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Hungry Hole


Author's note: This is my Nude Day Story Contest 2015 entry. I hope you like it!


Anna roused herself, sitting bolt upright in the bed.

Her heart was racing, her mouth dry. Her small, firm breasts rubbed against the sheer material of her sleep shirt, making her nipples feel all tingly and delicious. Something was wrong. She'd been waking up slowly, enjoying a vaguely sexual fantasy about the lead singer in a popular boy band she liked, and she'd let her hand wander down between her legs to hold her mound. At times like these, her pussy always felt much better if she cupped it with her palm and then tensed and released the muscles in her thighs. She was pretty sure it wasn't masturbation (which would have been a sin). But it was close. It made the blood rise to her cheeks and her breathing go shallow. And then suddenly she'd felt an overwhelming sense of dread. It consumed her. She didn't know where it came from, this sense of horror, but once it bubbled up into her mind, she felt certain she was in the midst of some terrible calamity.

The room was quiet, except for the hum of the refrigerator in the other room. She flipped the bedspread back and swung her legs to the floor.

The tile was cold.

Her father had rented a small suite of rooms with a kitchenette for the three of them. Her twin brother Wiktor was making college visits. They were in a small college town somewhere in Norway. Breakfast dishes sat on the table with food half eaten. Anna touched a partially eaten pancake and found it cool.

Something was burning.

The little stove held an iron griddle that was so hot small wisps of white smoke curled up from its shiny black plate. The burner was on low. She turned the knob to the off position, found a mitt, and clanged the pan to a cool burner. "Papa," she whispered in Polish, her native language.

"Papa," she said louder, her panic rising.

It was the Rapture.

Anna knew it in her heart, she knew it in her soul. The preachers had warned that one day God would whisk away all of the righteous people, leaving behind only the unbelievers, the sinners and the wicked of heart. This had been the church's predominant message throughout her childhood and adolescence: The harsh judgment of God was on its way. Be wary. Be on guard. It's coming.

Now it was here—and she'd been left behind!

The crotch of her panties was damp and cold, reminding her of the dreadful things she'd been doing to herself in the bed. She shoved the panties down past her slim hips, and then raced bottomless to the open suitcases against the wall.

"Oh, Papa," she whispered, close to tears. "Oh, Papa!"

Her last words to him had been angry.

They'd been in a cafeteria on campus surrounded by dozens of beautiful, Norwegian students with pale skin, blonde hair, and sparkling blue eyes. Her father was making mildly suggestive jokes about the kind of experience Wiktor would have, if he were to attend this school. It shocked Anna to hear her father speak this way, but the jokes set Wiktor at ease. He sat gazing around the cafeteria hungrily, his apprehension evaporating. As Wiktor's confidence bloomed, Anna found herself growing incensed, though she could not say why. She was only eighteen and it was a given that she would attend a small Christian school for girls, tucked away in a dense snow covered woods outside of Warsaw. Her father would never in a million years make mildly suggestive jokes about the experiences she would have in the forests of Poland with the sisters, the monks, and the other penitents.

Anna found a fresh pair of panties (her last!) and groaned in dismay. They had a cute little fringe around the waist and were cut in the Brazilian style, exposing the smooth young flesh of her upper thighs all the way to her hips. Anna had lobbied her mother hard to get them, arguing that the lacey fringe made them more like bloomers than panties. It was an outright lie from the pits of hell. Anna knew it, her mother knew it. Now, as Anna tugged the panties over her shapely little bottom, she felt indicted by her willful manipulations.

She dressed quickly, wiping warm tears from her eyes.

Outside a thick, damp fog had descended across the town. As she picked her way across the parking lot, a dark thought popped into her mind: Her family was watching her right now, from up in heaven.

They knew that God had judged her and found her lacking.

They knew all her dirty little thoughts.

They knew she was a whore!

A fire truck sat with its doors wide open and red light revolving. Anna peered inside the deserted cab. A great sadness fell over her. Everything she knew was going to be different now. She would be alone, her flawed nature exposed to the world. She really was a whore. She had long suspected it and now it was borne out. God was never wrong. From here on out, everyone she met would know it, too. People would look at her shapely teenage body and ask, "Why did God leave you behind?" What could she say? They would see the sexy highlights in her long blonde hair, the fire burning in her eyes. She would just have to be honest. She would have to answer that she couldn't stop touching herself between the legs, couldn't ignore all those wicked thoughts that kept popping into her mind. More tears welled in her eyes. It wasn't so much that her family knew she was different. In some ways, it was almost a relief. It was hard to always have to pretend to be the kind of girl who could fit in. Now, at least, she wouldn't have to hide anything. The real problem was that she had no idea how to behave.

What did the whores do?

In a nearby garden she saw someone standing, smoking a cigarette. She felt elated to see someone, anyone. Raising her hand, Anna called out, "Hello! Hello!"

It was a young man. He turned to her.

Lowering her hand, Anna clutched her throat. He approached fast. He smiled, speaking in a language she couldn't understand. He looked harmless, but it occurred to her that he'd been left behind, too. He was a sinner. Everyone she met from here on out would be a sinner. He was pointing to the fire truck, saying things she didn't understand, and waving his hands in the direction of the campus. He looked in his early twenties. He was handsome, she guessed, but not handsome in the ways the musicians in the boy bands she admired were handsome. He was solidly built with a plain round face.

Anna shivered.

He asked her a one word question, then strode toward a nearby campus building. At the door, he turned and flexed his fingers, inviting her to follow. What could she do? Anna obeyed. It was a small break room with a sink and some chairs. He found a long-necked bottle and poured two small glasses of clear liquid. Anna stared at her drink. He drank his in one gulp.

This is what the whores do, Anna thought. She drank hers and suddenly a warm bloom grew in her throat and chest, making her eyes go wide. She sputtered and grabbed his arm. Taking the glass from her hand, he snorted and rubbed her back.

Anna blew air from her mouth.

He puttered around the room, leaving her to recover. He spoke to her as he retrieved things from cupboards and busied himself at the sink, though he seemed to grasp that she couldn't understand anything he said.

"What do the whores do?" Anna asked, enjoying the way the word whore rolled off her tongue. It felt good to say it out loud, trying the dirty word on as if it were a brand new pair of shoes, or an Easter bonnet. The sinner smiled at her, lit a match, and held it to the burner. The acrid smell of sulfur and gas filled the air, and the burn in her throat faded to a dull warmth. She toyed with her hair, letting her eyes wander down to his crotch. He wore baggy pants with geometric patterns and stripes in loud colors. She searched for a telltale bulge between his legs. When she gazed up, he was looking at her and she grew embarrassed for where her eyes had been.

Her cheeks grew hot and she had to look away.

He stepped toward her and she grew even more flustered.

Looking cautiously back into his eyes, she saw his attention, his focus. It was a cool, calculating interest and it sent a raw pulse of fire fluttering through her chest. No boy had ever directed this sort of attention toward her. Her mouth was open and she willed herself to close it and swallow.

He touched her breast with the backs of his fingers.

Her mouth dropped open again and she gasped, closing her eyes. His touch was like raw heat, sending tantalizing signals straight to her pussy. Suddenly she was breathing hard. He tugged open the zipper to her blouse, exposing her breasts. The cold air made her nipples stiffen into fierce little nubs.

All her religious training from childhood screamed at her to flinch, to pull back. To cover her breasts. Only a whore would allow a boy fondle her naked tits! She forced her eyes open, determined to slow things down.

She wanted to be the kind of girl a father could be proud of!

The sinner took one of her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, then popped it into his mouth. Anna gasped. She took his head in her hands, rubbing his short bristly hair. Squeezing her thighs together, she found her pussy sopping with desire.

He stood, pulling her close. His erection pressed against her hip.

Her cheeks were hot with shame, and she wanted to pull away from him, but her legs wouldn't carry her. She whimpered weakly instead, resting her head on his chest. He rubbed her bottom. She instinctively tried to straddle his thigh. He said something and his hand went to her hip, then continued moving between their bodies, toward her sodden little pussy.

Anna drew in her breath and pushed her hips back, away from him. She lurched a few paces back. She was wet down there and didn't want him to touch it. Didn't want him to hold the proof of her slutty desires in his hand.

He looked at her.

Her nipples were stiff little nubs. She grinned, feeling foolish.

Taking a deep breath, she put her hands on her hips. The wrongness of what she was doing made her feel delicious. She slipped her skirt down to her ankles, and then stood before him in only her panties and an open top. She felt a perverse sense of shame for standing before him this way. It went against everything she had ever been taught growing up.

She stared at his crotch.

He dropped his pants. His cock was pink and stubby, surrounded by a bird's nest of blonde hair. She cupped his warm balls in her hand, blowing the air from her lungs. He put his hands on her shoulders and applied gentle, firm pressure.

He wanted her down there.

She sank to her knees, letting her fingers trickle down his torso. She didn't know what to do. Looking up at him, she bit her lip.

He put his hand on her cheek, his cock waving in her face.

Taking his shaft in her hands, she rubbed it on her face. It pulsed against her cheek, her lips. It left a little wet spot on her neck. She massaged the moisture into her skin. He spoke to her in a husky voice. She gave his cock a chaste little kiss, careful to avoid the wet part at the tip. His eyes were half-lidded, his lips a tight line. He seemed to be looking past her, through her. Anna asked him something, mostly to hear the reassuring sound of his voice, something more than the sighs and soft grunts he was making, but instead of answering, he pulled her to her feet.

She thought he was going to kiss her.

She prepared herself to meet his lips, but as soon as she was upright, he turned her to the wall and bent her at the waist. She held onto the back of a chair. He put his face near her bottom and she grew anxious again about how wet she was, how close his face was to where she was leaking. His fingers slipped under the seam of her panties and Anna groaned, instinctively raising her hips to meet his touch.

She craned her neck around.

He shot his eyes at her and smiled, but then his attention returned to her bottom and the smile quickly disappeared. He stood and rubbed his wet cock against her pussy. A chill raced through Anna, making her shoulders shudder.

He was about to fuck her.

This was it!

A deep sense of shame washed over her. She remembered something, a commandment from grade school about worshipping false gods. The story had amused her with its ancient accouterments. She couldn't imagine any of her friends kneeling before a golden calf, but she had just gotten down on her knees before this boy. She had kissed his warm cock, anointing herself with his sticky juice.

"Jesus loves you," she croaked.

He gave her a skeptical expression.

"Jesus?" he said. It was the first thing he'd said that she could actually understand. She looked at him with so much need, her breath coming in rapid little huffs.

He laughed softly.

"I'm no Christian," he said in broken English.

He put his hands on her waist and with one deft move, drove his hips forward. A sharp pain between her legs made her gasp. Her hymen was gone. If he knew she was a virgin, he didn't act like it. He held her hips firmly and sent his cock inside her all the way to the balls. He was speaking again in the same tongue she couldn't understand. He laughed, seemingly delighted to have his cock inside her. He said words in a rhythm that matched the strokes of his hips. She wondered if he were calling her a whore. A slut. A dirty, filthy, little cunt.

She certainly felt like one.

Anna turned her head back to the wall, remaining bent over. It occurred to her that her father and brother were watching her right now, seeing her get fucked. If they'd had any doubts about the wisdom of God's judgment, it hadn't taken her long to prove the righteous infallibility of the Lord. On her own for only a few minutes and already she had a cock stuffed deep in her tight little pussy.

The sinner pulled out of her.

Anna felt so ashamed she could barely muster the strength of will to look at him. She wondered if it were over. Was this all the whores got?

It wasn't over.

He repositioned her, then hefted one of her legs up into his arms. Anna stood on one leg, holding onto a small fuchsia-colored refrigerator for balance. He slipped his slick cock back inside her. The benefit of this new position was her ability to see his face, to watch his cock as it slid into her tight little hole. His face was flushed red with exertion. His cock made wet noises.

Of course, the downside of this new position was the athleticism required to stand on one leg. In grade school, she'd once stood this way through much of a Christmas play. The class had performed at the altar in front of the whole congregation, and she'd played the part of the angel Gabriel. Her leg had to be up for the entire third act to show she was flying. Because the sinner held her thigh in his burly arms, and had his cock buried deep inside her pussy, the position she was in now was a little easier than the one she held in the play. Anna just had to keep her balance while he pumped away at her hole. She cast her eyes between his red face and the hard cock spearing her pussy.

Soon he dropped her leg and sat in the chair, his raw cock bobbing in his lap.

Turning her around, he guided her into his lap and filled her slick hole with his cock. Anna began instinctively rocking her hips. It felt good to be filled, but the awkward position was maddening. Resting her hands on her knees, she raised her hips, then used the muscles in her thighs to impale herself. The action required to fuck him reminded her of peeing in the woods. Her girl scout troop routinely went on long hikes in the woods and all the girls eventually had to drop their cotton panties, put their weight on their knees, and relieve themselves in the dense underbrush. Of course none of her little Brownie friends got to squat over a sinner's hard cock! Anna threw herself into this new position. Occasionally his cock popped out of her pussy. The first time it happened, Anna mewled with frustration, sitting hard in his lap, mashing his cock against her bottom to try to get it back where it belonged. He raised her bottom and stuffed himself back into her hole. This happened a few more times. Soon Anna simply raised her bottom and waited for him to load his fat cock back inside her. She would squat forward with her hands on her knees, using the time to recuperate, her breath coming fast and hard.

After a bit, he turned her around on his lap to face him.

It was a better position for Anna and she threw all her youthful energy into the fuck, rarely losing his cock. She was a tireless little girl-fuck machine, and her face and neck grew red with exertion. Sometimes she sat on his cock so hard, his dick bent sideways, making him groan. When this happened, she reached down herself and stuffed him back inside her pussy. She tried to ride him slower, with more deliberation, but it was hard to show restraint, and soon he would grimace again.

Eventually he made her stand.

Her pussy was so raw with need she couldn't stand straight. She hunched over, feet apart, her hands floating at her sides. He chuckled and gave her the chair to sit in. She sank onto the hard seat with her knees spread wide.

He knelt before her, using his fingers to spread her lips. Anna rocked her bottom, groaning and holding onto the seat of the chair.

He put his mouth on her pussy and she felt such delicious fire. She closed her thighs, trapping his head, holding it with both hands. He stuffed one finger inside her and then another. He nibbled her clit and she called out.

"Jesus! Jesus!" she cried.

Anna held his head and climaxed, rubbing her hungry hole against his face.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," she said.

All the sexual tension drained from her body, filling her with a great warmth, a glowing satisfaction. She let go of his head and looked at him with such gratitude. He grinned at her, wiping his face with his hand.

He stood and his cock was hard and red.

Taking her by the ankles, he opened her legs.

Anna watched his cock slip into her pussy. It occurred to her that he was fucking her bareback. Only a few hours ago it would have terrified her to have a boy slip his cock inside her, much less slip it into her without a condom. Now she simply watched, her head reeling from her orgasm.

This is what the whores get, she thought.


Taking the arms of the chair in his hands, he started his strokes. His hands turned white where they gripped the chair, and the muscles in his forearms tensed like iron cords. Anna watched the steely look on his face.

From somewhere far away, Anna heard a voice calling her name.

"Anna! Anna!"

It was her father's voice! A great joy swept over her.

"Anna!" It was her brother.

Both voices were getting closer.

A chill spread through her chest, touching her soul.

It wasn't the rapture.

She hadn't been left behind.


The boy on top of her moved his hips with an urgent need. Anna wanted to lower her legs, but she was trapped by his arms holding onto the chair. "My father," she hissed. He looked at her with an urgent need.

He was about to come!

Anna scooted her hips back into the chair, but there was no escaping this young man's determined thrusts. She was a whore, and he was going to dump a load of his salted cream inside her. Anna closed her eyes. The voices of her father and brother were drawing closer. Closer.


She whispered a fervent little prayer.


The boy stood and her legs fell to the floor.

Oh, thank you thank you thank you!

It was a miracle!

Anna opened her eyes and sat straight in the chair, but he was right in front of her, blocking her way. And then something warm and wet splashed on her chest and boobs. Settling back into her seat, she watched cum fly from his cock. She gazed with rapt attention as his warm cum oiled her tits. It was amazing! Raising her eyes, she saw her sinner boy staring intently out the window.

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