tagGroup SexHumiliated by Friends

Humiliated by Friends


When I was 19, Jimmy and I hung out together all of the time. We were both good friends with my neighbor Terra. We would hang out over at her house during the summers. Terra has always been an overweight girl and her best friend is Mandy who is also overweight. We were all great friends even though Jimmy and I were kind of the geeky guys.

At the start of summer we over at her house on a rainy day, Terra mentioned that her and Mandy would love to see us jack off while watching some of her Dad's old porn movies. Jimmy and I had jerked off to porn before together so it was no big deal when I agreed and quickly stripped out of my clothes. Jimmy and I were watching the movie and jerking off and I looked over and noticed both of the girls with their eyes glued to our cocks. Soon Jimmy and I were both cumming as we heard a door slam and in walked Terra's gorgeous older half sister Jenny in a bikini. Jenny laid into all of us and said she would tell all of our parents unless we did as we were told. We all agreed and she told us to clean ourselves up without any towels. I asked what she meant and she walked over put her finger in my cum and put it to my lips and said "Just like that." Jimmy and I quickly started scooping with our fingers and eating the cum while Jenny laughed. Jenny then told us to make sure we were back here the next day.

We were all scared and nervous but all the 2 girls could talk about was how exciting it had been to watch us and how dirty and naughty it had been for us to eat our cum. We arrived the next day and in the room were Jenny, Terra, Mandy and Jenny's friend Sarah. Jenny told us to strip and to be ready for instructions. Jimmy and I were both nervous to be stripping in front of these 2 older sexy girls as well as our two friends. Once naked we were instructed to get hard so they could critic our cocks. Jenny said Jimmy you have such a nice big cock for a geek and they laughed as they measured and proclaimed that it was almost 8". Then they measured my cock which was a little over 5".

Jenny told us she had something different in mind for the bad boys today. We had better do everything she says or that she would tell our parents and if we were good she might let us see some tits. We told her that we would do whatever they said as I stole a glance at a very nervous looking Terra and saw Sarah holding a video camera. Jenny then told Jimmy to lick my cock and he looked horrified. She pushed him down and told him to lick my balls. Jimmy did as he was told and licked my balls and shaft before wrapping his lips around my cock. I couldn't bring myself to look down but I knew that Jenny was laughing as she kept pushing him down on my little cock. After about 5 minutes, I tensed up and shot my cum into Jimmy's mouth as Jenny forced him to swallow it all. Terra and Mandy looked horrified as Jenny and Sarah laughed.

Next it was my turn but after cumming, I wanted to do this even less than before. Jenny told Sarah it was her turn to guide me and Sarah handed Jenny the camera. Sarah quickly pushed me to my knees and told me to lick his balls good and his shaft so that they could all see. She pushed my lips onto his shaft and told me I better be able to deep throat 8". As she forced me down on Jimmy I could only make it half way without gagging. Soon I was forced to deep throat his whole cock over and over again. Luckily Jimmy did not last very long and filled my mouth with a huge load of cum that kept spurting. I tried to swallow it all but felt some run out of my mouth and down my chin. Sarah let me off of Jimmy's cock and told me I was a good cocksucker and Jenny had Terra and Mandy show us their tits as my little cock grew hard again.

Jenny then told us that our entertaining was not complete. I swallowed nervously and waited as they whispered together. Terra and Mandy looked at us and mouthed the words, "I'm sorry." Jenny told us that she has always wanted to see two guys fucking and that we better agree or the new video tape would be shown to everyone at the school. It was decided that I would do Jimmy first since I was hard again already and much smaller. Jenny sent Terra to go get the Vaseline from the bathroom. I was told to smear it on my cock to use my finger to push some into Jimmy. I was so nervous and my hands were shaking but I managed to get us ready. I was taking my time pushing my cock in as Jimmy was saying it hurt when Sarah came up behind and pushed my ass forward forcing me all the way in. Jenny laughed and said "Look at the little virgins having to resort to doing each other for their first time." I got into a rhythm and started going faster until they had us change positions. They had Jimmy lay on his back while I fucked him because as they joked we should be able to look into each other's eyes. I lasted longer this time as when I was ready to cum, I pulled out as instructed and came all over his cock. Sarah then had me lick all of my own cum off of Jimmy's cock and get him hard. I quickly licked him clean and when I was done Jimmy was hard as a rock.

It was now my turn to get fucked and Jimmy lubed up and pushed in. I screamed out in pain as Jimmy started thrusting with his huge cock. Jimmy must've lasted 20 minutes before he pulled out and came all over my face and mouth. I cleaned my face off as Jenny told us we had been good boys. Sarah and Jenny left laughing and Terra and Mandy came over to comfort us. She told us that her sister was sick and twisted and they were sorry we forced to do those things. They admitted though that it was very exciting to watch and made them both very wet.

Over the next couple of days we didn't talk about it much until one day Terra confessed they had been thinking about how nice our cocks looked and that they would like to lose their virginity to us. We all undressed and started kissing. Terra is an overweight girl but has nice big tits and Mandy has an average to overweight body style and very small tits. Terra and I ended up together and Mandy with Jimmy. We decided not to use protection as they were on the pill. We started off with a little oral sex but we really just wanted to get right to penetration. Mandy screamed out "Oh my god" as Jimmy thrust his big cock inside of her. It wasn't long before there was a lot of moaning in Terra's basement and soon Jimmy and I were both filling them with cum. Terra then suggested a swap of partners so they could feel the different size cocks and some oral sex. Since we had already been eating cum we didn't even balk as we switched partners and got into a 69. It wasn't long and all of Jimmy's cum was cleaned out of Mandy and she had cum twice. I then climbed off and pushed myself into Mandy's tight pussy. We looked over at Terra as Jimmy grunted and filled her mouth with his cum. I came inside of Mandy and licked her clean as we all just sat around kissing and caressing for the next couple of hours. The next couple of weeks were spent as horny kids exploring each other's bodies. Jimmy and I took turns with both Mandy and Terra. One day we decided that oral sex would be more fun if we were all shaved. We took turns shaving each other smooth and loved it. I loved seeing the girls' smooth pussies glistening with their juices when they got excited.

Towards the end of summer Terra and Jenny's parents took a trip. Jenny and Sarah decided to throw a party for all of their girlfriends before summer was over and somehow Terra, Mandy, Jimmy and I were invited. There was a lot of alcohol and the four of us were as drunk as all of the girls. Sarah and Jenny invited everyone into the basement to watch a sex video. Sarah explained the video shows 2 geeky guys being humiliated and forced to do some very taboo things. The video started and of course to our humiliation we were the video. It showed our afternoon early in the summer when Jimmy and I were forced to perform.

The girls were laughing at our humiliation and it wasn't long and all the girls were demanding a private personal show. We undressed as Terra and Mandy were forced to remove their clothes and come over to watch closer. Several of the girls brought out their cell phones to take pictures. The girls laughed at our shaved cocks and pointed out how small mine was but were impressed by the size of Jimmy's. I was quickly forced to suck Jimmy's cock and a couple of the girls took turns forcing me further down his 8" cock. When he was ready to cum they directed him to Terra's tits. He came a lot all over her big tits and I was forced to lick them clean. Jimmy was then forced to suck my little cock and it wasn't long I came all over Mandy's small tits and Jimmy licked it up. I was then laid back on the Ottoman and Mandy was forced to lube me up. Jimmy pushed in gently and started fucking me. It was about 20 minutes and Jimmy pulled out and came all over Mandy's shaved pussy. Jenny then told me to lick her pussy clean and make her cum which I did as commanded.

We were then allowed to leave and get cleaned up. As the 4 of were talking over another Jack Daniels shot we decided that as much as they had used us for their entertainment that we enjoyed every minute of the humiliation. Terra, Mandy, Jimmy and I continued our 4 some dating for the next couple of years before we all went our separate ways. Jenny never bothered us anymore as she became engaged later that year and married in the spring.

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