tagBDSMHumbled -- Final Edition

Humbled -- Final Edition


Chapter One: The Peeping Step Dad

I had just awakened with a middle of the night urge felt by many 50 something men – the urge to pee. I, like many men my age, have developed a larger than normal prostrate, which wakes me up at least once each night. And since I am in the middle of a total remodeling of the bathroom attached to the Master Suite in my 20 room mansion, I had to wander down the hall to the main second story lavatory. Right past the room now occupied by my 21 year-old daughter, Monica. My daughter that I hadn't seen in almost 15 years, who called three weeks ago and asked to move in my house while she was pursuing an acting career.

As I ventured past Monica's bedroom, I noticed a dim light coming from beneath her slightly open door. And I heard noises. Not just any noises. But cries that appeared to be coming from a man in pain. I also heard a swishing sound, followed by a loud "crack". It sounded like someone was receiving a good whipping. I also heard a female voice yell "Suck that cock, you Bitch!" I stopped to check and see if anything was wrong. Her door was slightly open, so I quietly peered into her room. And I could not believe my eyes.

I saw a sight that I would have never imagined. There was my nearly naked, adult daughter sitting in front of her computer – watching a porn video. But not just any video: It was a video of a naked man, on his knees, sucking another man's cock. He was sucking a cock while a nearly naked woman was whipping his ass with a riding crop. The lady wielding the crop was barely dressed – only wearing black, six inch, fuck-me stiletto heels and matching stockings. I could not see Monica's hands, so I assumed that she was busy pleasuring herself while watching the video. I also could not see the lady's face in the video, as she had her back to the camera while whipping the man's ass. But her ass was quite a site--very lovely and quite fuckable.

There was one thing that really surprised me about this scene. The man's balls sac was pulled back between his legs and was incased in a wooden contraption. It was a wooden frame about three feet long with a hole in the middle. The wooden frame totally encircled his balls sac – a testicle pillory, if you like. And it was long enough to rest against the back of his thighs. If he tried to stand, the testicle pillory would pull his balls sac off. In addition, the man's hands were pulled behind his back and were cuffed to the respective ends of the testicle pillory. So he was stuck in that position, sucking another man's cock while the lady whipped his ass with a riding crop. I was mesmerized by the scene playing on my daughter's computer.

How painful it must be to be in that position. Then I suddenly realized that while I was staring at the computer, my hand was fondling my own cock. It was rock hard. God, I loved this. I suddenly realized what made me hard: I was daydreaming about what it would be like to be in his position. A natural born submissive, I wanted to change places with the man in the video. I then realized that if I didn't move on, I would eventually cum. How would I explain my actions to my daughter? How would I explain why I just spurted my seed all over her door while peeping into her bedroom in the middle of the night? So, I quickly gained control and quietly continued my journey to the bathroom.

Just a little background about me and my daughter: I am a 50 something divorced man. One who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. My Father was a computer and business genius. Bill Gates may have gotten all the publicity, but there were many like him who went from rags to riches during the 80s and 90s. My Father was one of those who benefited financially, but kept under the radar screen. He was a very domineering man. One who knew what he wanted, and how to get it. He also crushed anyone foolish enough to stand in his way. By the time I was born he was a billionaire.

My Mother, on the other hand, was a typical, rich man's trophy wife. Where he was totally domineering, she was naturally submissive. Blonde and beautiful with big tits and a shapely ass. What we commonly call a "dumb blonde". Dumb like a fox. Although she was an intelligent woman, she never showed it publicly. She also was born dirt poor, and had no desire to return to those roots. She knew that in order to keep the good life she had to keep my dad happy. She knew her role: Cook, clean, and be available sexually whenever needed. A natural Stepford Wife. She knew that her primary job in our family was to provide sex on demand and a male heir. I was that male heir. The first born son and the only child. Immediately after I was born she had her tubes tied. My Father was too busy building a financial empire to worry about raising a family. Like Henry VIII, all he wanted was a male heir.

Once I was born, my Mother's value to my Father decreased immensely. She also knew that keeping him happy sexually was all that remained. And, she was good at her job. To insure that there were no more "surprises", my Father rarely screwed her pussy. His favorite location was either her mouth or her ass. Both were in constant use. My Mother was kept naked whenever we were home alone. No need to cover up her assets. That's all she was to my Father – an asset. The only time she wore panties was during her period. And she never wore a bra. The only real clothing my Mother owned were revealing party dresses. These all had low cut V necklines, and were cut so short she usually showed per pussy whenever she bent over. She was never allowed to wear a bra or panties under these dresses, no matter what the social occasion. At most social events everyone in attendance knew that before the night would end Mother would be naked with cum dripping from her holes.

My Father also was an authoritarian. I learned early in life to disobey him meant the belt. Or, the strap. Always while tied up and naked. Probably because of how both my Mother and I were treated at home, I became a natural submissive. More than once both my Mother and I were tied together -- both naked -- for a joint whipping. My whipping was for something that I either did or failed to do. Hers was for whatever I did or failed to do, because she was responsible for my actions, too. After which I had to watch while my Father fucked my Mother in the ass. To this day I am surprised that I did not receive the same. I was still receiving the strap when I went away to college. I thought all boys received regular whipping like me.

Although I received most of my personality traits from my Mother, I did inherit my Father's love for computers. Like him, I was a computer programming genius. While at school I spent most of my spare time in the computer lab. By the time I graduated, I had written several programs that were marketed exclusively by my Father's company. While working on one of those projects, I met my Father's real life clone. Only this clone was female. She had all of my Father's characteristics. Only she had a cunt between her legs instead of a cock. Other than her gender, she was what my Father wanted me to be.

Her name was Michelle, and eventually she became my Mistress. No, not as in a piece of ass on the side. My Father and I each could buy plenty of those when needed. Michelle became my domineering Mistress. As in Mistress Michelle. She took over dominating me where my Father left off. We were eventually married, and together we had a daughter, Monica. I knew where I stood in the family hierarchy. My Father was top dog, Mistress Michelle was second, and Monica was next. I was beneath all three, and my Mother was dirt. Eventually Mistress Michelle developed a fondness for pussies, so my Mother became her sexual toy, too.

My Mother would never complain, even though my Father was screwing Mistress Michelle more than my Mother. She was younger, prettier, had bigger boobs, and was more fun for an old guy. Mother knew that if she complained, she would be out in the cold. She enjoyed the good life too much to say anything to anyone. I was taught to be bisexual, too, and spent many hours sucking my Father's cock while Mother ate Mistress Michelle's cunt. Mistress Michelle even introduced nudity into my life. Now both my Mother and I were kept totally naked when at home. I was happy living the life of a submissive pussy boy.

Thankfully, Mistress Michelle eventually became bored with our family. Sexually she had migrated from straight, to bi, to the Big L. She now only wanted women, and my Mother was boring to her tastes. She celebrated Monica's sixth birthday by leaving me and moving in with her most current lover. The only thing that we regret about her departure was that she moved in with a very smart attorney. When she filed for divorce, Michelle also concocted a bunch of lies about me and our daughter. In order to protect both my professional and personal lives from these lies, I had to agree to give up all rights to Monica. Michelle was threatening to go public with claims of my pedophilia for our daughter – none of which were true. But, we both knew that going public with such a claim would be disastrous to my life and my Father's company. So to stay out of jail I agreed to give up all visitation rights to Monica.

So, with my personal life destroyed, I concentrated on my professional one. My Father's company continued to prosper. We were getting richer by the day. He was a business genius, and I was the computer programming brains behind the scene. A perfect match. Then one day it all ended. While flying back from a skiing vacation in Colorado, my Father's private plane crashed. There were no survivors. Killed were both pilots, a well stacked flight attendant (my Father's latest play toy), and my Mother. I inherited everything – the company, all our houses (we now had three), and billions in off-shore investments. My ex received nothing. There was a huge trust fund set up for my daughter, Monica, but only with the stipulation that she could not touch it until her 21st birthday. Dad still loved Monica, and wanted to insure her financial stability. She was given a monthly allowance until then, but my Father's will specified that under no circumstances was my ex, Mistress Michelle, allowed access to Monica's trust fund. In short, he had fucked Mistress Michelle one last time before he died.

I was now living alone. My life was totally immersed in my business. I had few friends, and fewer lovers. Most of my sexual jollies came via the internet and my best friend, "Rosy Palm". I was a natural submissive still, but almost everyone in my life that I trusted took advantage of me. So I retreated into my own world. I was a mini Howard Hughes. Just as alone, but not quite as rich or famous. And I loved every minute of my privacy. I did have constant fantasies about submitting to a dominate woman again. But, my business world left little time to act out those interests. The closest that I ever got to making those wet dreams reality was to hire a pro domme and pay her to whip my ass in the privacy of my bedroom. Other than that, my computer and "Rosy Palm" were my best friends.

Then one day my daughter, Monica, called. She was about to celebrate her 21st birthday, which meant that she also was about to gain access to her trust fund. But, she also was smart enough to know that she could not continue living with her Mother once that happened. Her Mother had tried on several occasions to take control of the fund, but my Father's will was ironclad. Only Monica could access that money, and only after her 21st birthday. This was in three weeks. She wanted to move in with me before that event to get away from her gold-digging Mother. She also wanted to become an actress. I was now living in a mansion in Beverly Hills, so moving in with me was perfect for Monica's future plans. I relished the opportunity to get to know my daughter again. She was a stranger, and I wanted her back into my life.

Once she moved in, I was surprised how little my life had changed. My daughter was living the good life while waiting for her break in show business. She was usually still asleep when I left for work in the morning, and I usually returned from my office after she had gone out for the night with her friends. She almost always returned after I had gone to bed for the night. My business required that I work Saturdays, too. We rarely saw each other except on Sundays. This was still better than nothing. She and I also had an understanding that our individual bedrooms were our domains. I had no control over her sexual life, nor she mine. More than once I heard her fucking her brains out in the middle of the night. She was more like her Mother than either of us wanted to admit. But she was a big girl now, so I better not interfere.

That brings me to that night. After draining my bladder, I quietly sneaked back down the hall to the safety of my own room. As I passed her bedroom, I noticed her door was now shut. I wondered if there was someone in there now. But that's her business. I got back into bed, ditched my undies, and re-discovered the joys of "Rosy Palm". All I could think about was how could I become the guy in the video.

Chapter Two: A Humble Introduction

The next day all I could think about was that guy on his knees, with his balls sac pulled behind his legs, sucking another man's cock while getting a whipping. All day I wondered what it would feel like to have my balls sac pulled behind my legs with no mercy. What it would feel like to be in his position? I even cruised the net looking for pictures or videos of men in that position. But I didn't know what the device is called. Finally, when I ran a search for 'cbt devices', I saw it. It's called "The Humbler" and comes in either hard plastic or finished wood. With or without padlocks. With or without electrical stimulation. All I knew for sure is that I needed to try one.

That night, after I thought I heard Monica leave for her nightly partying, I decided to take the bull by the balls, so to speak. I decided to sneak up to her room and see what other delights she keeps hidden on her computer. I waited until my normal bedtime, so if she returned early I could duck into my room and claim that everything was normal. Normal, except I would be naked.

So, there I was – sneaking down the hall of my own home, buck naked, sporting a hard on, looking to become a Peeping Tom by violating my daughter's private stuff. I was going to access her computer and see what kind of kinky things she has stored there. The lights in her room were off, but a dim light kept flickering through her open doorway. Why? She never leaves her door open when she's not home. As I got closer I realized the flickering light was her computer. Keeping my body hidden, I stretched my neck forward to look into her room. Yep, the flickering light was her computer, which was left on. And the same video that I saw last night was on the screen again. Only this time it was in the paused position. An unknown guy on his knees, with his hands and balls sac locked in The Humbler behind his legs, was pictured on the screen. The scene showed the riding crop landing on his already red ass. It also showed a cock rammed all the way in his mouth and a white substance dripping from his lips. The man he was sucking had just cum.


Suddenly I froze. I knew that sound. A woman walking on stilettos. My daughter was home, and this time of night she always wore stilettos. Especially when naked. Suddenly I felt two hands encircle my chest, pinning my arms at my side. She reached around and began to fondle my tits. Suddenly her naked tits were caressing my back. She took the thumb and forefinger of each hand and began pinching my nipples. I could feel my cock getting harder.

"Like what you see, you dirty Daddy?" Monica teased. "What do you like the most? Seeing him on his knees with his balls sac locked in The Humbler? Watching him suck another man's cock? Or, is it both?"

I was speechless. Caught red-handed, so to speak, by my beautiful and naked daughter. Did I mention that she inherited many of her Mother's traits? Blonde, beautiful, big tits, shapely ass, slender but not skinny body. A perfect 10. I have spent many nights masturbating while fantasizing about her. Now, here she was, teasing me! And I was too afraid to talk.

"Cat got your tongue, you dirty old man?" she continued. "Do you really like what you see?"

With that statement, she slowly moved her hand away from my left tit and began caressing my chest and abdomen as she moved her hand down erotically. Eventually, her hand reached my groin and grasped my now engorged cock.

"I think that you do like what you see," she added. "Very, very much. This poor excuse for a cock appears to be very excited right now. Is that because it wants to play like the guy on the computer?"

I still was speechless. My sexual inexperience was showing. So was my submissiveness.

Next, she released her hold on my right tit and moved her right hand down towards my ass. She suddenly reached between my legs and grabbed my balls sac with her right hand. Then, without warning, she began to squeeze my balls. Here sharp fingernails bit into the balls sac. She began to pull the balls sac down and to the rear, causing immense pain to shoot through my groin.

"On your knees, you worthless piece of shit!" she ordered as she continued to pull my balls sac down and to the rear. While she was putting my balls through hell, she was also stroking my cock. Pain and pleasure at the same time. Something that I had previously experienced while living with her Mother and my Dad. Believe it or not, I was enjoying the sensation. I knew that if she kept this up I probably would cum.

"Don't you dare cum, you worthless worm!" she ordered. "Now, crawl over and bury your face on the end of my bed!"

I did as ordered. I crawled to the end of her bed as she continued to pull my balls sac down and to the rear while stroking my cock. When I was in position, she released my cock and reached under her bed. I could hear her pull something out from under the bed. Then, suddenly it was done.

CLACK! CLICK! She released her hand from my balls, but they were not free. I now knew what had happened. She had just locked my balls sac into one of those Humbler devices. Only this one felt cold, and was much shorter than the one in the video on her computer.

"OK, you stupid Mother Fucker!" she yelled. (Was that just an expression, or did she know that I used to fuck both her Mother and mine while Dad watched?) "Crawl over to the computer. OK, stop right there." She had me stop about two feet from the monitor, still on my hands and knees with The Humbler pulling my balls sac to the back. Every time I tried to stand The Humbler pulled on my balls sac and pain shot through my groin. I quickly learned not to try and stand when imbedded in this device.

"Ok, you pig! You dirty Daddy Pig!" she belittled as she spoke. "Yes, that's your new name: Daddy Pig! You, and the rest of the worthless men in this world, exist for one reason and one reason only: To serve the dominant sex. Your needs mean nothing to us. Our pleasure is all that counts. I know, for centuries men treated women as worthless tits and cunts. Nothing but cum receptacles and baby machines. But we are now taking our rightful place. Millions of men around the country are getting introduced to The Humbler. Most learn to like it, just as you will. Those who protest will probably disappear soon. Now that we have a woman President and a large feminist majority in Congress and on the Supreme Court, you men will soon learn that you have no rights. We even control every state government except Utah, and one day we will liberate millions of Mormon pussies, too. Your only reason for living is to be our boy toys. Assholes with tongues. Vibrators with feet. And, your training begins tonight!

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