow and too late. Her head re-emerged, and then she thrust her arm into the air in triumph.

"Now you are, too!" she proclaimed. "We're both nudists."

He looked up and saw his trunks in her fist.

Despite the alcohol clouding his brain, his bareness still made him blush. He looked down and saw that despite the foaming water, anyone could see all his glory on display. In fact, the distortions of the flowing hot water magnified his equipment, and it looked grotesque to him.

He didn't mind being the voyeur for Paige's exhibitionism, but this role reversal made him ashamed and frightened. He used to be scared to death of public speaking, and it still made him nervous. Public nudity was a million times worse, he realized. He took a few quick gulps of his strong drink to drown the thoughts swirling through his brain.

His remedy worked, because his shame and fear disappeared, along with all intelligible thought. His other senses were still working, but his brain wasn't.

Paige had noticed his fright, moved closer to him and begun rubbing her body against his. Their heads were out of the water and close but not touching. All the action was taking place below the surface. She grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled him to her while continuing to move her body against his. Then, she began to thrust as if he was the woman and she was the man doing the fucking.

She whispered into his ear that the water jets had made her "soooo horny" and hoped he was feeling horny, too. She pulled her head back, laughed and looked at him expectantly.

Later, she explained to the other wives that she was sure that any moment, he would scramble out of the hot tub and beg her for his suit back. She didn't realize that alcohol had erased all traces of shame and embarrassment from his mind. When he didn't do what she expected, she decided to kick it up a notch.

Paige's rule was that she would never be the first one to throw in the towel. She rubbed harder against Nolan and waited for him to cry uncle. She felt him hard against her stomach, and it gave her an idea. She backed off a step, grabbed him and began to pump him slowly. That would surely get him to run.

But he only gave out a startled "Whoa!" and took a step back. Paige held him tightly and moved with him. She took a long sip of her drink and put it down. Then she played what she was sure would be her winning move. She reached down, grabbed his right hand and put it on her pussy. With her hand, she guided two of his fingers inside.

Rather than recoiling, Nolan not only left his fingers there but began moving them in and out of her pussy. Now it was her turn to squirm under the water. She was no longer thinking straight and toying with her prey. She began moaning and bouncing on his fingers. The warm water and Nolan's fingers put everything out of her mind except the pleasure that was overwhelming her.

That's when Peaches came around the side of the house and saw them. They were so drunk and involved in their mutual hand jobs that they didn't see her as she studied them for a minute before leaving.

Nolan and Paige also failed to notice as all the other guests quietly snuck around the side of the house and stood a few feet from the hot tub watching them.

One of the voyeurs was Sean, Paige's husband, who gulped down the drink he was holding as soon as he saw them. The man next to him looked at the hot tub and back at Sean. He quickly took Sean's empty drink away and handed him his. The other men got signals to do the same, and as quickly as Sean finished a drink, it was replaced with another. Some of the men even took their wives' drinks away to keep Sean supplied.

Sean quickly became helpless to do anything except watch Paige's head bobbing up and down out of the water while her mouth made the familiar sounds that told him she was coming.

The only ones who weren't watching were Tempest and Martha. They were working on the corn on the cob in the kitchen. When the corn was finally ready, they went outside and saw that everyone had disappeared. Searching for the others, they walked around the house and saw the group gathered in front of the hot tub.

Someone noticed Tempest, and a second later, everyone had turned to stare at her.

"What's going on?" she asked nervously.

There was silence until Peaches cleared her throat and in a voice barely above a whisper said, "Hot tub."

As Tempest stepped forward, the rest of the guests stepped back and opened a path for her. She heard her husband's drunken laughter and squinted in the afternoon sun trying to make out what was happening.

She slowly walked toward them without making a sound. Paige and Nolan still didn't realize they were being observed by a yard full of voyeurs who were following Tempest, circling the hot tub and holding their breaths as they waited for something to happen.

Tempest stopped about two feet from Paige and Nolan, leaned forward, stared into the water and watched them for a minute. Suddenly, she darted forward, grabbed her husband by the hair and pulled. He screamed, but her scream drowned his out.

"You. Pathetic. Little. PRICK!"

She began slapping his face as she continued screaming the same words again and again. He pulled his head away, and as his damp hair slipped through her fingers, she fell to the deck and collapsed, sobbing loudly. A few of the women ran to her, lifted her gently and walked with her to the house.

Paige looked around, quickly put her suit back on and helped the fumbling Nolan pull his trunks up. Someone drove her and Sean home, and Spice drove Nolan to his house.

Tempest stayed with Peaches and Spice and didn't come home until the next afternoon.

The rest of Sunday, Nolan and Tempest successfully avoided each other. When it came time for bed, Nolan thought he might find himself locked out of the bedroom, but he found it empty a half-hour after Tempest had gone up the stairs.

He saw his oldest daughter's door was closed and walked over to it. He stood in front of it a few moments listening. He knocked and spoke loudly.

"Tempest, you can have our bedroom, I'll sleep in here."

Her voice was even louder.

"Like hell! Do you think I want you in our daughter's bed after what you did with that whore?"

Nolan couldn't think of a reply to her question, so he walked back to their room.

Tempest stayed in bed on Monday until he left the house for work. It was the first time he could remember that she hadn't made breakfast for him, and he felt lost. He found some cereal, but the most important part -- the strong cup of coffee that he needed to start every day -- was a disaster. He had never learned to operate the fancy one-cup cartridge machine they had purchased last year, because Tempest always made his coffee. By the time he figured out the machine, there was barely enough time to take a few sips of the scalding coffee before he had to rush out.

She must have eaten before he came home, because she didn't make dinner that night. She watched television in the family room while he warmed up some leftovers. He joined her and attempted to start a conversation a few times, but she refused to even look at him. He finally gave up, went to bed and was asleep when she came upstairs.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were virtual repeats of Monday. He got better at making his breakfast and became proficient with the coffee machine.

On Friday morning, however, Tempest was already making him breakfast when he walked into the kitchen. To his amazement, she even initiated small talk. That night she made dinner and smiled at him while they ate and conversed as if nothing had happened.

Toward the end of the meal, he said he wanted to talk to her about his behavior at the party.

"Go ahead!" she said in a friendly voice.

"I want to tell you how ashamed I am. God, Tempest, I'm so sorry! You know that I love you, and nothing like this will ever happen again."

"Thank you," she said in a happy voice, but Nolan noticed it was entirely too happy. He waited for the outburst that he was sure was coming, but she didn't say anything else.

"You are really amazing," he said after a brief silence.

"Thank you," she said again in the same perky but brittle voice. The smile never left her face.

"I mean it, Honey. I would have thought it would take a lot longer for you to get over your anger. You won't be sorry for forgiving me. I promise I'm going to make it up to you."

Her reply was in the same calm, chirpy tone.

"You just made my day, Nolan. I haven't even begun to work out my anger, and forgiving you is out of the question. You're going to pay for what you did to me. You can count on that. I'm going to get even."

"I don't understand," Nolan said. "You just said I made your day. What do you mean?"

"What I mean is that I'm practicing for when the girls come home Sunday. I don't want them to have any idea that their father is a disgusting pig. It could affect their whole lives, and I want them to do better than me when they pick a husband. I'm acting as if nothing happened. I started doing it today so I'd be used to it by Sunday. And from your reaction, I must be pretty convincing. I hope they can't see through it any better than you did."

She returned to his bed when the kids came home, but she slept with her back to him. He didn't dare touch her. The hot tub incident didn't come up again until the following weekend when the children were both at sleepovers on Friday night. Nolan brought it up.

"Is there anything I can do to help us get past what happened? I'm willing to go to counseling if you want."

This time Tempest's voice didn't try to hide her anger, disgust and contempt.

"Sorry. You don't get off that easy. You need to suffer for making me suffer. I'm planning to do something that will totally humiliate you. You'll never get it out of your mind, just like I can't get the sickening image of you and Paige out of mine."

"What are you going to do? Are you going to fuck another man for your revenge? I didn't fuck Paige."

"You were finger fucking her, and she was fucking you with her hand! If I hadn't stopped you, you might have stuck your pathetic little prick into her big loose hole! So don't tell me what I can or can't do to make us even!"

"So you ARE going to fuck some guy. I'm --"

"You're what? You're not going to stand for it? If I do, you're going to leave me?"

"I didn't say that."

"You are such a pathetic little prick! You're lucky that I love you and that you're a good father to the girls. You better pray they never find out about this.

"You're a lucky little prick, too. Cheating is so disgusting to me that I would never do it -- not even to punish you for something as bad as this. No, I'm not going to fuck another guy, but by the time I get my revenge, you may wish I had. And that's the end of this discussion."

Tempest didn't mention her revenge for another two weeks. On a Wednesday night after the kids were in bed, she announced that she had made a decision.

"What is it?" Nolan asked cautiously.

"I mean, I decided on my revenge."

"What are you going to do?"

"You'll find out Saturday. All the girls that were at the barbecue, except for the whore, are coming over in the afternoon. I'm going to humiliate you in front of them."

"What about the children?"

"They're going to stay with Grandma Ellie and Grandpa Jim on Friday night. We won't be seeing them again until we go there for dinner Sunday night."

"Tell me what you're going to do."

"Sorry. It's going to be a surprise, just like you and Paige were a surprise for me. All I'll tell you is that you are going to hate it. It will be devastating beyond belief."

"So you lied to me."

"I what?"

"You told me a few days ago you still loved me. What kind of love is that?"

She laughed.

"If only you could have seen some of the things I was thinking about when I researched your punishment! Every one of them appealed to me on some level, even those that were so extreme you might have ended up in the hospital while I went to jail."

"You sound crazy!"

"Who made me that way? A pathetic little prick, that's who! Anyway, you don't have to worry. In the end, I found something appropriate.

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