tagIncest/TabooHunnygirl for Daddy

Hunnygirl for Daddy


Once upon a time, in a nice little suburb, lived an ordinary family, composed of a Daddy, a Mommy and their Hunny.

Hunny had just turned 18. She was a very pretty young lady, with long dark hair, and big brown eyes. Her breasts had filled out now, and made her tee shirts bulge; and her legs were well-shaped. She liked wearing short skirts and tight lil tees, because she noticed the boys stared at her when she did so. Despite this, she was an innocent 18, lovingly protected by her mom and dad. She kissed and fooled around a little, but hadn’t allowed any boy to get into her panties.

One day, she happened to notice that her daddy stared at her, too. She caught him looking at her, the way the boys at school did. Something about the way he looked at her made her feel so hot and wicked, much more intensely than she felt when she noticed a cute boy looking at her.

She wasn’t sure whether her Daddy really looked at her that way, maybe it was just wishful thinking. She loved her Daddy, he was so strong, and still so good-looking, with his dark wavy hair and deep blue eyes. He was her favourite person in the whole world.

Because she wasn't sure, she decided to test him. When they were together in the house, she would wear short cut-offs, and then bend over in front of him, pretending to have dropped something, or to be cleaning up for Mommy. When she hugged him, she would make sure to press her breasts against his back. She also liked to sit on his lap, and wiggle around, even if Mommy told them that she was getting to old to behave like that.

She would hear Daddy gasp when she would tease him, and one day, she was sure she had seen a bulge in the front of his shorts. She stared at it, and then looked up at her Daddy’s face. He looked back, and she saw something in his eyes that made her pulse race, and frightened her just a little. She ran to her room, her heart beating fast. She threw herself onto the bed, tugging her skirt up, and pulling her panties aside, and eagerly began to rub her pussy, thinking of the bulge in her daddy's shorts.

She found that she now often thought of Daddy when she masturbated. It was his face and body she imagined as she touched herself.

Then, Mommy had to go out of town and would be gone for two days. She told Daddy and Hunny to take care of each other while she was away. Hunny smiled a little secret smile and said, "oh yes, Mommy, I'll take care of Daddy, just the way you do!" Something in her tone of voice made Daddy's cock twitch. He smiled at Mommy and kissed her goodbye. Both of them stood at the door, and watched Mommy get into a taxi.

After the taxi pulled away, Daddy turned to Hunny and asked, “What would you like to do today, pumpkin?”

She smiled and immediately responded, “Let's go swimming, daddy.” He nodded and went upstairs to change into his trunks. Hunny went off to her bedroom, to put on her suit; she had a little surprise for her Daddy, and she took her time, carefully brushing her hair until it was sleek, and putting on a touch of lipstick.

When she came out to the backyard, Daddy was already in the pool. She walked toward him, wearing a short cover up, that hid her suit. He laughed and told her she was a slowpoke, and she should please hurry up! She slowly undid the belt of her robe, and let it slide off her shoulders. Daddy gasped in shock. Hunny was wearing the tiniest bikini he'd ever seen... The two triangles of the bikin top barely covered her dark pink nipples. The lace of the bikini bottom just barely covered her slit; and when she turned around, he saw that it was a thong, neatly bisecting her ass.

Hunny said calmly, pretending not to notice the look on her father’s face, “Let me put some sunscreen, daddy.” She uncapped the bottle, and rubbed the lotion over her arms, then her front, dipping between her breasts, and covering the firm mounds, slowly circling over her softly rounded little tummy. She then sat down on a recliner, and parted her legs, covering her thighs with the sunscreen. The material of her bikini bottoms was tight against her slit, clinging lovingly to her plump cunny lips.

Daddy stared, unable to tear his gaze away. He was so hard, he could feel his cock straining against the front of his trunks. Idly he thought it was lucky he’d chosen a particularly baggy pair…

When Hunny finished with her front, she rubbed some lotion on her shoulders, and climbed onto the recliner. She got onto her knees, her ass to Daddy, so he could see the firm globes as she rubbed lotion into them. “Daddy?” she said, “will you come out here and put lotion on my back?”

Daddy hemmed and hawed, knowing that once he stepped out of the pool and toward her, he would be lost. Hunny pouted at him endearingly, bottom lip outthrust “...please Daddy?”

He could never say no to her, so he climbed out of the pool, hoping that his trunks were baggy enough to hide his erection. She noticed it at once, but pretended not to see it.

Daddy rubbed lotion all over his girl's back, his cock not losing hardness because of the way she would moan and arch under his hands. “Oooh daddy that feels good!” she purred, deliberately pressing back against him, her ass rubbing against his cock. He groaned, he couldn't help it, he felt as if he were about to explode. She looked at him, eyes wide with mock concern, a tiny glint of mischief in their depths “are you okay, Daddy?”

He nodded, barely able to speak, as she rubbed up against him again and again, loving how his cock felt between her ass. He pulled back, almost at his wit's end, he knew she was doing it deliberately.

He said, “Hunny girl...you...you shouldn't do that.”

“Do what, daddy? … this?” she said, as she pressed her ass firmly against his cock. He

grabbed her hips, saying sternly, “you're being a bad girl, Hunny. Now stop it!”

She pouted at him, still grinding gently against his cock. He groaned, unable to resist that outthrust lip, and the pressure of her ass against him. He bent over back, cupping her face and kissing kissed her pout. She moaned “...oh daddy yes...” and kissed him back, her wicked little tongue darting into his mouth. He held her tightly, and helped her lay back on the recliner, climbing on top of her.

They kissed passionately, their tongues tangling. She sucked greedily on his probing tongue, moaning into his mouth. She felt so hot and wicked and wet. Her legs went up to wrap around his waist, her hips wriggling underneath his.

His hands quickly untied her bikini top and threw it aside. He cupped her firm breasts, squeezing them, teasing her nipples. Then suddenly, he pulled back from the kiss and asked her harshly “How many boys have you done this with Hunny, tell Daddy the truth!”

Her big brown eyes met his, and she answered “No one, Daddy...I...just...kissed Johnny once...and he tried to touch my boobs but I wouldn't let him.” She looked down, only to gaze directly into his eyes, saying “I want only you, Daddy.” He studied her face carefully, and a smile broke over his own as he realized she wasn't lying to him. With a groan, he took her mouth again, ravaging it and kissing her hard. His fingers pinched her hard little nipples, twisting them and making her squeal, her hips pushing up against his groin. She was so wet, she could feel her juices trickling out of her.

His hands slid down to her bikini bottoms and he ripped them off, one hand pushing between her thighs and cupping her nearly hairless mound, with only fine wisps of hair covering it. One of his thick fingers slipped between her plump, slick cunt lips, stroking up and down. She screamed into his mouth, it felt so good; it felt even better than when she touched herself. She felt Daddy's finger push into her little cunny, stretching open the tiny hole. He pushed it in as far as he could and she pulled her lips away from his and moaned, “oh daddy oh it hurts a little daddy!” He felt her cherry and smiled, whispering, “It's going to hurt a little baby, but then, I promise you, it will feel so very good.” His finger slid in and out of her, because she was so wet, he could get it in easily. He quickly added another finger, and felt her nails dig into his shoulders when he did so. She was so damned tight he could imagine what she would feel like around his cock.

His cock twitched, and he realized that he would cum very quickly if he fucked her now. He wanted to make it last, so he pulled himself away from her, sitting up on the recliner, and pulling her in front of him, onto her knees.

She looked up at him, her eyes dazed, her lips swollen from their kissing. He slowly tugged off his trunks, showing her his erection. The thick purple knob was already drooling with precum; the veins along his cock pulsing.

“OH DADDY!” she exclaimed when she saw him, his cock was so big.

“Now baby girl...you told Mommy you'd take care of me the way she does, didn’t you?”

She nodded.

“Mommy takes care of Daddy by sucking on his cock.”

She whimpered “But it won't fit in my mouth Daddy.”

“Do it, baby...you promised!” He looked down at her sternly. She smiled at him shakily, and said,

“I..I'll try daddy...”

“That’s my good girl. Now, lick it first...up and down...and put your hands around it...” She followed his instructions lovingly, her soft velvet tongue sliding over his length, all the way down to his balls, kissing and licking everywhere. She tasted his salty precum, crinkling her nose, but gamely continuing to lick it up.

“Now open your mouth, baby!”

She parted her lips as widely as she could, and he quickly pushed his cock head into her willing orifice. They both moaned, and he watched an inch of his shaft disappear into her mouth, her lips stretched obscenely around his girth. Upon his command, she started to suckle, and he guided her hands to his rock hard shaft, and taught her how to stroke him. He gently pulled her head forward a few more inches, until four inches of his shaft were inside her hot wet mouth. She sucked his cock like the good little girl she was, her tongue wriggling over his hot flesh. He knew he wouldn't last long, so he gripped her head hard and thrust forward, watching her eyes go wide as he pushed into her throat. She flailed her arms wildly, tears welling in her eyes. “Relax baby, just relax.” He urged, “Just swallow now, come on, swallow!”

She kept her eyes fixed on his face, and she complied, feeling his cock slide all the way into her throat once she swallowed.

The sensations were too much for him, and with a roar, he orgasmed, thick ropes of cum shooting into her mouth and throat. She gurgled around his cock, having to swallow hard, or else she’d choke on his salty cum. Her throat working as she gulped down his thick rich seed. He continued to pump his cock into her mouth until she had milked every drop from his cock.

With a satisfied sigh, he pulled back and lightly rubbed his spent cock on her face. "You’re such a good girl, Hunny...you made Daddy very happy." She smiled up at him, her saliva and his cum dotted on her face.

“And now little hunny girl, it’s your turn. Get back on the recliner and lie down.”

Hunny eagerly complied, her cunny was oozing juices onto her thighs, and she could hardly wait to see what Daddy did next.

Hunny lay back on the recliner, her heart racing…she licked her lips, once again tasting her Daddy’s cum. She wasn’t sure she liked the taste and she wrinkled her nose as a glob of white seed slid down her throat. She lay quietly, swallowing the last of the cum that had pooled in her mouth, while Daddy pulled her legs apart, and tugged her lower down on the recliner.

Daddy carefully positioned his little girl, spreading her legs on either side of the recliner, so that she was spread before him. He stared at her pink slit, so slick and juicy, the lips plump and inviting… With a soft groan, he buried his face against her sweetness, his tongue diving into her tight tunnel, swirling over the smooth walls.

Hunny was jolted back to her senses by the feel of his tongue inside her. An inarticulate cry of pure lust escaped her, and she pumped her hips up, off the seat. Daddy laughed at his eager little slut, cupping her ass cheeks in his hands, and keeping his face firmly glued to her snatch. His thick tongue probed inside her, dipping in and out, over and over.

Hunny had her eyes closed, as wave after wave of pleasure wracked her little body. Her hands reached down and closed around her Daddy’s thick head of hair, tugging it painfully, pulling him closer to her needy little cunt. Her hips writhed and twisted, smearing her hot slut juices all over his face. She could barely think…it felt so good…

When Daddy pulled his head back, she moaned…”oh no Daddy, please don’t stop…” Her hips arched again, seeking his mouth. Daddy laughed, “who said I was going to stop, my little slut?” Daddy quickly caught her clit, now hard and throbbing, and sucked it between his lips. Hunny spasmed, as if she had been electrified, her body bucked and thrashed all over the recliner. “Oooh Daddy…I’m cummingggggggg!” she wailed, as her cunt convulsed, shooting out floods of hot sweet juices all over her daddy’s mouth and chin. Her cunt walls rippled over and over, and her orgasm seemed to go on forever, making her body shake and judder.

When she finally subsided, she lay weak and panting, like a helpless little kitten. Daddy moved up and kissed his sweet slut, letting her taste her juices on his lips. She kissed him back eagerly, murmuring against his mouth “I love you, Daddy.”

The sight of his little girl’s orgasm had given Daddy another erection. His cock throbbed, ready for more pleasure. He guided the tip against Hunny’s clit, gently rubbing. She moaned again, her flesh extra-sensitive after that delicious orgasm. Daddy leaned in close and whispered, “Are you ready to really be Daddy’s girl now, Hunny?” She nodded breathlessly. “It’s going to hurt a bit now, love…but you’ll be a good girl for Daddy, right?” She whispered, “yes, Daddy, I will.”

He pushed her thighs back, so that her knees high and wide apart, leaving her pussy exposed and vulnerable. “Hold yourself open for me, Hunny,” he ordered. She hastened to obey, holding onto the backs of her thighs. She watched him, eyes slightly dazed, as he pressed his thick purple knob against her slit, right at the entrance to her fuckhole. “Ready, love?” She closed her eyes and nodded.

“No, Hunny! Open your eyes and look at Daddy!”

When she did so, he thrust forward, his buttocks flexing, and buried his entire length inside her tight channel. “Ow Daddy, stop! It hurtsssssssssssssss…” Hunny screamed as his cock forced its way through the thin barrier, stretching her cunt open. She sobbed noisily, while Daddy lay on top of her, breathing hard. She was so tight and hot around his cock, all he wanted to do was keep thrusting madly.

Instead, he kept tight rein on himself, and kissed her tears away. “Shhhh, my little one, shhh. I promise you, it will feel good…you love your Daddy, don’t you?” She nodded, still hiccupping with sobs.

Ever so slowly, he pulled back, groaning as her velvet heat caressed his shaft, clinging to it tightly. Hunny squealed, her hands gripping the sides of the recliner, knuckles turning white. Daddy gently pushed in again, lodging himself firmly in his daughter’s slutty cunt. He fucked her slowly, drawing his cock back a few inches, then pushing in again…he felt her wetness increase, beginning to bathe his cock, and he smiled at her in encouragement. “That’s it babygirl, that’s my little kitten…”

Hunny realized it no longer hurt. In fact, the sweet friction of her Daddy’s cock sliding in and out of her cunt was making her feel so hot. She moaned, her hips moving to match his pace, the slippery walls of her tightness selfishly clutching his cock. Daddy began to move faster, pulling his cock back, and thrusting hard into her cunt. Hunny closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck, bucking her hips, wanting more.

Daddy’s buttocks rose and fell, as he pumped into his little girl. She was moaning and begging him to keep fucking her, not to stop, her hips grinding and gyrating like a well-seasoned whore. Daddy gritted his teeth, and thrust hard and fast, he could feel his balls tightening, the white seed ready to spurt into his Hunnygirl’s hot cunt.

Hunny’s cunt squelched obscenely, as Daddy kept plowing into her. She was soaked with her juices, and some of the blood that had remained when Daddy had taken her cherry. She bucked her hips up mindlessly, her hard nipples grazing Daddy’s chest, her heels thumping against Daddy’s side each time he shoved in.

She heard her Daddy yell, and felt his cock swelling inside her. Suddenly it twitched, and she felt a hot jet of liquid battering her cunt wells. With a scream, she climaxed, her cunt spasming hard around Daddy’s cock, squeezing it, milking his cum from him. Her body twisted and shuddered beneath his large frame, her breasts bounced as she shook. Daddy’s cock still pumped inside her, more and more of his seed filling up her now well-fucked tunnel. Hunny lay back, completely exhausted. Daddy kissed her face over and over, telling her how proud he was of his little slut.

She smiled weakly, her heart still pounding, breasts heaving as she gasped for breath. She bit back a moan when Daddy pulled out of her, and blushed furiously when she heard the lewd little sucking sound her cunt made, as if it was reluctant to let go of her Daddy’s cock.

She rested on the recliner, overwhelmed by what had happened that day. Daddy stood up and went into the house, returning a few minutes later with a damp washcloth, and a bowl of soapy water. He cleaned up his little girl, making sure he got every spot of cum and blood that flecked her soft thighs.

“Are you all right my Hunny bunny?” he asked. She opened her eyes and said, “oh Daddy…if I had known this was would have happened when I set out to tease you…” she let the words trail off.

“What Hunny?” His eyes looked at her anxiously, afraid that she had regretted her decision.

She met his gaze and smiled… “I would have teased you MUCH sooner!”

He laughed… “Did you think I was done with you, my little Hunny slut?”

Her eyes widened, “there’s more, Daddy?”

He smiled and scooped her up into his arms, “yes, my sweet Hunnygirl, there’s so much more!” He chuckled as she purred, saying lightly “but now, love, it’s time for a bath.”

Daddy left his little girl resting on her bed while he ran a bath, throwing in a splash of Mommy’s favourite bath bubbles. When the bath was ready, the water steaming and covered in frothy bubbles, he called in his Hunny. She laughed when she saw him already in the tub, and quickly stepped in to join him. She sniffed the air, exclaiming with delight at the sweet scent. Daddy tugged her close, her back nestled against his chest, firm little rear planted against his groin.

They lay there together, cuddling blissfully. Daddy ran his hands over her body, exploring it, and realizing just how his daughter was growing up. He palmed her breasts, squeezing gently, and tugging at the dark pink nipples. Hunny squirmed, because each time Daddy teased a nipple, she felt a quiver in her cunt. Daddy’s hands then moved to her belly, his finger dipping into her navel, tickling it and making her giggle. He hugged his baby tight, whispering to her just how much he loved her.

She turned her head and kissed him, whispering back that she loved him, too. The kiss deepened, and Daddy flipped her over, crushing her body to his, her breasts pressed tightly to his chest. Hunny moaned as her Daddy flicked his tongue in and out of her mouth; it reminded her of how his cock had pistoned in and out of her cunt. She opened her mouth to his, surrendering control to him. She could feel Daddy’s cock begin to harden again, and eagerly rubbed her cunt against it.

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