tagMind ControlHumiliating Scarlett

Humiliating Scarlett


Scarlett had decided to host a party at her house, mostly because she wanted to have another New Year's Eve party. She had invited twenty people, and most of those brought guests, putting between thirty-five and forty people in her house. Things were a little cramped, but everyone seemed to be having a good time. Another reason Scarlett had decided to have the party was that, honestly, she was horny and throwing a party was a good way to get attractive, single men into her house. She would never admit that to anyone, but she could admit it to herself.

She had seen a few candidates for taking up to her bedroom, but as hostess, she hadn't gotten much of a chance to do anything about it. There was Mark, who she knew through school, though only vaguely. She had gotten his name from Connie, who worked in the office at school, who was here with her husband John, a quiet, nondescript man with brown hair and blue eyes. You wouldn't have been able to pick him out of a lineup because you barely remembered him from one moment to the next.

Ben from the gym was here, talking in the corner of the living room with Sarah, whose brother played racquetball with Ben on Wednesdays. John and Stan were here, too. Scarlett invited the brothers because, if nothing else, they were funny and intelligent and it was hard finding men who weren't intimidated by her intellect, as well as her height. John and Stan weren't intimidated by either.

The party started to wind down at about eleven, people saying goodnight to Scarlett and the other guests. By midnight, everyone had left, John and Stan staying a little longer to help clean up, then saying goodbye and going home, leaving Scarlett all alone. She hadn't even had the chance to get a phone number or email addresses or anything. She pouted on the couch for a moment and then shrugged, deciding to go to bed. She climbed the stairs to the second floor, stopping to use the bathroom on her way to the bedroom to settle in for the night.

Scarlett stepped into the bedroom and started to unbutton her shirt. Before she was halfway done, a hand covered her eyes and a voice whispered in her ear, "I thought you were never going to come up here. Now, keep your eyes closed." She nodded and his hand pulled away, only to be replaced by silk covering her eyes. Scarlett sighed softly and he head leaned back onto a muscular shoulder.

A pair of hands wrapped around her, finishing the unbuttoning she had started. They cupped her large breasts and lips found their way to her neck, kissing lightly, a tongue licking softly as Scarlett shuddered. The hands moved from her breasts down her stomach to her skirt, deftly circling her waist and unzipping her, pushing the skirt down over her hips, leaving Scarlett shivering there in her bra and panties.

"You are beautiful, Scarlett," the voice whispered, the hands unhooking her bra and pulling it down over her arms. She could barely make out the sound of the fabric hitting the floor as the strong hands cupped her breasts again, kneading them, a thumb and forefinger lightly pinching her nipples, her knees buckling under her. A pair of arms encircled her and pushed her onto her bed, Scarlett facing down, her arms bent above her head.

Lips touched her on the base of her neck as she felt the weight of hands push down on either side of her body. She arched into the lips and felt the cover of a body on top of hers, the body heat keeping her warm. The mouth moved slowly downward, small soft kisses trailing all the way down her spine, the hands moving with it. Scarlett felt them on her waist and her panties slid down her legs, leaving her naked and vulnerable. She was incredibly turned on.

She heard footsteps trail away from the bed and a cabinet in her personal bathroom open. The footsteps returned and stopped at the foot of the bed, where her feet hung off just slightly. She heard a bottle open and then the sound of lubricant being applied to what she assumed was a penis, the soft squelching sound making her moan softly as she waited. She didn't have to wait long.

The weight on the bed returned and she felt her lover kneel on either side of her behind, his lubed cock sliding easily between her ass cheeks, his thighs squeezing them together. His hand slid over her hip and found her wetness quickly, two fingers inserted into her up to the first big knuckle. Scarlett bucked against the intrusion, only to find herself pushed back down by the weight on her tailbone. She quickly and instinctively found a rhythm of jerking back to be pushed back down onto the two fingers, putting pressure against her clit as she did.

She rocked up and down like this for several minutes, the solid cock riding back and forth between her ass cheeks. She could feel her face starting to flush from pleasure, her breathing quickening as she felt her orgasm start to grow. The pair of lips found her neck again and Scarlett groaned and arched her back, every single touch adding to her already incredible release.

The mouth gently bit the skin at the base of her neck and Scarlett cried out, bucking underneath the body that held her down, flooding his hand with her pussy juice as she felt her orgasm hit like a tidal wave. She squirmed underneath him and then let out a long sigh as her orgasm finally relented. She breathed quickly and felt his weight shift so that he was kneeling behind her.

"Turn over, Scarlett. I want to see your body." She did so, turning over and lying flat on the bed, not sure what was coming next. Hands pushed her legs apart, cool air reaching her wet lips. Fingertips trailed up her thighs and then touched her labia, spreading them slightly, making Scarlett moan. A finger slid into her wetness, moving up and down on every wall of her pussy, Scarlett gasping as it touched her g-spot and then moved away and arching her back to try to regain that sensation. Another finger brushed her anus, making her groan and try to push against the finger, succeeding only in impaling herself on the large finger in her pussy as the second finger pulled away from her asshole.

Some part of Scarlett's mind registered another presence in the room. Make that multiple presences. There were people watching her get worked over by this man with the incredible touch. She tried to cover herself up, to pull her legs together, but his hands were insistent.

"Now now, Scarlett," the soft voice said. "They want to watch your face as I take you." Scarlett moaned and shuddered, the thought of people watching her both exciting her and making her self-conscious, but he would not be denied. Those same strong hands pushed her legs apart and held them there, the hard, lubed cock slipping into her easily. She gripped him with her muscles, a soft grunt finding her ears.

The penis filled her, spreading her lips easily, pulling them out slightly as he withdrew, leaving her feel empty, only to slide slowly back in, filling her up again. His control was amazing, Scarlett feeling each vein as he controlled his cock and her body. Her hands were free but she still didn't take off the blindfold, every sense heightened as her tormentor lovingly tortured her with each stroke.

She could hear whispers from the people watching and she strained to hear them, their voices to low to be heard over her pounding heart and loud breathing. She felt the slow burn within her move from her core to her pussy, each of his strokes stoking the fire to white hot, his next stroke making her explode like a supernova, her whole body shaking as he kept his pace, never slowing down or speeding up. His slow, insistent pace set her off again almost immediately, her body shuddering again under his expert fucking.

Again and again she orgasmed from his touch and his technique, his mouth finding her from time to time, making her gasps and moans louder. She lost track of the number of times she came, giving herself to the pleasure, the cock owning her body and sending her over that precipice time and again. Finally, she could take no more and had to beg him to stop.

"P-please," she said softly, feeling her body rebel against the intrusion in her pussy. "No more. Please."

"Sit up then, Scarlett and I will give you your reward."

She sat up, her legs and abdomen trembling. She scooted back against the headboard, feeling her way with tremor-filled arms, finally getting her back against it.

"Open your mouth, Scarlett. I want you to taste me." She did so, the weight on the bed shifting so that his body was against hers. His cock entered her mouth and she clamped her lips around it, making him grunt as he started to slide back and forth across her tongue, his pace faster than it was in her pussy.

Soon, he mumbled to her that was going to cum and cum hard but that she was not to swallow. She followed his orders, even though she didn't know who he was. Without further warning, his cock jerked and flooded her mouth with his warm seed, Scarlett having to fight the swallow reflex and trying to keep it all in her mouth. Finally, he pulled out, Scarlett's mouth hanging slightly open as she tried to hold all of the warm, sticky cum. Everything was still for a moment and then he spoke.

"Spit it out onto your big tits, Scarlett."

With a twinge of humiliation, these men probably thinking she was a dirty slut, she did, holding up her breasts and dumping the cum from her mouth onto them, spitting out the last of it, feeling it pool between her mounds. She hung her head, not knowing why she did the things she was doing.

"Now, fuck yourself, Scarlett. I want to see you finger your pussy."

Scarlett lifted her right leg and pushed a finger between her lips, slowly moving it in and out of herself, curling it to reach her hot spot. She used her other hand to rub her throbbing clit, making herself groan in response to her own touch. Her breathing sped up in answer and she used another finger on herself, both hands moving in concert, bringing her orgasm closer and closer. She screamed out as she came, her pussy unleashing her juices onto her hand and the bed. She shook the bed with her orgasm, riding herself through it, setting off yet another small spark, bringing about another orgasm.

Scarlett slowly regained herself, breathing deeply, feeling the once warm cum slowly cooling on her breasts and stomach. Her shame returned, having given herself to this man, followed his orders and fucked herself for him, all without hesitation. It was only then that she realized she was alone. She couldn't hear anyone breathing and could no longer sense their presence.

Hesitantly, she raised the blindfold from her right eye, blinking in the light from the ceiling. He was gone. She pulled the blindfold off and dropped it on the bed. Slowly, she crept to the end of the bed and finally to the floor. There were no sounds in the house, no noise of a slamming car door or a car pulling away. Her legs trembled as she walked to her bathroom and climbed into a shower, washing all of the sex off of her body. She brought herself to one last climax using the shower massager, her mind turning again to him, the one that had controlled her.

Scarlett walked back to the bedroom and turned off the light, crawling under the covers. Her hand brushed the blindfold in the dark. She smiled at the feeling of it and put it under her pillow. Would she ever find out who it was? Did she really care? Who knew, as long as he came back and did it again.

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