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Humiliations Galore


To the readers of this story:

I need to explain something. Final Fantasy 6 is one of my all-time favorite games. Some of you will recognize the names and the beginning of this scene from that game. Years after I got the game and after I had played it many times I came across a picture of General Celes, chained to the wall, being fucked by two men. I immediately recognized it, even though it wasn't labeled, and from the picture comes this story. If you submit feedback and e-mail me, I'd be glad to send you the picture if you're interested.

For those of you who have never played Final Fantasy, I hope you just enjoy a non-consensual story. I hope it's worthwhile.



General Celes could not believe how badly things had gone from good to downright terrible. All she had done was protest one tiny little thing, one action of Kefka's, and suddenly she was being jailed for treason and accused of conspiring against the Empire.

Celes' star had been rising fast, too. She was the only female General that had made it this far, and had been a personal favorite of Emperor Gestahl. She had even risen above her fellow soldier General Leo, who had adamantly refused to undergo the magic fusion procedure, which had rendered her capable of casting magic, so her power was now greater than his.

She had been the youngest and most promising General in a long time, and her big mouth had now landed her in trouble. Still, she felt her decision had been right -- after all, the village that Kefka had asked her to burn had done nothing. Not "nothing" in the eyes of Celes and others, but really nothing -- a neighboring, more strategically located, village had been refusing to pay their taxes, and Kefka, needing the other village more, had ordered Celes to destroy this one. When she had refused, he had only smiled and gestured to his soldiers, and they had surrounded her and arrested her. The village had been burned anyway, so what had been the point?

The point, of course, being that she hadn't given the order to burn the village.

Now she was locked up in Owzer's basement in South Figaro. Owzer was the richest citizen in town, and had lots of private little rooms in his basement. He had been forced into giving up his home and his privacy for soldiers of the Empire, and now she waited, chained to the wall, for her fate.

The door opened, and in walked two young guards of the Empire. She recognized them both; they were named Biggs and Wedge. One was a lieutenant (Biggs) and the other was a corporal (Wedge). Their rise through the ranks had not been dramatic and had mostly been caused by their complete loyalty to Kefka. They both were dressed in their armor and uniform. Behind them walked in Kefka, of all people.

More and more she thought the magic infusion process had not gone well with Kefka, and that he was turning into quite the megalomaniac. No one dared to say it to his face, though.

Kefka grinned when his gaze fell upon her. "Well, my little General. You should have obeyed me! Now you wait and see what your fate is, darling."

He gestured to the two guards. "Keep an eye on her. Don't do anything...permanent." He smirked. "Other than that, you can do as you wish with her. Humiliate her, if you like."

So saying, he laughed his traditional maniacal laugh and went back out, shutting the door behind him. She heard the lock click.

Biggs walked towards her. Celes was handcuffed to the wall in such a way that both her arms were above her head, loosely linked together. She had room to sit on the floor, and could stand, with difficulty, easing her arms down next to her, but could not get far away from the wall.

Biggs looked into her face, and when she turned away, grabbed her chin firmly and turned her toward him. A blond lock fell across her eyes, and he smoothed it away almost tenderly. "Well, you're quite the looker, General Celes. I always thought you were. Normally you'd never even look down at us low-level officers, would you? Now, things are different. Before I'm done with you you'll be begging for me to be nice."

Wedge came up behind him. "Are you sure it'll be OK?"

"You heard Kefka. He wants us to bring her down. And down she'll be brought."

She jerked her face out of his grasp. "You'll pay for anything you do to me!"

"Oh, yeah? Who's gonna make us pay? You and what army? Oh, wait, your army belongs to General Leo now!" The afore-mentioned General Leo was the third top-ranking soldier in the Imperial Army, and had always been a friendly rival of Celes'. To think that her troops were all under his command now wasn't as bad as it could have been. Leo was known to care for his troops and not needlessly waste their lives as Kefka did.

"We'll do anything we want to, General." Their meaning was clear, and for the first time Celes began to feel some real fear. She steeled herself, determined that she wouldn't beg or plead, no matter what. To bolster her faltering courage, she gathered her resources and spit in Biggs' face.

"That's what I think of you, you disgusting animal."

Biggs wiped his face. "That's all right. Pretty soon, you'll be spitting only on something else, and because I tell you to. Wedge, is it clear?"

"No one's around, Biggs."

"All right. Get your armor off and let's show this bitch what for."

Biggs began to remove his armor as Celes watched him. To her surprise, he was actually not bad-looking, and fairly well-muscled. He stripped to his uniform, and then began removing that, too.

"Look on a real man, General. I wonder if you ever even let anyone near that Princess cunt of yours. If you have, I'm sure it wasn't anybody worthwhile -- after all, you couldn't let someone upstage you." He was now stripped down to his pants only.

She turned her face away resolutely. As a matter of fact, there had been one, and just one, but she had never told anyone.

It had been Leo, of course, before they achieved the rank of General. Back when they were still young captains they had thought they were in love.

But as they grew older and the ranks came, fast as they always do in war, they had decided it was impossible to keep it a secret. Well, really, she had decided. She valued her career highly, and knew that if it came out she would be accused of sleeping her way into rank, regardless of the fact that he was the same rank as her, and his career wouldn't fare so well either. So she broke it off, and they went on with their lives, seeing each other but never dating and never talking about those old times.

She wondered what Leo would do if he knew she was here and what was about to happen to her.

She was snapped out of her reverie by a light slap across her face. "Stay with us, General." Biggs examined her chains. "Let's see what we can do with these."

He loosened them without unhooking them, and pulled her to her knees. She could now rotate fully on her knees -- either facing the wall or away from it - without getting tangled up too badly. It would probably be easier to stand, but he wasn't inclined to let her do that.

He withdrew a six-inch knife from his belt and she instinctively flinched. Wedge chuckled. "Now, now, General. If you're good that thing will only cut your clothes off. If you're bad, well, you don't want to know what it'll cut off. Right, Biggs?"

"That's right," Biggs said. He was dexterously sliding the knife along her uniform shirt already. "Let's see what you got under here." His gray eyes met her blue ones, and he gave her an almost friendly wink. "Don't worry, babe, this part is painless if you behave."

It took no time for him to slit the whole uniform top along the front and then down each sleeve and remove it, in several pieces. She was left in just her white cotton utilitarian bra. She did her best to de-emphasize her sex and sexuality so Biggs was pleasantly shocked when the tops of a pair of milk-white breasts were exposed, along with a delightfully flat belly.

"Why, General, I never knew. You're actually fairly attractive for a high-class type of girl. Wedge, get your ass over here and look at this."

"Holy crap, she's smoking hot. Hurry up, Biggs!"

"No way, I wanna take my time. Relax, Wedge."

"Aw, man!" But he didn't complain any longer, instead only watched, transfixed.

Celes turned her face away from them, feeling the tears slowly begin to prick her eyes. The humiliation was only beginning, she knew.

She felt the cold blade cut through her bra, and her breasts, which had been straining at the fabric, tumbled loose. Both men gasped.

Her breasts were white as snow, capped with pink nipples, and full and large. Biggs marveled at them. "These are amazing. I'm going to have a good time with these." He ran the back of the knife blade across one nipple, causing it to stiffen slightly and her to flinch a little.

"Hold the knife, Wedge," he said, handing it back. He hesitated only a moment, and then cupped both of her breasts, roughly. He murmured in amazement, and began to fondle them.

Celes twitched back, trying to get away from him. She managed to jerk one breast fully out of his grip. She snarled at him. His face darkened. "Looks like you're not going to learn your lesson yet, are you?"

He stood up and she looked at him fearfully. He began to undo his belt, slowly. "Turn her around, Wedge."

"Right, Biggs! Right away!" Wedge did so. Now her arms were still over her head. Just above her head the chains crossed now, giving her a little less slack but exposing her backside to him.

She heard the sound of Biggs' belt dropping to the floor. "She's still dressed, Wedge. I want to see that sweet little pussy. Let's get her naked. Hold her upper body."

Wedge obediently leaned across her. As he did, one of his hands snaked around her front and gripped one of her breasts, hard. "She's got great tits, Biggs!"

"Yeah, I know. Have at it, Wedge -- I've got something else in mind."

He reached around her and undid her belt, then her uniform pants. She tried to struggle, but the combined weight of both of them gave her almost no leverage. Biggs lifted her hips and slid her pants down off them. Underneath, like the bra, her panties were plain white cotton and very practical.

She felt him withdraw, then felt the knife against her skin. She quailed and held still as he slit her panties, first from one side, then the other, until they just dropped away.

While he was doing this, Wedge had shifted his grip so both of her breasts were in his hands, and begun to maul them and squeeze them. He pinched her nipples cruelly, and molested her and took his liberties with her. She felt him groan occasionally in her ear, and she could feel him desperately trying to rub his cock against her leg, but the angle wasn't quite right. He shifted, bringing his body directly alongside of hers, and suddenly she was almost fully in his arms. She wrinkled her nose at his male smell -- thankfully it would seem the army at least made them keep clean.

Biggs reached between her legs and stroked her pussy lips, running his fingers through her soft blond hair there. She was, of course, dry as a bone, and he chuckled. "We'll take care of that. But first, your punishment."

She felt him stand up. She couldn't turn her head because Wedge was blocking her view, molesting her tits still, but soon enough she knew what was happening as she felt the sting of his belt buckle against her left hip, the opposite side from where Wedge was. She yelped.

"That's just one, Celes."

He swung back and hit her again, and again. Even in the pain she sensed he wasn't hitting her with full force, but it still stung. Probably to have something over me for later, she grimaced, and as if in answer to her thoughts after five smacks he stopped. "Now that was just a taste. I'd much rather fuck you than beat you, Celes. But I'll do both if I have to. Now on to the real punishment. Hold her tight, Wedge, she's going to squirm."

"I got her, Biggs. I got her good." He certainly did. When she looked down she could saw handprints on her breasts. He was obviously having a great deal of fun, and she bruised easily too.

She heard him drop the belt, then do something, and then she felt him right behind her. His hands gripped her shoulders and pulled her against him, and she felt his hard cock up against her ass.

Pushing her forwards until she was leaning against the wall, he put his hands on her ass and spread her cheeks. "Ever taken it up the ass, General?"

She was horrified. She had kept her control until now but that awoke her. "What? No! No one's ever been there. Please don't."

He laughed again, that insultingly sensuous laugh in her ear. "Wow, so I get to be the first, eh? If you shut up and don't fight me I might even be nice about it. Fight me, though, and I'll tear you open." At the end his voice dropped into a sinister octave.

She was fighting tears now. "All right. I'll be good. Just don't hurt me."

She heard him spit, and then without any preamble, felt something pressed against her asshole. "Like I said, General, shut up and it -- well, it's going to be bad no matter what. It might not be as bad though."

He began to press against her. The pressure was enormous, and rather painful. She sensed it had only just begun.

He gripped her hips and suddenly pushed even harder. She whimpered, and then finally screamed as his head popped in. He panted in her ear, "Goddamn, General, you were right, you are a virgin back here. You are incredibly tight." She didn't answer. Tears formed in her eyes, welled up, and spilled loose, hot and burning, down her cheeks.

Wedge spoke up. "She's really hot, Biggs."

"Hang on, Wedge, you'll get your chance."

The next few minutes were torturous to Celes. Biggs determinedly pressed forward, slowly impaling his full length into her. She felt he would never come to the end. He kept to his word, though, and went slowly and didn't ram it up there in a second as she had expected.

Soon enough he was embedded to the hilt in her. The pain was incredible, and she was crying softly. She couldn't help but be grateful to him for going slow, though, as she could just imagine how painful it would have been the other way.

"All right, Wedge, I'm in. Damn, she's tight."

Celes had shut her eyes tightly, and so only felt Wedge's hand slipping down her flat belly to between her legs. She felt as though she should shut her legs and try to stop him, but with Biggs up her ass, Wedge's fingers suddenly felt cool and nice against her clit, and she was afraid Biggs would start again, only rougher.

Wedge found her clit, and began to stroke it with a light touch. It had been so long since anybody had touched her and, though it seemed ludicrous to find anything in her current position comforting, she found his touch to be almost...likeable.

Biggs wrapped one arm around her and gripped her left tit, and began moving inside of her. She whimpered again, and his groan in her ear was startlingly loud in the sudden silence. He still didn't move fast, but slid partway out, then back in, and then repeated it all, slowly widening up her asshole. She was surprised to find that the pain was beginning to recede...a little.

Celes had avoided sex for many years by ruthlessly suppressing all desire, and had thought that by now her desire would have been successfully controlled. She was greatly surprised when, as Wedge stroked her gently, she began to grow moist. She would not have thought that being fucked up the ass in a jail cell by a mere lieutenant while being fingered by a corporal would ever have been for her, but as her sex grew wet, and Wedge slowly entered her with a finger, she began to realize her body was betraying her.

Wedge realized it, too. "Holy crap, Biggs, she's getting wet."

In response Biggs started moving a little faster and a little more regularly in her ass.. "Keep it up, Biggs, I bet we can make this frigid bitch come, whether she wants to or not."

Celes shuddered. "No, please...just take what you want and go."

Biggs stilled, most of the way out of her, just the head of his cock inside her. "Is that really what you want? To fight us?"

She hesitated. Too long, for suddenly Biggs rammed his whole cock into her, roughly and violently. "If that's what you want, that's what you'll get. Wedge, that's enough. Get underneath her."

"All right, Biggs!" Wedge immediately let go, quickly undressed. Hurrying back, leaving his clothes scattered everywhere, he squeezed between the wall and Celes. He stretched out his legs, and Biggs spread Celes' legs as well as his own, allowing Wedge to slip his legs between theirs. Obviously they have done this before, Celes thought inanely.

"What are you going to do?" she said, breathlessly.

"Shut up. You had your chance to be quiet."

Wedge slid all the way down until he was halfway sitting up, his erect cock pressing against Celes' belly. Suddenly she realized what they were going to do. She opened her mouth to say something, realized it would probably bring her further punishment, and shut it tightly. She wasn't a stupid girl, and maybe if she was quiet, Biggs would be gentle.

Biggs lifted Celes until she was nearly all the way off his cock, and poised her over Wedge's cock. Without any preamble, he lowered her onto it, and Wedge's erect, hard cock began to slide into her pussy.

At least she had begun to get wet. Otherwise this would have been unbearable. And they did go easy. Slowly, inch by inch, both cocks sank into her. She had never been fucked like this, ever, and she whimpered and occasionally twitched but other than that did not move or fight.

And then! They were both in her, all the way. A few murmured words from Biggs to Wedge, and they adjusted their position. In this time Celes had a moment to reflect on her own position. Yesterday she had been one of the top generals in the army, with a huge career ahead of her, and the ability to do anything, go anywhere, and see anybody. She could have taken any kind of lover she wanted, and she had refused -- all for her career.

Today she was handcuffed to the wall in an empty room, with two of her own soldiers naked, cocks stuffed in both of her holes to the hilt, naked and dirty and used. She couldn't help it. She laughed out loud.

Wedge looked at her weirdly. "What's wrong with her, Biggs?"

"Don't sweat it, Wedge. I think she just realized there's no way out of this."

She looked over her shoulder at Biggs, who had commenced gently pumping her asshole again. "You're smarter than you let on, aren't you?"

He gave her a slanted look. "So are you, for that matter, General." The "General" was sarcastic but the rest of it was curious and unhurried.

She steeled herself. She had been through worse, after all. "Look, you're right. I'll cooperate with you. I'll do whatever you want. Just don't hurt me anymore, OK?"

He smirked. "Naw, the orders were to do whatever I liked to you, and contrary to popular belief, I don't get off on hurting women. Just fucking them. Hard." And in punctuation, he rammed his cock into her again. She gasped, and below them, Wedge moaned.

"Now shut up, and like I said, let us fuck you raw and you'll get away safe other than that."

And they began a rhythm. It wasn't anything like she had ever experienced before. Wedge's hands reached up, moved under Biggs' arm, found her tits, and began squeezing them and tweaking the nipples. She felt Biggs' mouth on her neck, biting gently, and his arm dropped to her cunt, to wrap his fingers over her sex, and rub her clit. She couldn't help it; she moaned.

He chuckled in her ear. "Told you it wouldn't be so bad. And it only gets better."

On and on they fucked her, sometimes in rhythm with each other, sometimes sloppily not caring and just shoving her back and forth between them, sometimes Wedge just holding still while Biggs shifted himself and pounded her ass. Their bodies were sweaty and slid against each other, and their hard cocks rubbed against each other to the point of madness.

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