tagNovels and NovellasHunted Ch. 03

Hunted Ch. 03


I woke up the next morning with Liv still in my arms. Not necessarily a bad thing. Carefully, I tried to slide my arms out from around her. But a whispered "Not so fast, babe," stopped me. She opened her eyes and smiled at me. She whispered, "Leave your arms there. It feels good," and kissed me good morning. It slowly got more intense, with tongue and soft moaning. Slowly, I repositioned myself, getting on top of her. The make out session resumed. I carefully slid my hands up her tank top, caressing and fondling her boobs.

She inhaled sharply and arched her back. "Oh God, don't stop," she whispered, wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling me in even closer. Liv suddenly rolled over so she was on top, and started kissing back fiercely. I ran one hand through her hair, and ran the other up and down her back, finally stopping and grabbing her ass. She moaned again and and gently started biting and sucking on my lower lip. It was just getting good when we were interrupted by Cody coming in to the shelter.

"Hey are you guys-OH my-!" Cody exclaimed, shielding his eyes and stumbling away from our lean-to, groping blindly for something to hold on to.

"Shit. We'll continue this later," Liv whispered with a wink before rolling off of me and standing up. I followed suit and walked over to where Cody was, trying to drown himself in what looked like a makeshift sink. I laughed and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Matt, I would advise you to make the explanation you are about to give...." he paused and wiped his eyes, turning around to look at me, and finished, "......phenomenally good."

"What? It was just a good morning kiss!" I said.

His jaw dropped. "Bullshit! You two were all over each other!"

Liv walked over. "What can I say, I have needs, you know."

"Yes you do. But I didn't need to see that. You could have given me a warning, maybe moaned loudly or something."

"We didn't hear you coming. Or at least I didn't. I don't know about my bf here," said Liv.

I shook my head. "Anyway, what's the plan for today?"

"Nate and I just built this rain catcher. I didn't think I'd need it so soon," he sighed and shot me a dirty look, shaking his head. "We're gonna need more food and water. I'll have Steve check the traps. If there's anything else, I'll tell you." He added, so everyone could hear, "Remember, don't go out alone!" He turned and walked over to Steve to give him the task.

Liv turned to me. "Dammit, that was just getting good. Shame. I'll talk to you later. I'm gonna go help Steve." We kissed briefly and she followed Steve. I went over to Cody, who was adjusting his lean-to, and asked if he'd seen Nate.

"Yeah. He should be around here somewhere. Probably grabbing more firewood. Why?"

"I need to tell you guys something. I'll find him then come back and tell you both."

"Ok. I'll be here."

I found Nate over by Steve and Liv and brought him back to Cody. Then I told them what I'd told Liv last night about my suspicions with the gun scope and the bullet hole in the crow. They didn't interrupt and just listened until I'd finished.

Cody spoke, "That could be a problem. What if he shoots one of us? We could use those traps to simultaneously keep him out and catch food."

Nate agreed. "Yeah. That's really our only defense. A knife won't do much against a trained sniper." So we agreed to keep an eye out.

I went over to find Liv and Steve, and that's when I heard voices.

"Ssshh. I promise you'll love this one. Why does he get all the favors? I want some too." There was a muffled shout.

That sounded like Steve, I thought. But who was he talking to? Then I remembered. Liv! OH FUCK! I pulled out my knife and turned the corner and gasped. Steve had a hand over Liv's mouth and was unzipping his pants. She had a look of horror on her face as she struggled.

My shock was instantly replaced by rage. That motherfucker! I thought. "HEY!" I screamed, charging at Steve. I spun him around and punched him the hardest I've ever hit someone. "KEEP YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF HER!!" I picked him up by his shirt and slammed him face first into a tree. "I WARNED YOU NOT TO TOUCH HER! YOU MOTHERFUCKER! IF YOU EVER LAY A HAND ON HER AGAIN..." I dropped the knife and and kneed him in the stomach, winding him and knocking him over. I turned to Liv. "Did he hurt you? Are you ok?!"

She nodded fearfully. "I'm fine. HOLY SHIT! WATCH OUT!" as Steve came at me with the knife I'd dropped.

My reflexes saved my life. I dodged the knife and grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back, slamming him into a tree again. I hissed into his ear, "That was a mistake. If you EVER touch her again, I swear to you you will regret it." I finished and stabbed the knife into the tree, pinning his shirt to the bark.

Cody and Nate came running over, presumably because they heard the commotion. Taking all this in, they asked simultaneously, " What just happened?"

"Ask him!" I said with disgust and poison in my voice. I went over to Liv as she started crying. "You ok baby?"

She looked at me with tears in her eyes. "What does it look like? I was so scared. I thought he was gonna rape me!" She started balling her eyes out. I pulled her close, hugging her. She buried her face in my shoulder, sobbing. "Sshh. Don't cry. You're safe now. I'm here for you. That fucker will be going to court when we get back. If he ever lays a hand on you again, I'll fuck him up, I swear to you."

Cody came over. "Steve says nothing happened."

I spun around with fire in my eyes. "HORSESHIT! Look at her, man! She's crying! Nothing happened, my ass! That kid tried to rape Liv, that's what fucking happened!" I shouted. "I saw the whole thing. I stopped it, then I almost got stabbed!" I held Liv even tighter, almost crushing her as she continued balling. "Just keep that cunt away from us, before I really hurt him." I watched with disgust as they led him away. I swear a lot, but I draw the line at saying the f-word, so naturally I had never used the c-word in my entire life, but this scenario warranted its use (I hate that word, and have never used it in real life either).

He looked back and smirked. If I had my knife, I would have thrown it at him. I didn't like him before, but now I wanted to strangle him. We sat down at the base of a tree, and I continued to let Liv sob into my shoulder. "Are you sure you're alright? Do you wanna go back home?"

She looked up at me. "What, and give that prick the satisfaction of seeing me break down? Never! I'm fine. Really. I just can't believe it. I've never seen you like that."

"I'm pretty even tempered. I don't get pissed off much, but when I do, I blow up. I get that from my dad. I was fucking pissed. No, beyond pissed. I'm just protecting my girl." I smiled at her. "You're a tough chick. You know that? Most girls would want out. That's why I like you."

"I couldn't take leaving you alone with that maniac. And Cody and Nate." She finally stopped crying and smiled. "Thank you so much for saving me. I thought I was screwed. If he'd succeeded..." her voice trailed off. "Wow. I need to get my mind off that. Can you help me collect the traps?"

"Of course. Hang in there Liv. He'll get what's coming to him. Maybe a fist or a spike up his ass." I stood up and helped her up. We spent the next hour collecting and checking the traps. Liv leapt into my arms after we were done. I carried her back to camp. Nick and Bre were just returning from whatever tasks they were doing. Steve was sitting outside. He saw us and smirked, winking at Liv. My blood started boiling at the sight of this lowlife making passes at her. I wanted to hit him. Hard.

The rest of the day was uneventful, with the three of us (me, Nate, and Cody) keeping watch over Steve. The bastard just sat there with a smirk on his face.

Cody and Nate came over to me by the shelter that night. "How's she doing?" Cody asked. He added, "And you too. You ok?"

"The fuck you think she's doing? She's really messed up. That cocksucker really had her freaked out. Makes perfect sense to me. I mean, think about it. She's collecting firewood, she gets jumped, almost gets raped, nearly sees me die, then I freaked out at Steve. As for me, my girlfriend almost got raped, and I almost died defending her. And on top of all that shit, I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere without so much as a 6-pack or a porn mag." I snorted and shook my head in disgust. "No wonder I'm pissed off."

They looked over at her, sitting by the fire, staring into the flames.

"You're a good boyfriend, defending your turf like that. If that was my girl, I'd have probably killed him," Nate said, looking at Steve with disgust.

I laughed bitterly. "Don't tempt me. I came close today. That knife almost found its way through his heart instead of his shirt. If he has a heart." I looked over at Liv. "She needs an early night. I'm staying up and keeping watch in case he tries it again."

"You won't need to. We've agreed to take shifts watching over Steve," Cody said.

"You're sure? Thanks guys. Appreciate it. But I'm still staying up. Ok? Night." I walked over to Liv and sat down next to her. "You ok? Tired?"

She nodded but didn't say anything.

"I'm sorry about what he did to you. The guys are taking turns watching Steve. And I'm staying up to guard you."

She looked at me and smiled. "Thanks. I probably won't sleep much, but I'm going to bed. Coming?" She got up.

"Yeah," I stood up and took her hand. We walked over to the shelter. Liv lay down and closed her eyes. About 5 minutes later, she opened them and said, "Matt? I'm cold. And scared."

I looked over from where I was standing, by the entrance of the lean-to. Liv got up and came over to me. She stood in front of me, looking out into the woods. I got close to her and slid my hands through her arms and held her by her stomach, enjoying the feeling of her ass against my crotch. I buried my face in her hair, sighing. "How's this?"

"Better. I feel warmer. And a lot safer with you holding me," she turned her head to kiss my cheek. "I can't sleep. Can we go for a walk? Maybe explore the area?"

"Sure, why not? I'm not tired either." I took her hand and we walked outside. I nodded at Nate, who was on watch. I didn't need to say where we were going. It was a nice night. Perfect temperature. Full moon. Liv looked beautiful right now. We walked hand in hand for about 10 minutes until we came to a small pond. We stood there skipping stones. Liv was finally smiling, finally forgetting about Steve. She turned to me with a smile, "I'm gonna go for a swim. You in?"

"Sure. I'll come, but I don't have a bathing suit."

Her smile got bigger and more mischievous.

I finally caught on. "All the better. Let's go." We quickly stripped down and walked down to the water.

Liv stuck a foot in. "It's warm, come on." She walked in up to her waist and beckoned me to follow. She was right. The water was really nice. I waded in and went over to her. She smiled. We went deeper, up to our necks now. Liv put her hands around my neck and wrapped her legs around me. We just floated around like that, enjoying this. She smiled again, the moon reflecting in her eyes. Slowly, she leaned in and put her lips to mine. She pulled away, "That was for saving me today. And these-" she kissed me again, "Are. For. All. You. Do. For. Me. As. My. Boyfriend," she finished, having kissed me between each word.

"This is so romantic," I said, looking around.

Liv laughed and pulled me close so our foreheads were touching. "Come on. I want to make it up to you." She let go of me and swam back to shore as I followed. Her gorgeous body looked incredible. She was perfectly tanned and in great shape. She lay down on the grass and pulled me down on top of her. I kissed down her neck and onto her 34C boobs. I took a nipple in my mouth and sucked on it. She moaned and pushed my head down. I quickly moved to the other one and kissed down her perfect stomach and navel piercing to her vag. She had no hair down there at all. Perfect. I slowly licked her slit and began tongue fucking her. She loved it and started moaning louder as she came, clenching her muscles. She got on her knees as I stood up. "My turn," she said, licking my rock hard cock and popping it into her mouth. Oh, she was good. Sucking and humming with the perfect amount of tongue. Driving me fucking crazy. I didn't last long, unloading down her throat. She swallowed it all and lay back down. She looked up and said, "Take me," and opened her legs. I lay down next to her. I flipped her onto her side and lifted her leg up. I slowly stuck it in her warm, tight hole and squeezed her boob. It felt amazing. She moaned and threw her head back. I slowly started thrusting, watching her boobs bounce. Her moaning got louder and faster as I picked up speed, my balls tightening and slapping against her ass. I closed my eyes in ecstasy and continued pistoning in and out, really hard and fast now. I groaned and finally came, blowing inside her, making her cum too. She sighed and rolled over on top of me, kissing me deeply. "Thank you," she said, and stood up, reaching for her clothes. We dressed each other and started walking back.

To be continued in part 4, when it all crashes down.....

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