Sasha stopped, his hand raised to hit her again, when his boss growled "Sasha! If you go on like that, she'll be dead in twenty minutes."

"More like ten," Sasha replied. His breathing was heavy, but from anger rather than exertion. Suzanne was well aware that he could keep up this treatment for hours; would be happy to beat her as long as she stayed conscious. He changed his aim, ready to hit her other cheek this time and even out the bruises.

"Stop it Sasha," the boss growled. "There are better ways to hurt a woman."

Sasha smiled nastily at that and Suzanne shivered. Her body had finally cooled off, but at what cost? Her face was aching and she knew that whatever he had in store for her next couldn't possibly be good. He slid his hand up one of her arms, searching for a moment. He found what he was looking for and pressed gently, then harder. Suzanne shrieked in pain as he dug his fingers into a pressure point on her arm. This was even worse than the pain in her cheek.

Sasha maintained the pressure on the girl's arm, enjoying watching her squirm and hearing her scream. Tears were running down her cheeks and mixing with the blood that was drying on her face. He wasn't going to stop until she begged him to. He didn't have to wait long.

"Stop it Sasha!" she whimpered softly. "Please!" He let go, then rubbed the bruised skin tenderly for a moment.

"Do you have any idea how many different points there are like that on your body?" Sasha asked. Suzanne did; she had been taught to use them and knew exactly how painful this was going to be. "I can keep you screaming for days and all you'll end up with is bruises. And then I can do it all again. And again. Do you want that?" It wasn't the worst experience Suzanne had ever had, but she didn't need to let him know that. She shuddered before replying "no."

"Do you want to tell him what he wants to know?" Sasha asked, sliding his hand to the same point on Suzanne's other arm. He pressed very gently, and Suzanne started to feel ill.

"No," she replied, bracing herself for the nauseating pain again. She wasn't sure how much time passed before he stopped again, but she was covered in bruises and her throat was raw from screaming. Sasha moved toward her again and slid his mouth back to her ear.

"Ready to talk yet, baby?" he breathed, and Suzanne laughed, scorn showing clearly through the pain in her face.

"Is that the best you've got, big guy?" she spat. "I've had better beatings from my grandmother, and she only had one arm!"

Sasha grinned for a moment; he seemed to appreciate her stubbornness. "Okay," he growled. "Let's do something a little different." He slid his jacket off his shoulders, revealing another, cleaner one underneath, which he also took off. What remained was a black t-shirt that left little to the imagination, but this time Suzanne was unmoved. He slid his hand to her jaw and lifted her face to kiss her. Suzanne jerked her head away from him, trying to concentrate on simply breathing in and out. He smiled.

"You want to fight me this time?" he asked, and Suzanne scowled at him. "Do you want more pain? I wonder how long you'll last." He tangled his hand into her hair and pulled her head back viciously, exposing her throat. He licked over her neck and shoulder, then started to bite and suck, his other hand travelling to one of her breasts and squeezing hard. Suzanne moaned, this time in pain. She was almost relieved that her body wasn't betraying her, until she felt his hand travel down towards her vagina.

The first time that Sasha did this, he had been incredibly gentle. He made up for it this time. He pushed two fingers inside her hard, kept up the pressure until they were fully inside her. Suzanne wasn't sure what hurt the most, him pushing into her or pulling out. She closed her eyes tightly and whimpered, the whimper turning into a scream as he pushed two, then three fingers into her roughly.

"You're so beautiful when you scream," Sasha whispered into Suzanne's hair. He started circling his fingers inside her slowly, going as deep as he could. "Scream for me, baby." She moaned softly, writhing against him in an attempt to reduce the pressure he was using, but it didn't work.

Sasha was burning with desire while he watched the girl whimper and moan for him. He increased the pressure that he was using on her, and was rewarded with a scream of agony that made his dick throb. He leaned down and caught a nipple in his teeth, increased the pressure still further until she was hysterical, then let go. Tears were streaming down her face and he licked them off hungrily. He needed to be inside her before her body started to lubricate itself in self defence.

Suzanne whimpered in relief as Sasha pulled his fingers out of her and left her alone for a moment. Her head lolled back and she closed her eyes, trying to rest for a minute. She tried to tell herself that the metallic sound she just heard was not him unzipping his pants and coming back towards her...

He slid his cheek against hers and murmured the words "Ja cu te da jebem" into her ear, but it took her a few moments to be able to understand what he had said. I am going to fuck you. As her overloaded brain finally deciphered his words, she felt her gut spasm in horror.

"Look at me," Sasha growled, his hand going back to her hair and dragging her head upright. Suzanne did as she was told. He lifted her up slightly as he positioned himself at her opening, then slowly pushed into her, his eyes burning into hers. She had promised herself that he wouldn't have the satisfaction of hearing her scream, but the pain in her body combined with the indignity of the situation proved to be just too much. As he moved inside her, he growled something that she couldn't understand, but she didn't care. Right now, the only thing that she could focus on was the pain in her body.

Hearing the girl cry as he moved inside her, Sasha shuddered in satisfaction. She was incredibly tight, and he had to slow down his movements until they were measured and deliberate to stop himself from coming too soon. She moaned softly in gratitude and he smiled, slid his fingers to her bitten nipple and squeezed. He didn't want her thinking he was going soft on her. He couldn't delay things any further, he was going to come soon. He slid his mouth to the girl's ear and started to talk, in English to make sure that she understood.

"I'm going to come baby," he growled. His accent was strong and masculine, and made her almost shudder with desire regardless of the pain in her body. "I'm going to leave everything I've got buried as deep inside you as I can go, and you're going to scream for me, baby."

Suzanne scowled at Sasha, every feature on her face expressing loathing and hatred. No. She wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of seeing her scream yet again. She gritted her teeth against the pain that she knew was coming as he increased the speed of his movement inside her.

Sasha could feel the girl tensing against him and knew that she was going to do everything in her power to stop herself from screaming. He could easily hit another pressure point and get her to scream that way, but he didn't want to. He wanted a heartfelt scream of pain and despair and he was going to get it.

"Get used to this, baby," he whispered. "It's the only thing you're going to have from now on. You're never going to see your family again. You're mine and I'm going to fuck you until you pass out every day for the rest of your life, until you're raw and bleeding and you can't even beg anymore."

His words hit home. Suzanne moaned wretchedly and struggled against her tormentor in one last futile act of defiance that caused her aching arms to burn with pain. Sasha grabbed her arse and growled, the sight of her writhing finally sending him over the edge into orgasm. He buried himself deep inside the girl as he felt his semen spurt inside her, and she gave him the scream that he wanted, then collapsed against him, sobbing into his chest. Her vagina was raw and bleeding, and the hot, salty wetness of Sasha's sperm flooding her was like acid burning her insides.

It took Sasha several moments to recover before he trusted his legs to keep him upright. He pulled out of the girl slowly and sorted out his clothes. She was hanging limp from her bindings, not even bothering to hold herself up on her toes anymore. Her head had flopped forwards but what he could see of her face was caked in blood and salt from her tears. Her body was almost entirely covered in bruises and her left nipple had darkened with blood where he had bitten it. She had scratches and nail marks where he had held on to her hips and her arse, and his semen was slowly oozing down her leg, tinged pink from blood where he had fucked her raw.

She was beautiful.

He looked to his superior officer for his approval. The older man smiled nastily, he was impressed. He got up and left the room, leaving the torture of the girl in Sasha's capable hands. Sasha reached up and unhooked the girl from the ceiling, then dumped her on the floor. She didn't even moan as she hit the floor, and stayed where he had dropped her. Satisfied that she didn't have the energy or the will to fight him, he untied her wrists. They were raw and bleeding from the rough rope that had been used to tie her.

Suzanne was immensely grateful to have her weight taken off her aching arms, and she made the most of it by lying still and appreciating simply being left alone. She finally moaned in dissent as she felt strong hands on her body again, lifting her. Sasha. She wasn't sure if she had passed out after he finished with her, but it seemed like an age since he had been inside her. Not that the ache in her body had subsided any. He carried her out of the room, but she didn't have the energy to look where they were going. She laid her head against his chest and closed her eyes, falling unconscious for a few precious moments until he dumped her on the floor again.

Sasha dragged the girl to her feet, holding her against the wall until she got the idea and tried to support her own weight. She was shaking but she managed to stand upright. He pushed her towards a doorway, and growled "take a shower". In a daze, she wandered through the doorway and turned on the shower. She got under the water and closed her eyes, stood there for several minutes, the warm water soothing her bruised skin.

She must have taken too long, for when she opened her eyes again, Sasha was standing by the shower and staring at her angrily. She gasped and backed away as he got into the shower with her. He pinned her against the wall, hot and wet and oh god, already hard again. His mouth descended onto hers and she swooned, had to hold on to his shoulders to keep herself upright. She submitted to him, baring her neck for him again. This time he didn't bite quite so hard.

Sasha slid his hand down to the triangle of fur at the top of the girl's legs, and tangled his fingers in it, sliding onto her clitoris and stroking for a moment. She whimpered softly as she opened her legs for him, the whimper becoming an agonised whine as he slid a finger inside her. The pain overwhelmed her fear of retribution, and she slid her hand to his wrist and held his hand still.

"Please Sasha," she whispered softly. "It hurts so much. Can we do something else, just for now? Please?" She was shaking, expecting a blow to the head or worse. He considered fucking her in the arse just to punish her for trying to tell him what to do, but he wanted to save that for a special occasion. He gasped as he felt her hand slide along his abdomen and rub just alongside his penis. "Is there nothing else you'd like me to do?" she whispered, staring up into his eyes like a porn star parody of an innocent schoolgirl. She completed the look by licking her tongue across her lips suggestively, showing off her tongue piercing. He was lost.

Without any prompting, the girl sank to her knees at his feet and stroked her palms over his thighs before moving her left hand and gently grasped him, stroking up and down. She used her other hand to stroke over the head, flicking his frenulum gently. He moaned in appreciation, whispered that phrase that made him sound so sexy and Suzanne shivered. After a few moments, she slid her mouth down over the head of his penis and sucked on his glans before sliding more of him down her throat.

Sasha had completely lost all ability to think. He slid his hands into the girl's hair and stroked in encouragement. He had been looking forward to forcing her to give him a blow job, but this was so much better. She wanted him to leave her throbbing vagina alone so badly that she was doing everything she could to make him come. She was talented as hell with her mouth and the tongue piercing was driving him crazy. He groaned in contentment as she increased her speed, allowing him to thrust against her at the pace that he wanted. He was getting dangerously close to coming already, so she slowed down to let his arousal subside for the moment.

Suzanne's original intention had been to distract Sasha so that she could attempt an escape. But even the relatively small movements that were currently required of her body made her muscles scream with pain, and her limbs felt twice their normal weight. There was no way that she would be able to outrun him, distracted or not. So, unless she wanted him to realise her plan, she was going to have to actually finish this job.

Sasha had to lean against the wall of the shower enclosure to stop himself from collapsing as Suzanne brought him close to orgasm again. This time she didn't slow down, and was rewarded with his salty semen flooding her mouth and dribbling down her chin. She struggled to her feet, still stroking his twitching penis gently as her eyes met his. She opened her mouth so that he could see his white fluid still within it, then swallowed slowly, licked her lips to make sure she hadn't missed any.

Sasha couldn't breathe. The girl's performance had been amazing and the encore was enough to make him almost ready to fuck her again straight away. He pulled her to her feet and leaned down to slide a nipple into his mouth, stroking the other one gently. She moaned; he was incredible with his hands when he wanted to be. And his mouth... She wasn't sure if it was the blow job that had done it, but she was suddenly aching with need regardless of the terrible pain in her body.

Suzanne could feel an orgasm building, but she knew she was going to need something more to send her over the edge. She whimpered as Sasha slid his hand down and over her clitoris. She badly needed something inside her but she knew that the pain would be overwhelming. He shushed her gently.

"I'm not going to go inside you," he whispered. "Just relax." She did as he asked and cried out as the pleasure started to build within her still further. After just moments, she was whining in desperation. Sasha smiled, slid to his knees and nudged her legs apart. He slid his tongue onto her clitoris, taking it into his mouth and biting its base gently as he sucked on the end.

It took five seconds of this treatment to send Suzanne over the edge. She keened as her muscles started to contract, and she fell to the floor with a thump as her legs gave way completely. Sasha gathered her up and lifted her out of the shower, drying her with a towel so rough she was sure it was really shark skin in disguise.

He led her into a dingy room that consisted of a bed, a chair and a very small window that was too high to see out of. He pushed her onto the bed and she laid down gratefully, curling into a ball. He left, closing the door behind him quietly. Suzanne suddenly felt cold as she heard the turning of a key; he had locked her in alone, and with no idea if and when he would come back.


Suzanne slept fitfully, too tired to keep her eyes open but too afraid to sleep properly. She had no idea how much time passed before she heard the key turning in the lock of her prison again, but she was hungry and thirsty and the ache in her body had dulled slightly, so it must have been a while. She wanted to stay in her foetal position on the bed, but figured it probably wasn't the best of ideas.

She had expected Sasha, and she was wrong. A guard that she hadn't seen before motioned her to follow him out of the room. He marched her, still naked, down a long corridor that was as dingy as her cell, and into a familiar room. The man in charge was there, but there was still no sign of Sasha.

"I trust you slept well?" he asked, grinning sadistically at the state of her appearance. Suzanne was clean, but her bruises had darkened and her mouth felt swollen from where Sasha had hit her. She sneered at him in an attempt to look as though she wasn't ashamed and embarrassed at her nakedness.

"I don't think I would make reservations at this hotel again," she replied. "I had asked for a sea view, you know."

He was not impressed. He stood up and leaned over his desk at her. "I had thought you might be a little more cooperative after you had a few hours to think things over. Perhaps you don't understand the gravity of your situation? Was Sasha not clear enough in explaining things to you? Perhaps we should ask him for another demonstration of his abilities?"

Suzanne started to tremble at the thought of her tormentor touching her again, but she wasn't going to cave in and simply give them what they wanted. Not when she still had a chance of completing her objective. "Do you actually expect me to tell you something useful?" she asked, and he raised one eyebrow in disbelief.

"Oh yes you will. We can always use more conventional styles of coercion," he growled. "If you won't cooperate with us being civil."

"Civil?" Suzanne repeated, a look of disgust on her face. "Look at me!"

"Nothing that won't heal in a matter of days," he replied. "We can easily change that; start slicing you open and leaving scars. Removing parts that you would miss... Sasha would be disappointed with such a messy method, but I'm sure he can be convinced. If need be."

Suzanne doubted that Sasha would be disappointed at all, unless the messy method was going to kill her. If that happened, he would be without a plaything to torture. She allowed her body to start shaking visibly, hoping the officer would notice and believe her to be close to giving in. The pain that she had already suffered had been excruciating, but she had known that they could do a lot worse. It seemed as if they felt it was only going to be a matter of time before they found some terrible punishment that she just couldn't handle and she cracked. No harm in letting them continue to think that way.

She was letting them think that they were winning, and at first it was almost entirely a pretence. But Suzanne was tiring, and she knew it. Nobody could withstand torture indefinitely. She had to find a way out of this situation as quickly as possible, before she really did give in. The only problem was, she was either tied up or locked up for almost 100% of the time. That, and her body was slowly losing the ability to perform even the most basic actions as her muscles ached more and more.

She couldn't give up. She knew damned well that once she told them what they wanted to know she would be useless to them. Unless of course she wanted to stay on as Sasha's plaything; he had said that she belonged to him now. He'd said a lot of things that had terrified her at the time, but her panicked brain was now clutching to them as proof that perhaps he wouldn't kill her as soon as they had the information that they wanted. His plaything. But if she was a mess, would he even want her for that?

The futility of Suzanne's predicament was beginning to sink in. She didn't want to give up the information that they wanted, but she didn't want to die. And even if she did give them what she wanted, she was either going to die or become a slave to the whims of her captors until they were bored with her.

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