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Humiliation as Erotica


Most of us men who become aroused through humiliation walk a fine line. We feel as men we need to put up a macho front not to let the world know we are really wimps who would love to have our women walk all over us. Most of us are not lucky enough to have a woman who enjoys humiliating us as much we enjoy being humiliated.

Personally, I am married to a strong willed woman who I love to please in any way she would desire. How arousing it would be to become her personal servant, to bow before her and attend her every need. Although my wife enjoys the attention I give her she would never accept a husband as a personal servant, no she wants a man for a husband not a wimp. Therefore as her husband, I live the lie, I act as head of household, and although she makes all of the decisions regarding our marriage she always asks my advice on these matters. Still if we have a little role-play in the bedroom, I like to call her my queen and to let her know her wish is my command. She seems to enjoy this and sometimes she will order me to paint her toenails or to bath her as she relaxes in the bath. She thinks I do this just to be nice to her not knowing it turns me on more than her. Sometimes she will sit on my face and tell me I will not be allowed to breathe until after I make her cum.

I cannot tell my wife that my fantasies go much farther than hers. I fantasize about my wife being in the French Royalty and as her personal servant; my main job is to hide under her petticoats as she sits at court pleasuring her with my mouth and tongue all day long. It is highly erotic to think of her using my face for her pleasure whenever she felt the urge and giving no care to what might pleasure me. Another fantasy I have is my wife telling me she is going to cuckold me because I am not equipped well enough to pleasure her. She will tell me that I must stay home to clean the house while she is out with her lover and that if I do a good enough job she will tell me about her date as she feeds me the cream pie he has deposited in her. I even dream of her having me wear a chastity tube so I can't play with myself while she is gone and only allowing me to cum if she feels like it.

I am not sure how I became a person who gets off on such things and because it is something, most men would not discuss in public. As much as I love humiliation, I would not want the world to know I did. I am sure there are many men who get off on this because of the stories I write I get much more hits on the ones that include this type of story line. As for me personally, I might have acquired my quirk during my childhood. I grew up in a neighborhood where I was the only boy. With most of the girls being older and smarter than me, I was ill-equipped to spar verbally with them and as a boy I was not allowed to be physical with them so all I could do was take it. I do know after becoming a man some of my earliest fantasies were of being forced to please a woman. Being tied up or even better being sat on by a woman and forced to please her orally would really get me off. Of course, this was silly I would gladly please any woman who asked me, no force would be needed.

When I met my first wife I, had no idea that I was excited by humiliation I just didn't recognize the triggers that turned me on. My first wife knew just what to do to make me putty in her hands. I was completely wrapped around her fingers and I both hated it and loved it at the same time. She even cuckolded me before we were married and when I caught her at it she just blew it off as not that bad and if I loved her, I would understand. Yet I was expected to be true to her and if I were caught, even looking at another girl there would be hell to pay. After we married, she quit her job and 'let' me support her yet I still helped with the housework after I got home from work. After totally embarrassing me by openly running around and sleeping with a close friend I packed my bags and moved out. She expressed surprise at my leaving but not remorse from her affair. It was then I began to learn of my deviancy sitting alone and masturbating while thinking of her fucking my friend and everyone we knew laughing at me. The more humiliation I would think of the harder I would cum until I finally realized it was the humiliation that was turning me on. My wife divorced me to marry another who would support her and left me to a life of fantasy without reality.

So have faith all of you men out there who enjoy this type of perversion. I know you did not choose this lifestyle and I know you cannot change the way you feel. I guess if we could be macho studs we would be but believe me I would rather be my queen's personal servant, how about you.

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