tagIncest/TabooHumpwell Family Values Ch. 01

Humpwell Family Values Ch. 01


"Hey, little bro!" Cindi Humpwell bounced into the living room, her short plaid skirt flipping up to show off the bottom of her round bubble butt. Blonde curls bobbed cheerfully about her cutely upturned features and down to her shoulders, and a partly unbuttoned shirt showed an enticing display of soft cleavage shimmering with a light sheen of July sweat.

Josh growled his annoyance, peeling his hungry eyes away from his sister's cute tush and back to his comic as she skipped over to the family's open plan kitchen. Despite being just one year older than him at 19, the cheerleader was constantly calling her brother "little" or "baby", much to the jock's annoyance.

"Good game today," chirped Cindi as she bent over to rummage in the fridge. "Four touchdowns, was it?"

Unable to help himself, Josh looked over to his pricktease sister once more, his cock stiffening as he watched her jutting, perky boobs struggle to escape her slutty top. Was that the edge of a nipple? Suddenly he realised Cindi was still talking to him, and dragged his eyes back up to her smirking face.

"Something on your mind, Josh?" Cindi grinned and continued to rummage in the fridge, bending down still further to reveal even more of her deliciously smooth cleavage. Josh cleared his throat nervously, then buried himself in his comic once more, this time determined not to look up. As one of the most well-built, popular guys in college, he was able to pick and choose the girls he fucked, and rarely a lunch hour went by without some slut getting her throat filled by his fat dick. So why was he so damned attracted to his own sister? It didn't help that she strutted about in the sluttiest outfits imaginable, stretching and bending over whenever possible. Did she even know what she was doing to him?

"You're such a dork," smirked Cindi as she tucked into a yoghurt. "I'm amazed you ever get laid."

"Shut up, Cindi. Stop being a bitch." Josh glared at his sister, who opened her mouth and allowed a drizzle of yoghurt to run down over her delicate chin, then drop into her cleavage.

"Oops!" exclaimed Cindi, grinning. Slowly, deliberately, she scooped the white goo from her soft breast with one finger then sucked it with full red lips as her horny sibling watched transfixed. "See you later, loser."

As his sister bounded up the stairs to her bedroom, Josh once again forced his gaze from the tight twin globes of her ass, tiny white panties stretched tight across...

The living room door opened and Josh quickly grabbed a cushion to hide his now rampant erection. Dawn Humpwell had returned her weekly food shop laden with carrier bags, which she dumped on the kitchen side before turning to greet her son.

"Hi sweetie! How was school?" At 39, Dawn worked hard to keep her full, curvy figure well toned, earning the redhead the prestigious ranking of "Queen M.I.L.F" among Josh's peers who never let him forget how hot his mom was. For an inevitable moment the horny teenager's eyes latched onto her large, outthrust tits straining against a girly-T three sizes too small for them, then he met her deep green eyes.

"Uh... Okay, I guess." Josh smiled weakly, trying to remind his cock that this was the woman that brought him into the world.

Dawn's forehead creased with worry. "Are you okay, hun? You seem a little flustered." She walked over to the couch and bent over her son, pressing a cool hand to Josh's forehead and presenting him with a faceful of her big, soft tits. "You're hot. You could be coming down with something." From this close up Josh could clearly make out his mom's large dark nipples pressing through the T-shirt's tight-stretched fabric, and it was all he could do to keep from pressing his face into her plentiful cleavage.

"I'm fine, Mom. Its just a hot day." Josh tried to compose himself as Dawn fetched him a glass of icewater, her full-moon ass clad in skin-tight jeans swaying enticingly as she strutted over to the sink. Damn that slut Cindi, getting him so hot and bothered that he was lusting after their mom!

Right on cue, his sister came back down from her room, this time with nothing but a tiny pink G-string bikini protecting what little remained of her modesty. "Hey mom! I'm heading out to catch the last of the sun. Wanna join me?"

Dawn raised her eyebrows at her precocious daughter's brazen near-nudity; the firm outthrust breasts; scaled down replicas of her own tremendous mounds, the smooth belly with just a hint of babyfat still clinging on, and the long, flawless legs. "Not today, cupcake. Mommy's off to take a long, relaxing bath. If you're going out in that, don't let the neighbour boys see you. And put on plenty of suncream."

Cindi rolled her eyes as she strode out through the french window, her bare feet and red-painted toes padding softly on the hot patio. "I know, Mom. I'm not a kid anymore."

"We can all see that, honey," shot back Dawn, then to Josh, "just drink plenty of water and take it easy, OK? I'll come check on you later."

"Thanks, Mom." Trying to banish mental images of his Mom soaping up her plentiful tits and his sister rubbing oil into her perfect legs and ass, the frustrated teenager returned to his comic.

* * *

Dawn Humpwell moaned gently as she slowly sank into her bath, the hot water lapping against her full thighs and juicy pussy, then climbing her belly to pool around her breasts, leaving two soft pink islands jutting from the bubble sea. She tipped her head back to wet her long red hair, her hands drifting up to her shoulders, then running gently down to caress the soft, hefty tits that got her so much attention. She kneaded the firm globes, paying particular attention to her plump, dark nipples, firm twin nubs that gave her extreme pleasure when tweaked.

These bathroom sessions were becoming more and more frequent, she reflected as one hand left its breast to run down over her belly, her fingers gently teasing her soft auburn muff. Richard, her beloved husband and the cause of her recent frustrations, had made love to her just once in the last three months following twenty years of near-nightly fucking. The sudden lack of sex had driven the highly charged Dawn to distraction, and she was on the verge of starting affairs with several of her hordes of male admirers, only clinging onto faithfulness through these regular masturbation sessions.

Two fingers gently traced up her pussy lips to press gently at her clit hood, the little hidden nub already firm with anticipation, and she pictured herself getting fucked in succession by the postman, the milkman and her next door neighbour, each bending her over to pound her from behind while her heavy breasts swung beneath her, then spurting inside her and pulling out to be replaced by the next. She slipped two fingers inside her tight snatch and began to fuck her tight, hot pussy, her imaginary procession of lovers growing steadily in numbers.

As she approached her first climax and her fantasies grew dirtier, the face of the man fucking her became that of her most taboo desire - Josh, her own teenage son, pumping her hard as she cried out in ecstasy. A month into her forced abstinence she had returned early from a weekend at a girlfriend's house and heard strange sounds coming from her son's bedroom. Intrigued, she had crept down his bedroom hall and peeped through the slightly open door to see Josh ploughing a girl from his school. She didn't know what to do - interrupt them? Just walk away and make like nothing had happened? Then her hungry eyes had been drawn inevitably to her son's cock, a long, thick, rock-hard battering ram glistening with girly-cum as it pistoned in and out of the squealing schoolgirl, whose acute pleasure was clearly mingled with some discomfort at his size. Richard's cock had always been more than enough to satisfy her at a sturdy six and three-quarter inches (she'd measured it once to settle an argument), but Josh's looked to be some two inches longer and considerably fatter than his father's. She had dropped her overnight bag and fallen to her knees outside his room, quietly frigging herself to a tremendous orgasm as Josh spent himself inside the girl. Ever since then her sexual thoughts had been dominated by her son's magnificent cock, and the abject guilt she'd felt at first had gradually given way to sheer animal lust.

The horny mom mouthed his name as she came, full creamy thighs clamping down on her busy hands, her juices mingling with the bathwater as her fingertips slipped wetly over her hard little clit. "Fuck me, Josh," she whispered. "Screw your Mommy. Stick that big beautiful prick into me!" One hand came up to tweak at a stiff nipple, intensifying her pleasure as the orgasmic waves rolled over her, then grabbed at the bath's side as her pussy contracted wildly around her frantically probing fingers. "Oh, fuck!" she gasped, shuddering as the throes peaked and then slowly subsided, leaving her sex-starved pussy temporarily satiated.

* * *

Richard Humpwell was working from home in his study, though his mind was far from investment banking. Nearly twenty years of more-or-less constant fucking, and now suddenly he could barely get it up for his own wife. It wasn't that he had gone off her - quite the opposite, he found Dawn more beautiful and sexy now than when he'd married her shortly after their high school graduation. When she asked, he told her it was just stress; in truth he felt that their sexual relationship had inevitably started to stagnate. At the same time he was becoming steadily more attracted to a secretary at work, a slim, pretty blonde less than half his age that strutted about the office in high heels and dished out stock-cupboard handjobs at the drop of a hat. He had managed to resist her simple charms so far, but it was an uphill struggle getting steeper by the day. His gaze would often linger on exposed areas of the young slut's flesh, so white and smooth and supple...

Distracted, Richard pushed his paperwork aside, and stood up to pace the study. He loved his wife dearly, and he didn't want to cheat on her; nor did he want her to seek sexual solace elsewhere, but he desperately needed to spice up their sex life somehow. His pacing took him to the window. Looking, down, he saw Cindi sunbathing by the pool.

Cindi... No, he couldn't, he couldn't be lusting after his own daughter, it was just sick. He drew back from the window, paced for a while, then returned. She was lying on her front, her pert tanned ass sticking up into a warm summer breeze, the tight pink fabric of her bikini bottoms pulled into the crack of the tight round cheeks. As he watched, she raised herself up on her elbows to squirt some suncream into her hands, then eased herself back down, reaching behind herself to rub cream into the exposed flesh of her round ass, kneading the glistening globes and accentuating their firmness.

The peeping father's cock stiffened uncontrollably against his trousers as he gazed longingly upon his unknowing daughter. As he tried without success to tear his prying eyes away, Cindi rolled onto her back and began to rub the white cream into her smooth, soft belly, working her way down to the delicate flesh above her pink-clad crotch. Her thumbs hooked under the fabric and tugged it down a little lower, not so far as to expose her pussy but enough to make it clear to Richard that his daughter's sweet, soft mound was completely shaven. She once more raised herself up, this time peering into the relative darkness of the living room, then checking the neighbouring walls for peeping toms. Apparently satisfied she was unwatched, Cindi yanked her top up, her beautiful high-set breasts popping free of their flimsy day-glo prison. Her father gasped at the sight of her dark pink nipples, like miniature versions of her mother's, contrasting with her pale breast-flesh, and as Cindi began to rub oil into her perfect tits he finally freed his rock hard cock from his trousers with a sigh of resignation.

* * *

Three orgasms later the bubbles had gone and the bathwater was starting to go cold. Dawn rose to stand, shaking herself partly dry before stepping out and continuing to drip onto the floor. She stood before the full-length mirror in a steamy post-orgasmic haze, deep green eyes and full lips smiling back at her as she blow-dried her curly red hair. She took the opportunity to admire her busty, rounded figure head on, then turned to get a view of her big round ass, grabbing two handfuls of soft flesh and parting the hefty cheeks to reveal the tiny winking starfish that was once a favourite refuge for Richard's cock.

She knew she was hot, or "smoking" as she had overheard one of Josh's schoolfriends describing her, and she also knew Richard was being truthful when he told her he still found her beautiful. What didn't ring true were his embarassed muttered excuses in the bedroom, that he was bogged down at work and couldn't keep his mind on sex. So what was really holding him back from giving her a good hard screwing? She'd do anything to revive their sex life - try new positions, role play, even introduce another woman if that's what he wanted, but every time she tried to talk to him about it he'd quickly change the subject and run away to his study. Maybe she'd go and see him now and corner him in his cave.

After towelling herself dry, she pulled on a mid-thigh length summer skirt that clung tightly to her ass and tugged a fresh T-shirt down over her huge tits, loving the way her breasts stretched its faded slogan until it was virtually unreadable. Still barefoot, she padded out onto the landing and made her way to the study door. Finding it ajar, she pushed it open, then stopped in her tracks, unable to believe her surprise. There was Richard, standing at the window, unaware that she had entered and desperately sliding his fist up and down his proud erection! She was about to sneak up and physically congratulate his reborn virility when a thought struck her. Why was her husband jacking off in front of the window? And to leave the door open; the kids could have walked in! Luckily this was unlikely; Josh was probably crashed out downstairs, and Cindi would still be sunbathing in the...

Dawn's eyes widened as she made the connection. No, surely he couldn't be... Quietly closing the door, she hurried downstairs. Josh was asleep on the sofa, and a thrill of excitement ran through her as she saw the bulge of his hard cock tenting his pants. She walked to the french window and looking out saw her daughter reclining by the pool, her bikini top pushed up around her neck to expose her breasts to the world! Dawn had repeatedly lectured the precocious girl on the dangers of public exposure, but she'd never have suspected her husband of spying on their own daughter!

Her head was filled with conflicting emotions, and she made a strong pot of coffee while deciding what to do next. She should have been furious with Richard, but she wasn't. Maybe it was because of her own forbidden feelings for her son, or perhaps simply the thrill of seeing her husband flying at full mast. As the shock of the previous moments subsided, she actually found herself quite excited by the situation. Did Richard want to fuck his little girl, just as she longed to take their son's big cock into her sopping wet snatch? Her sex-starved imagination pictured lewd scenes of an incestuous family orgy, and she felt her pussy juice up again. At the same time, a seed of an idea was planted in her mind. She needed a good fucking and she wasn't ready to jump her son just yet. If it was Cindi that Richard wanted, it would just have to be Cindi that he'd get...

* * *

By midnight, Richard had all but convinced himself that he couldn't be attracted to his daughter after all, that it was just the similarities to his secretary that had provoked his unwelcome arousal. Closing the door to his study, he made his way wearily to the bedroom that was now a cruel reminder of his once-rich sex life. Entering, he was surprised to see that Dawn was not in bed. Rustling sounds came from behind the dressing screen in the corner, and looking at the bottom of it he saw his wife's pretty feet squeezed into a pair of - gym shoes? Dawn didn't wear gym shoes...

"Hello, daddy," came a voice from behind the screen.

Richard frowned as he approached the veil; what would Cindi be doing in his room? And why did her voice sound different?

"Honey?" he asked.

The speaker's head poked out. At first, in the dimness of the bedroom, Richard thought it was his daughter's; then he realized that it was in fact his wife! Her long, red curls were pulled tightly into bunches, and her usually subtle make-up had been replaced with slutty red lipstick, blue eye-shadow and blusher. The resemblance to their daughter was uncanny, and Richard was gobsmacked. Had his wife gone insane?

"Dawn, what are you..."

Then she stepped out from behind the screen, and Richard gasped audibly, his eyebrows arching as he tried to take into the astonishing sight before him. His wife - his beautiful, curvaceous wife - had somehow crammed her generous body into their slim daughter's skimpy little cheerleader's uniform. The short blue skirt was wrapped around her big creamy hips, sitting so high that her full creamy thighs and panty-clad crotch were fully on display. The little top barely tied at the front and was cutting savagely into her huge soft breasts, just the tiniest knot of fabric stopping the plentiful orbs from bursting free.

"I..." stuttered Richard. "I don't--"

His wife lifted up one finger - she'd even painted her nails red, he noticed - and pressed it to his lips, hushing her confused husband. Behind her generous chest her heart was pounding; she knew that these next few moments could save or destroy their relationship, and she needed his cock desperately. "It's okay, daddy. I saw you watching me." She spoke in a young voice, notably more innocent than her slutty daughter's.

Oh God, she knew! The confused Richard broke into a sweat and panicked, stuttering, "I'm so sorry baby, I can explain, I didn't mean..."

Seeing that her shushing had failed to subdue her guilt-wracked husband, Dawn pressed herself to him instead, crushing her cruelly restrained breasts against his chest and engaging him in an open mouthed kiss which he instinctively returned. She kissed him like they were horny teenagers again, pushing her tongue against his like her life depended on it. He felt her heart pounding as she moaned gently into his mouth, and realised how aroused she was by the situation.

Finally breaking the kiss, Dawn looked deep into her husband's eyes and saw the passion she had missed so sorely there once more. Restraining herself, she smiled almost coyly. "I liked you looking at me, Daddy. The question is - would you like to see more?"

She held his gaze as his mind raced. When he didn't speak, she ran her hand slowly down to his crotch. Before her hand closed around the bulge of his rock-hard cock he hadn't realised how turned on he was, and he gasped as she rubbed at him.

"Oh, honey..." he moaned.

"Call me Cindi," replied Dawn, and nodded when he looked at her, still unsure.

"Cindi," groaned Richard as his wife groped his cock.

"Do you want me to take it out, Daddy?"

He nodded in breathless reply, and Dawn happily dropped to her knees, making sure her breasts pressed against his crotch on the way down. Holding his gaze, she unzipped his fly and freed his cock, the swollen shaft jutting out, its fat head bobbing just millimetres from her nose. Her green eyes focused on his cock, and she gasped excitedly as if she had never seen it before. "Ooh, Daddy, its so hard for me! You're much bigger than the guys at college." Except Josh, she added to herself.

Richard was overwhelmed at this display of Lolita-style depravity from his normally straight-laced wife, and he strained forward, pressing his cock head against her full red lips. She moved her head away a little, looking up at him innocently and he snarled audibly.

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