tagNonHumanHunted Blood Ch. 4

Hunted Blood Ch. 4


It was night. Night was his element. But, it was also theirs. Michael Stone felt absolutely comfortable in the dark. He knew his way around in it. He could see through it, hear around it, and feel beyond it. And, because the vampire hunted at night, Stone hunted as well.

Michael pulled the rental car into a parking lot a few blocks from the WaterWorks. He approached the dance club on foot. As he neared, he could feel the bass reverberating through the building. He paid the $8.50 cover fee and went inside.

The WaterWorks was like most disco techs he had ever been in. It was too loud and too dark, with the occasional flash of garish disco lights and laser beams. On one side of the interior of the large building were a giant water slide and several small pools. Young men and women scantily clad in bathing suits dove and frolicked in the water. Some sat quietly in the whirlpools sipping drinks. The other side of the building contained the dance floor. Stone made his way toward it.

A few ladies caught his eye with seductive smiles as he made his way through the crowd. Stone was dressed in a black Armani, with a blue silk shirt underneath. Just because he was a hunter did not mean he had no style. Concealed within his sock was a tanto knife with a seven inch blade. There was another surprise, too. A compact and slim-line Glock 36 with a full six round magazine of .45 ACP ammo was tucked into a leather inside-the-waistband holster. The ammunition rounds were special. The bullets were based on the famous Ballistic Tip by Nosler, but these were formed from a special alloy. Once the Teflon cone was compacted into the core, the bullet virtually exploded into hundreds of fragments. It was an effective vampire stopper, provided one remembered to aim for the head.

Michael neared the dance floor. He stretched out his ki through the smoke and darkness. Something told him that he would find her there. He scanned the writhing bodies that danced across the tiled floor. They moved and swayed to "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails. His eyes came to rest on two women, one a blonde, the other with hair as dark as obsidian. The blonde he recognized immediately. He had met her intimately last night. He still remembered what it felt like inside of her.

The two danced with each other, grinding their pelvises together in a rhythmic joust. The dark haired once was taller. Her full breasts were pressing into the blonde's neck as they moved. She turned her head, and Stone saw her green eyes from across the room. Her full, crimson lips, and her pale skin seemed to call out to him. She was the most beautiful creature Michael had ever seen. He immediately knew that she was a vampire.

Stone stood quietly at the edge of the dance floor. The dark haired one withdrew herself from the blonde. She took the blonde's hand and pulled her toward Stone. As the pair neared him, the blonde smiled knowingly at him. They walked past him, the raven-haired vampire giving a small smile and a "follow us" motion with her head. Michael turned and followed.

They had walked outside. Michael took a breath of fresh air, trying to force the smoke from his lungs. The pair of female vampires walked away, down the sidewalk. The blonde, who was in the rear, turned her head to make sure Michael was coming. Stone followed them away from the building.

When they were well away from the noise of the club, they slowed and allowed Michael to catch up with them. Stone was now walking on the dark haired one's right. He noticed that the blonde was on her left and their hands still clasped.

"Good evening," the tall one said, "I am Anita." She smiled at him. "I believe you have already met Lena." Lena smiled and gave a little wave. Stone thought he heard a quiet giggle.

"Michael Stone," he said, nodding. They continued their walk, coming to the same parking lot where he had earlier parked his car.

"Michael," Anita said, "like the Archangel." Stone nodded. They had stopped at a sleek, black Porsche 911. "Would you care to accompany us home?"

Stone looked at her for a second. She well knew the implications of what she asked. If there were any hint of betrayal, he would kill them without a second thought. He did not need to voice this.

"Lead the way," he said. He watched them get into their car. He entered his own and pulled onto the street behind them.

It was a long ride to the country. He finally pulled the car from the road onto the driveway of the old country estate. He followed the Porsche up the winding path. The black car parked in front of the house. Stone parked behind it and got out.

Lena held the door open for him. He stepped inside, allowing her to move ahead as he closed it. Anita was waiting for them in the parlor when they entered.

"Drink?" Anita asked him.

"No," he said. Anita sat down on the old sofa. Lena sat in a straight-backed chair to his left. Stone remained standing.

"Please sit," Anita said to him.

"No," Stone replied. "Tell me what you want," he ordered.

Anita raised her eyebrows at him. "You are direct, aren't you Senor Stone?" She shifted her legs, and as she did, the slit in her black skirt opened to reveal white skin over taught muscles. "I am Anita Consuela Sanchez Ramirez. I was born in Spain over four hundred years ago. I am a vampire."

No shit, Stone thought.

"There are some of my kind that commit unspeakable acts of violence on humans. I wish you to know that we are not part of that."

"If I thought that you were," Stone informed her, "then you would be dead already."

Anita nodded. "I know that you are a powerful man, Michael Stone. I know that your group of hunters are powerful as well, as are those they hunt. We must co-exist, Michael, or we will destroy each other."

Michael nodded his head. "You are in no danger," he said. "Those of you who do not kill never even get notice from The Organization."

"But," Anita warned, "we are noticed by our own."

"That is your problem, not mine."

"Do you not understand," she pleaded, "that a war between our people would destroy the world? We do not wish to fight. We only want to be left alone."

Stone watched her intently. She continued to speak with her seductive voice. Stone knew she was trying to press inward on his mind. He had already set up mental blocks to keep her out. When Anita had tried to probe into his thoughts, it was like she had struck a brick wall. It had a visible effect on her. She stopped speaking for an instant, looked at him with widened eyes, then continued again.

"I have a proposition for you, if you will listen."

Stone sighed slowly. He was listening. It wasn't as if he really had anywhere else to be. "Go on," he said.

"We will provide your organization with names and locations of those known to us who are killers. In return, you kill them, and leave us alone."

Stone thought about this for a moment. He had been told by some of his teachers that there were some in the past that had made such deals. The information provided was usually very good. Stone felt like he could trust her. He didn't understand that feeling at all. To trust a vampire?

"Okay," he said. "It's a deal."

Anita smiled. "I am glad to hear," she replied. "Now that business is out of the way, please have a drink."

"I don't drink," Stone told her.

Stone stood there like a statue. Anita watched him carefully, intently. He was so powerful. But his eyes held a tenderness behind that stoic gaze. It was the little bit of emotion that she had gotten before he slammed the wall into her telepathic probe. She looked at his short brown hair, the well defined shoulders. His mouth. Yes, his mouth. How she wanted to kiss him. Then she remembered his taste and his smell. She remembered how she had licked his sperm from the insides of Lena's beautiful vagina. She felt herself growing wet between her legs.

"That won't work," Stone said, indicating her sudden empathetic expulsion of sexuality. "I am immune."

With a raised eyebrow and a knowing smile, Anita turned her head to look at Lena. "Oh?" she said.

Stone took a breath. Well, she had him there. Stone watched her as she stood up. Anita shrugged out of her blouse, letting it fall to the floor. Her brown nipples were crinkled, hard, and erect. She smoothed her hands over them, pinching them lightly. She moved her palms over her flat stomach to the zipper on the side of her skirt. She manipulated the zipper, and the skirt joined the blouse on the floor. Stone watched her as she moved both hands over the trimmed, black pubic mound. She reached between her legs, giving a little sigh, and withdrew her hands. They came away slick with her wetness.

Stone watched the gentle sway of her ass as she climbed the stairs. Lena got up then and took Michael by the hand. She pulled him up the stairs behind Anita. He offered no resistance.

Anita had stopped just before the bed. She turned around and was watching them as they came through the bedroom door behind her. She watched intently as Lena began to disrobe Michael. Her eyes filled with lust as Stone's well-defined chest and arms were revealed.

Michael gripped Lena's hand in a vise-like embrace when he felt her undo his belt. She stepped away from him as he reached behind his back and untucked the Glock from his waistband. He sat it on the chair where she had draped his coat. He nodded, and Lena continued.

His cock was half-hard when she took down his pants and briefs. He had kicked off his shoes, and she slid the pants and underwear off his feet. She unrolled his socks, removing the tanto blade by herself, with Michael's eyes on her intently. She shifted her weight onto her right knee and placed the blade next to his gun on the chair. She then shifted back, and in one quick movement, had his cock buried in her throat.

"No," Anita snapped. Lena pulled her mouth off him with a pout. She stood, smiled warmly at Michael, then sauntered out of the room.

Michael approached Anita. He could see the lust in her eyes. She was breathing heavy. He traced the line of her jaw with his finger, moving down across her neck, lightly touching the swell of her left breast. He moved his finger across her nipple, feeling it's crinkled stiffness. He then proceeded down across her tummy, slowly maneuvering his fingertip through the black hair that covered her mound. When his fingertip creased the top of her slit, he felt her heat. It almost burned him. Anita sighed.

She put her arms around him and pulled him to her. His cock was wedged between them, pressing against her stomach. Her mouth found his, her tongue entering, searching, finding. Michael could feel the tips of her fangs as his tongue slid around her mouth. She seemed intent on keeping his tongue away from them, as she pushed it back with her own.

Stone could stand it no longer. He lifted her up, falling back onto the bed with her. He grabbed her right leg, pulling it away from her body so that he fell between her thighs. Anita gasped and grabbed his ass, pulling him into her. In one quick movement, he was buried in her pussy. He started to pull out to thrust again, but stopped. They looked into each other's eyes.

Michael kissed her. He then began kissing her across the cheek, down her neck. Slowly, ever so slowly, and with such incredible tenderness he kissed her breasts, lightly moving his tongue over her nipples. He sucked each one gently, only a light pull with his lips. Michael continued the slow kisses across her stomach until he reached her mound. Very gently he kissed her labia, one at the time. Anita spread her legs wider for him. She caressed the back of his head and neck.

Michael extended his tongue and licked slowly from the bottom to the top of her slit. Anita moved her hips, pressing against his mouth. He spread her open with the tip of his tongue. Then he found her clit, taking it between his lips, he began to suck softly. He soon joined the sucking with a slow flicking of his tongue over the sensitive button.

Anita moved her pelvis slowly. Her hips undulated gently. Her fingers played in his hair, pulling slightly every now and then. "Oh, Michael," she said. She kept repeating the words over and over. Her breathing became heavier and heavier. She felt herself rising to some distant cloud. It was almost as if she was seeing the sunrise for the first time in four hundred years.

Michael's sucking of her beautiful pussy never became hard. He accelerated the flicking of his tongue only slightly. It was then that he felt her reach the plateau.

Anita suddenly grasped his hair in her hand, pulling his head away from her climaxing loins. She bucked her hips gently, a loud moan loosed from her thrown-back head. Michael looked at her and smiled softly.

He gave her a second to recover, then braced himself on his hands over her. With a slow, yet deliberate movement, he was once again firmly embedded inside of her. Their eyes locked.

Michael moved slowly. Anita matched his rhythm perfectly, her hips swaying softly from side to side while he moved within her. She felt him touch that spot, that special spot deep inside of her, and she involuntarily pulled her legs back, causing her pelvis to turn up. Michael recognized what had happened, and he slid a little farther above her, so that his cock rubbed against her clit every time he moved. Anita's legs wrapped around Michael's back.

"You make love like an angel," she told him between panting breaths.

"I make love to an angel," he answered her. She smiled at him. Their eyes had never left each others.

The pace quickened now, as both of them were rapidly approaching the end. The only time their eyes had closed was when they kissed sweetly. Anita began to whisper soft moans. Stone's breathing intensified. The walls of her vagina were beginning to squeeze him.

She held him tighter and tighter against her. She could feel the intense wetness between her legs. Each time he pushed into her, the feeling inside her clit multiplied. She panted, pulling him against her with each breath.

Michael was moving rapidly now, pressing himself against her as he pushed inside the delicious tightness of her. She was so hot inside! It felt as though she was on fire. He felt his balls tighten, and then the quiet tingle of the orgasm that was about to come.

Anita sensed it, and it brought her over the edge. Her mind seemed to scream "now!", as her pussy clamped around him. She sat up halfway, holding his neck tightly, burying her face against his chest as she screamed.

Michael released his come inside of her. He held himself still, every muscle in his body tensed and bulging. His penis jerked as his sperm filled her. As the storm passed, he looked once again into her green eyes. She was smiling at him, somewhat lucidly, as her eyelids closed and she lay back against the bed. Michael moved to her side, wrapping his arms around her, spooning her into him. They both went to sleep.

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