tagInterracial LoveHunted or Hunting

Hunted or Hunting


I opened my mail and had an invitation to a wedding shower that was for a friend of mine; not that close though, by a closer friend to her. It was to be in May before a June wedding.

I went to the wedding shower and after all the presents were opened along with a few drinks and laughter, the buzzer rang. The host opened the door and hugged a black guy. Two other guys walked in behind him, a white guy and another black guy. Some of us were surprised; others were saying the fun would soon begin.

All the guys were prime specimens of men. My heart started to pound fast and my temperature was climbing because I missed one party earlier in May where there were black strippers.

The host introduced the guys and they disappeared. She said they would perform for the special guest. We all looked at Sherry and smiled.

Then there was another buzz from the buzzer. The host opened the door. It was another black guy carrying a boom box.

The guy set the box up and the music started. The guys came out of the bedroom and started to perform. They shared there dancing by wiggling and shaking in front of all of us. None of us was deprived of their desire to please us all.

They then started to disrobe. My friends were digging for money to stick anywhere they could manage into the elastic bands of the guys swim trunks.

It was obvious, unless fakes that they were well endowed.

Even after removing the swim trunks and down to a g-string they did their dance for all of us. They were collecting a nice sum of money from what I could tell. I even saw a twenty-dollar bill in one g-string.

When the show was over, the guys put their swimsuits on and then sat amongst the guest.

I was chatting with Jean, one of my closer friends and was startled by, "Hi, I'm Jerome. May I sit and visit with you two broads."

Jean and I started to laugh and said, "Sure, make yourself comfortable."

I patted the sofa between Jean and me. I scooted a little to my right to make room for Jerome. Jerome by the way was the box man, equally a fine male specimen.

We were into the inquisition mode of operating. All of us asking different questions about everything related to male strippers. One of the questions from Jerome was he asking if we had, seen many. Jean and I both indicated this was our first.

We heard, "Ladies, the week of deer hunting all the guys will be in the woods. Come across the river. We will be working Club...., in ........., over across the river." He gave us cards and directions to the place.

Jean and I smiled and thanked him. He excused himself, then proceeded to some of the other guest but eventually gathered up the box and accessories and headed out the door. However, before leaving he walked over and whispered, "I hope to see you chicks during deer hunting season."

The summer came and went and at times I had pictured being in bed with a black guy. Seeing the dancers up close left an indelible image. Early fall came and my interest in deer hunting season was perking up.

It was the middle of October and Jean and I were talking about fall and winter. I said, "By the way are we going to check out those male strippers during deer season? I heard, "Sure why not? Most of the guy will be in the woods and the place will be packed with our sex being curious like us.

We then had our sight set for the weekend before Thanksgiving to go black man hunting.

As that weekend was approaching, I found myself leaking more because I was thinking a lot of looking at black strippers, including the positions they was doing me. I was leaking so much that I was going through many panty liners.

When Jean and I arrived at the club, the parking lot was about half filled. We paid a ten-dollar cover charge but that also got us three alcoholic drinks of any type or six sodas or we could mix and match. The guy at the door said later that when it gets crowded, it is easier to punch cards then deal with money at the table. He also suggested that we do not sit at the stage where we would need to look up and hurt our necks but on the chairs that made a ring around the main stage. He said after the guys were finished on the stage they would dance at the chairs and table to collect all the money they could (tips).

Jean and I scanned the room but did not see Jerome or the other guys. We began to wonder if they were even there.

The male strippers were both black and white. In addition, we were shocked by the fact that they had black and white go-go girl dancers also. Well there were male customers also so the house was pleasing all of the customers, I guess.

Out of know where Charles, one of the dancers at the shower was on stage and did his thing. When he completed his number, he was working his way amongst the tables, dancing and collecting tips. The main stage was used mainly for two introductory songs to get the guys down to the swim trunks. There in the club the g-strings did not show but the swim trunks were adequate since they were men's bikinis.

When he reached our table, he smiled and had a curious look on his face. Then he said, "This will sound corny but didn't I dance at some shower sometime ago that you two were at?"

Jean answered by saying, "Yes."

"Cool," was Charles response with, "I will catch up with you two later."

When I had moved my eyes to the stage after having taken them off Charles, I saw Jerome doing the strip. My heart leaped into fast gear and I know my leakage increased.

He then made his way around the tables and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Jean and me.

"Wow what a nice surprise. Let me go collect my tips and will be back."

About twenty minutes later, both Charles and Jerome came to our table, dressed for their next set.

Jerome asked Jean and me to sit together so he could tell us something. We did as he asked and Jerome said, "Over there, as he was pointing to an area behind our backs, are private rooms for lap dancing. We have half of them reserved for us so we can get out of the public view for some quite time between numbers. Our you two game to go with us for some quality time? We will have the cocktail girl put reserved signs on this table and you can come and go, as you prefer. Look so as not to be so open about it, Jean you take booth nine and Stacy you can take ten. We will meet you there after we have seen you head that way. See you in a few minutes. We have a thirty minute break."

I was so nervous. My hands were clammy. My heart was palpitating. I asked, "Jean are you going to booth nine to visit with Charles? I want to visit with Jerome. I think he is hot."

"Yeah Stacy, I am all worked up and we have come to play so let's play."

We stood as the cocktail waitress placed the reserved sign on the table and headed to the booths. We carried our sodas with us. The security guy monitoring the booths asked us which booths we were headed towards. Jean said, "Nine," and I said, "Ten."

He said, "Enjoy the night ladies and if I can be of any help, I am here at your disposal. Rest assured you will not be interrupted."

It flashed through my brain the reasoning for that statement.

Jean and I hugged as we split going into nine and ten and telling each other to enjoy.

Soon Jerome entered, grinning from ear to ear and saying, "Thanks for not chickening out."

He walked up and wrapped his arms around me, stared me in the eyes. The longer he stared the weaker I was becoming. He then leaned in to kiss me. I wrapped my hands around him, placed one hand behind his head and pulled him close. We tongue dueled until I was panting for air. We broke the kiss and I leaned my face on his shoulders. I felt his boner pressing into my stomach.

He took his right hand, reached for my left hand and moved them in the direction of his swollen cock. I was resisting a little but heard, "You know you want to get to know it better, other wise Stacy you would not have shown up here tonight. Now relax and get to know the thing that is going to fuck your brains out."

He was right. Why did I come? What he said scared me.

My resistant let up slightly and as my hand reached the bulge. It started to grope at it. It was more than a handful. Jerome whispered, "Good girl, get acquainted with your new pussy pleaser. My heart leaped hearing that."

"That's nice Stacy, real nice of you getting acquainted with my pussy pleaser."

We then kissed as I was feeling him up.

"Stacy, sit on the sofa and take the weight off your feet and let's make out a little before my next set."

He rather pushed me in the direction of the sofa. I was floating and was not that alert as my heart was racing from the fact of feeling up a black stud and in the arms. We sat down. His arms went around me. He pulled my mouth to his and we started kissing. After we kissed for a minute, I felt his hand on the back of my head pressing my mouth tighter to him. We began a tongue duel.

I was startled when he thrust his free hand to my mound. I opened my eyes but could not open my mouth to scream. He moaned. He removed the hand and brought it up to our noses. He placed a finger under our noses. We both inhaled the same fragrance, which were my sex juices, being we were locked mouth to mouth. He then took that hand, broke the kiss and covered my mouth with it, still pressing the back of my head into that hand.

I heard, "Promise no screaming and I will take my hand away. Look, your are leaking through to your jeans, you are so hot to see, to taste and to be fucked by my black cock. Give in to your desires. Hundreds of women do. Now is a golden opportunity. Stay and have fun with me tonight. Look, Charles is giving Jean the same treatment I am giving you. We all know you two coming here to see us tonight means that you have a desire to experience something new in your life. Nod your head if you agree with everything I said. Besides, who will believe you if you scream. Security will say you came in here first, on your own and that no one was dragging you."

Jerome had me in an awkward position. Everything he said was true. I nodded with an affirmative nod and he removed his hand. I gasp for air. I was flushing having smelled my own juice from his finger under my nostril. He knew I was hot for him and excited.

"Stacy I have to get ready for my next set. Will you be here when I come back?"

"Yes, Jerome I will be."

"Well Stacy, I need insurance. Take off you jeans and panties and give them to me. You can hide under the blanket on the sofa. I will bring them back with me. I stared in shock at hearing the request but did it after I heard, "Do it now bitch before I get pissed and kick your sorry ass out of this booth and let you think about the golden opportunity that you let get away."

"Hurry up I do not have all night to wait for you."

I was rapidly taking of the articles he wanted. My panties were soaked. He smelled them and then said, "Look at what a hot bitch you are Stacy. You want this black cock of mine so much you are leaking like a faucet. Here take a whiff and get yourself hornier."

I did as he ordered and let out with, "Ohooooooooooooo," but could not look him in the face.

He gathered up my panties and jeans and left. I heard him tell security, keep and eye on these personal items, I will retrieve them later.

I pulled the blanket over me let my mind spin as to what I had gotten myself into.

About five minutes later I heard Charles say to security, "Keep these personal things for me will you brother. See you after the next set to collect them. Sure Chuck, they are safe."

My heart pounded knowing Jean was without jeans or panties over in the next booth. It was to far away to stand up and lean over to chat. There was an aisle separating us.

My mind was spinning with all sorts of apprehension. How big was he? Was he gentle or rough? Would he take his time or rush? Where will he fuck me? Will he want to do my ass? Will he eat me? Will he want to fuck my mouth? Will he make me swallow his cum? How much cum will he have? How thick is he?

I was listening to the music, picturing him on top of me, fucking me deep with my knees pressing into my breasts. I was wondering if I was still, leaking as much. I reached under the blanket. I jerked my hand back. The humidity and heat gave me the answer that I was looking for. I wanted what he offered me to happen and was scared at the same time.

I must have had my eyes closed and was startled when something hit me in the face. I opened my eyes and it was my jeans and panties. I heard, "Put you clothes on bitch and get your ass out of here if you changed your mind, otherwise come over here and suck my cock and get it primed for that honey hole of yours."

I was debating with myself when I heard, "See you around cold bitch."

"No! Wait Jerome, please wait. I will do it."

He turned, smiled and said; "Well now that is a very nice attitude and much more to my liking."

I got up off the sofa and walked over to him. I looked at his crotch and then inserted my fingers into the elastic around the sweatpants he was wearing. I began to lower it and after passing his butt let it fall. I then lowered the bikini. My heart raced at seeing the size of his manhood still contained in a g-string and still soft, and my hands were clammy from nerves.

"Okay bitch, take off that top and bra and show me those titties you are hiding."

After removing my top (long sleeve sweater) and bra, Jerome said, "Hold them up for me to get a good look at them."

I placed my hands under them and lifted them as he told me and then I heard, "Suck on each nipple for thirty seconds, then kneel and suck my cock that is aching to fuck your tight cunt, bitch."

Being turned on; I felt the juices running out of me towards my knees on the inside of my thighs. After a minute of sucking my own nipples, I started to lower myself to the floor.

He placed his hands on my shoulders and pushed down. I placed my hands on his sides and lowered my self. As my hand went over the string holding his g-string, I hooked my thumbs in it to lower it.

Upon reaching the soft black cock, I stared at it. I then took a hand and wrapped my fingers around it, as I have done with white guys. I felt it throb and begin to expand. "Suck it bitch. Make it like you."

I opened my mouth as took the head in. He placed his hands on my ears to hold my head. He then started with small hip thrust to fuck my mouth. He kept expanding and I was holding his cock parallel to the floor so I could get it into my mouth. It was the longest cock I had ever had in my hand let alone my mouth.

His thrusting was becoming more rapid. I was pleased he was not using his entire cock in my mouth, just the head.

I heard him begin to moan a little and he was getting harder. I heard, "That is an awesome mouth you have there Stacy but I bet your pussy is damn better."

"Stacy, play with your tits while you suck on me. When you are hot take one hand and play with your clit. Get yourself off while sucking me, bitch."

My God, I have never played with myself in front of a guy. My body temperature climbed. I did as he asked. Made my nipples hard as a rock and massage my breast. I was sucking that black cock and between my hands and his cock in my mouth, I was turning on. My right hand dropped to my clit. I played with it like when I masturbate.

"That's it bitch, make yourself cum. Get that cunt of your nice and wet for Jerome to fuck deep and hard."

Hearing him talk dirty to me, I moaned onto his cock when the orgasm hit me a few minutes after I had started to massage my own clit.

I was not expecting him to send a blast of his semen into my mouth. The force sent his semen to the back of my throat. It was so sudden and so much, I had to swallow having my mouth stuffed with his cock jetting semen into my mouth.

Jerome made sure with his hand holding my head so I could not back off. I had to take all of it.

When we both had regained some calmness, he lifted me and pushed my mouth to his using his left hand on the back of my head. We began to French kiss. His right hand went to my clit and he began massaging it. I was ready to cum again. He released the grip and said, "Get on the sofa there bitch on all fours and point that ass at me so I can fuck it and show you what a black cock can do for you."

I was shocked he was ready to get it on so soon after cumming.

I did as he requested. He took his cock and ran it up and down the gash to lubricate it and then placed it at the opening and buried it deep in my pussy.

My mouth opened and out came, "Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" The black snake was all the way in. I felt Jerome's balls bang into my mound.

My pussy had never experienced anything that thick before but it felt so good.

He reached around, grabbed onto my breasts and began to fuck me fast.

He was lifting me to no man's land.

I was ready to cum when he withdrew. I opened my mouth and out came, "Don't stop now!"

"See you in forty-five minutes if you are still around Stacy."

I was so strung out that I pulled the blanket over me and got myself off several times waiting for Jerome to come back and finish it.

I must have dozed off. Jerome ripped the blanket from my hands and I heard, "Position bitch, we are going to finish what we started."

I got in doggie position and he did his lubrication thing then stuffed me.

I then heard, "Place this ball gag in your mouth, bitch, and hand me the securing straps. I don't want the whole place to know about that awesome cum that you will be experiencing and screaming over."

I did as he asked. I was turning on hearing him say I was going to scream my cum.

He began with slow fucking and then increased the pace. I was climbing with him. I was mumbling into the gag, "God yes, Oh God Jerome my pussy, my pussy loves it. Fuck me Jerome, Oh God yes."

I heard, "Reach back and massage my balls bitch."

When I placed my hands on the sack, I felt it draw up to his cock. I knew what was going to happen next. He stiffened and drove that black cock deeper.

We both had our orgasms surging through us at the same time. My pussy was milking his cock for more juice and my body was convulsing. Jerome was muffling a groan as he pulled me tight to his body with his strong black hands on my hipbones making sure he deposited his semen deep in me. I had forgotten about a condom completely. I had a minor panic attack wondering if I had taken my pill sometime that day. It was too late now if I had not.

"Wow, that is a tight, hot pussy, you have bitch. Are you going to let me have more of it?"

I mumbled into the gag. "Oh, so sorry Stacy, I forgot about that gag."

He released it from my mouth. It took me a little bit to rewet my mouth and speak.

"Jerome, you may have my pussy when ever your cock needs it. Just make an appointment."

"Well Stacy, how do you feel about black cocks now after experiencing one?"

"Jerome they are different. They sure make the orgasm more intense."

"Glad to hear you say that Stacy. Charles and I have another set to do and we will be back for another round that is if you and Jean don't chicken out and run off."

"I will be here Jerome. I want more black cock."

Jerome left and I dozed again under the blanket. The next thing I knew was that a body was working its way to my pussy under the blanket. I could not react fast enough. Jerome was holding my hands down to my body, his tongue found my clit. I lifted off after a few flicks.

I went on to have my orgasm. As I was calming down the ball gag came out from under the blanket. I knew what to do with it. I secured it myself this time. Jerome got up on his knees, placed his hands on my hips to roll me onto my belly and then pulled me onto my knees again for doggie position.

Jerome put his mouth at my asshole. He was licking it with his tongue. I knew this was going to be another new experience. After a few minutes, he lifted away and lubricated himself as he had done earlier and shoved his cock into my pussy.

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