tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHumiliation at Hubby's Workplace Ch. 01

Humiliation at Hubby's Workplace Ch. 01


I'd been using Fiona for over 6 years now, almost 3 since her pathetic husband was made to acknowledge that his once quiet, plain and sophisticated looking wife was now a filthy cock whore that would spread for any man.

She was already proving to be a very loyal and good whore, she had taken a lot of cock already. well in access of 70 or 80 for me. But i wanted to humiliate her more, i knew she loved humiliation and what better way than to start making her spread those gorgeous legs for men close to her, men she knew.

Her hubby had seen her fucked by me a lot and a fair few strangers over the years but i wanted to ramp up the humiliation factor by getting to spread for men that knew her and her hubby.

I began doing some groundwork by frequenting a pub close to her hubby's work that I knew some of the workers there frequented.

I spent a couple of weeks having a few pints when they came in and on occasion Alan her hubby was there before he headed off closer to his local haunts. he saw me on my third visit and i just smiled across the bar, he looked then looked away and i could feel his unease.

He had every right to be uneasy.

By the end of the second week i was conversing with the guys pretty freely as we played pool, to say Alan was sheepish when he came in next and saw us in conversation was an understatement.

As we chatted more freely over the next month of course we chatted about women and sex was always on the agenda. I was on one of these evenings drinking that i was left with one of the men, Andrew. he was the senior team leader for the warehouse where Alan worked.

It was only a small place that made wood cabinets, including Alan there was 9 employees and 2 bosses. Andrew ran the team and had 2 under him and 7 workers in effect. There were three delivery drivers on a contracted in basis to shift the deliveries.

It was during our chat that I told him that i had an older married woman as my sex toy and I liked to share the bitches body. Andrew was very interested and being single he asked what were his chances of getting involved.

I explained he had a lot of chance but I told him I had plans that were to humiliate her and her husband. He was obviously slightly taken a back at the thought but said he was still interested, he also confirmed that he knows some of the lads he worked with would be up for a crack at her.

I said to Andrew if he was at a loose end as he lived a lone there was no time like the present and he should come back with me. He jumped at the chance and we finished our beers and got a cab .

We walked through my back door at almost 8pm, Fiona was how I expected to find her, naked in heels only she was already on her way to the door to great me like she is expected and stopped in her tracks when Andrew walked in behind me.

She instinctively went to cover herself and stopped before i had to tell her and her hands fell beside her legs.

"Fucking hell," Andrew said from behind me.

"Fiona come and say hi to Andrew," I told her and stepped aside.

She stepped forward then stopped when she saw the company name emblazoned on hos t-shirt, she shot me a stare.

"Problem whore?" I challenged her.

"No owner," she said and walked to Andrew stopping right before him and and reached up to kiss him on the lips. "I'm Fiona, he is my owner and I am his whore."

She said and stepped back a yard and opened her legs a little.

"I assume owner has bought you her to use me?" she said.

Andrew looked at me for one final check and i nodded.

"That'll be a yes," he said smirking turning back to Fiona who looked at me and back at Andrews work t-shirt knowing he worked with Alan. I could see the turmoil in her face as she agonised at what she was to do next.

It was the same ritual she had done many times but with men she didn't know or know as well.

She turned round and bent over and reached back pulling her arsehole open and pussy, she looked through her legs and said, "If owner has said you can use me then these holes as well as my mouth are yours to fuck as you wish."

"Fucking hell what a slut," Andrew said approaching. He rubbed her bare arse for a bit first then his fingers rubbed across her puckered arsehole and she flinched then flinched again as his fingers traced her pussy lips then returned to her wet hole that she was holding open for him.

One finger entered her and she moaned.

Two she moaned louder,.

Three she moaned louder and called out, "yessss," and one hand fell away in front of her to the floor as for stability as she pushed back into her husbands colleagues fingers.

He fingered her a while then smeared her own cunt juice round her arsehole, then pushed a finger in to the knuckle. "Ummmmmmmmmm yessssss," she hissed.

"Dirty slag, I've never met a bird that likes it in her bum," he said excitedly.

"Whore, why don't you show Andrew what a good cock sucker you are," I said from the seat i was now sat in. She pulled her holes off Andrews fingers and turned to face him, looking again at his t-shirt i saw her wince as she reached for his fly and button.

Andrew watched her fumbling, her hands shaking slightly , once she had freed his jeans and pushed them down the bulge in his boxers was visible.

She hooked her fingers in the top of his boxers like she had done to many men previous and lowered them until a sizeable cock sprang up, it was a good 7.5 with nice girth and a big helmet.

I looked at Fiona's face and her eyes glazed, the whore might be nervous and apprehensive about him working with Alan but once she see's fresh big dick her body takes over.

She watched it bob a bit then looked at longingly for a moment before reaching out and curling her fingers round it from her left hand just below the helmet. "Fuck yessss," Andrew shouted as she peeled his foreskin back to the base revealing a vein covered shaft.

She bent and kissed the head, licked the head then looked up and said, "you have a lovely cock," before swallowing it filling her mouth and stretching her lips around it.

Fiona treated Andrew to a wet sloppy blowjob using all her tricks to keep him right on the brink, Andrew was holding her head grunting and groaning as she rapidly bobbed her head up and down his meat.

He did well i'll give him that he lasted a good ten minutes before he shouted out he was going to come, "Where can i come?" he said looking at me.

"Tell him whore," i said to Fiona.

She momentarily left his cock and panted, "anywhere come where you like," and went back to getting the come form his cock. Andrew went back to holding her head as she frantically sucked to get his come. It didn't take long for him to cry out and hold her head on his cock, I loved watching her cheeks swell as strange seed filled her mouth.

It looked as though his cock twitched twice in her mouth and then he pushed her off and held her head under his helmet so that his cock head was on her eye and nose then came again. Two thick strands lay across her eyes and nose and the last on her forehead. He pushed his cock back in her mouth and told her to clean him up.

A minute later he pushed her off, "give me a minute, then keep me hard, i want that pussy," he told her and slumped in a seat beside me with a big smirk on his face. He asked me how i stumbled across such a naughty old slut.

I didn't want to spoil the surprise just yet by revealing Alan, but i told him that she was my ex mother in law and her daughter had gone abroad, i knew she was sex starved and her drunk hubby was a limp dick fool. Andrew loved it and agreed that if the hubby was to limp then she needed cock from somewhere.

He looked back to Fiona who was obediently knelt waiting for his instruction, his come still lay all over her face and she looked every inch the whore. "Look at her still wearing my come, get her and get me hard bitch," he told her. and she crawled between his knees and took hos semi hard sticky cock in her mouth again.

"That's it slut, get that cock nice and hard for your pussy baby,'" Andrew told her as she worked him hard with her hands, mouth and tongue. He was hard within a minute or so and told her to stand up and turn around, "that's it now back that pussy up here," he told her waggling his cock and then holding it steady as she hovered above his pole.

She had been in this position many times and lowered her pussy to the strangers helmet and rubbed her wet slit across the top before lowering and stretching her pussy lips over Andrews helmet as she worked it in to his hole.

She had laid eyes on this man thirty minutes before now she was about to impale herself on him.

"Arggghhh fuck," she hissed. Hi helmet had breached her pussy hole and filled her. He was well equipped, she got comfortable then lowered herself. "Ummmmm yesss so big and thickkkkk," she cried as she took his whole length up her. Once she was full she leaned back against Andrews chest and looked up at him with glazed eyes, her big 36ee's heaving in front of him.

"Thank you for your big cock," she whimpered.

"Ride it baby," he told her.

"Ohhh I intend to," she cooed and leaned forward and heaved herself up his shaft before sliding back down, a rhythm starting. I watched her ride Andrews cock like that for a good ten minutes until she came once and had greased his shaft, she then turned to face him and mounted him and rode him with her big tits in his face.

She came again like this before Andrew told her he was going to come, "Fill me up, give my pussy all that lovely come," she whimpered riding him harder to get it quicker. She urged him on, over and over to come in her eventually getting her wish.

She felt him straighten up and she slammed down and took his seed deep in her hole, "Ummmmmm give it meeee!" she cried as he spewed his come up her.

She thanked him as she always did when a cock come in her then she steeped of his wilting cock and gave it a good suck clean as his sperm ran down her legs.

As she cleaned him he told her what a good fuck she was and he hoped to use her again, looking at me, I nodded, "Oh yes, you'll see her again Andrew don't worry".

He dressed and thanked me, told me he would see me in the pub and then kissed Fiona and felt her tits one last time.

When he had gone Fiona came over and straddled my erect dick i'd pulled out, um she was so wet and sticky from the fuck and come she easily took my shaft. She then rode me slow and that's when she mentioned Andrews work shirt.

"Owner, he works with Alan," she whimpered as she rode me nice and slow.

"I know whore, it's time you started letting men a bit closer to home enjoy that body, men you know, men you know well will be offered you," i told her.

"Ohhh godd nooooo, pleasee i fuck who who you say owner," she moaned without stopping.

"And you will continue to do so only it will be more embarrassing for you, more humiliating for you when you really know the man and have to let him in you pussy." I told her and she began fucking harder, I knew she liked that, she loves the humiliation of it and she knows it.

She bucked harder on me as i began reeling off names or possibles of people i would have her fuck and she was wild and coming like a pig before i filled her pussy with my own seed.

"Andrew was the first at Alan's work, you will fuck them all," I told her and went up to shower. I left fiona on the floor leaking mine and Andrews sperm and her face still sticky from his first load.

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