tagSci-Fi & FantasyHunter of Evil Ch. 01

Hunter of Evil Ch. 01


Chapter 01: The succubus

"Are you sure about this?"

Murdoch was glad his back was to Alaine so his eyes could roll for the dozenth time. By now the question was becoming a ritual as was his answer, "Does it matter?"

"This time is different!" she pleaded.

Again, part of the ritual. "No... it's not," Murdoch snapped.

"You haven't faced a succubus before! She could–"

"Actually give me a good time," the hunter laughed as he stepped into the circle they had drawn on the stone floor. "You know the plan?"

This time Alaine rolled his eyes. "Put salt around the circle and don't check back on you till the end of the week."

Murdoch nodded and thanked his friend. He waited as the salt was poured and Alaine had left. In truth, his heart was beating a little faster and his groin was hardening at the thought of his coming prey. Maybe this hunt would be more fun than usual.

Closing his eyes, Murdoch began reciting the Latin words he had memorized. When he was halfway through the incantation, a breeze rustled against his skin and sweet smell touched his nose. It was as if the best scents in all the world had gathered in that room, and embracing all of them, was the unmistakable smell of sex. The incantation finished, Murdoch opened his eyes and his flaccid cock sprang to full life at the sight. On the straw bed they had set up, a nude women resided. Her breasts were full without being grotesquely large. He could not see her ribs but neither was she overweight; her body flowed in curves that would make the hills of Ireland jealous. She was also completely without hair save for the raven mane that surrounded her like a dark halo.

"Who calls me?" she asked. Her voice felt as if it was caressing his ears, pulling him toward her as every syllable dripped with lust. Her hand traced the curve of her hip down to her dripping pussy as she breathed, "Do you need my... services?"

"It's... been... awhile," Murdoch gasped, as the air seemed to grow heavy.

The woman rolled onto her back and a long tail snaked out between her legs, beckoning to him. "mmmm... Your desire should feed me for awhile," she moaned as her pussy lips parted slightly, the lips glistening.

The hunter glanced down to learn that somewhere along the way, his clothes had been shed. He moved toward the bed and knelt between the woman's legs, the scent of her pussy drawing him down, his lips meeting hers. The succubus's legs wrapped around his shoulders as her thighs pushed him further into her sex. The scent of it all overwhelmed his mind with lust, causing his tongue to snake out where her lips pulled it deeper into her. For untold hours her remained in her loins, lapping up the juices that poured out of her until her hands and tail began pushing him upward. His face still dripping, Murdoch kissed his way up her stomach to her luscious breasts where he dried his lips sucking upon them.

"No more," the succubus moaned. "Give me your seed."

Raising up, Murdoch poised over her a moment, admiring the beauty beneath him. Her face was soft, beautiful, marred only by a desire that seemed to physically pain her. He doubted there was a man in the world that could resist her pleading as he placed the head of his engorged cock at the mouth of her boiling pussy and let it draw him in. Sheer pleasure overwhelmed his senses as he bottomed out. Her pussy was perfect in every way: it's warmth, it's smoothness, the way it caressed his cock, Murdoch struggled not to cum then and there. The succubus's arms reached up and pulled him into her embrace. The sensation of her breasts against him, her lips touching his as she wrapped around him drove everything but this woman from his mind. He savored it all for a minute before moving his hips to thrust into her. The succubus's legs tightened on him as she moved her pelvis in time with his and they began a slow fucking.

In and out, Murdoch thought he would never be able to find a higher pleasure than the demon beneath him as his gentle thrusting grew harder and more intense. She didn't protest but moaned with joy in their kiss as he pounded her harder and harder into the straw. Each time he drove his cock as hard and deep as he could, her pussy gripped it tighter, trying to keep it from leaving and heightening the sensation as he withdrew. Finally, she gripped him so tightly, he couldn't pull back but pushed into her as deep as he could and exploded. The succubus broke their kiss and arched back as they both screamed with mind shattering orgasms.

Murdoch collapsed on top of the succubus, gasping for air as he against savored the touch of her body against his. But, without releasing him, she rolled over on top of his and sat up a moment, letting the trickle of moonlight through the room's sole window highlight her stunning beauty.

"Seems you're not quite done," she grinned as she began to ride up and down his still rock hard cock.

"With you... I don't think I ever will be," Murdoch laughed as he reached up and ran his hands over her breasts. Placing her hands on his chest, the succubus's tail caressed around his balls as she bounced up and down on Murdoch's cock with the ferocity of a lioness in heat. Laying back, the hunter closed his eyes and allowed the sensation of this perfect pussy absorb his entire world. The succubus didn't appear to suffer from any fatigue or exhaustion as she rode him for hours, her pussy stroking, pulling, coaxing his cock into releasing his seed again. Less time passed before he against exploded into her and the two of them cried out in simultaneous orgasm.

"Oh... god!" she gasped as he sat up without slipping from her. "You are getting bigger," the succubus moaned as she again thrust onto his pole. This time there was no mistaking the lust that was consuming her dark eyes as she wrapped her arms around his head and used them to leverage herself.

Of their sexual positions, this one was by far the best of them all and Murdoch watched as her head lay back and, for once, the succubus accepted wanton pleasure rather than dispense it. He pulled her closer to him and continued to match her thrusts until he again could feel them approach orgasm together. This time she went first, her pussy clamping down upon his cock harder than it ever had, cum flooding from her as she leaned back and screamed with absolute abandon. As he felt himself also cumming, Murdoch leaned forward and bit into the succubus's neck. She gasped in surprise as he drained the blood from her. Her orgasm continued even as she tried to push him away, but Murdoch wasn't the one that had grown weaker. At last, she stopped struggling, her arms actually embracing him. As the life left her, she whispered in her ear, "Thanks, at least, for the best I've ever had."


Alaine tried to listen as she fumbled with the keys to the abandoned hut. The last thing she wanted to do was interrupt her friend in the middle of his... 'job' but it seemed perfectly quiet inside. She had barely gotten the key in the lock when Murdoch opened the door for her. With a jump, Alaine tossed the flask of holy water upon him.

Murdoch glanced down with annoyance at his damp clothes. "Must you do that every time?"

"No offense Murd, but the one time I won't will be the time you're possessed," she retorted.

Hoisting the body of a shriveled, naked young woman over his shoulder, Murdoch pushed past into the afternoon sunlight. "It is a beautiful day," he smiled at the sun as the corpse evaporated.

"The waterfall is still purified," said Alaine as she handed him a blessed bar of lime.

"Still? Maybe we are starting to make a difference," Murdoch muttered as he took the lime and headed toward the river. "Where do we go next Alaine? Some more vampires? Or have some werewolves finally shown up?"

"There appears to be someone imitating the Lady of the Lake to the detriment of several knights. We suspect it might be a mischievous water nymph."

"Ooo... a new challenge. To Dozemary Pool then!"

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