tagNonHumanHunted Blood Ch. 3

Hunted Blood Ch. 3


Stone showered. He suddenly felt very dirty. He could smell the scent of Lena's sex on him. Although it was the sweet and musky scent of an aroused woman, the logical part of him knew it was really that of a vampire. Stone had to shake his head, smiling slightly. It was some good pussy, no matter what she was.

He lay down in his bed and began to count backwards from one hundred. He was asleep before he reached ninety.

Anita watched the petite figure of Lena walk slowly up the old cobblestone drive. The old window panes distorted the view slightly, and it appeared that, for an instant, Lena's hair was flailing behind her.

Lena entered the old house. She walked through the foyer, then into the parlor, taking the stairs up to the second floor. Anita was waiting for her in the master suite.

"Well?" Anita asked, one of her dark eyebrows raised in question.

"He will meet us," Lena smiled. "I think he liked the idea."

Anita nodded her head approvingly. Then a scent caught her vampire nose. Her eyes narrowed when she looked at Lena again.

"You were with him," Anita said. It was not a question. Anita had smelled the unmistakable scent of sex. She knew Lena's smell quite personally.

Lena nodded her head, her eyes on the hardwood floor. "Yes," was all she said.

Anita sat up from her reclined position on the king size bed. "You were told only to ask him to come. I expressly forbade you not to seduce him!"

Lena began to slowly walk to her mistress. She was starting to cry now, gentle sobs and small tears. "I am sorry, my mistress," Lena said. "I could not help myself," she pleaded.

Anita grasped Lena by the chin and pulled her head up so her eyes met her intense stare. "Is he bitten?" Anita asked, eyes ablaze.

"No," Lena said, "I didn't."

Anita leaned forward and kissed Lena softly. She couldn't be mad at the young vampire. As much as she wanted to be, she could not. Lena had been faithful and loyal to her since she had been turned some hundred years ago.

"What is he like?" Anita asked.

Lena made a small smile. "Heaven," she replied.

"Let me taste," Anita said. Lena stood and took off her leather jacket and jeans. When she stood again before her mistress, she raised one leg and placed her foot on the bed. She then reached down with both hands and spread her sex open.

The scent hit Anita's hyper-sensitive nose like an electric charge. The musky scent of Lena's wet pussy combined with the pungent odor of Stone's sperm was like a drug. Anita felt her nipples immediately harden. She felt her loins swell and her interior begin to ooze wetness.

Anita did not waste time as she locked her mouth on Lena's open vagina and began to suck. She felt her fangs descend with her arousal, and she was careful to not prick Lena's sensitive skin. Anita forced her tongue into Lena's opening, scooping out the remnants of Stone's orgasm. "Mmmmmm," she moaned with her lips locked against Lena's puffy labia, "it is sooooo good!"

"I never tasted him," Lena said as she rocked her pelvis against Anita's probing tongue. Anita took the hint. She scooped as much of it onto her tongue as she could. She withdrew from Lena's blonde covered pussy. She took Lena's hand and pulled her onto the bed. She forced her mouth to hers. Lena took the offered tongue into her mouth and sucked it clean, moaning contentedly as she did.

Anita felt Lena nip at her tongue, accidentally she knew. Just the same though, Anita gave Lena a harsh slap on her ass. "No biting," she said.

"Sorry, Mistress," Lena replied with a little pouty expression. Anita pushed her away long enough to peel off her clingy gown. She lay back on the bed with her legs spread.

Lena loved the way her mistress looked. Her jet black hair was matched by jet black pubic hair. Her legs were long and muscular. Her breasts were very full, and capped by dark nipples. Lena wasted no time in scooting between Anita's splayed legs. She wrapped her arms around Anita's legs and began to feast.

Anita felt her tongue moving lightly over the short, trimmed hair of her outer labia. Anita moved her hips, trying to force her groin into Lena's mouth. Lena continued to lick along her lips, then she began a long, slow lick that started at Anita's puckered anus and ended at the top of her pubic mound. Anita had raised her ass off the bed for that one.

Finally, unable to restrain herself, Anita took Lena's blonde head in her hands and maneuvered it so that she felt the girl's lips against her clit. Lena took the hint and began to flick her tongue over the blood engorged nubbin.

"Mmmmm, that's it baby," Anita said. She bucked her hips in time with Lena's licks. Lena then took Anita's clitoris into her mouth, sucking on it, pulling on it.

Anita moaned again, arching her back, pushing her pussy into Lena's mouth. Lena held her lips tightly around Anita's clit, and she began to flick her tongue over it increasingly faster.

Lena felt Anita's grip on her hair tighten. She felt her raise higher off the bed, grinding her pussy against her mouth. Anita began to moan louder, pulling Lena's hair, forcing her mouth tighter against her pussy.

Anita's pussy was freely oozing lubrication now. The stuff leaked out of her vaginal opening to coat Lena's chin. Lena knew that it wouldn't be long now.

Anita felt it boiling inside her. She felt as if her blood was on fire. Then it peaked, the wave crashing, her heartbeat in her ears as she screamed. She jerked three times against Lena's tongue, her back arched high. Then she collapsed.

Lena wiped her chin. She looked up at her mistress. Anita lay quiet, her breasts rising and falling with her breaths. She crawled up to her and cuddled against her.

"Pull the blinds, child," Anita said. "It will be daylight soon. We must be well rested for tonight."

....to be continued....

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