Hung Yearnings


Peter took off his pants, reached for his lubricant and planted himself in front of me. I looked up at him and asked if Phillip was going to leave. Peter, very matter of fact, informed me that not only was Phillip not leaving but he was going to fuck me too!

I felt a gush between my legs. I began to moan as I picked up the lubricant and applied it to Peter's dick. Peter lay down on the bed. Suddenly Phillip was standing in front of me, his huge cock dangling in my face waiting to be lubricated. I applied lubricant to him also.

While Phillip was mixing himself another drink I slipped out of my dress. I lay on the bed next to Peter and let him direct my head down to lick his balls. I felt like the biggest slut in the world and, at that moment, I didn't care. I was going to be fucked by two humongous cocks and that's all that mattered to me.

Peter pulled me up on top of him and I directed his dick into my cunt. Unlike the first night it slipped in fairly easy but still stretching my pussy lips to their limits. Peter lay there while I fucked him. Slowly, so slowly, as to savor the moment, I took my time before finally impaling myself completely. I rode it slowly and steadily, mewing like a kitten, the cock between my legs the most important thing in the world at the moment.

As I moved closer to my first orgasm I had totally forgotten about Phillip. I felt the mattress giving away when Phillip crawled up behind me. His arms circled me, his hands began squeezing my swollen tits and pinching my nipples. I didn't understand why the pain seemed to make me hotter, pushing me closer to orgasm.

Phillip leaned against my back forcing my head down towards Peters. It certainly shows how inexperienced I was in the world of sex because I didn't see what was coming.

I felt the head of Phillip's dick press against my anus. My body stiffened immediately. The orgasm I was about to have waned. I yelled at Phillip that I didn't do that kind of sex and to get off of me. I couldn't move because I was pinned between both of them.

Suddenly Phillip was getting help. Peter, still with his huge cock buried in me, was reaching around my waist and pulling my ass cheeks apart. I felt this tremendous pressure against my anal hole, pushing, pushing, harder and harder... pop... the head of his dick was in me. The pain was almost unbearable. Phillip was reaching around my head, his hand over my mouth to hold down my screams.

God, it hurt so bad, it felt like my asshole was split open. Phillip continued to push and I could feel the length penetrating me deeper with each thrust. When I pushed, the kind of push you use to deficate, it actually opened me wider and Phillip drove in deeper.

The more I pushed, the wider my hole became, the less pain I experienced. Several minutes had passed, he was now fucking me in my ass with the full length of his enormous cock. I could feel both dicks head to head in my womb, and a giant orgasm about to explode.

They fucked me like a piece of meat, first one would drive into me, then the other. Both sensations began to blend together and I knew Utopia was just strokes away. When I came it was like no other sensation I ever felt. I was delirious with pleasure as wave after depraved wave swept over me. I didn't have a husband, I didn't have children, all I felt was a sexual high I would never come down from. I came in nasty convulsions.. being fucked by masters, two men who were experts at the art of shameless pleasure..

They fucked me long and hard before they finally spewed their thick, white cum into my burning gut. God, what ecstasy.

All good moments end, unfortunately, but one thing was for sure. As they laid side by side on the bed while I licked their humongous cocks clean I knew there was no going back. I would need this kind of fucking for the rest of my life... And my lack of concern as to how I would get it surprised even me.

And one pays a price for their pleasures. Before we left in the morning I had John take me to the emergency room at the local hospital. Phillip had indeed split me open and my anus was bleeding profusely. There wasn't a lot they could do for me other than clean me and prescribe something for the pain and possible infection. It was not a comfortable trip home but the pleasure was worth it all.

As expected, John was visibly upset by all of this, especially when he realized he played the biggest part in this sexual tryst. He couldn't take it back and he couldn't stop what lay ahead. We had the long talk and I was completely honest with him. I couldn't, I wouldn't live without this new world he introduced me too. But I wanted to stay married, I loved him for the man he was, and I certainly loved my children.

So, for the last 9 years I take a trip to Vegas, usually by myself, twice a year for 7 to 10 days.

John, through the internet, always has what I'm looking for set up for me. And I fuck until it's out of my system for a while. I even tried to get John involved once by letting him watch. He just couldn't get into it. Just as well I guess. And as I get older I'm sure I'll slow down. But, for now, even at 40, I still get a knot in my stomach when I knock on the hotel door, just knowing on the other side there are two cocks to fill two holes of my yearning desire.

* * * * *

(c) copyright 2000 revised

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