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Hunk Best Friend


This is all based on true events. I was there for most of it, but the rest of it I was informed about afterwards. Sarah and I were high school sweethearts--starting dating when I was a junior and she was a freshman in high school. We stayed together as I entered college, and were married as soon as she graduated high school at the age of 18. Sarah is beautiful. Brown hair, green eyes, olive skinned, 5'4 105lbs, with a cute B cup and an amazing big ass. For obvious reasons, I was the only cock she had ever touched, up to the point where this story starts. As for me, I'm not in such bad shape either--5'10, 155lbs, muscles, and I'm a good 8 inches down below.

This story really gets started over her first winter break home from college. We both went to our hometown over break--a little homesick I guess. It turned out that my best friend, John, who live and went to school out of state and whom I had not seen in about a year, was going to be in town for a few days.

Let me take a minute here to describe John. John is what most women would refer to as an Adonis. He is a year older than me, but everyone always referred to me as a his little brother--he looks about 5 years older than me. He's blonde, 6'2, 200 lbs, and ripped--the 8-pack abs, the huge arms, and he's tan like a Brazilian woman's ass. He doesn't have trouble getting women, but he's a pretty shy guy. Having been best friends with him since we were 5, I'd seen the guy's dick a few times. Not on purpose, but we'd both be walking around the house in our boxers, and his dick would be falling out. I'd never seen it hard, but always figured it would be a monster.

So one night, after running around in the snow together, the 3 of us got home. John went upstairs and I whispered to Sarah that I was going to shower, but would not lock the door. She went to change in the downstairs bathroom, and I headed upstairs. As soon as I got up there, I heard the water go on--John had gone into the shower. So I went to my room to do some reading. 5 minutes later, I hear the bathroom door open--the water was still on--then a minute later, a shriek, then footsteps running downstairs, and the water is off.

It seems Sarah had wandered into the bathroom thinking I was in the shower. She had changed into this black thong bikini that I love, and opened up the shower curtain. It turns out John was in there and he had just started to jack off. As Sarah said later, his cock wasn't hard yet and it was already my size, but thicker. After a long stare, she grabbed a towel and ran out of there. He turned the water off, and got dressed, mortified.

She ran to me after the shock wore and told me about it. She asked me "Is it bad that I liked seeing it? That I thought it was hot?" I told her that was natural, especially since it was just the second cock she'd seen in real life.

Skipping to the chase...Later on, we flipped on Animal House in my room. The three of us lay together, her in the middle, on my queen-sized bed. She was cold and made us lay pretty close together under the covers. We were in our pajama's: Sarah in shirt, no bra, and pj pants; John in shorts and a tanktop, and me in shorts and a shirt.

During the scene where Bluto climbs the ladder--to the unititiated, this is the tits and ass scene--I see John shifting himself over and over, straightening out his shorts, moving his boxers. Sarah doesn't move much, but I could tell he was sorta jostling her as he was moving around. A minute later, I see her slowly turn her bottom half toward him so her ass is sort of pointed at him. She continues her migration toward him, and I see her adjusting this time. I looked under the covers to see what was going on and found that her 18 year old ass was now totally exposed him and the monster in his pants. Her hand is behind her, rubbing him through his shorts.

At that point, I loudly cleared my throat. Sarah looked at me pleadingly, wanting badly to go further. To show my opinion on the matter, I slipped under the covers, pulled the rest of her pants off, and went to town licking her pussy. She moaned in appreciation as I moaned into her pussy (good vibrations). As I looked on, she pulled out of his pants what must have been a 10 or 11 inch penis.

She licked around the head for a while, working her way down as she did. She began to suck in about 5 or 6 inches when she came from my tongue. I then came up and offered my dick up to her mouth. She traded off between us, using her hand on one and her mouth on the other. She'd never been able to deepthroat before, but she managed to that night--her jaw was so used to John's dick that mine seemed easy to gulp down.

Soon, John got behind her. She kept on sucking my cock...then he started to tease her. He wagged his cock lightly against her pussy lips, and he kept it up for about 2 or 3 minutes. Then she couldn't take it.

"God put it in already," she screamed, breaking her mouth from my cock. He's a shy guy, as I said, so he obliged her. Despite her enthusiasm, she had to take it slow. It took close to 5 minutes before it was in and she could move on it. But as soon as she did, she pulled away from sucking my dick again

"O God please go goooooo nnngggg fuuucccckkkk meeee with that cooockk!!!!!!!" She came so hard and so fast, John looked at me wondering what was next. I looked at him and said "You heard the lady." With that, he began thrusting into her, his abs bouncing off her ass from behind, and her doing her best to keep my dick in her mouth. 15 minutes in, after a number of positions, John announces he's close. She tells him to stop right away. She asks him how he wants to cum--they had been bareback up to this point. He mumbled something about how he didn't care, but she persisted.

"What is the one way you've fantasized about cumming, but never have?" He blushed, saying it didn't matter, that he'd cum how she wanted him to. So I stepped in and said that I knew how I wanted to cum. She'd never let me cum on her face before. So John and I got in front of her, with her on her knees. She gave us each a few good sucks, then starting using one hand on each of us. John came first, with the first shot hitting her lip, then her cheek real hard, her mouth, and finally he dribbled onto her tits. Then I couldn't take it, seeing my young slutty wife covered in my best friend's cum...I covered her face with everything I had--her cheeks, nose, mouth, and neck were coated in my cum.

The next morning, John and I woke up to a lovely, stroking surprise...

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