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Humiliate Her


The name is Brent Xavier, and I am a major pervert living in the Boston area. I'm a tall, good-looking Black man. Twenty two years old. Strong, tough and masculine. That's me. Add to that the fact that I have absolutely no conscience and totally lack respect for anyone or anything and you've got the makings of a great story. Too many men these days are too good for their own good and often they come off as wimps and that's why women don't respect them. Sometimes, you've got to show them who's the boss. Doesn't this sound like a good story? Well, several great stories to be exact. These stories brought to you by your friendly neighborhood sociopath.

I went to visit my so-called neighbor Priscilla Stone at her spot the other day. Priscilla is an absolute fucking slut. A five-foot-ten, plain-faced, large-breasted, wide-hipped and big-bottomed Latin slut with short black hair and olive skin. She's the neighborhood slut. A big woman who is totally down for anything of a sexual nature. I wish there were more like her around. She's a total submissive, which works great for me because I totally get off on dominating people. Especially large women with big butts. There's nothing I love more than to bend them over, spread their butt cheeks wide open and stuff their tight assholes with my ten-inch black super cock. That's exactly what I did to Priscilla, my favorite slut.

I walked into her apartment. Nah, actually I kicked in the door. She was in the kitchen, wearing panties and nothing else. I smirked at her. She looked at me. The bitch could tell that I was seriously horny. I gestured for her to come to me. I made her get on her knees and suck on my dick. An expert sucker of cocks, she got me hard in no time. I knew she liked a strong and domineering daddy so I grabbed her neck as she sucked on my hard cock, almost gagging on it. I rammed my cock down her throat. I delighted in this. Seriously, man. I got my rocks off.

When Priscilla got done sucking my dick, I told her to bend over and spread her plump ass cheeks. The big woman did as she was told like a good little slut. I stood behind her, erect cock in hand. I smacked that hot ass of hers, and spanked it until it turned bright red. She cried out in pain, and begged me for more. I laughed and continued to smack her ass until it went from bright red to hellfire crimson. Finally, that booty of hers was ready to get fucked. I love fucking women in the ass. Especially large women. Their assholes are the tightest of all. Their butt holes will squeeze your cock so hard you won't believe it. Big chicks have sex-craving bodies. Including their assholes, which crave cock whether they realize it or not. It's very simple. Grab a willing big woman, bend her over and grease up her asshole with lubricant before jamming your cock where the sun doesn't shine. It's the greatest feeling in the world. Priscilla was getting impatient. She growled at me to fuck her. I laughed. No need to keep her waiting.

I pressed my cock against her butt hole and pushed. Priscilla grimaced as my cock pushed its way into her anal cavity. Immediately her tight ass squeezed all around my cock. I could feel its warmth. Damn, I was loving every moment of this! Holding her firmly by those plump hips of hers, I thrust my cock down the unbearable tightness of her asshole. Priscilla howled as I rammed my cock into her ass like an invader in enemy country. No mercy on that ass of hers. That booty was getting destroyed by my almighty dick and there would be no negotiation. Slamming into her with all my might, I reveled in the experience. Nothing like stuffing your cock in a big woman's butt hole to make you feel good. I rammed my cock down that tiny hole, feeling it stretch and expand under the force of my powerful thrusts. That's it, I was blazing a trail down there. Like the pioneers of the Old West.

Priscilla was not inactive. As I fucked her in the ass, that plump and sexy body of hers was shaking from head to toe. She was fingering her wet, glistening pussy as my cock filled her butt hole. I smiled at her and she smiled at me. Yeah, we were both getting off right now. I fucked her harder and faster, and she backed that plump ass of hers, grinding it against my groin. Clearly, this dame wanted more. You know what? I was perfectly willing to give it to her. Pumping that booty full of cock and stretching that asshole felt heavenly. There's an unimaginable pleasure a man gets from feeling an asshole squeezing his cock as he penetrates it. The tighter the asshole, the better. That's why I love big women. They've got the tightest assholes on the planet. It's a scientific fact which no scientist will ever publish, unfortunately.

Priscilla made sexy grunting noises as I fucked her in the ass. She interrupted me. I stopped. What's wrong? She looked at me and told me that she needed a break. Apparently, she had to pass gas. I laughed. Women are so funny, aren't they? I mean, here we are, a man and a woman having intimate relations and she's too self-conscious to fart when I'm around. I told her to go right ahead. She still hesitated. I demonstrated how cool I was by farting. Yep, I let a big one rip right then and there. Priscilla laughed, then farted. A blast of hot air hit my dick. I smirked. So this is what it feels like when a woman farts during anal sex. Not bad! I liked it! This gal has nothing to be ashamed of. I resumed fucking her ass like there was no tomorrow.

I don't know if it's because Priscilla suddenly felt more comfortable with me, but the rest of this sexual session was a lot better than the beginning. That ass of hers took all the dick I had to give, and then some. I partially withdrew from her ass. She growled at me to put it right back in. I laughed, and shoved my dick right back where the sun didn't shine. Holding her firmly, I began to speed-fuck her, hard and fast. She masturbated furiously and screamed for more. Emboldened, I rammed it into her hole. Merciless, I impaled her asshole with my almighty cock. Until finally I came, sending my hot and manly seed deep inside Priscilla's asshole. We screamed almost simultaneously as an incredibly intense orgasm rocked our bodies.

Afterwards, Priscilla and I lay on the floor. Neither of us said anything. This was fun. We held each other. An unusual occurrence for me. I almost felt a kinship with this woman. I mean, my whole life I've been sexually aggressive, often more so than socially acceptable. Many girlfriends found me fun, more than a few found me to be too much. In the end, they couldn't handle me. That's the fate of a sexual sadist like myself. Priscilla, however, was different. She got off on the things I did.

That's why we got along so well. She's more than just a fuck to me. She's my mate. I'm the greatest freak in history. A prince among perverts. And I have finally found someone just like me.

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