Humiliation Fantasy


But then she left...

And without warning, the full weight of Dan's naked body fell upon me.... almost suffocating me.

He quickly clambered up and seated himself astride my calves.

Then there were hands gripping my hair, pressing the side of my face imprisoned into the mattress. They were Aliza's.

My arms were powerless. I could do nothing to resist.

It was humiliating beyond belief. But I burned with lust, knowing how much my losing this battle exited Aliza.

Suddenly she cried: "Now Danny! Go for it!!"

I barely had time to wonder what that meant. But when I understood, all alarm bells went off in my head.


I fought, but could do nothing to avoid him lifting my haunches.... opening me!

Holding me tight, he pushed... I panicked...! His huge lance was much too big for my tight ass-ring. I struggled... But I was no match against his power.

Suddenly there was a flash of pain... He broke in..., entering me, well oiled as I was..., shoving his manhood in... pushing... pushing... all the way... impaling my writhing body.

I screamed in protest, jerking and thrashing below him.

In vain.

He started fucking me!

Horrified I heard Aliza cheer in ecstasy:


And screaming to me:


Dan finally stiffened... it all happened fast... His fingers, nails and all, dug into my sides... and he gunned his seed with long throbbing spurts deep inside me, howling as if scoring a victory....

Above it all came Aliza's delirious cry: "My God... Oh my God... I'm coming... COMIIIINNNNGG!!!!,"

Dan's panting body collapsed across my back, flattening me and pressing me heavily into the mattress. And shaking me like the aftershocks of an earthquake, he kept pulsating for a while, still spurting short jets into me.

That's when my mind, losing all rationality, finally surrendered, and in a huge orgasm my balls contracted and I squirted my seed uncontrollably, soaking the sheets below me..."



"Liked it?" I asked, putting down the papers.

There was a very long silence before Aliza spoke.

"That's quite a fantasy," she said. Her flushed face showed how much my story had excited her.

"Yes, it is..."

"I... eh" Aliza began, "I... eh... I didn't know..."

"You didn't know what?"

"That you had gay feelings."

"I have not."

"Well... it looks like you have..."

"No, I don't, but you see, writing this story was kind of a challenge."

"What do you mean?"

"It's about sexual anxiety. I hate the idea of being fucked by a man. I don't want to think of it. It makes me puke. But the idea that you might enjoy having me abuse like that... it gives me a kick... You know how fear feeds my sexual urges."

I watched her flushed face. "Looks like it works on you too... It's quite obvious."

"Well... yes... sure... you got me horny like a beast..." She said and was quiet for a long while. Then she said dreamily, almost as if talking more to herself than to me, "I... eh... I do like the idea... having you fucked by a big strong man... yes... I have to admit.... especially if he does it to amuse me. You certainly got me there. But...."


"It's just a fantasy... is it?" Now there was a big question mark all over her face.

I laughed. "...Aliza, my love, we both know that when you get in a really foul mood, I'll do anything to please you..."

"Yes, I do know, Alex, but this... this is different. Would you really go that far for me? Would you really want to be... like eh... like kind of a sex slave... my sex slave?"

"Well.... We've never tried."

"Even if I'd have a lover?" she asked in a hoarse voice. "Even if I... if I... would want him to fuck you?"

I smiled, recognizing she was becoming as horny as I was. "You'd like to try... wouldn't you...?"

"You're so yummy, Alex, you make me wet all over... we better go upstairs... before you too cream your pants...!"

She tore me off my chair...


That night, she used me unconditionally. When she finally finished, and her muscular cunt had milked me dry to my very bones, I whispered endless words of gratitude, love and devotion into her ears.

She stared at me for a very, very long time.

In the end she said, "How could we go about this... this idea of yours? I don't have a lover."

With a smile I looked back up at her, then answered softly.

"We could place an ad, couldn't we...?"

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