tagTransgender & CrossdressersHung Francine meets Hot New Friend

Hung Francine meets Hot New Friend


This story is from Francine's point of view.

Francine meets Octavia

My name is Francine and I am a thirty five year old red headed Transsexual woman with blue eyes. My skin is very pale and I am covered in reddish freckles on my shoulders and forearms. I am 6 feet tall in my bare feet. I weigh 165 pounds, and have a well toned muscular physique. I lift weights, but am extremely feminine in appearance. Many people ask me if I am a female body builder. I live and work as a woman 24/7. My figure measures 38-27-39. My biceps are fifteen inches with my calves a little over sixteen. I had my Adam's apple shaved, cheek implants, and my D cup tit implants upgraded from a C cup. I took hormones for several years, but have stopped recently. I was having trouble remaining erect during prolonged sexual encounters. My body is hairless from laser treatment performed on my forearms, legs, and face. I shave my pubic and anal regions every other day. I have a small heart shaped patch of public hair just above the base of my cock. My most impressive best feature is between my legs. I am nine and a half thick inches and enjoy topping men and other girl's.

I live and work in Las Vegas, Nevada. The hot and warm climate of Vegas keeps my wardrobe of reveling dresses and sandals ready for wear. My career as a Real Estate Agent has been very financially rewarding. I have very flexible hours and work only 3-4 days a week. My sales have made me very financially secure. None of my co-workers know about my big secret. I usually date in other cities or in local private clubs. The point is, I am very discrete about my private life. Many people are not very tolerant of Trans women.

My recent relationship with my beautiful male companion has been interrupted by his transfer to the East coast. We agreed to hook up several times a year, but seeing other people will satisfy our equally strong sex drives. Jonathan messaged me that he found a Trans girl in New York to play with. I haven't found any new sex toy yet, but I haven't looked very hard either. I visited a Trans dating site yesterday and chatted with a pretty black girl named Octavia. All I know about her is she is tall, curvy, is a bottom, lives in Vegas, and works as a massage therapist. We set up a date for this weekend. She knows I am a top and that I sell real estate. Octavia had several pictures on her page that attracted me to her. She is very thick and full figured. She is a little over 200 pounds She is not fat but big in stature. Her dress size appears to be an 18 or 20. I noticed she has large feet and hands. Her face is very sexy with cheek implants like mine. Her chest and butt are large but well toned. Her hair is straight and very short. I masturbated this morning thinking about her body.

The week went by quickly as my Friday appointments resulted in three property sales. I was very happy about earning another huge commission check for closing these sales.

My phone rang. "Hello. Francine?"

"Yes. Octavia?"

"We talked about going to that private club on the strip. Do you still want to go there?" She asked.

"Yes Octavia I really enjoy like the atmosphere and layout of that establishment. I have to be very discrete here in Las Vegas. That club has private booths and rooms."

"I like those features as well. Francine I have a room at that club for private massages. We can get to know each other there. It is private and quiet. I have a client there at 6pm. We can meet out front at 7:30. Is that OK with you?"

"That is great. I will bring some Chinese food for us to snack on. My dress will be red and I will wear a red baseball cap. I am almost as tall as you." I responded with enthusiasm.

"OK. I will wear my white dress. It shouldn't be hard to spot a six foot two black girl in a very white dress." Said Octavia.

"I'll see you Octavia at 7:30."

At 5 o'clock I showered my body and shaved my genitals and ass until they were silky smooth. I cleaned out my bowels with my enema shower attachment. The powerful water jet forced a large volume of water into my rectum. I cleaned my colon until the water was clear. After my enema I inserted a large butt-plug into my anus. For underwear I selected a minimal thong G-string with a large pouch to encase my thick clit. I don't tuck on dates. I only tuck at work. I selected a very short, very low cut, and sleeveless size 12 red dress. For shoes I matched my dress with my red patent leather designer wedge thong sandals. I wore my natural red hair in a pony tail. I put my pony through the open enclosure of my red OU Sooner cap. I added aviator sun glasses to complete my look.

At 6:30 I drove over and picked up our Chinese food. I was back on the road by 7 o'clock on the way to see Octavia. I drove over to the club and parked in the center parking lot. Out front there were several girls. It was obvious she was not out front yet. After about five minutes a very tall black girl totally dressed in white walked through the front entrance. It was Octavia. She wore a white baseball cap, a short skin tight low cut dress, and white high heel thong mules.

I got out and walked toward her. Octavia had a very beautiful face and body. She spotted me and waved. She chewed a huge wad of gum as I strode toward her.

"You look amazing Francine. I love your dress and sandals. "

"Glad to meet you pretty girl. You look very nice as well. In your heels you must be 6'7".

Octavia moved against my body and wrapped her large arms around me and hugged me. I moved my face up and kissed her lips. We didn't French each other just a hello kiss. We moved apart and looked into each other's eyes. I smiled at her as I surveyed her soft full body. She reached her hand out and I placed my large red purse on my shoulder as I grasped her hand in mine.

"Francine you have a very strong grip. You look like you are very strong."

"Yes. I lift weights 3-4 times a week. You have an impressive build as well." I said to her as I smiled into her eyes.

She opened the door for me. We entered into the near empty club and walked past the bar, dance floor, the private offices and VIP rooms. We stopped at the last door and entered her massage room. There was a sign on top of the door frame that read Massage Therapy Room.. There were two name plates on the door. Below that read Octavia Jones and Yolanda Summers.

"Who is Yolanda? I asked as we entered the small room.

Yolanda is a petite genetic girl that works with me several times a week. She is very good, but can't really do deep tissue massage. She lacks the strength in her hands to perform deep tissue.

The room had two large massage tables and several chairs on the side. There was a large desk with desktop computer and a house phone.

Octavia positioned two chairs for us to sit in as we chatted. Before she sat down Octavia lit several aromatic candles that were on small shelves along the walls. The smell was strong lavender fragrance. I stood and removed our dinner from my purse. We both sat and held hands as we continued our conversation.

"We can use this table to eat our food Franny. I may call you Franny?"

"Yes you may. I think we will be very good friends. Maybe even lovers?"

We both laughed and got more comfortable. Octavia kicked off her high heel mule thong sandals. I took my hat off and unfastened the red belt from my dress. We engaged in small talk concerning work, hobbies, and fashion. I rubbed her hand as I reached out and kissed her. She opened her mouth and we French kissed a full five minutes. We felt each other's necks and breasts as we kissed and embraced.

"Octavia lets finish eating before we get naked."

"Where did that come from?" She asked with a smile.

"That moist kiss, your deep rapid breathing, your eyes told me. You want me to fuck you. Admit it." I said with a stern look.

"OK. Busted. Do you think you can handle me?" She asked.

"Finish dinner before I show you my big python.." I replied with a grin.

She nodded her head and we resumed our meal and drank some green tea. I removed a Viagra from my purse and took it. Sometimes the blue pill gives me prolonged erections after several climaxes. I finished before Octavia and walked behind her and massaged her shoulders as she finished. I rubbed her neck and upper arms.

"That feels good Francine. Maybe I can give you a massage when you finish with me."

"You devil. You planned on seducing me with a massage. Well I think that is a great idea Octavia."

I stood and moved away from Octavia. In seconds I had my dress removed. I turned and faced her with nothing on but my bra and G-string. Octavia removed my bra and positioned me face down on the largest massage table. She covered her strong hands with oil as she started on my back, shoulders, and legs. I relaxed as her hands forced the tension from my body. She stopped suddenly and removed her dress and bra. She wore a white Brazilian thong that matched her dress. Octavia moved behind me and took my size 11 feet in her hands and slide off my thong sandals. She popped my toes and lightly rubbed the soles of my feet. After a few minutes she took each foot in her hands and sucked on my toes. She swallowed all of my toes and sucked in them as she massaged my muscular calves.

"Octavia that feels divine. I love having my toes sucked."

"I enjoy sucking pretty toes. Your body is amazing." She replied as she put several of my toes back in her mouth.

"Do you want me to roll over on my back?" I asked.

She spit out my toes and replied."Yes I was going to ask you to rollover."

I rolled over onto my back and looked at Octavia. Her eyes were locked onto my thick bulge in my pouch. She smiled and moved to my head and massaged my temples, head, and neck. I closed my eyes as her hands worked my breasts, torso, and thighs. I now was fully erect and my thick head slipped out the top of my G-string. She stopped her massage and bolted the door. I rolled to my side and watched her as she removed her thong. Her flaccid cock hung down about three and a half inches, but was very thick. She was smoothly shaven and had a thick ring through the head of her penis.

"Do you like what you see?" She asked.

"Oh yes. Get over here and take my thong off. "

Octavia glided back toward my midsection. Her hands grasped the sides of my G-string and pulled it free. Her mouth gasped in surprise as my impressive weapon sprang free. My erect cock stood at a slight angle from my body. She touched my thickness with her hand and grasped my girth.

"That is the biggest cock I have ever seen." She said as she lightly stroked my length in her hand.

"I am very large. Bigger than any man I have dated. I am six inches flaccid. You can measure me with your mouth." I smirked.

"I think my mouth will only measure four or five inches Fran."

"Well I think we will have to use several inches of that long throat of yours." I replied.

Without another word Octavia crawled on top of the table between my legs. I spread my legs and rose up so I could watch her. .She leaned onto her elbows and knees before my thickly veined erect monster. She smiled at me as she gave my cock a hungry look. Her mouth opened and her lips swallowed me about half way down. Her mouth was very wide and my thickness was no issue for her at all. Octavia opened her mouth and spit saliva all over my penis. Her mouth sank down my length as her eyes locked onto mine. I licked my lips as she sloppily sucked my cock deeper into her throat.

"Octavia suck me baby. That feels amazing. Scratch my balls with your fingernails as you swallow me."

She made noises in her throat as she sucked me off. She used one hand on my testicles and the other pulled on my butt plug. She removed the butt plug from my ass. My ass gapped open as I felt her push several long thick fingers deep into my anus. Her lips slid down my length and my cock slipped into her throat. Her fingers moved up and massaged my prostate.

"That is very good Octavia. See how far you can swallow me."

She pushed off my cock and rose up and kissed me. She slipped her fingers out of my ass as we kissed deeply. Her mouth opened and the wet kiss was tangy and tasted like salt.

"Feeding me my own pre-cum are you?" I asked as we separated from our kiss.

"Francine you taste amazing. I can't deep throat you at this angle. I want you to move to the end of the table so I can remove the center piece."

I sat up and scooted toward the table's edge. She slid the thick pad that cushioned the table and placed it on the floor underneath the table. I looked back and watched her modify the table. A big oval section over a foot across could be inserted and removed. Octavia pushed up on this section and removed the section.

"What in the hell Octavia, this table is for oral sex?"

"Yes. Fellatio, cunnilingus, analingus, and prostate massages can best be performed using this table. I have never had sex with any of my clients during business hours. I have brought several of my dates here for kinky sex. I can really take a cock deep in my throat using this table." She opened her mouth wide and made a swallowing motion with her hand and head.

"Move over on your stomach and let your cock and balls hang down." She instructed me.

I moved onto my front and hung my erection and ball sack through the opening. I closed my eyes and relaxed. Immediately her mouth swallowed me most of the way into her throat. She slobbered and swallowed my penis over and over. I felt her open her throat with renewed effort and her lips reached my ball sack. Octavia held my length in her throat and swallowed me to the base repeatedly. After about ten minutes of very intense deep throat she took a break from sucking me.

"Do you want to cum in my throat or do you want to fuck me." She asked.

"Neither baby. I want to suck you until you cum." I responded.

She got to her feet as I slid a pad too kneel on. I positioned her flaccid penis near my mouth and tongued her pierced penis head. She looked at me and smiled as I teased her tip. I swallowed her soft cock in my mouth and used my lips on the head and shaft as I sucked her. She moaned lowly and caressed my head with her hands as I swallowed her. She grew in my mouth as I sucked her. After a few minutes Octavia was fully erect. I moved off her cock and looked at it. Her cock was about six inches, but very thick.

"You have a nice cock." I said as I looked up at her.

"I am small compared to you Francine."

"You are not small. You are average. Your girth is very impressive." I said as I deep throated her again.

I probed her anus with my finger and buried in to the last knuckle. After a few minutes I added two more fingers and massaged her prostate. Her pre cum leaked into my mouth and throat as I throated her. The cock ring in the head of her thick cock tickled my throat as I throated her thick penis. I bobbed my head on her cock and fingered her ass rapidly. I felt her cock twitching.as I increased my pace and intensity.

"Franny! I am cumming! I am cumming! AAAAhhhhhhh! AAAAhhhhhhh! AAAAhhhhhhh!" She screamed in orgasm.

I held her butt tight and continued to deep throat her. Her first two or three spurts of thick semen hit the back of my throat. I held her shooting erection in my mouth and swished the copious cum load .inside my mouth.

"I am sorry Francine. I should have warned you."

I moved my mouth toward hers and spat her thick semen into her throat. She eagerly swallowed her cum with a single hard deep swallow. "I did the work. Swallow your load Octavia." I commanded as she swallowed.

"I did swallow about half your cum. Your first spurts went into my throat. I wanted to share with you." I said.

I pushed my tongue deep in her throat as we kissed. Octavia grabbed my cock and tried to go down on me again. I held her head up and shook my head. She stopped and released my cock.

"No Octavia I want to fuck. I am going to top you. Get up on that table on your back. Do you want this big cock?"

I put my high heel thong sandals for added leverage for fucking. Octavia opened the drawer on her desk and handed me a large thick dildo and a bottle of lube. Octavia replaced the oval section and pad onto the large massage table. She laid back and moved her legs high in the air. I had total access to her anus. She smiled at me as I grasped her ankles and moved my head toward her ass hole. I tongued her tight smooth anus .The tip of my tongue probed her sphincter as she moaned in pleasure. I grasped the 8 inch dildo and lubed it as I smiled at her face. Her ass hole was very loose as I pushed the dildo deep in her hole. After a few minutes I buried the dildo to the base in her rectum.

"That feels nice. I can't wait for your big thick cock Franny. I love to be topped.

"Sometimes I cum hands free from my prostate being stimulated." She said.

"Do I need to loosen you up for a few more minutes?" I asked.

"No. My ass is ready now. Add some more oil and I think I will be ready." Octavia said.

I slipped the dildo out of her ass. Her anus gaped open. I looked in her hole and spit into it.

"Some extra lubrication for your ass baby. My DNA is deep inside your butt." I said as I opened the lube bottle.

I poured several ounces into her gapping anus and positioned my blood engorged cock at her entrance. I slowly pushed my thick penis head into her.

"Oh!Oh!.Ohhhhh! Your cock feels amazing. Go slow until I get used to your size." She growled.

I nodded in acknowledgment as I added another inch in her tight ass. After a few minutes I was slowly fucked her with most of my cock. Her eyes rolled back in her head, her mouth was open as she whimpered with pleasure. Her chest heaved as I fucked her in a standing missionary position. She spread her legs wider and pointed her toes.

"Fuck me! Fuck me with that big cock! Put it all in! Fuck me hard!" She shrieked.

I pushed into her and bottomed out in her. I held her ankles wide as I deeply fucked her with violent force. Her anus clenched my thickness and milked my length. My high heeled thong sandals gave me extra leverage as I plowed into her with greater pace. After a few minutes I slid out of her and left her with an open gape.

"Please. Don't tease me. Fuck me hard! I want your cock!" She pleaded.

I renewed sodomizing her. Octavia's face was contorted in pain. She panted rapidly and shook. I masturbated her semi-erect cock as I went balls deep on each stroke. Her cock got very hard and spurted huge bolts of semen into the air.

"Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh! AAAAhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh! You big dicked bitch!" She screamed with glazed eyes.

I fucked her with hyper speed. My testicles bounced at the entrance of her ass hole on each down stroke. Her ass walls clenched me as she bore down hard on my cock. I was near orgasm and knew it. I pushed her legs higher and I took my final strokes as I began to shoot my load. I jumped up and stood before her.

"Swallow me Octavia" I commanded.

She jumped off the table and moved to her knees. Her mouth engulfed me as I erupted in orgasm. Octavia looked up into my face with bulging eyes as she took my spurting length into her throat. She struggled to deep throat me at this angle. After two tries her throat swallowed my entire length as I emptied my semen in her esophagus. I smiled at her and held her head on my thick leaking cock.

"Sorry Francine. I swallowed it all."

We walked toward the private shower hand in hand for round two.

"Octavia that was a great massage you gave me." I laughed.

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That was a great read. I love a powerful tranny Top. This woman loves her body and loves to use other bodies for her pleasure. So sexy.

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