tagNonHumanHunted Blood Ch. 5

Hunted Blood Ch. 5


Anita awakened to find Lena between her legs. She was scooping Michael's sperm from the dark-haired vampire's pussy with her tongue. Anita raised up on her elbow and watched the blonde take long licks, pushing her long tongue inside to get as much of it as she could.

Michael was awakened by Anita's moans. He looked down to see Lena licking Anita's pussy, a smattering of come and her juice on the blonde's face. He became instantly aroused.

Lena spied Michael out of the corner of her eye. She pulled her mouth away from Anita's pussy and looked up at him. "You taste soooo good," she told him, then gave Anita a few more licks. She then wormed her way over Anita's taut and creamy legs to intertwine herself around Michael's muscled thighs. She slid her mouth smoothly over his hard penis.

Anita knew that watching Lena eat her had gotten him highly excited. She placed her hand gently on Lena's shoulder. "Don't make him come," she told the younger vampire. Lena nodded her head with Michael's cock still in her mouth.

Anita got off the bed, and she repositioned herself so that she was lying against the back of Lena's legs. She spread the cheeks of Lena's ass wide, and drove her tongue into the space. She licked around Lena's ass, then down, across the pounting lips of her dripping pussy. Finally, she settled on Lena's clit.

Oh, God, Michael thought. He couldn't take this. He began to fuck Lena's mouth. He pushed hard into her throat. Lena removed her mouth, and used the tip of her index finger and her thumb against the base of Michael's prick. He grunted in agony as his cock jerked dryly.

Lena smiled and winked at him, then gripped his thighs tightly as Anita's tongue brought her to orgasm.

After resting a few minutes, Lena got up, kissed them both and said goodbye.

"Where is she going?" Michael asked.

"To feed," Anita told him, grasping his still hard cock in her hand. "She is young. She still needs to feed every other night."

Michael nodded, watching Anita's hand slide up and down on his cock. "I loved that way you made love to me, Michael. But," she said, looking into his eyes, "will you fuck me now?"

Michael gave a wicked smile. He removed her hand from his cock and rolled her onto her stomach. He placed a hand under her tummy and lifted her up, guiding her hips so that she came to rest on her knees. He maneuvered her ass so that she was right where he wanted her. He then rammed his dick into her to the balls. Anita screamed. Michael began to slam it into her.

"Like this?" he said. "You want me to fuck you like this?"

"Oh yes, Michael!" she screamed. "Fuck me like that!"

Stone was pulling her ass into him each time he slammed into her pussy. Her face was contorted, somewhere in between pleasure and pain. Michael had begun to perspire, the sweat pouring off him.

Stone flipped her over. He wrapped her legs around his thick arms and re-entered her tightness.

"Oh, God, yes, Michael! Fuck my pussy!" she yelled.

Stone stopped.

"Who's pussy?" he asked.

Anita smiled while she tried to push herself against his cock. "Your pussy, Michael!" she told him. Michael slammed into her again. "Oh yes! Yes! Your pussy needs you to fuck it! It needs to be filled up with your come!"

That was it. Stone slammed into her again, his cock throbbing, the sperm spilling into her womb. His orgasm triggered hers, and she dug her fingernails into his shoulders until she drew blood. The metallic iron scent of the blood hit her as she continued to come, and her fangs distended from her lip. Michael realized that she had drawn blood. He knew her reaction to it. He didn't care.

Anita's orgasm subsided, the gentle ebb of the tide taking her back to rational thought. She sat up on her elbows and gently began to lick the small scratches in Michael's shoulders. He watched her, ever conscious that her fangs were inches from his jugular vein.

When she had cleaned all the blood from him, she lay back down and looked up at him. "Is there any part of you that does not taste good?"

Michael gave a little laugh. He kissed her gently.

Marcus watched Lena from a rooftop. There were four other vampires with him. Marcus was the leader, the master vampire. He had survived for at least six hundred years. The others were just his lackeys.

They had been watching Anita and Lena for a very long time. Marcus had taken great care to shield their presence from the two women. His followers had taken their time learning all they could about them. The news that they gave Marcus tonight, however, enraged him.

"So," he said, smoothing his dark hair back against his head, "the bitch has allied herself with a human." Marcus's dark eyes gazed down upon Lena as she walked with a young man out of the nightclub. "Kill that one," he said to the others. "Make an example of her."

Anita jerked free of Michael's embrace. She sat upright in bed. She was shaking.

"What is it?" Michael asked, alarmed.

"It is Lena," Anita said, tears welling in her eyes. "She is dead."

They found her lying face-down in an alley. Michael approached her first, slowly turning her over. He gasped at what he saw. Her throat had been torn completely out. All over her neck, extending down onto her breasts, were many fang marks. Her sweater had been torn open at the neck, and blood soaked her body.

Anita cried softly. Michael held her close. She looked up at him, tears staining her beautiful white cheeks. "Now you see," she said.

Michael nodded. "Yes," he said. "Who?" he asked, "and why?"

Anita shook her head. "It will be daylight soon," she said, noticing the pinkness of the sky towards the East. "But I will find out soon enough."

Michael looked into her eyes. "We will find out together."

They had gone back to the old house, where Anita went inside to sleep for the day. Michael drove his car home. Once there, he logged onto the secure server and began to sort through the database. After three hours of pouring over the names and known locations of vampires, Michael fell asleep, exhausted.

It was night when he awoke. He felt chilly. He slid out of bed and rushed into the shower. The hot water felt good on his skin, but as soon as he was out, he felt cold again. He concentrated, centering himself. When he had cleared his mind, he heard her voice.

It was Anita. It was as if she was calling to him from the end of a long and dark tunnel. She was hurt. She was in danger. An image flashed in his mind. Rail cars. An old rail yard. He knew the place.

He dressed quickly. The armored body suit went on first, then the chain mail around his neck. The chain mail gauntlets followed. He retrieved a large framed H&K Mark 23 .45 auto from his briefcase, fitting the drop holster to his right thigh. Extra magazines went into pouches on his left leg. He took the katana from its stand in the bedroom, bowed to it quickly, and slung it on his back. The tanto knife went into a sheath across his chest. The black cloak was the final touch. He looked like Death.

It was about twenty minutes to the old rail yard. Michael spent the time going over scenarios, possible outcomes. He did not know what he was getting into. The images from Anita, the voice that cried 'help', were still in his mind.

He stepped out of the car. The old rail cars sat like giant metal ghosts, rusting silently on their tracks. There was a building ahead, a warehouse or engine shop, he guessed. The moon shone brightly, its light reflected here and there off the metal rails of the abandoned tracks.

Stone made his way into the building. There were candles burning at one end, their light showing the shadows of people. Of vampires.

He approached without fear, yet he was slow and cautious. There were boxes and crates stacked around him, and machinery that had long since been used. Before him, on a metal table, was Anita. She was nude. Her skin was ashen, graying. Stone could see the two tiny puncture wounds in her neck. They had bled her almost dry. She barely breathed at all.

One of the shadows moved. Stone turned to see Marcus. He was as tall as Stone was, although much thinner. The vampire smiled wickedly when he spoke.

"Michael Stone, I presume," the fiend said. Stone detected an accent, though he was not sure from where.

"And you are?" Stone asked.

"You may call me Marcus," it replied to him. "Your bitch is almost dead, now, Stone. I wanted you to see her before you died." Marcus stepped around the table, gesturing to Anita's still form as if she was a trophy on display. "You see, we cannot allow you to kill our kind. And, we cannot allow our kind to befriend you."

Stone was aware of the others. He felt four more of them. Two off to his right, one behind him, and one moving in front of him.

"I will leave you to your death, Michael Stone," Marcus said, walking behind the table and sitting in an old metal chair. And with that, they attacked.

Stone, his ki stretched beyond him, felt the one behind him close in. Within an instant, his katana was unsheathed, the deadly blade arcing as he turned. Stone's cloak furled about him as he cut. The vampire's head fell to the ground with a sickening 'plop'.

"You fool," the one in front of him said, "don't you understand anything. You humans are like sheep to us. You are our food!"

Stone held the katana in his left hand. With his right, he unsnapped the retention strap of the thigh holster. There was a flurry of movement as the cloak was thrown aside. The big .45 was in his right hand, and before the male vampire to his right could react, it bucked twice, then a third time. The vampire's head disintegrated into a pulpy mass of flesh.

"Baaa," Michael said dryly. He then launched a side-kick to the one in front of him, sending the sheep lover sprawling on the floor. The female vampire to his right was coming towards him now. The H&K thumped again, the bullet catching her in the chest. She reeled backwards from the hit, recovered, and began to come again. Michael fired two more shots, watching out of the corner of his eye as her head came apart.

The one he had kicked was on him now. The fiend had grabbed Michael's sword by the hilt. He was pulling against Michael, trying to force the blade from Stone's grasp. Michael jammed his sidearm into the creature's side and fired twice. The vampire spun away from him, becoming airborne before he collapsed onto the concrete floor. Stone stepped up to him, and with a quick downward cut, severed its head. Stone turned towards Marcus.

"You are indeed strong, hunter, but you will not destroy me!" Marcus launched himself at Stone. Michael turned, slicing with his blade. But, he only cut air. Marcus was standing a few feet away from him. Stone fired the last four rounds from the .45. Marcus fell back with the impacts. He then stood up. His vampiric powers had healed him that quickly.

The vampire moved with supernatural speed. Stone anticipated the movement, but it was too late. Marcus hit stone in the chest, sending him onto his back and sliding across the floor. When Stone stopped, he looked up to see the vampire suspended over him. He realized that Marcus was coming down on top of him. He rolled and heard Marcus's feet slap against the floor.

Even with the wind knocked out of him, Stone managed to get to his feet. He moved with speed, slicing against the vampire's chest. Marcus stepped to dodge, but Stone cut him, slicing open the monster's brachial artery in his upper arm. Blood spewed forth, but then slowed to an ebb, then stopped.

Stone did not stop, however. He attacked again, the katana arcing low, cutting Marcus across the groin. The vampire yelled as he felt his femoral artery open, his blood jetting onto the dirty floor.

Michael had stepped back into the willow stance, his blade concealed along his right leg. Marcus looked at him with rage in his eyes. Stone only smiled. Although the wounds Stone had inflicted had healed, Marcus had still lost a good quantity of precious blood. That made him weaker.

Marcus stepped towards Stone, and stone swung the katana around. The vampire ducked the blade, coming underneath and striking Stone with both hands in the stomach. Stone doubled over, and Marcus knocked the katana from his hands.

Stone looked up to see the vampire standing over him with his fangs shining brightly in the moonlight. Stone sucked in his breath, pushing his ki to his center. When the ghoul reached for him, Stone stepped to the side, grabbing the monster's outstretched hand and pulling him into a throw. Stone let go of him and watched Marcus slam into a large milling machine. Michael somersaulted, touching the floor long enough to pick up the katana.

Marcus stood. He absently brushed some metal shavings off his shoulder. His vampire eyes searched the darkness for Stone. He did not see him. He stretched out with his vampire senses. He could not feel him. He could not smell him. Had the great hunter become a coward?

His answer came in a great pain to his left leg. Michael had kicked him. The tibia bone broke into. Marcus went down on his knees.

"Impossible!" the vampire hissed.

"Its not impossible," Michael said quietly. "Its what I do."

The katana's razor blade flashed in the moonlight. Marcus's head fell onto the floor. Stone looked at it for an instant, then kicked it like an NFL All Star across the building. He heard it hit the other wall with a thud.

Putting the katana back into its sheath, he walked over to where Anita lay. He knew that she was dangerously close to death. He decided in an instant. He removed his cloak. Then he removed the chain mail that guarded his neck against the vampire's bite. He took the tanto knife from its sheath, and made a small scrape over his jugular. He felt the blood well up into the cut.

Stone leaned down over Anita. He cradled her still head in his arms and brought her close to him. He pressed her lips against the cut on his neck. The minutes passed. Then he felt her tongue lick him, lightly at first, then more severely. Suddenly, he felt her fangs plunge into him. He winced in pain as she bit into him. Stone could feel his blood being sucked into her eager mouth.

Anita drank heavily. She soon became coherent, and she suddenly recognized the taste of the blood filling her mouth. Her eyes opened. She saw Stone's unmistakable strong jawline.

Stone was getting dizzy. He tried to pull Anita away, but she was stronger now, attached to his neck like some kind of leech. He managed to speak, "Anita," he rasped.

She snapped from his neck. She covered the wound with her hand, willing the flow to subside. Soon, the bleeding had stopped. She wiped the blood from her mouth and looked at him.

"You gave me life," she said. He nodded weakly. "Now I must return the blessing to you." She reached for his tanto. Taking the knife in her hand, she placed the blade against her wrist.

"No," Michael said. "I can't." He stood.

Anita nodded her head. "I understand," she said. She stood before him. "I would want us to be together forever."

Michael touched her face. He smiled. "I would want that, too," he told her. "But it can never be." Stone reached under the neck of his armored suit with both hands and pulled out a small, gold chain. There was a pendant on the chain. It was a crucifix. Stone took the chain off and placed it into Anita's palm.

She smiled down at it. Both knew that only a person of good heart and true faith could hold it, vampire or not.

Stone took the .45 out of his holster. He ejected the spent magazine and replaced it with a fresh one. He smiled at Anita as he replaced it. He gathered his chain mail collar, the tanto, and his cloak. He then stepped to her and took her in his arms. He kissed her deeply.

Letting go of her, Stone turned to walk away. She stopped him with her voice.

"Michael," she said. "I love you."

Stone half turned. "I love you, too," he said. And then he disappeared into the shadows.

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