"I can't believe we're going to do this," Beth said softly. Her husband Kyle stepped in close behind her and brushed her naturally auburn hair away from her neck and kissed her softly on the pale skin.

"I thought this is what you wanted," he murmured softly. "Ever since we opened up our marriage and started sleeping with other people you've been talking about it." He ran a hand down her chest and cupped one of her heavy tits in his palm. Beth was a very voluptuous woman with a narrow waist that looked even smaller when contrasted against her ripe 38D breasts.

"Stop that!" she ordered peevishly. "I'm still pissed that you conned me into fucking earlier. What if it's obvious that I've already been screwed once tonight? That could ruin my evening you know."

Kyle rubbed her nipple with the palm of his hand, bringing it into a fully erect state. "Your pussy always tightens back up nicely," he reassured her, "And you did a thorough job wiping the semen away. I'm sure you'll be fine."

She took another critical look at her makeup. It was well done, she decided - sexy but not over the top, with full red lips and a hint of eye shadow. She nervously twirled her wedding ring in a circle on her finger and stood to check her outfit, a medium length black skirt with slit sides, a tight pale blue halter top that revealed a fair amount of cleavage, and three-inch heels. Enough to be a turn-on without being slutty. "Fine, get me my purse and we can go," she said.

They made their way down to the car, a practical Volvo sport-utility vehicle that served the family needs well. That is, when the two kids were home and not at their grandmother's house for the week as was the case tonight. Kyle got behind the wheel and Beth belted herself in to the passenger seat.

"Tell me again what excites you about this so much," he implored her. She gave him a look as if to say he knew very well what that was, having discussed it many times now, but relented as she saw the tenting in his trousers. She placed a hand over his crotch and slowly massaged his erection as she spoke.

"As much fun as it is to have sex with the couples we swing with, it doesn't give me the opportunity to play the seductress," she began. Even when I've had other men on my own - without you around - they have always been willing lovers who were wide open to the idea of fooling around."

As always, he teased her. "You mean you want to rape a man?" he asked incredulously.

She squeezed his pulsing prick and went on. "Of course not. I want to find a man who is happily married, a devoted husband, and seduce him. I want a man who has never cheated on his wife, but who finds me so irresistible that he can't possibly remain faithful. And then I want to fuck him like a wild, raging slut so that he never forgets me - to give him sex so good that his wife can never compare again." Beth felt her husband's cock twitching rhythmically with her words.

"Do you think that's terrible of me?" she asked quietly. "As a woman I shouldn't want to do that to another woman - induce her husband to cheat - but I want to feel that power and know I can make him crumble.

Privately, Kyle did think it was a little terrible, but at the same time he was very turned on by the thought of it. Strong, direct women had always been exciting to him and he knew without a doubt that, as a man, he would succumb easily to Beth's plot. He smiled and told her he loved her and wanted her to have fun and be happy.

"But why the hotel restaurant?" he asked again. She had steadfastly refused to explain that element of the plan. The hotel, of course, was obvious. "Wouldn't the bar be a more logical place to meet a man and seduce him?"

Beth grinned tightly and lit a cigarette, cracking the window and exhaling a stream of smoke. "I suppose I should tell you my theory after all. Men in the bar of a hotel - they would be easy. Men that aren't with a group of other guys, in other words if they're alone, those guys are looking for a hookup. They are the ones who probably cheat on their wives habitually."

Taking a long drag, she continued. "Now the restaurant is different. It will be full of men in town for business who are simply there for a meal. They aren't looking for an opportunity to meet women. And that's who I'm after -- the regular guy. That's why we're doing this on a Wednesday night too, instead of on a weekend when the meat market crowd is in."

Kyle looked at his wife with a newfound respect. She looked so sexy at that moment, with her big breasts and flat stomach, skirt riding up to show a hint of black lace panties, and white cigarette between her dark lips. She was, he realized, a hunter tonight.


After kissing Kyle goodbye in the parking lot, Beth made her way into the hotel lobby. She knew he would park the car and head up to a room shortly, there to await her in a room they had previously reserved. If all went well, she would be very late...

She made a conscious effort to let her hips sway as she walked to give her ass an interesting motion that would attract the gaze of any man, married or not. However, she was careful not to overdo it. The prey she sought would be spooked if she came on too strongly. This was going to require patience and subtlety over all else.

They had chosen the hotel carefully. It had to have a restaurant of course, but in fact this one had a lounge, a fine restaurant, and a pub-style restaurant. It was this latter where she expected to make her approach since the typical businessman on the road would be most likely to have a couple of beers in the casual setting as he ate his dinner. The hotel also had to be of a certain mid-level quality - nice enough to attract a decent sort of person, but inexpensive enough for the road warriors who would be most susceptible to her charms.

Beth entered the restaurant and scanned the room. The ideal spot would be far enough in that she could survey the entire restaurant, but near the door enough that anyone coming in would easily see her. Of course, facing the entrance was a must. She quickly located a table fairly near the bar that was perfect for her intentions and sauntered casually over to take a seat. She could feel more than a few sets of eyes on her body as she walked by some of the tables.

Another advantage of her chosen location was that it allowed her a view of one of the television screens near the entrance. This would give her a reasonable excuse for lingering in the restaurant if her seduction should take longer than dinner, which she suspected it might. Still, she planned to take her time eating in order to maximize her chances. One of the downsides of this plan was that it had a high chance of failure, she realized, because she had set such a challenging goal.

She made sure that when she sat in the raised chair-backed stool her skirt slid up to slow a moderate amount of thigh from the sides. Setting a fresh pack of cigarettes on the table, she lit one and casually perused the menu.

After a few minutes, a waiter came by and she ordered a glass of white wine. Although Beth was in the mood for something stronger in order to buoy her confidence, she knew she needed to pace herself carefully. She quietly smoked and surveyed the room while awaiting her drink.

The restaurant was about half full, and the crowd was primarily single men, punctuated by an occasional woman or small group. Dockers and button-down shirts seemed to be the uniform of the evening, although sleeves were for the most part rolled up and collars opened. She noticed a few men trying to discreetly check her out as her gaze passed over them and decided that her hair and outfit must have been just about right.

When her wine arrived she ordered an appetizer and entrée and slowly sipped from the glass. For the next half hour or so she kept a careful eye on all the men entering and leaving as she drank that glass and a second, and nibbled at her appetizer. Alas no one approached her, and no sparks seemed to be flying.

She was just finishing her dinner another twenty minutes later and starting to become a bit discouraged when a sexy man of about thirty entered the restaurant. He looked about for a table and their eyes met for a second during which she smiled brightly and he returned the grin. He walked over to a table near, but not next, to hers and sat in a position to watch the baseball game showing on a television set above and behind her.

Beth pushed her plate away and stretched, cat-like, catching his eyes following the pressure of her tits against the stretchy material of her halter-top, and pausing to note the well-defined shape of her nipples. She smiled again and lit a cigarette, pursing her lips and exhaling a long cone of smoke. Looking on his hands, she spotted a wedding band, and in a casual but well-timed motion set her own left hand on the table such that her diamond sparkled; she was confident that he saw it and that her "bona fides" as a married woman had thusly been established. Target acquired, she thought wickedly.

He ordered a beer and finger food and attempted to watch the game behind her. It couldn't have been any more perfect, she realized, since she had the opportunity to lounge casually in her chair and pretend to watch her own television, smoking slowly and seductively. She knew the oral activity would register subconsciously in his mind and seeing her dark red lips sucking gently at the cigarette would arouse him, as would seeing her well-endowed chest rise and fall as she inhaled and blew out the smoke.

She ordered a chocolate torte for dessert and another glass of wine. Occasionally she made eye contact with the man and found him blushing slightly once when she caught him looking at her tits. He actually seemed a bit shy!

After another fifteen minutes of visual flirting, during which he drank another beer - rather quickly she noticed - Beth decided to take the initiative. The restaurant was starting to clear out and she realized that it was pretty much now or never.

"Where are you from?" she asked him across the tables.

He looked a little guilty, as if he had been caught checking her out and was about to be in trouble for it. "Omaha," he answered simply.

Beth signed her room charge, picked up her cigarettes and wine and stood, knowing her tits shook in the top as she moved and not bothering to brush her skirt back into place. She pulled out the chair opposite him and sat down. Looking him in the eye, she asked, "Mind if I join you for a bit? I've been on the road all week and could stand some conversation."

He nodded and his eyes focused on her lips where she was placing a fresh cigarette. Pausing before the flame of her lighter touched the paper, she took the cigarette from her mouth. "You don't mind if I smoke, do you?" He shook his head quickly and she smiled again, lighting it and drawing deeply.

For the next half hour they chatted and shared another drink. She learned that his name was John, he was a business consultant from Nebraska and traveled every week, and that he had been married for nine years. For her part she told a mixture of fact and fiction, telling him truly that she had been married for eleven years and had two children. But she claimed to be from San Diego and a national marketing manager for a clothing retail chain, which were patent fictions. She made a point of casual physical contact that could be meaningless - legs bumping or touching his hand - but that were anything but innocent.

Finally she judged the opportunity right to make an advance. She brought up the subject of travel and how rough it could be on a marriage. "Take me for example," she said, putting a hand on her chest and making her ample boom shudder slightly. "I'm on the road four nights a week, every week. My husband is very understanding, of course, but it's hell on the love life!" She laughed warmly and saw the recognition in his eyes.

"Well, I have to admit that things have definitely slowed down in the romance department since I started this job..." he said tentatively. She nodded sympathetically.

"I probably shouldn't be telling you this, having just met you and everything..." She paused and looked around, then leaned closer and whispered, "But I haven't had sex in almost five weeks! Can you believe it?"

From the look of shock on his face, it was obvious he could not. And involuntarily his gaze fell to her breasts again. She giggled. "John, are you looking at my tits?" she teased him.

Instantly his face reddened and he stammered out an apology. "I'm so sorry! It's just, well, I have a hard time believing that a woman as sexy as you getting regular sex."

Beth ran her tongue across her lips lightly, leaving them glistening. "I don't mind that you looked." He blushed again. "A woman likes to know she's wanted - it's a turn on."

This time his protests were even weaker.

"Oh, I know. I can tell you're one of those guys that has never cheated on his wife," she said wistfully, lighting another cigarette. She gave him a smoldering look. "I've always been faithful to my husband too. It's a good thing that you're so loyal to her, because I'd probably be seriously tempted if you had tried to make a move on me." She winked and blew a stream of smoke past his face.

John shifted uncomfortably in his chair and although she couldn't see it, he clearly was struggling with an erection straining his pants. "Really?" he asked eventually. She could see the wheels starting to turn behind his eyes.

"You mean do I really think you're sexy? Oh, definitely..."

This time when his eyes fell to her chest, he didn't jerk away guiltily. "Mmm," he murmured. "I guess you could say the feeling is mutual."

Beth set her right hand on top of his left, just across the table, and idly stroked his wedding ring. "Omaha?" she ventured.

He nodded. "San Diego, right?"

She smiled. "And here we are in Dallas..." His skin was warm under her touch, and she could feel his fingers relaxing with the gentle pressure of her hand. It was now or never, she decided. "Must be some sort of fate that brings two people together in a city where neither one lives, without their spouses."

"Mutually attracted to one another," he added.

"And totally horny," she finished. She stood, still holding his hand and pulling him up with her. "Come to my room," she asked him.

John was clear headed and knew what he was doing as he dropped a pair of twenties on the table and followed this sexy auburn-haired businesswoman to the elevators. Although he had never fooled around, he knew that tonight that was going to change, and whatever feelings he may have about it afterwards, he was sure that he wanted it to happen.


Beth had reserved a room for herself just in case, and had even gone to the trouble of having her husband set it up while she was in the restaurant with a suitcase she had packed before leaving home. After all, it wouldn't do to have her budding affair spoiled because of a lack of attention to detail. Still, she was nervous when she slipped the plastic keycard into the slot on the door. What if Kyle had just dropped the suitcase and left? She knew a seasoned traveler like John might catch anything that looked out of place.

Opening the door, she breathed a huge, silent sigh of relief. Not only had Kyle opened her suitcase, he had also set out some toiletries around the sink and dropped a pair of her panties next to the toilet. He had even set up a laptop computer next to the desk and plugged in all of the wires.

Beth pretended to be embarrassed as she hurriedly scooped up the white lace panties from the floor and threw them into her bag. "Sorry," she murmured. "I wasn't expecting to have company..."

He shushed her gently. "I wonder if the ones you're wearing are as sexy as those," he smiled and leaned forward, placing his hands between her shoulder blades and pulling her to him. Their mouths met in a warm moist crush and she opened her lips and sucked his tongue inside, heedless of her lipstick smearing as they kissed. Blindly, they maneuvered deeper into the room until the backs of her knees met the edge of the bed and they tumbled down so that he fell across her.

Beth took his hand and pressed it to her breast. "Feel me," she urged him. "Squeeze my tit and play with my nipple."

John eagerly complied. Her chest was simply fabulous - far larger than his wife's 34B breasts. And Beth's nipples were like little hard diamonds pressing into the palm of his hand. He could even feel the rough ridges of her stimulated areolas through the thin halter-top. Throughout his groping, their tongues explored each other's mouths and he tasted her saliva, her lipstick, and then her perfume as he kissed his way down her neck.

She pushed him off and put her arms to her waist, then yanked off her top. With tits like hers a bra was mandatory, but she had worn an ultra-sheer black one that hid nothing. She decided to leave it on for the moment, along with her skirt and high heels, and reached for his waist. Putting a hand on his belt buckle, she looked up at him. "I'm going to suck your cock like you've never had it sucked before," she promised him.

John could only groan in anticipation, and within moments Beth's expert touch had unfastened his trousers and shoved them to the ground. His boxer briefs soon followed and his thick, erect cock sprung forth to hang in the air before her. It wasn't the largest cock she had ever been with - that would have been too much to hope for in such a random encounter - but he was quite well endowed with a solid eight-incher that was deliciously broad. She took it in her hand and stroked the flesh, pleased that her hand looked small in comparison.

"Do you want me to taste it?" she teased him, smearing wetness from the head of his prick all over his shaft.

"Please, yes..." he moaned. "My wife doesn't give blowjobs."

"Tsk," she said seriously, kissing his cock. "Aren't you glad you met me then?" So saying, she pursed her lips and pushed her head forward, letting his cock force her mouth open grudgingly. She knew from plenty of experience that it was a very intense way to start oral sex and that men loved the pressure of her lips tightly squeezing their meat. She paused briefly and then pulled back up, letting her lips drag ever so slowly up his skin.

John moaned loudly as he felt the silky skin of her mouth and tongue brush along his shaft. She left a trail of glistening wetness that ran from the pubic hair at the base of his dick all the way to the tip of the head, punctuated by errant streaks of red from her lipstick. She looked up at him, her mouth full of the head of his prick, and caught his eye. With a wink, she descended again to engulf him.

Beth was a very experienced cocksucker. No virgin when she married, she had fucked at least eight men before Kyle and blown a handful of others. Over the years of marriage, she had gone down on her husband hundreds of times. And in the two years that they had been open to other lovers, she had sucked another nine cocks. All of those skills were being put into service as she worshipped John's thick cock. She stroked it with her hand, letting the slick flesh slide in her grip as she worked it in and out of her mouth.

She could tell from the growing intensity of his groans that John was getting close to coming. He was giving her the typical mixed signals - warnings that he couldn't hold out much longer, but touching her head and thrusting in a way that said he didn't want her to stop. Beth was unconcerned; she knew she would easily get him hard again to fuck, and right now she wanted his thick, hot come in her mouth. She redoubled her intensity.

Moments later, John's entire body shuddered with the onset of a powerful climax and his hands reached down to pull her head firmly into his abdomen, burying his cock in her mouth. As he screamed out in pleasure, his dick spewed forth jet after jet of come to fill her mouth. Beth swallowed eagerly, and with good reason - his copious load would have overflowed in seconds if it had not instead been disappearing down her throat.

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