tagHumor & SatireHumiliating Life of a Lotto Winner

Humiliating Life of a Lotto Winner


My wife Stella called down "Jessie, when the doc arrives, ask him to come right up."

Stella and I fell in love at first sight just like in the movies. For me, a little guy filling shelves for years at the supermarket, it was a miracle; my wild fantasy coming true that a beautiful women could desire me. It happened for real with Stella. We make a great couple. My head reaches almost level with her shoulders thanks to new elevator built-up shoes making me look much taller.

My wife's dark brown hair is styled long and I adore her green eyes. Her 34c breasts look big on a slim frame. I think Stella is one of those few women who absolutely ooze sex appeal. Loves new clothes and shoes for every occasion. Enjoys weekly salon visits for hairstyling, manicure and pedicure. Keeps fit from regular sessions with her personal trainer.

Not that I mind paying off all these expenses. I was so lucky winning a major prize in the national lotto. Then had a bigger stroke of luck just one week afterwards. Meeting Stella when her car broke down outside my house.

Her credit card is full every month; personal shopping plus gifts for friends and family. She is very generous. Curiously, my wife is proud of saving me money by rarely buying lingerie. She has a habit of not wearing a bra or panties.

Answering the front door bell, I was greeted with a strong handshake from a tall young man in jeans and blue shirt. It was the self-styled PC Doc booked this morning to help my dear wife cure her computer problems. The expensive desktop model was quite new but she declined to send it back to the suppliers under warranty. Friends had recommended this man as very obliging. Told me to call him Doc. He immediately bounded up the staircase when I told him our computer was situated in a spare bedroom.

I bustled around in the kitchen making fresh coffee to accompany my home baked cookies. On my way up to serve our visitor, I could hear my wife giggling and I was pleased to know she was in a good mood. Surprising to see that Stella was still wearing her morning robe showing a lot of cleavage. That moment, not looking where I was going, I tripped over a loose cable by the computer desk.

It was a disaster. The tray somersaulted in the air. Three cups emptied hot coffee all over Doc, saturating his lap. He yelled out aloud. I dashed away to fetch a towel. When I got back, my wife was busy pulling down his jeans. She cooed,

"You poor man, do hope you are not badly scalded."

Grabbing the towel, she rubbed all over his soaked tight- fitting briefs revealing the profile of a sizable penis.

"Oh dear. These will have to come off to see if there is any damage."

A swift tug and the briefs were around his ankles. My eyes focussed on a definitely full prick, its purple head swaying. Stella gasped, reached out and pulled it to her lips. She quickly licked the tip and shaft several times. Without looking up at me, she said,

"I think that's the worst of the coffee gone. Don't stand around Jessie, get his clothes in the washer before the stain can set." Leaving the room, I noticed her hand was still clasping him. So typical of my darling Stella; she's always kind and sympathetic. In the utility room, I busied myself with the detergent and machine setting for the best wash programme. The least I could do in the circumstances was to get the man's clothes laundered.

Back upstairs, I found they had gone through to our en-suite bedroom. Stella was sitting on the bed with Doc kneeling in front. She was holding a silk handkerchief. More astonishing was that it was wrapped around his cock as she rhythmically eased it up and down. Her first words were,

"About time you came back Jessie. This poor man may be seriously injured. You're responsible. He's engaged to Rita. They're getting married in the summer.

"If Doc's manhood is damaged then I expect his medical insurers will sue you. Will take every penny we've got. We must restore his self-confidence. Prove there's no major problem. Right, so first, get some moisturising cream and massage it in."

I dived into the bathroom, grabbed an open jar.

"That's good Jessie. Now when I take this handkerchief off, you coat him with a handful."

I felt very embarrassed. I was about to intimately touch a man. I spread the cream generously down the shaft. My wife prompted me to rub it all in. I did, down to his balls plus an extra coating over the bulb head.

"Well done Jessie, I'm ready for it."

I could not believe my eyes, Stella almost completely naked. The wide-open robe revealed her parted thighs, one hand touching her pussy. She reminded me of a model posing for an erotic picture.

"Come on, let's get it done for nice Doc. Push it in."

I stuttered, "You mean put his thing in your........."

"Yes, take his penis in your hands. Place it here."

A red manicured finger pointed.

Doc murmured,

"If you don't want to help me Jessie, just say the word."

"He wants to," yelled Stella. " Do it now Jessie."

I manoeuvred to feed the tip of his erect prick into my darling's love nest.

"All the way please Jessie."

A final squeeze got the bulbous head into her vagina. My wife fell back on the bed as Doc penetrated fully, his hands reaching under her thighs. The slow tempo changed into vigorous thrusts. My wife's legs are pointing at the ceiling, her ankles resting on his shoulders. The room filled with the sounds of grunting and moaning. I noticed how the muscular man was perspiring from his non-stop action.

My own cock was a little aroused but I tried to ignore it. Stella was sacrificing her body to unwanted sex because of my clumsiness. This was not the time for me to enjoy an erection.

I could teach this young man a lesson in the sex act. I can finish inside three minutes. It was taking him ages. His clenched buttocks bounced up and down. My poor wife's flesh suffered his powerful ramming. It took a long time but eventually, his body went into spasm. Stella in her always-friendly manner, screamed,

"Yes, yes, yes!"

They both stretched out on the bed exhausted from the shared orgasm. Doc's head rested on my wife's naked breast. He said how pleasing there was no ill effect.

Doc had only one remaining worry. His fiancée always adored him coming twice every time they made love. At first, reluctant to go into details but Stella insisted. Seems Rita always gave him a blowjob for his second bout. Doc was not sure if he could ever manage that again after this morning's scalding.

I rarely loose my cool but a man has to protect his dear one. I told him in a shrill voice that there was no way I would allow my wife to do that for him. I didn't care about any financial consequences. Stella smiled and blew me a kiss.

"You can be so masterful at times Jessie. It's wonderful that you should volunteer to take over from me and give Doc oral sex."

I started to agree until I realised the full implication of her words. I tried to argue but it was hopeless. A terrible dilemma: either I obliged Doc or my wife would be forced to do so.

I climbed on the bed and reached over. Following Stella's instructions, I fondled his hairy balls. Licked the tip of his prick, smelling his manly odour. Stroking the column of flesh, I sensed a growing stiffness.

I was terrified that I would fail my caring wife but made myself concentrate. His swollen prick seemed to press against my lips. I opened wide to receive the purple bulb.

After a time with my lips wrapped around his erect cock, I became a little calmer. Realized that it wasn't as repulsive as I expected. My tongue detected his pee slit. The taste in my mouth was slightly salty and maybe meaty. I felt Stella's hand helpfully pressing on my neck in encouragement.

I sucked hard and long. Withdrew his prick and sucked it back in again. I felt so full but managed not to choke. This sucking lasted some minutes before Doc took control. Forcefully ramming his prick in and out of my mouth. Thought he was going to kill me. He seemed to be hitting deep inside my throat, his balls slapping on my chin. Made my head jerk around like a puppet. Thought this violent assault would never stop. Then suddenly, he yelled at me:

"I'm coming, get ready to swallow."

Fresh hot sperm exploded, flooding my mouth and coating my tongue in a thick cream. I had to swallow again. He spurted more before slowly withdrawing his prick. I gulped down nearly all of his juices except for a trickle leaking out from the corners of my tender mouth.

" It would be real friendly if you cleaned my dick up Jessie," said Doc.

I dutifully licked away at the bulbous head, around and down. I managed to take one ball at a time between my lips for a quick suck. I was left with a few hairs sticking between my teeth.

Stella was ecstatic to hear Doc say how much he had enjoyed the session with me. He felt fine. No damage was done from the hot coffee, which he would forget all about. Told me that I was a great cocksucker. Didn't mean that in an insulting way. It was a sincere compliment. My wife patted me on the head saying how wonderful it is to have such a talented cocksucker for a husband.

Doc remembered that he had a spare pair of jeans in his car and must leave for his next appointment. The computer problem was merely a loose connection. He would charge only the basic fifty pounds call out. My always-generous wife insisted I make the cheque out for a level hundred.

We waved him goodbye. After I closed the front door, Stella causally mentioned that Doc had promised to service her regularly. Of course, she meant service her computer.

"Let's go and finish off," said Stella leading the way back up to the bedroom.

She stripped off the robe and lay naked on the bed. As always my wife looked absolutely gorgeous. I was so excited. I started to undress but was told not to bother.

"Jessie, I want you to use your new expertise. Please suck me out. I'm full of Doc's stuff. I want you to lap it all up."

Stella had never wanted oral sex before. I was determined to make it special for her. I never dreamt that sucking her luscious pussy could be so rewarding for me. I licked and sucked all around her clit. Held my tongue stiffly to lick inside the vagina. More and more sucking as I tasted juices familiar from when Doc shot his load down my throat. I gurgled at the amount I was swallowing but kept going until every drop was gone.

Shapely thighs opened to release my clamped head. She sighed in satisfaction,

"That was great Jessie. You really are a dedicated pussy eater as well as a cocksucker."

My prick was stiff inside my pants. I dismissed the thought of asking if we could make love. It would not be fair to Stella after the trauma experienced earlier. Nothing was said aloud but I am sure Stella is proud of me; a strong willed husband willing to support his dear wife in tough circumstances. That night, Stella leant back up on the pillows. The silk fabric of her nightdress fell open displaying alluring cleavage. She said how nice it was of me to look after Doc: making certain he was again confident in his sexual prowess after my silly accident.

"I liked the way you sucked his penis deep inside your throat. Takes a big-hearted man to do that. Don't suppose many husbands are capable of it."

I said with modesty that it was all I could do to protect you my sweet Stella.

"Oh yes, I understand Jessie. Also, I admired how you first took control of the situation. Lubricating his thing before thrusting it inside my vagina. I really wanted Doc to trust being inside me just as if he was with Rita, his sweetheart. Help make him forget his worries that the hot coffee could have damaged his healthy penis. I was so relieved to find it positively engorged, throbbing inside me. I did my best to encourage his climax; shouting aloud to make him think his hard pumping thrilled me."

"Well Stella you were certainly very kind. Do hope you didn't damage yourself in pleasing him".

"Must admit his full bloodied attack has forced open wide my vagina. Think it be some time before it heals back to normal size to fit your little penis. You will have to be patient."

Stella smiled and asked me to snuggle up close.

"As a reward for today, why don't you put your lips here -- you know you enjoy it."

I pressed my mouth against my wife's nipple through the silky fabric of her nightdress. Stella asked,

"How is your little thing doing? Getting stiff? Put your hand down and give it a rub. See how long it takes for you to finish. You're such a terrific performer."

In less than a minute I spurted. When I told Stella there was no answer. She was fast asleep with a lovely contented look on her face. I felt so happy for her that she had at last managed to relax after such a stressful day.

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