tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersHumiliated Sissy Husband Ch. 04

Humiliated Sissy Husband Ch. 04


"A Second Helping"

"Come along now Max, the guys will be here soon. You still have chores to do first before we are ready," Tonya called out from the open motel room door. The door was wide open as she waited for Max to get out of the car and come in.

She had parked in front of the room but across the parking lot. It would be a good 50' walk for him in 6" high heels to get to the room.

"Max, come on honey," she said again sticking her head out the door this time.

"Tonya, I can't come out there like this," he said in a whining voice.

"If I have to come and get you I will not be happy missy," she said now standing in the doorway.

"I don't want to be seen like this," he said so she could barely hear him, but she heard.

"Get used to it and get out of the car now."

Tonya stepped out of the room now and walked across the pavement her red 3" spike high heels pounding the pavement with sounds of authority in each step. She grabbed the car door and opened it in a way that left know no doubt about how pissed she was now.

"Get your sissy ass out of this car, right now," she said holding the door then reaching in to grab his arm.

"Tonya please," he begged as he stepped out of the car. Tonya slammed the door closed and pressed the remote to lock the doors. She then used the remote to open the trunk.

"Grab the suitcases, and also grab the duffel bag. It has your restraints in it. If I have any more problems with you Max I will send you to the front desk in your pretty sissy dress to request a wake up call. Understand?"

Tonya walked back to the motel room where she closed the door now. Max was looking about frantically hoping nobody was looking his way. Though there was no one he could see, he felt like he was being observed from behind curtains by those hearing the loud talking and by people driving by.

Max's wife insisted he was to be a sissified man. She wanted him to accept the fact of who really was and was accelerating things very quickly. He had never been forced to go outside before, but then again it hadn't been that long since his indiscretion with the whore Ginger his wife like to call her, and he was still paying the price and the stakes were getting even higher. This was not a punishment, it was a complete change in lifestyle. Punishments end eventually when the punished have paid the price for their offense. Tonya intended this to go on from now on.

Max's hair was completely dyed red and it had been done by Tonya at their house in the sink. She had caused him much mental anguish while coloring his hair telling him how shocked his family was going to be when they saw him and how his friends would all distance themselves from him realizing what a limp wrist fag he really was. She wasn't talking just about the coloring but the way she now made him wear his hair most of the time also. It was pulled up painfully tight in curly pigtails on the top back sides of his head. His bangs were combed straight and cut perfectly square across his eyebrows. Tanya had not applied Max's full makeup yet but he was wearing red lipstick, eye liner and false eyelashes.

With his fingernails polished a bold red and longer than what would be considered acceptable glamour length on a woman but shorter than the Dragon Lady look, he grabbed the bags from the trunk and minced across the parking lot. He hated long fingernails like this even on women. It was so gaudy and fake, but Tanya was dictating that and not him. She said he was lucky that she didn't have his toenails lengthened the same way, because that would require him to wear platform sandals all the time. She had not done that yet, but it wasn't beyond her to put him on display in just such a way.

Max was also wearing 6" white spike heels, white lace ankle socks and a very short white sissy dress with bright red polka dots. It buttoned down the back with large red buttons. The top of his dress was of sissy design. His chest was bare but framed in lace. His nipples had each been clamped tightly before they left the house, twisted completely around and taped in place. They hurt really bad but he didn't say anything because she would just take them and twist hem in her fingers till he agreed they felt better and then put the clamps right back on.

He prayed nobody saw him crossing the parking lot. Once inside Tonya had him unpack all the clothes and put them in the drawers or hang them up while she propped her feet up and talked on the phone with a new boyfriend she had recently met. Though they were only going to be here for the evening she had brought enough clothes to keep Max busy while they were here.

While wearing 6" heels he did the ironing she had brought along. Max was a well endowed man and his limp dick and balls hung in a useless state under his skirt while he ironed Tonya's underwear.

"The guys are coming today Max."

"Please Tonya, you can't be serious. Call this off," he pleaded as he continued the ironing.

"No sweetie. You are going to have a nice evening of sex with these young men. I know you're nervous but it is going to be just fine."

"No it's not Tonya, I just don't want a guy sticking his dick inside my butt. It will hurt and I won't like it. I'm not up for something like this," he whined.

"Honey once I get your makeup on and you are dressed in your sexy lingerie you'll feel differently. You'll look like a whore and actually feel like a slut and desire male contact and penetration the same as I do."

"No I won't."

"That's enough for now. When you get the ironing done I want you to attach the straps to each corner of the bed frame and leave them laying on top of the bed.

"Tonya no. Why?" he pleaded

"Yes Max. That will be enough whining for now. I don't want to have to deal with you trying to get off the bed tonight in the middle of my passionate love making, and neither do you," she said pointing her finger. "They are to keep you from getting off the bed while you are making love to that man."

"I can't do this," he said.

"We are both getting fucked tonight and that's final. Me in my pussy and you in your sissy ass. We both need it, now hush and finish ironing my bra. I will then help you get dressed and made up for your date. You can stand in the corner like a little girl till it's time to tie you down on the dress."

After Max had attached the straps to the four legs of the bed, he lay the ends with the cuffs on top the bed. He would be held to the bed with these later on in the evening.

Max stood in the corner in 6" heels, white lace ankle socks, lavender baby doll nightie, and a D-cup padded all lace bra. His palms were pressed together behind his back, fingers down, as he listened to his wife on the phone describing what she was going to do to her boyfriend on the other end of the line the next time they were together. The sound of her vibrator fluctuated as it moved back and forth across wet clit. She was preparing herself mentally and physically for the guys that were coming.

"Uhhhmmmm," she sighed. "I know Frank," she said almost in a whisper of passion now. "I can hardly wait to do it all again with you baby. You should see how I'm dressed right now baby and I have already finished off the condoms you gave me. They were delicious," she cooed. "I want to suck your cock again. I love the taste of your cum."

Max teared up. She hadn't consumed any of that man's semen from those condoms. She had forced him to drink every drop of it. Not only was the taste repulsive the knowledge of knowing it had come from a man he had never met but had screwed his wife made it so much more demoralizing.

"I can't baby, not tonight. I am just lying here having a quiet evening masturbating with my vibrator to the sound of your voice. I will probably turn over and have wonderful dreams of us together after I have my orgasm."

Frank obviously had no idea Tanya was in a motel and about to have sex with another man, but Frank knew she was married and he that he was the other man also. Most of the men she slept with though thought they were the only ones that she was cheating with.

She got off the phone and softly said, "Max, have a seat on the edge of the bed."

"Tanya, please." he whined as he did as she asked.

"Open your mouth wide, "she said taking a pair of panties out of a plastic bag she had in her purse.

She used the handle of a spoon and pushed the panty deep into his cheeks causing them to puff out on each side. She then pushed as much of the reamainder as she could into his mouth. She then took a roll of tape and wrapped it around his mouth and head four wraps, and tight securing the gag.

"Now roll over on you stomach over these pillows. Let your legs hang on the side."

His knee's didn't quite touch the floor.

"Reach out to me," she said taking his wrist and buckling them to the straps at the front os the bed.

She spread his legs and attached straps above his knee's and pulled them tight to the foot of the bed.

"MMPPFF" he cried into the gag.

"Oh Max this will be so much fun. Getting that little sissy butthole of yours pumped by a big dick. You will feel so different afterwards."


"Oh and I forgot to tell you I was over my aunt Lavern's yesterday and I stole a pair of her panties from the hamper. Hope you don't mind, they are in your mouth right now."

"MMMPPPFFF!!" Max jerked at his restraints and shook his head in disgust.

"Max. You are over reacting. I'm sure she only wore them one day, and do you really care who's pussy and ass they sat against. I mean come on."

There was a knock at the door. Max's heart sank.

She opened the door and the two young men smiled and nodded at the beautiful sexy woman that stood in front of them. Tanya was wearing high heels, stockings and a garter belt. Her bra was pure lace and held her breast up high but did not cover her nipples and she wasn't wearing panties so her clean shaven pussy was proudly on display.

"Good evening gentleman. My name is Tonya," she said stepping up to them.

"I am Steve," the first said as Tanya quickly took him in her arms and kissed him on the lips deeply and rubbed his crotch with her pussy as she did. She wrapped one of her legs around his as her tongue penetrated his mouth. She had never met this man before but it didn't matter he was here for a reason and doing what she was doing was part of it. Max turned his eyes away as she welcomed the other guy the same way. His name was Juan.

She would never do that to Max. When she did kiss him on the lips he was not allowed to kiss back. His lips had to remain passive. He was her husband and had to watch as she gave strange men all her displays of affection she would never grant him.

"Guys, this is my husband Max the Sissy Fag," she said turning to look at him now. "As you can see he is a lifestyle sissy, and he needs to be fucked in the ass by a well hung young man," she said while both guys chuckled at his appearance.

"So how do we begin," Steve asked looking Max over.

"It is very simple guys. Strip naked. I will sit on the bed here and start by sucking your cocks to get them ready, Max needs to be fucked hard."

The guys looked at each other at the ease she accepted the encounter.

"MMPPFF!!" Max groaned looking over his shoulder

"Sounds like your sissy boy doesn't want to do this," Steve said.

"Oh yes he does. He is just a little bashful. It's his first time," she said fluffing one of his curly pigtails.

Tanya took Steve first and started sucking his dick. It bigger and bigger. She finally pulled him out of her mouth and stood and kissed him.

"Come with me baby to the other bed," she said leading him to Max.

Tanya got on the bed and straddled Max's butt and then embracing Steve once again. She kissed him passionately as she worked his dick in her hands. She stopped for a moment and looked down to spread Max's cheeks.

"MMMPPPFFF!!" Max squirmed frantically.

She placed the head of Steve's now rock hard cock on Max's butthole.

"Push," she said sexily looking into Steve's eyes.

Max squealed at the initial penetration and Tanya held on to Steve as it was like riding a bucking bronc at first.

They kissed as Max winced in the distress that a man now had actually put his dick in his ass.

"Push harder baby," she gushed as if she was the one receiving a enjoyable fucking. "YES," she screamed when Max screamed into the gag. The man's cock was now all the way in.

Max cried as Steve started pounding his ass with force. Tanya feeding the man's desires with her seductive looks and passionate kisses and coos of lust.

Max pulled against his restraints on several attempts to stop the deep penetration. Tanya had Steve pull his dick out and then reinsert it several times during the fucking. It all came to a conclusion after about thirty minutes when Steve began to ejaculate deep into Max's ass. Tanya screamed at the top of her lungs when he came as if she were having an orgasm to.

She gave Steve a kiss, "That was wonderful Steve."

Then Juan stepped up his long dich ready to go. Tanya smiled at him, "Hi Juan," she said suggestively. "Ready?"

"Ready when you are," he smiled

She spread Max's cheeks again and placed Juan's dick on Max's butthole.

"Push baby," she said watching the head disappear into Max's rectum.

Max was still crying from the first and squealed in the gag when Juan pushed all the way in as his dick was bigger round than Steve's and it stretched his butt hole more.

Tanya once again made out with Juan as she had done with Steve. It was a long night for Max. After Juan finished, Steve was ready to go at it again. When they finally took a break, Juan, Steve and Tanya all got in the other bed naked together and there was a lot of laughing and playing around going on. Max remained strapped over the end of the bed. After a while playfulness became seduction and Juan was back in Max while Tanya lightly ran her nails up Juan's back into his hair and down his legs. It was most remarkable experience for him.

The boys were finally done. It was early in the morning and they each had just finished up riding Max's ass one more time. They kissed and thanked Tanya for calling them and offered their services whenever she needed them.

She sat on the side of the bed with Max.

"See Max, that was not bad at all was it. You got fucked what, six times through the night. I'm really proud of you honey, you performed like a real sissy tonight. Now, I can't let you up yet and I'm going to have to blind fold you."

She took a scarf and wrapped it tight around his eyes and tied it tight behind his head. She then pulled a stocking over his head.

"Now be a real good sissy boy and I will give you a nice hard bare ass spanking when you get home. Wouldn't you like that?"

Max was too exhausted to respond. He just lay still feeling the pains of his prolonged bondage position and the burn of his butthole.

Tanya opened the door and let a young woman in. It was Ginger, the girl Max was accused of cheated with. She walked in and she kissed Tanya on the lips. They both stripped naked and spent the next two hours in the bed next to Max making love to each other.

I know some of you would love to tie me down and spank my bare fag ass for writing such a story. OK. Just let me know where and when my appointment is. LOL

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guy, too bad he had to wait so long to receive the pleasure. On my bucket list is to be fucked bi a big cock, without lube. I imagine the pleasure to be awesome, and need to go to the hospital after, buttmore...

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oh yes

that little bit of extra humiliation,, aunt Laverns soiled panties was brilliant,, I loved it

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