"Monica, darling, please introduce us." Michelle commanded.

"Mistress Michelle, I'd like you to meet my new male pig. I just call him Daddy Pig," Monica responded. "Daddy Pig, do you remember Mistress Michelle, the old broad that used to fuck your ass?" Of course, with the ring gag in my mouth all I could do was nod my head in acknowledgement.

"Yes, I am very familiar with Daddy Pig," Michelle responded. "Daddy Pig, I'd like to introduce you to my newest slut, Samantha, or Slut Sam, for short. Slut Sam, turn and face your new slut partner, Daddy Pig." Slut Sam immediately stopped eating Michelle's pussy and turned to face Monica and me. She was absolutely gorgeous. Tall, slender, blond hair, shapely hips, and big tits. Of course. Michelle never associated with women with small tits. She was one of the 'beautiful people', and only associated with her kind. I also was surprised to see that she had rather large weights dangling from both tits and also from her pussy lips.

"Daddy Pig, why don't you introduce yourself to Slut Sam," Monica ordered. I slowly walked over to Slut Sam. Then I realized that Slut Sam and I both had our hands cuffed behind our backs, so a traditional greeting was out of the question.

"No, you stupid cocksucker," Monica responded. "The proper way for you to great anyone -- male, female, or both -- is on your knees and worshipping their sex. Now, get down there and kiss her cunt!" I immediately dropped to the floor, crawled over to Slut Sam, and reached out with my mouth and began to lick her pussy. Her slit was dripping wet, so she obviously gets off on licking other pussies.

"Enough of the fun," Monica said. "It's time to go to The Pillory Stockade."

I had only heard rumors about The Pillory Stockade. I did not know that it existed for sure until my daughter mentioned it earlier in the evening. The Pillory Stockade, aka The Pillory, is a place that I occasionally heard some of the younger people in the office discussing over the water coolers on Monday morning. I learned later that membership in this club is very exclusive, and it caters to a very select group of patrons. I had always considered it a country club for kinky perverts.

Suddenly Monica snapped a dog collar around my neck, a blindfold over my eyes, attached a dog leash to the collar, and began pulling me towards our garage. Surely she wouldn't do it. She is NOT going to take me and Slut Sam out in public naked? She saw the look of surprise on my face, and quickly added, "Don't worry, Daddy Pig. You won't be the only naked male pig in bondage tonight. Slut Sam loves to be naked in public, too, so learn to live with it!" The die has been cast, and now my life has been changed forever.

I'm not sure how long we were in the car, and based on the street noises it was apparent that we were somewhere in the center city. The club itself must be top shelf, for upon our arrival it sounded like the club offered valet parking. Either that, or Monica was able to find a parking spot directly in front of the club.

After entering the club, Monica removed my blindfold, ring gag, and handcuffs, then led me up to the registration desk. Behind the desk were three naked ladies. All three had shackles connected by short chains between their ankles. Their wrists were similarly bound. All three also wore nipple clamps that supported a small sign dangling in their cleavage that declared that they were "Trustees". Trustees? What type of club is this? And what about the SCA rules?

"Welcome to The Pillory Stockade," the lady behind the desk reported. "My name is Trustee Pussy Slut Amy, at your service. It appears that you have two more criminals to be prosecuted and punished tonight. What are their charges?" Criminals? Charges? What was she talking about?

"This one has refused to drink my piss," Mistress Michelle said as she pulled Slut Sam forward by her leash. "And, this is the third time that she has been brought here for that offense."

"This male pig has refused to tongue fuck my ass," Mistress Monica added as she pulled me forward.

"Well, we can take care of these criminals for you. But, first we need to take care of some recent legal paperwork. This is a private club, and therefore is exempt from the SCA rules and regulations. Do you all voluntarily agree to waive your rights and responsibilities under the SCA while in the club?" Amy asked all four of us. She waited until all four of us verbally agreed. She then made all four of us sign a written statement to that effect. Only after we had given the signed statements back did Amy proceed with our registration and entry into the club.

"Trustee Pussy Slut Beth, black collar and cuffs for the male pig. Trustee Pussy Slut Marjorie, yellow collar and cuffs for the piss cunt," Amy told the two trustee sluts standing behind her. Quickly our wrists were pulled behind our backs again and were bound together by handcuffs supplied by the club. Black on me, yellow on Slut Sam. Ditto for our collars. We also were fitted with new black and yellow ring gags. Only these ring gags held our mouths open further than those supplied by Mistresses Monica and Michelle. Next a leash was attached to our collars and suddenly we were being lead towards a heavy steel door behind the registration desk. Amy had to unlock it with a big steel key. And, the real scary thing was the door was labeled "Dungeon." 'What am I going to experience tonight?' was my only thought.

As we entered the main room, I was amazed when I saw the various features of the room. In the middle of the room were many dining tables, each with multiple masters or mistresses enjoying drinks and dinner. The servers waiting on each table were naked. Some of the servers were standing while taking or delivering food and drink orders. But, several others were on their hands and knees, with their heads under the table. Later I learned that each of these table servers were trustees, and to become a trustee you had to have endured a minimum of three pillory punishments.

What I found to be the most surprising was the areas surrounding the dining and drinking section. On the far wall, opposite the "dungeon" entry door, was a two level stage. On the lower level of the stage were four pillories. Each held a naked person bent at the waist with their heads and hands imprisoned in the pillory facing the rear of the stage, and their ass facing the center of the room. Each person locked in the pillory was busy servicing the sexual needs of masters or mistresses. Most of the pilloried prisoners were getting orally and anally raped at the same time. There also was a waiting line along the both sides of the stage -- probably others waiting to get serviced by whomever was in the next available pillory. Behind the four pillories on the upper level of the stage was an area that looked like a small courtroom, complete with a judge's bench.

Located to the right of the main stage were two smaller areas, each complete with more prisoners enduring additional humiliations. The area near the wall to the right of the stage area was where unlucky prisoners were positioned on their knees, with their hands and ankles cuffed together behind their backs. Each wore black collars and wrist and ankle shackles similar to the ones I wore and were held in place by a yoke-like device around their necks. This yoke-like device held their heads at crotch level for most standing adults. And, each person locked in the yokes was busy either sucking the cock or licking the pussy of a master or mistress standing directly in front of them. Above the subjects imprisoned in this area was a neon sign, "Glory Yokes".

But, the most disgusting sight of all was the area located near the corner where the two walls met. This area had a neon sign listing the location as the "Public Urinal". In this area each prisoner was also positioned on their knees, but their hands and ankles were held in place behind their backs in a stockade like device. This not only kept them from moving, but also kept their head and body fully accessible. Once again, their head was positioned at crotch level for most standing adults. The masters or mistresses in this area were all busy pissing on the prisoners or receiving a post piss tongue cleaning. Each prisoner also was wearing a yellow collar and wrist and ankle shackles, and each was not only covered from top to bottom in yellow pee, but also was kneeling on a pee covered floor. The smell in that area was horrible. That's when I knew where Slut Sam would be spending a large part of the evening.

Along the wall to the left and perpendicular to the main stage area were about a dozen or so X crosses, each with either a male or female prisoner attached. Each had his/her arms pulled up and shackled above their heads while their legs were pulled apart and shackled near the floor. Their bodies now resemble the letter X. Surprisingly, several of the prisoners had a naked trustees kneeling in front of them and were receiving oral stimulation.

Suddenly the two trustees leading Slut Sam and me stopped in front of two vacant X crosses, where we were each turned, placed in the proper position, then shackled to the X cross. Slut Sam was now attached to the X cross directly next to me. Next, one of the trustees informed me that this was the waiting area for those who had not yet seen the judge. She then dropped to her knees and began to give me a blowjob. The other simultaneously began eating Slut Sam's pussy. But, just as I was getting that familiar feeling in my groin and thought I was about to cum, she stopped. She explained that prisoners are not allowed to cum, and any trustee who allows a prisoner to cum will immediately be placed in a pillory and lose his/her Trustee rights. She then gave me one last lick and turned and walked away, leaving me immensely frustrated. It would not be the last frustration of the evening. Watching her wiggle her naked ass as she walked made me want to cum even more, further adding to my humiliation and torture. Or, so I thought.

Suddenly there was a public address announcement blaring out of the overhead speakers: "The Prisoner in Pillory A has completed the first phase of its punishment. The prisoner will be available for the remainder of the evening in the 'Public Urinal'." Then I saw two trustees release the prisoner in one of the pillories and lead her towards the "Public Urinal" area. She also had on a yellow collar and wrist and ankle shackles. I was now sure what awaited Slut Sam.

This was followed by another public address announcement indicating that someone named Male Pig James was charged with illegal masturbation by someone named Master Bob. Then one of the male prisoners got released from an X frame and was led to the upper stage and positioned in front of a master dressed like a judge. They were joined by another Master, probably Master Bob. After a brief discussion, the slave was locked into the vacant pillory. Then the PA announced that Male Pig James had been convicted of illegal masturbation and was hereby sentenced to one hour of pillory time and two hours of Gory Yoke time. The prisoner also wore a black collar and wrist and ankle shackles. I now had a preview of what the evening had in store for me.

After about an hour of hanging on the X Frame, the first sign that I was about to begin my humiliation occurred: I heard the announcement that Slut Sam was ordered to the stage to face the Master Judge. After a brief discussion with the judge, her sentence was announced: "Former Trustee Pussy Slut Sam has been found guilty for a third time of refusing to drink her Mistress' piss. Since she has been found guilty of the same office three times, the 'Three Strikes Rule' has been instituted. Thereby, Former Trustee Pussy Slut Sam has forfeited her position and rights as a Trustee. Piss Cunt Sam, you are herby sentenced to spend the next one hour in the Pillory Stockade, and the remainder of the night until closing in the 'Public Urinal'. Take the prisoner away."

I could not believe what I heard. Slut Sam had been a Trustee, but was now considered a Piss Cunt who would spend the night in the 'Public Urinal'. I must remember to never piss off my ex-wife again.

Next, Marjorie began to unfasten my shackles. My relief was short lived, however, for as she was unbuckling my wrists I suddenly heard Beth, who had been sucking the cock of the male pig prisoner on my right, exclaim "Oh, shit!" I looked over and saw she had his cum dripping from her lips and splattered on her face and tits. She had just committed a cardinal sin -- she had allowed a prisoner to cum.

Immediately she stood up and crossed her arms behind her back. Marjorie quickly went to her, attached a leash to her collar, and led her away to face the Master Judge. After a brief discussion with the Master Judge, Beth was locked into the only open pillory. The PA announcement informed everyone that Beth had just permitted a male pig to cum, and her sentence was to spend the remainder of the night in a pillory. The announcement also proclaimed that all her holes were available for use by any Master, Mistress, or other Trustee. She still had the male pig prisoners cum on her face and tits, and would have much more before the night was over.

After about a fifteen minute delay, another of the pillories became vacant, with its former occupant now headed for the 'Glory Yoke' area. It was now my turn to face the Master Judge.

"Mistress Monica, who is this piece of shit and what did he do?" asked the Master Judge.

"His human name is Daddy Pig, and he refuses to tongue fuck my ass," Monica replied. Of course that was not true, for I had rimmed her many times since our sexual relationship had begun. But, what I said or did was of no concern to the Master Judge. Monica's opinion was the only one that mattered.

"Oh, it does," the Master Judge replied. That's when I noticed that he always referred to all prisoners as 'it', not by their gender or names. "Daddy Pig, I sentence you to serve one hour in a Pillory, and the remainder of the night in a 'Glory Yoke'. In addition, an 'Asshole Tongue Fucker' sign will be located over your head while you are locked up in both locations. By the end of the evening, you will come to love the taste of ass." Of course, Monica and I both were hiding our desires to laugh at the Master Judge, for we both knew how much I like to lick her asshole.

As I was led towards the only open pillory by Marjorie we passed the pillory holding Piss Cunt Sam. I could only see her from the rear momentarily as she was getting fucked in the asshole by a big, burly Master. However, between strokes I was able to see that she had cum dripping out of both her asshole and pussy. Then I passed a male pig in the same condition, with cum dripping out of his asshole. I knew that soon I would be dripping cum, too.

After arriving at the open pillory, Marjorie ordered me to 'assume the position'. I knew that meant to place my neck and wrists in the openings. As soon as I felt the top of the pillory frame close, a lock was snapped shut. Then Marjorie forced my legs apart and locked them into a horizontal stock-like device that held my legs spread wide and my asshole exposed for anyone who wanted to use it. As I raise my head to look at the prisoner in the pillory beside me, I noticed that she had cum dripping from her mouth and chin. Before we left home Monica had told me I would get all the nourishment I needed at the club. I now realized that what I would get at the club was cum. And, probably more than I wanted or needed for the remainder of the night.

After I was secured in the pillory, Marjorie said "Have fun, pig" and left. Suddenly Monica appeared directly in front of my face. "Oh, he will, I guarantee it." Then Monica turned away from me, only to bend at the waist and push her ass towards me. As she backed her ass into my imprisoned face I noticed that she also had cum dripping from both her bottom holes.

"Clean me up, Daddy Pig. I've got about six loads in both holes and I want them cleaned right now. Use that talented tongue now if you want to go home tonight," she commanded as she pressed her ass and pussy directly into my face. I now knew that my tongue and mouth would be sore in the morning.

Suddenly I also felt something cold getting smeared on my asshole. Next I felt a big dick getting pushed in my hole. But it did not feel like a live cock. It was cool, not warm like a man meat. But, it penetrated my sphincter just the same and began to pump in and out.

"Boy, I've forgotten how nice this asshole feels," a familiar voice said. The voice belonged to my ex-wife, Mistress Michelle. Now my humiliation was complete. I was getting fucked by both my ex-wife and daughter at the same time. This was going to be a long and humiliating night.

Chapter Six: The Presentation


'What the hell?' I thought as I was rudely awakened from a sound sleep. Then I looked at the alarm clock and realized that I had a software presentation review meeting scheduled in the office in 90 minutes and was scheduled to present the latest software to the Federal Commerce Department at 3 PM. I could still feel the ring gag in my mouth and my hands cuffed behind my back. I guess this was going to be my new sleep ware. But like yesterday morning, I pulled my hands apart and the cuffs popped open. I briefly wondered why this happened, but I did not have time to solve that question. I immediately reached behind my head and unlatched the ring gag. I needed a quick shower and a good mouth rinse (I could still had the taste of last night's left over cock and pussy cum in my mouth).

When I walked into the bathroom, I immediately was surprised at what I saw. Not only did I have left over cum in my mouth, but I also had it dried all over my face. My jaw and tongue still ached from all the cock sucking and pussy and asshole licking I was forced to perform at the Pillory Stockade last night. Then, I turned and looked at my ass. My asshole was bright red and swollen, and there was dried cum all around my rosebud. It looked like I still had some inside my asshole, too. I really needed a good enema, but I did not have that kind of time or I would miss my meeting at the office. So I quickly jumped into the shower, cleaned everything that I could with soap and water, brushed my teeth, and began my trip into the office.

As I walked into my corner of the world, I noticed Joyce was busy working at her desk. However, her appearance really surprised me. She was busy typing away at her computer, only she was completely naked. Well, maybe not totally. She was wearing stilettos and stockings, but nothing else. Then I noticed there was something new about her make-up. It was white and crusty, almost like dried cum. I also noticed she now was sporting two new tattoos. She had one on each tit, just above her nipples. The left tit now was labeled "Carol's" and the right one was labeled "Tits". She was now proclaiming to the world that her tits belonged to Carol, my chief legal officer's admin assistant.

As I approached her, I mentioned that I had the software presentation meeting in 20 minutes and I needed to review my latest changes before that meeting. Therefore, I would not be taking any calls until after the meeting. She quickly informed me that Donald, my legal officer, was waiting in my office. "He said it's vitally important," she added. That's just what I needed. Donald was a good attorney, but he was lousy at making decisions. I needed to work with him about that.

"Donald, I don't have much time, so please make it quick," I said as I entered my office. Only after making that comment I noticed Donald was completely naked. And he was wearing the same make-up as Joyce. Carol's pussy must have gotten a real work out this morning.

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