tagNonHumanHunted Blood Ch. 2

Hunted Blood Ch. 2


Stone sat quietly in his rented house. He was seated in the floor in his bedroom. He sat in the fudoza, the "immovable seat" posture, with his legs folded underneath him. He had long since delved within himself, acutely unaware of anything, his spirit, mind, and body centralized. In this state, the mushi-no-in, the "mind of no mind", he was aware of everything, and he was aware of nothing.

His report had been formatted and uploaded the secure server several hours ago. From there, his superiors would read it and then file it among the thousands of others.

Stone belonged to a special organization. Composed of members of several world governments, the organization oversaw operatives whose main purpose was the destruction of vampires. This super-secret organization had no name. It was simply referred to as "the organization". The operatives of the organization were highly trained in the martial arts, and in techniques of espionage, computer sciences, biology, and history. There were very few of these operatives, and they almost always worked alone.

A sound outside the house brought Michael from his meditation. He focused his hearing on it, straining to hear beyond the walls. When he heard nothing, he channeled his ki outward. He felt the presence of one of them. A vampire. Here.

He was standing inside the den in an instant, the sheathed katana sword clutched in his left hand. He was staring out the glass sliding door, looking beyond the patio to the pool. A soft mist hung low over the heated water. It swirled and ebbed, like the tide of the sea.

He saw her, appearing almost magically before his eyes. His rational brain noted that she had simply moved with supernatural speed from where ever she had hid. Stone was not afraid.

She was young. Blonde hair. Gray blue eyes. She was beautiful. She stared at him, through the glass, unmoving. Her crimson red lips opened slightly, and stone saw the glimmer of her fangs.

Had she tracked him? Did she know his identity, and perhaps the identity of other hunters as well? Stone questioned the safety of his next move even as he made it. He opened the sliding door, moving silently onto the patio. He was clad only in a pair of cotton shorts. A thin sheen of perspiration enhanced his well-muscled frame as he came to a stop within ten feet of her.

He black leather jacket was open partially at the top. Stone figured she had on nothing underneath. Her jeans fit her tightly, and Stone could make out the swell of her pubic mound beneath them. He knew that the vampire exuded eroticism. It was one of their methods of catching prey. His conditioning would not allow him to be taken in by that. It did, however, cause him to take notice.

Lena saw that he was looking at her. She liked it. She loved the power that she had over human men. But, she remembered her promise to her mistress. Humans were only a source of needed blood. She had promised to never kill one unless there was no other choice.

Michael Stone waited for her to attack. When she spoke, instead, it startled him.

"She said you were handsome," Lena said, her voice soft and seductive. "She was right."

Stone gripped the sheath of the sword near the top. His thumb rested against the tsuba, ready to push the katana into action in an instant. Lena saw the slight movement of his hand. She raised her hand slowly. "I come in peace," she said, "and with an invitation."

Stone did not relax. But curiosity did peek through his iron set face. "What kind of invitation?"

"My mistress wishes to meet with you," Lena said, as if it should have been obvious. "She wants to speak with you about those you have killed."

Could it be? Stone wondered. He knew of the stories of vampires who aspired to co-exist with humans. He had heard tales of them as being revolted by the utter disregard that some of their kind had for life, human or otherwise. In the hundreds that he had killed, he had never met one. Stone decided that it may be worth the while to accept the offered invitation. If it turned out to be a trap, then he would kill them all. It was that simple.

"Tell your mistress that I accept," Stone said without emotion. He saw Lena smile. In an instant, she was gone, then she was standing in front of him. His heightened reflexes had unsheathed the katana, and the blade was resting against her throat.

"Forgive me," she said. "I may not get a chance alone with you again." She looked at him with fear in her eyes. Stone detected something else. A need. A wanting. It was not the blood lust that he had seen so many times before.

Lena stepped towards him. The blade of the katana moved with her, Stone keeping it against her throat yet allowing her to approach him. She put her hands flat against his chest, and looking into his eyes, stepped to her tip-toes and kissed him.

Stone felt her lips press against his, lightly at first, then with increasing pressure. He felt her lips open. His lips opened as well, automatically allowing her tongue inside his mouth. Her tongue caressed his, and his caressed hers. The sheath slid from his left hand, and although he relaxed a little, the blade still pressed lightly against her throat.

Lena broke the kiss. She glanced quickly into his eyes, and seeing what she needed to know, slowly knelt in front of him. Stone's right hand moved down with her, the blade now resting against the side of her neck.

Lena's hands were trembling as she reached to the waistband of Michael's shorts. She pulled them down, sliding them around his knees. She gazed for a long second at Stone's partially erect penis. She then reached up, looking again into Michael's passive stare, and grasped it. She could feel its heat, its length, and its girth. She leaned forward, touching her tongue against it, licking the head lightly. She licked down his shaft to his balls, laving her tongue around them. Then Lena licked upwards again, finally coming to the head, where she opened her mouth and began to take him inside.

Lena felt an increase in the pressure of the blade against her neck. She looked up into Stone's eyes. They communicated without words. Stone's stare told her all she needed to know. Lena was aware that if he felt anything other than her tongue or lips, he would move the katana's blade through her neck.

Lena slid his penis into her mouth, taking it in until the head touched the back of her throat. Michael was fully hard now, and Lena could feel the blood pulsing through his shaft. She began to suck and move him in and out of her warm, wet mouth with a slow pace. She fought back the urge to bite him, to feel the life-giving blood flow into her mouth.

Stone said nothing. His thoughts were jumbled. He decided to try and not analyze what was happening. He simply accepted it. He noticed that his hips had begun to move with her. He was slowly fucking her mouth. It felt so good.

Lena could not take anymore. She had to stop or she knew she would bite him. It wasn't the blood that she truly wanted, though. She had fed already, earlier tonight. What she really wanted to taste was Michael's sperm filling her mouth. But she knew that she could not last that long.

She took him out of her mouth. She stood and took a step back. She quickly took off her jacket. Michael was right. She wore nothing underneath. Her breasts were small and firm. Her pink nipples were hard with her excitement. Lena next peeled off her jeans. She wore nothing underneath them, either. Michael could see her puffy lips through the light covering of blonde hair. They had already started to glisten with her moisture.

Lena turned around. She then knelt on the cement patio and put her hands out in front of her. She raised her beautiful, round ass high. She looked over her shoulder, up at Michael. "Please," was all she said.

Stone slid his shorts to his feet and kicked them off. He knelt behind her. He placed the sword behind him, the hilt resting against his foot. It only took a second to guide his cock into her puffy, open pussy. He thrust hard into her. Lena moaned, and thrust her ass back into him.

Michael grabbed her hips, holding her steady. He began to pound her, thrusting into her hard. Lena gritted her teeth. Her pussy was small, and Stone was big, and it hurt and felt good at the same time.

As he plunged into her, he suddenly snapped to reality. The realization that they were both nude on his back patio startled him. He slowed his strokes, then stopped. Before she could speak, Stone picked her up by the waist and put her across he shoulders. He took her into the house, stopping only briefly to slide the door closed.

Once inside, Stone sat her down roughly on the sofa. He knelt in front of her, gripping her thighs and pulling her legs open. He eased up to her, placing her legs over his shoulders. He looked into her face for a second. Her eyes were aflame with desire.

He entered her again. He pushed in as far as he could and withdrew. Lena's eyes closed and a loud moan escaped her mouth. Stone grimaced at her tightness. He thrust again. Lena strained her leg and back muscles, calling on her reserves of vampire strength to hold her hips off the sofa so that she could meet each thrust. Michael began to fuck her again. He slammed into her over and over.

Lena began fucking him back, arching her back and raising pelvis and desperately awaiting each time she felt his heavy balls smack against her ass. The pressure on her clit was intensifying. She could feel the top of Michael's cock scrape her hyper-sensitive button each time he move within her.

Stone noticed her approaching orgasm. His would arrive soon. He watched Lena's face as she began to thrash her head from side to side, her fangs gleaming in the table side lamp light. Stone grabbed her hair, holding her head to the sofa. She opened her eyes and looked at him, her hands grasping and pulling at his ass as he fucked her and filled her completely.

Michael felt the sudden tightening of her pussy. He almost cried out in pain. Lena's back arched almost impossibly. She tore aware from his grasp, pieces of her blonde hair in his fingers. She let out a deafening yell, her head thrown back, her long, pointed canines showing prominently as she came. Her pussy was contracting on his cock. It was almost impossible to move within her. But, he could not stop. He was too close. He forced his way in again, and again, and one final time until he exploded inside her.

Lena felt his cock jerk inside her. Then she felt the hotness of his sperm as it jetted against her womb. She put her hands on the sides of his face and stared intently into his eyes as she came again as well.

When it was over, Michael slowly withdrew from the incredibly tight sheath. Lena smiled at him and winked. She stood up and kissed him quickly before he could react. Stone stood quietly and watched her walk to the glass sliding door.

"Thank you," she said.

"It was my pleasure," Michael said, smiling. And he meant it.

"Remember," she told him, "tomorrow at eleven o'clock. At the WaterWorks."

Michael nodded his head. He would definitely see them there.

...to be continued...

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