tagNonHumanHunted Ch. 04

Hunted Ch. 04


Disclaimer: Warning, this story is about Vampires! So, it contains scenes of MILD violence (fighting and swords and stuff), BDSM, and bloodplay. Some may find this to be an 'interesting' combination (I hope), while others may be offended by such things. If you are of the latter party, hit the back button on your browser now! If not: Read on and enjoy!

I groggily open my eyes as the plane begins its descent down into Venice. I stretch out my arms as I look out the window: The sun is just coming up over the horizon, painting a beautiful portrait of oranges and yellows in the sparkling, clear sky. I frown with disappointment. I had hoped to exact my vengeance upon Darrien during the nighttime. But I'm not sure I can wait as long as it would take for the sun to set now: how I stayed so patient during the plane ride is beyond me, really. Still, it wouldn't be very satisfying to just run a stake through his heart while he sleeps peacefully in his coffin.

At that thought, I can't help but chuckle: I always imagined Darrien enjoying his superiority over me. But he isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, obviously, giving me the ability to track him when his vampirism forces him into slumber every morning and all. Of course, I suppose I can't blame him for that blunder, the ability to track him must be an unexpected side effect of my unique abilities.

I don't know exactly what I am, but at least my special powers have always given me the edge: They have made me the best hunter in the church, saved my life, and the lives of others countless times, and now they have even given me the element of surprise over the most powerful foe I have ever faced.

I gaze upon my hand: At the moment, a black leather glove covers the rune he hypnotized me to carve into myself, still it's almost like I can feel it carved into the back of my hand as I look upon it. The nosferatu, Darrien, put this rune on me for a purpose: So that he can track me anywhere in the world. But what he must not have known was that I was special, something more than an average human, and that gave me the power to sense him in the same way he could me. I'm positive that he doesn't know of this fact.

Still, if he can sense my presence, he no doubt knows by now that I am coming for him. If I were to exact my vengeance tonight after the sun went down as I plan to, then getting the jump on him will prove impossible.

So, it's to be either a very one sided fight, or a fair fight and nothing in between. A fair fight it would be then, and Darrien would learn that I'm not some weak little girl, but a dangerous hunter not to be trifled with. The thought brings a wide grin to my face, good thing William and Monica don't see it.

As the plane touches the ground though, something sudden and horrible causes the smirk to fall right off my face: Darrien vanishes. One moment I can sense his presence in the very city itself, the next it's gone. My first thought is that his presence vanishes as the sun goes down and he sleeps, but this is the first time since that fateful night that I can't feel him, and several days have come and gone, so if that were true this wouldn't be the first time I lost him. I frown, there is only one possibility: He knows I can sense him afterall, and he has cut the link between us in the case I decided to opt for that more one sided fight I had considered. I concentrate on the direction I felt him last, but I know it's useless. I only knew a general direction: The strength of his presence measured his distance from me, but I had not been this close to him since the link was created. The city would be too large to search for him, and I'm sure he has hidden his resting place well. I'll never find him before sun up.

Good thing I prefer a fair fight anyway, I think as I look over to William and Monica. They are deeply entranced in some conversation with each other, one I do not hear as my mind is elsewhere, obviously. Okay, semi-fair fight: Bringing William and Monica can probably be considered a bit of a cheat. But the words of the vampire from that club, 'Le Nosferatu' haunt me still: Darrien is a Nosferatu, the most powerful kind of vampire, I can't be too careful when dealing with him. William and Monica are two of the hunter's best archers, they will be my ace in the hole. If I hide them in a sniper position, and then lure Darrien into their sights, he won't know what hit him.

Already, the plans begin to hatch in my mind. I will spend the day scoping out the perfect place. Somewhere dark, somewhere secluded, and somewhere the perfect vantage points. I grin, a part of me is giddy...

A larger part of me, however, ties a knot in my stomach. I can't help but remember the last time I went head to head with Darrien. I'd been so powerless against him: He had caught me off guard and beat me. He drank my blood, hypnotized me, forced me to mutilate myself and carve this awful rune into myself, and... My throat is suddenly very dry, and I swallow back some saliva to sate the itch: He did so much more than that.

The plane slows to a halt and the pilots voice echoes over the speakers, but all I hear is muffled by my thoughts are thousands of miles away. Images of that night flash in my mind: I can see the moon baring down upon me. I can feel the cool water on my naked flesh. I feel his body pressing against mine, his manhood pressing into the small of my back. I see the moonlight glimmer off his fangs as he lies over me, and then I can feel the pain tear through my neck as he sinks them into my skin...

"Samantha?" Monica's voice brings me crashing back to reality. "You okay?"

"Yes, oh-of course," I frantically re-compose myself, "I'm just a bit tired, it was a long flight." I can feel the arteries in my cheeks beating softly, I am sure they turn a rosey red, flushed. I squirm my thighs, a bit of wetness seeping there. I shake my head, anger welling up: I can't let my baser instincts get the better of me. He will pay for what he has done.

I can see everyone is undoing their seat belts, getting up, and fumbling in the overhead compartments for their luggage. It is time to disembark. I look out the window and sigh, for better or for worse, tonight will be the night I've settled this... Once and for all...

* * *

I admire the lobby of our hotel once again, fancy but not overly so: The stairs and elevator sit directly across from the entrance, the check in counter tucked away, a little too claustrophobic for the people working back there, to the right. The lighting is a bit dim, the walls a deep mahogany, the carpet a checkered red and gray. A lovely chandelier hangs over a quaint seating area.

I sigh as I gaze at the elevator. The doors spring open and people step out casually. None of them are Monica.

William can see my impatience written all over my face, obviously, "She'll be here, just be patient for a moment."

THAT is something I simply can't bring myself to do... I have had to be patient all day waiting for the sun to set by tailing after William and Monica as they insisted on touring Venice a little, 'We are here, we may as well,' Monica had said. I had sated my impatience by scoping out the perfect location to confront Darrien at least. But then we had to rest up for the confrontation tonight. I hadn't really been able to sleep much either, my stomach was, and still is, tied into a thousand knots. I can't seem to figure out if I'm excited or petrified with terror...

Now the sun is setting rapidly, and Darrien will awake soon. I can only imagine as soon as he wakes I'll be able to sense his location once again, or at least I hope so. If I can't feel him, but he can still feel me, then he's the one that's going to get the jump on me as opposed to it being the other way around like I had planned. That thought makes me try and swallow back a sudden dryness in my throat, and I

look at William nervously: I really hope I didn't bring Monica and him here just to die in a ill-begotten attempt to redeem myself against this vampire.

He had implied that I had let him defeat me... To USE me... I couldn't stand for that! I have to show him that I'm not some weak little floozy. I am a hunter, adopted and raised into the life, I am strong, I am fast, and no vampire can stand against me.

'Admit it: You want this! You have always wanted this!' his words echo in my memory.

No... He was wrong! Right...?

I mean: Sure, my heart aches for a man, someone to hold me, to cuddle up with me on cold nights. What woman wouldn't? The other hunters never really trusted me, Davik in particular. They don't see me as another human being, but as some creature that masquerades as one of their own. I can read their distrustful stares easily. None of them certainly look at me the way that William looks at Monica: Adoration, lust, maybe even love... But none of that means I crave a vampire: A creature! An abomination of god!

Besides, I am a member of the church, romance is against our code, it is forbidden. I have been raised not to desire such thi-

I don't have the time to complete that thought:

Darrien awakes, and just as I expected, I can sense him. And it's obvious he can sense me too because he's heading right for me... Fast!

William notices my suddenly anxious expression, "What is it, Samantha?"

"He's coming right for us!" Despite the fact I have already explained to William about my ability to sense Darrien (leaving out 'unimportant' details as to why of course), he looks shocked.

My mind races: I simply can't confront Darrien here, there are too many innocent people about. Sure, Darrien IS a vampire, and vampires prefer to hide their existence. But, at the speed he's coming for me, I can't be assured that would deter him at all. For all I know he'll kill everybody, and then burn down the hotel to hide the evidence! I grab William's arm and start dragging him towards the door.

"Wait! What about Monica?"

Oh right... I shoot an anxious look towards the elevator: Still nothing. Meanwhile, Darrien is approaching too quickly, he'll be here in mere minutes. I've never felt his presence so strongly! I can even feel his emotions now, a new quirk to the rune: He's...excited? Yes, I can feel his blood lust. That convinces me...

"No time!" I shout and yank him out the front door.

A humid night air washes over me as I burst into the streets of Venice. The sun has set now, and the moon hangs high in the sky... II quickly recall the location of my ambush spot and start running for it.

William follows closely behind me, as I run at a more human pace, glancing back nervously every so often towards the hotel. He's obviously concerned about ditching Monica.

Eventually he writes her off, muttering under his breath, "Well, at least she will be safe this way."

We duck down a dark back alley and into an open area walled off behind a few buildings.

"William, take your crossbow, get onto that roof, and wait for my signal," I nod towards the slightly taller of the ancient Venice buildings.

"What about you?"

"He's after me, and he doesn't know you're here. I'll buy you time while you line up a shot," I explain hastily, pushing him towards the building.

He seems unsatisfied with my plan, but agrees nonetheless, turning about and making a dash for the building. I sigh a little, with relief: I don't have the time to argue with him right now.

I turn to face the direction from which Darrien approaches. He's slowed down now, very close, he senses that I've stopped to make my final stand, and his excitement level is peaking. I take a deep breath, drop my bag on the ground, open it up, and pull out my sword. I draw it from its scabbard, my hands shaking.

Calm down girl: You can do this! You were born to do this! He's just another vampire: A really strong, really fast, really powerful vampire... Oh god!

I try to focus myself, holding my blade vertically before me. But then I hear his footsteps ahead, echoing in the stillness of the night, and my concentration shatters. My body shakes against my will as he steps out from the darkness in front of me.

"Ah, hunter girl, so you have come to me at last," he grins at me.

I steel myself as much as I can as I look upon him. My memory of him was clear indeed. His tall stature, his rippling muscles, and his piercing blue eyes are exactly as I remember. His eyes... Oh, god! Quickly I avert my eyes to the ground: I can't let him hypnotize me with those eyes again.

"You've come to fight then?" he refers to me holding my blade steadily before me. "I thought we had moved past such conflict. Though, I must compliment you: I desire the hunt, and you do not disappoint."

"Well the hunter is about to become the hunted," I do my best to crack a cocky grin, but I'm sure it looks as insincere as it feels.

He chuckles, baring his fangs a little, their sheer whiteness glares brilliantly thanks to what little moonlight leaks into this alley. "You cannot lie to me, hunter girl, I can feel your fear as plainly as I can see it." Oh god, I think I would've preferred he not answered that unasked question.

I say nothing, I simply grip the hilt the sword as tightly as I can.

"Very well, I shall enjoy this. But before we begin, tell me one thing?"

I raise an eyebrow, intrigued: What could he possibly want to know? If I have any veins that could feed him faster?

"What is your name, hunter girl?"

I peer at him suspiciously, trying to understand why that information would be important to a vampire. I always assumed they just referred to us by our blood type... "My name is Samantha," I mutter.

"Ah, Samantha," he closes his eyes and inhales sharply, probably taking in my scent. "Very well, let's begin." And with that, he dashes at me quickly, much more quickly than I was anticipating in fact and I'm caught off guard as he rams a fist into my stomach. I hunch over, winded, coughing, as he grabs my hair and twists it forcefully. He bends my neck sharply and bares his fangs: He's going straight for the prize!

I manage to find the strength to fight back however, and I swing my sword up at him. He just barely dodges back. The adrenaline starts pumping through my veins and I find the courage to stop quivering like a child.

He laughs, and I get angry. I swing my sword furiously at him, but he just keeps dancing around my blade. "This is more like it Samantha! Don't hold back, set your emotions free," he taunts me as he draws a sword of his own just in time to parry one of my strikes.

"Oh, just shut up and die," I continue swinging my sword at him furiously. He deflects my blows effortlessly and then returns them, striking at me hard and fast. Struggling, I block his shots and then counterattack. It goes back and forth like this for what seems like an eternity, but I'm sure very little time actually passes. The two of us are moving so quickly that any human eye would have trouble following us and therefore we get many shots at each in quick succession. I just have to hold off long enough for William to get to the sniper perch...

We strike at each other simultaneously and our blades lock together as each push as hard as we can against the other. We both grunt and groan as we struggle. With a great heave I shove him back and he stumbles a bit, his blade lowering. This is my chance! I swing my sword horizontally at him, but he just barely regains his balance in time and hops back. Nevertheless, I cut him across the chest, a thin cut that breaches his vest and barely slices into his skin.

He fumbles a hand across his chest as he retreats back to the other side of the alley, laughing, "Impressive!" His laughter is one part hysterical, as it is one part cocky: I think he barely believes that I actually nicked him. I grin, my confidence building: My breathing may be heavy, my muscles may be sore, and he is starting to wear me down, but I can do this... I can beat him!

"Let us end this, shall we?" he raises his blade at me, staring me down from across the back-alley clearing.

"Yes, let's end this," I smirk as I raise my blade in synchronization with him.

We run at each other quickly, almost as though we were jousting like medieval knights. He swings his blade down at me, and I bring mine up to parry: This is it! I can do this!

No!!!... Our blades meet with such force that my mind only registers a loud clang, and then a sound that I can only describe as both sheering metal and shattering glass! My sword splinters into a thousand pieces as he moves his own blade effortlessly through it and continues vertically down upon me. I just barely manage to jump aside, dodging the deadly slice as I sprawl out on the ground.

And before I have time to react he's on top of me: He grabs my arms and wrestles them them together, switching to keeping them locked together with one hand and grabbing my throat with the other. I struggle beneath him to try and kick him off me, but he keeps my legs intertwined with his. It's no use, he's too strong! I feel like a meek little girl futility struggling against him, and so I go limp in his grasp, surrendering...

I have only one hope right now: William. In fact, if he's had enough time to get to the roof, as I instructed him, then he has the perfect shot! "William, now!" I scream out, despite my vocal chords fighting against the cold, firm hand pressing down on my throat.


I had hoped a miraculous arrow would sail down from the rooftop and penetrate Darrien's heart. But there is no arrow, only silence, until...

Darrien begins to laugh, "You really think you were the only one clever enough to bring allies, do you not? Did you really think I was alone here? I have an entire coven of vampires!" I only stare up at him, my eyes wide with terror at the thought of what he is suggesting. "William cannot save you now, I am sure by now he is much too busy dealing with my Belle."

I begin my struggles anew: I've got to escape, I've got to help William! But Darrien still has me firmly pinned down. Panic wells up in my chest as my breathing becomes rapid. "Shh," Darrien grins down at me, enjoying this far too much. He leans in close to look me intensely in the eyes, and I realize he is trying to hypnotize me again. I shake my head quickly from side to side to fight against the grasp he has on my throat, trying desperately to avoid looking into his eyes. His hand moves up to my chin, wrenching my face in line with his and I can't help but catch a glimpse of his bright, glowing eyes. Sadly, a glimpse is all it takes and I can't seem to escape his gaze. As I stare into the beautiful blue pools that are his brilliantly gleaming irises I feel myself calm down, the panic seeps away slowly and my struggles relax. "Sleep, Samantha," he whispers, and darkness begins to invade my vision. I feel myself slipping away into unconsciousness, but I just can't bring myself to care.

The last thing I see before I fall into a deep slumber are those eyes, glowing defiantly in utter darkness...

* * *

I awake later, dazed. My eyes flutter open and a soft moan escapes my lips, my body still feels deeply relaxed, despite a warm, tingling pain radiating through my arms. It takes a few moments to realize they are bound above me, suspending me from the ceiling. A cold chill runs across my skin, and I realize I am completely naked. My head bobs as I groan, I feel so dizzy...

I try to take in my surroundings, but I can't see anything, the room is pitch black. I struggle against my bonds, but my body feels so weak and I can do little more than rattle my chains a little. The sound stirs up someone and I can hear movement,

"Well, well, well, our little princess is awake." The voice is female, and very familiar, and despite being so close I just can't see from who it originates.

Another voice, male, also familiar, "Can we drink her now, I can't stand waiting!"

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