tagNonHumanHunger Renewed

Hunger Renewed


I awoke famished and unsteady. The events of last night were a haze and I could barely even remember where I was. All I knew was that an intoxicating seductress took me to her home and had her way with me, and then, nothing. Just a blank spot in my memory with only feelings of desire and ecstasy in its place. I raised my hand to my neck and tenderly touched a clean piece of gauze carefully taped to my neck. I expected it to hurt, but it just felt numb. I wasn't sure where I was or what had happened, but I knew in my mind that I should be concerned. And yet, every time I thought of leaving, my head swam and feelings of lust and an aching of desire flooded my senses.

I slowly got up and drowsily explored my surroundings, stumbling to the door of the bedroom. I made my way down a long hallway and found a bathroom where I washed up. I found it odd there was no mirror, but as soon as I began to question it further, a familiar ache rose up in me again. In addition, pangs of hunger began to hit me and I knew I needed food, badly. I slowly walked down the hallway further until I came to a kitchen where I found a plate of sausage and bacon, along with a bottle of vitamins and another of iron supplements. I hungrily ate the meat and ignored the pills until I saw a small note in fluid feminine script that read, "Take one of each. You'll feel much better." As soon as I read that, any concerns I had about the pills disappeared and I took one of each and swallowed them with the last of my orange juice. And just as I finished, I heard a pair of heels clicking on the kitchen tile behind me.

"I hope you slept and ate well. I would have joined you, but I'm still full from the last time I ate." I turned and saw her eyeing me hungrily. She wore a short silk robe and a pair of high heeled slippers. Her robe parted to reveal a copious amount of her intoxicating cleavage. She licked her lips, her teeth deliciously white as she ran her tongue over them. Although I still felt weak, I could feel my longing and desire grow just from looking at her. I tried to think to myself of who she was and what had happened, but my mind grew hazy again and a feeling of lust began to overtake me as I looked at her. I could already feel my cock rising just from being in her presence, a stirring that she clearly noticed.

"Mmmm, you're stronger than I expected. I made a very good choice." She walked toward me and I couldn't have moved even if I wanted to. I stood transfixed, entranced by her form as she stood in front of me and leaned forward and lightly kissed each of my eyes, her soft lips brushing against the thin skin of my eyelids. She then leaned toward my ear and whispered softly into it, "I think you deserve a gift for being so giving last night. Witness the magic of your new sight."

I shuddered as she pulled away and she stood in front of me. I wavered slightly with weakness, but managed to stay standing, guessing the food and supplements were beginning to help revive me. Then, all at once, my vision went blank for a flash. When I could see again, where my seductress once stood there as a young schoolgirl, barely eighteen, her full breasts straining the buttons of her shirt. Her skirt barely covered her ass and pussy and she licked her lips as she looked at me. "I can be any fantasy I choose in your eyes now. Anything you want."

My vision went blank again, and in her place stood a meek Asian woman, wearing a short kimono. Almond eyes and darker skin, her legs tight and toned. Her small firm breasts were nicely shaped and she bowed slightly to me. "Perhaps you would like a geisha to attend to your every whim?" Blank again, and then a busty stripper with a look of lust in her eyes. "Or maybe a slutty woman who knows exactly how to please a man?"

And again, a curvy cheerleader, her breasts jiggling as she shook her pompoms. Again, and a lithe gymnast in spandex, boyish and flexible with short blonde hair. My body began to shake with desire and longing, my cock painfully swollen. Without even thinking, I pushed my pants down and let my shaft spring out, then removed my shirt. All concerns of my situation were gone, only thoughts of aching and desire left in my mind. And I knew exactly what fantasy I wanted.

"All of these fantasies are delicious, but I know exactly what I want." A drop of precum formed on the tip of my shaft as I thought of it. "I want you just as you were last night. As you truly are. These fantasies pale in comparison to the seductress I met last night." My vision went blank again, and then she was there in front of me again. Her olive skin against the deep red of her robe, her breasts full and lush, her curves intoxicating, and I could feel my hunger grow even more. She stepped toward me and licked her lips again. "As you wish."

And in a flash she was on her knees, kissing the head of my cock. She hungrily tasted my precum and I had to grab the table to keep my knees from buckling. Her lips wrapped around me and her tongue made love to my cock. Swirling around me, moaning slightly, the vibrations ripping through me and making me shudder in ecstasy. I could feel the head of my cock press against the back of her throat as she took my full length into her. I shook as I felt her suck harder, aching for release. All of a sudden, I felt a slight pinch and a feeling of warmth shoot through me. It wasn't an orgasm, but a feeling of pleasure poured through me. I looked down and saw a look of hunger in her eyes. Two small pin prick sized holes were on either side of my cock and a light pink fluid dripped off my shaft onto her tongue, my blood mixing with my precum. She hungrily lapped it up, and although I wanted to be concerned, I just felt faint and blacked out.

When I awoke, I was in bed, nude, with my seductress straddled on top of me. I must have been fucking her while unconscious because she was already riding me when I came to. She bit her lip in ecstasy as her pussy clutched around me. "I thought you deserved another gift. You're going to fuck much longer than you thought possible. And only cum when I say you're done." With that, she began to ride me harder as I could feel my strength returning in an even greater amount. I thrust upward over and over again, each time making her tits shake. I moaned loudly, my cock hard and swollen as I continued to fuck like a man possessed. My body shook as I felt her pussy clenching over and over. Then, all at once, I felt her body tense and an orgasm tore through her. She screamed in ecstasy as her pussy grabbed me hard and spasmed over and over. I expected to cum, but I just got hornier and harder, precum flowing out of me.

I kept fucking, unable to stop myself. I was moving on pure animal instinct and lust, driving into her as if I was in heat. Over and over I pounded into her, my cock grinding against her g spot, my groin pressed against her clit. Her juices flowed over me as she came again and again. Her body was rocked with pleasure and climax as sweat poured off of me. My heart was pounding and still my shaft kept swelling and throbbing. I began to fuck harder in frustration, but only succeeding in making the feeling of ecstasy drive through me at a faster pace, pushing me ever closer to the edge but never letting me tip over.

I moaned and groaned with pleasure but could feel my body aching to give out and explode. I looked up at her with pleading eyes and begged for release. "I want to cum! Please let me cum!" She reached down and pulled me up to face her, continuing to fuck her as she pressed her chest against mine, her nipples hard and swollen. She kissed me and bit down on my lip, drawing blood that stained her impossibly white teeth. "Please let me cum! I need to cum!"

I fucked harder and faster, trying to cum but my body refused to respond. Finally, she leaned to my left ear and whispered softly into it. "Cum." With that, I felt my entire body tense. I thrust my entire shaft deep inside her pussy and felt it spasm so fast and hard it felt like I just began stiffer. A long stream of cum shot out of me as she leaned down and bit into my neck. My blood flowed into her as quickly as my cum filled her pussy. As she kept sucking my life force out of me, my orgasm continued, wracking my body, my mind filled with ecstasy. Finally, when she had her fill, she dropped me and let me collapse to the bed, a small trickle of blood emanating from two holes in my neck, a small trickle of cum slipping down her thigh. And as I lay there, halfway between wakefulness and sleep, I watched her lick her lips, a satiated look in her eyes. "Tomorrow, you shall be mine completely."

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